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Return of the fanny pack? Well why not? Elite Survival’s Liberty GunPack may be big hair 60’s style, but it qualifies as concealed carry AND it’s on-body. Personally, I’m an outside-the-waistband guy who uses a K-Rounds Kydex holster (for my Wilson Combat EDC X9) and occasional Uncle Mike’s pocket holster (for my Ruger LCP II).

Inside-the-waistband annoys me, appendix carry threatens to destroy me and it’s too hot (and too Miami Vice) for shoulder holsters. How do you carry your gun?

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  1. I carry in a fanny pack while running. I must be one of a very few people who have carried a gun while running a marathon.
    Day-to-day I carry IWB at the 4’o’clock position. It is comfortable to me, I can conceal it easily due to my body shape, and if I do ND, all I do is shoot my own ass, which sounds both painful and hilarious.

    • I use a “fanny pack” while running, also (5.11 tactical pistol pouch), though I don’t venture beyond 5Ks lol.

    • I also carry while exercising. But I usually put a gun belt on with an outside the waistband Kydex holster and I just pull my shirt over everything. TCP 380 small and light. I don’t wear super tight shirts even when exercising. It has worked really well for me

      The rest of the time I pocket carry with occasional iwb,owb,boot carry

    • Running is one of the only socially acceptable context for fanny packs. Any oddness can be dismissed as lack of decent pockets in athletic shorts and general runners insanity. The only reason I moved away from mine is I find my hill person kit bag to allow for a more natural range of motion.

  2. Summer: Kahr pm9 in desantis pocket holster
    Cooler weather: Kahr pm9 in Crossbreed IWB
    Cold weather: Glock 26 in Crossbreed IWB

  3. Summer (Tshirt): Kahr cm9 in an Armiger Solutions kydex IWB overhook
    Summer/Spring/Fall: Glock G26 in a new Vedder IWB lighttuck or CZ Rami BD in an Armiger Solutions kydex IWB (quickclip)
    Spring/Fall/Winter: Glock G19 in a Travis Haley incog iwb eclipse

  4. Glock 26 appendix in a modified CompTac 2 O’clock with a spare G17 mag next to it and LCP II in a DeSantis SuperFly. It’s comfortable year round, even when its over 110*.

  5. (and too Miami Vice) for shoulder holsters. ???

    : O

    Ok, let’s see you try your OWB on your tag-less HANES, while sleeping through the night, Mr. Hater.

  6. I use a modified leather fanny pack when riding, and don’t give a sh*t what I look like when doing it.

    It works for me.

    EDIT – *BONUS* – Kick a can of tear gas back at the police when ‘protesting’ a Trump rally?

    Take a shot to the nads for your Leftist reward.

    (Man, that had to *hurt*)

  7. Since I tend to prefer carrying around a lot of stuff (i.e.: water bottle, camera, knife, flashlight, first-aid, and prescriptions, I combine my holster into a Barry-all bag. I own two Vanquest shoulder-hung “sling bags”, or “VPacker Gear Bags”:
    MOBIUS 2.0 (
    TOLCAT 2.0 (

    Both are right-handed, essentially the same except for one is large and the other a bit smaller, and may be worn hanging from a padded strap across the left shoulder, with or without the waist strap, or alternatively by the belt attachments. The concealed carry compartment is in a 2-way zippered pouch on the innermost section lined with Hook-&-Loop material where in a tough fabric holster I keep a pistol and 2 magazines.

    In the MOBIUS I carry my HK USP Expert, and in the TOLCAT, alternatively either a Glock, S&W 39-2 or 66 with 2 magazines or speed loaders. The other compartments have room for lots more, including several elastic fabric loops for more magazines if desired.

    I do not represent or receive compensation from Vanquest. After using both of these for about a year, I would prefer a different configuration that has an alternative method of opening and accessing the handgun pouch that would expand it like a holster, rather than requiring me to shove my hand in to force it open. No one actually makes anything like it at present, and Vanquest turned down my suggested design, so I’m thinking of prototyping it and seeing if I can have it made – and probably seeing it ripped off and mass-produced by Chinese bootleggers without seeing a dime.

  8. I get the pack idea, but not the zipper. If there were a zipper enclosure over a Velcro / Neodymium magnet enclosure, that might make more sense (to me).

  9. Yeah I’m getting a fanny pack. At nearly 65 I don’t give a rat’s anus who cares. I also carry a Taurus 709 in a Nemesis. A bit big in some pockets but doable. Anyone have a Sneaky Pete? With all the gigantic phones/ tablets folks carry I doubt you’d ever get a 2nd look…

    • I have owned two Sneaky Petes. One small, for a KelTec P3AT, and one just-a-bit-too-big-to-go-unnoticed, for a Bersa Thunder CC. I like them both, but the one for the Bersa is… well, I think I voiced my opinion there in its size description. I still use it on occasion, but have no delusion that it is as secret a stash as SP would have one believe.

      And finally an anecdote: I was dining at a popular Fort Worth hamburger joint (Kincaid’s by Hulen Mall) when a gentleman walked past with the smaller SP on his hip. I smiled at him and glanced at it to acknowledge his carrying. I was then surprised when my 88 yo hoplo-neutral mother asked me if that was a gun holster he was wearing. So, if she “makes you” carrying… Of course, she might have clued in on ME “making him.” I can’t say for sure.

  10. If I see an OFWG, or any white guy really, with a fanny pack or large cell phone case I automatically assume they are carrying. Not that that’s bad, I don’t care, but I’m probably not the only person making that assumption. I carry in my pocket or OWB dependent on the situation and setting.

  11. I am retired so I don’t care what people think. I carry a plain vanilla 1911 IWB at 4 oclock. I dress for the gun but in IN there is no law against open carry, so if I print,TS.

  12. Pocket holster for my Bodyguard .380 and an ActiveProGear jogging holster for my FNS40.

    For some reason, I feel more vulnerable while running.

  13. in the hot months, Beretta nano IWB in alien gear holster. Once its cools off enough i can wear a coat or hoodie (which is pretty early here in SW Montana) , i carry either my glock 19 or 29 OWB in a desantis facilitator or Alien Gear respectively (depending on if i’m in town with the 2 legged predators or in the back country with 4 legged predators a.k.a bears.mountain lions/wolves/really mad moose)

  14. When I carry concealed, I carry a full-size semi-auto pistol in a holster that is outside my waistband and inside my belt. It is fairly comfortable and conceals well. And it never points at my femoral artery.

    When I carry openly, I use an active retention holster outside my waistband and belt.

  15. Appendix carry, Aliengear IWB. I still need to loc-tite the screws because they work loose almost immediately.

    I don’t like having weapons behind me, especially knives when someone can take it and shank my ass with it. Combat gear, I want a leg holster, or front and center on my flack. Once in a while I see an open carry, gun at the 4-5 O`clock, too easy to grab, especially when they are too busy deciding on which flavor of carbonated water to buy.

  16. Work attire is a G26 in a cargo pocket with a desantis pocket holster. Outside of that, it’s 4oclock IWB. A commenter above mentioned in that position a neglegent discharge will only hit his ass. I have a negative ass, so it’ll just be the ground.

  17. I tried a fanny pack once and looked like a total dork, so I gave it up for stealthier options.

    Now its a S&W M642 in a Blackhawk #3 pocket holster or 00 CQC holster for OWB. The M642 is always riding along.

    An M&P .40c is carried in a Remora IWB holster or El Paso Saddlery Crosshair OWB. Or I carry an S&W M1911 E-Series full-size in a DeSantis Speed Scabbard (in cold weather with heavy outergarments).

    I don’t carry big revolvers even though I love ’em. They’re just for home and range. If I lived in an OC state, there would always be a M686 on my hip.

  18. Coat and tie at work-in my briefcase that never leaves my side. I hate off body carry, but I hate being unarmed even more. I use a Blackhawk brief case with built in velco pouch designed for a holster.

    Fishing-Nylon shoulder holster-the chest pack or “Kodiak” holsters get in the way of my fishing pack.

    Right of the time-OWB in a safariland holster (with retention strap).

  19. Anytime / suit or business casual: LCP2 in pocket with BORAII Eagle trigger guard.
    Fall and Winter casual: SR9c OWB Alien Gear paddle holster

  20. I’m a fan of shoulder holsters. Depending on mood I’ll either carry my Ruger 1911 commander or a Glock 17 in a horizontal Triple K shoulder rig or my M9 in a Galco vertical rig. All three of my setups hold two spare mags.

    A jacket covers them in cooler weather and when it’s hot I usually have an unbuttoned shirt on anyway because I don’t think I pull off the t-shirt look by itself. No one has ever called me on it so I guess the setup hinds my pistols pretty well. A cop did give me the stink eye once but that’s the only noticeable event I can think of.

    Occasionally I may use an OWB holst for one or the other but usually the only thing I keep on my hip is my smith model 36 snub as backup since it’s light and fits close against me in its holster.

  21. Pocket, fanny, IWB, vest, shoulder holster: it all works for me. And sometimes I use my photographer vest for concealed carry, and sometimes I use my concealment vest for photography! There aren’t that many differences.

    I have bunch of Hawaiian type shirts that cover a shoulder holster nicely, and a full-sized 1911 is just fine in one!

    I often carry the fanny pack under one of the Hawaiian shirts and no one sees a thing.

    Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

  22. My EDC is a Desert Eagle and I carry it in the smallest holster they make for it, which is one of those full-body swivels like the space marines used in Aliens.

  23. PX4 Storm Compact, .40
    at or to the range, maybe on a belt holster
    other times – in a sticky holster small of back, sometimes off-body in a concealed pocket in my sling, computer bag, or backpack.

  24. Most comfortable way I have found to carry my Sig P938 or my Mustang XSP is in a belly band. All day carry without discomfort.

  25. “Inside-the-waistband annoys me, appendix carry threatens to destroy me and it’s too hot (and too Miami Vice) for shoulder holsters.”

    Then you don’t care enough to carry concealed.

  26. Kahr CW9 in either an IWB High Noon “Down Under” at 3:30 or 4, or OWB in a Kirkpatrick pancake. Both are very comfortable. I have another High Noon for a commander sized 1911, but I usually don’t carry that.

  27. S&W Shield 9mm. I a sticky holster, generally pocket carry. Extra magazine on my week side. Would like to try a Vedder Rapid Tuck.

  28. That was fascinating to hear how others carry!
    I am surprised to know so many people pocket carry
    Yes it is certainly convenient, and I do it sometimes with my Sig 938 in a sticky holster
    It is however one of the slowest locations to draw from unless you have your hand in your pocket
    It does allow you to put your hand in your pocket when you feel threatened and no one knows your gun is now instantly ready for deployment
    Does no one else ever ankle carry?
    That is how I carry when I expect to be sitting, like in the movies or at the symphony
    Drawing from the pocket while sitting is extremely difficult, yet drawing from the ankle while sitting is easy
    Drawing from the ankle holster while walking in a crowd is slower but it does allow me to take a knee and shoot upwards towards a threat and not endanger all the other people in the area
    I have recently changed from appendix carry to left hip carry for my every day carry
    I am In the process of doing the hundreds of draws to burn the new carry location into my muscle memory

  29. Whenever I see someone with the cell phone holder, sneaky Pete, or Fannypack it immediately screams gun to me
    I’m glad to see other citizens carrying concealed, but I wonder if criminals see the same way I do

  30. Work – pocket holster inside my suit jacket – P238/flush magazine

    Play – IWB leather P238/extended magazine -or- belly band RO compact/flush magazine

    REALLY need to conceal – belly band w/p238/flush magazine very low on the waist, below the waist of my pants.

  31. Small of back. Glock 27 Dara iwb holester for right hand. So i can sweep and dramatically flip the shirt tail for effect

  32. Right hand , cross draw , appendix carry , my PMR 30 in a plain and simple ‘ Dead Eye Luke ‘ Kydex holster . I wear it open and uncovered in my office and I pull a Carhardt T over it when I’m out and about . I like the simple life .

  33. I’m retired too, and I don’t care what anyone thinks either. How I carry all depends on how I’m dressed and where I might be going. Most of the time I carry a 380 or a 9 in a pocket holster, but sometimes I carry one in what looks like a zippered appointment book, but made to hold a pistol and a spare magazine. Sometimes I even use a belt pack similar to the one pictured at the top of this article.


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