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Daniel Defense thinks that small will be big this year and has made their ARs even smaller, introducing the V7P AR Pistols in 5.56mm and 300BLK in a 10.3 in barrel.

The pistols features a law tactical folding folding stock with an SB brace.

This little Daniel comes in handy as a truck gun or an on the go AR pistol. A combination of both compactness and the relaibility that Daniel Defense is known for. 

I am looking forward to seeing more AR pistol variants from Daniel Defense.


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  1. How secure/rugged is that Law folder? I’ve been on the fence about one for a while now. What’s holding the buffer in the tube besides the detent? Seems like a wiggle or bump would send it flying like a spring snake in a peanut brittle can.

    • Bank vault solid. I’ve beat mine all to hell and back. Its a solid block of steel, the detent is not easy to depress.

      I was on the fence too, but now my 8.5″ 300BLK fits in a standard book bag with room to spare. Its a whole different level of mobility. If you look around you can find the adapter for close to $200.

      • +1 on that. Durable and extremely practical. My 300 Blk with an 8.5″ barrel is 20″ folded. As an added bonus it extends the pistol length buffer tube with a Gear Head Works Mod 1 Tail Hook to the prefect stock length for me. I have three.

  2. DD probably would have been better served going with the folder from Deadfoot Arms.

    A folding rifle that can shoot… ya know.. folded.

    • It is the MK18P, not the V7P. The V7 has and M-Lok Rail, while the MK18 has a mil-spec quad rail. That’s the whole difference…


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