PWS: Buy An AR Pistol, Get A Free SIG Brace!

Image courtesy Chris Dumm for TTAG

Now that it’s officially official that the SIG Brace won’t turn your AR pistol into an SBR no matter how you use it (*wink wink*), PWS has jumped on the good news with a cool freebie announcement: Every MK107 AR pistol will now ship with a SIG SB15 brace at no extra cost . . .

I’ve been playing with the MK107 for several weeks, but testing has been hampered by some really crappy weather and my insane work schedule. Even so, I can report that the SIG brace turns this AR pistol from a top-shelf range novelty into the closest thing to an SBR that you’ll ever own without an NFA tax stamp.

Despite the extremely short length of pull, the SIG brace gives the MK107 the handling of an SBR without the hassle. The Magpul MBUIS aperture sights are all but useless with its 7.75″ barrel, but with a red dot it will shoot as accurately as you can shoot offhand out to 100 yards.

The MK107 isn’t cheap at over $1900, so the inclusion of a very useful $130 accessory (for free) really sweetens the deal.

Full review still pending…


  1. avatar michael nieto says:

    for 1900 dollars i could build a quality AR pistol and buy the govt permission slip to make it an sbr and put a little money away for a supressor

    1. avatar Jake Tallman says:

      Yeah, but then you’d be on the NFA list. I promise you, if/when a confiscation occurs, those with the tax stamps for suppressors, SBRs, etc will be the first to be “visited”.

      1. avatar Matt in Idaho says:

        That might depend on how big the list is or how many people on your very street are on the list.

        If you think your rights are safer for not being on the list you’re as delusional as the person who thinks they’re rights are safe because they only own hunting firearms.

        I understand what you mean but think about your reasoning that you must avoid exercising an already infringed 2a right in order to protect yourself from future infringment.

      2. avatar Anmut says:

        Good luck with that – according to the lawyer that put together my trust (and that’s all he does) the vast majority of work he does are for doctors that own machine guns.

      3. avatar doesky2 says:

        The gov already knows what you own by watching your website visitation. Just think of all the sites you visited while researching a purchase of a new gun then followed up later in time looking for ammo for that new gun and then later on with associated accessories. Give all that trail data to a semi-sophisticated algorithm and I’m pretty sure the gov knows about every weapon i have. (That’s without them even reading my email transactions and I certainly wouldn’t bet against that)

      4. avatar Ardent says:

        While it’s dangerous to assume that politicians are ever knowledgeable or rational about anything, those actually tasked with kicking down doors lack the luxury of ignorance. SBRs are not at the top of a confiscation list. More frightening are full sized carbines and rifles in 5.56 and above that can accept detachable standard capacity magazines. More frightening than that is anything with an effective range over more than 300m with optics to make it practical. The single most frightening thing is anyone with a good HS or better understanding of chemistry.

        SBRs fight inside the room, MSRS fight from the end of the block, rifles fight from beyond the range of MSRs and IEDs fight even when no one is around.

  2. avatar AlphaGeek says:

    Sadly, consensus among CA gun-law legal experts is that this setup will be a short-barreled “assault weapon” under our wonderful state laws, regardless of what the Feds say. Go California.

    I was really hoping to build a “pistol” using the SIG brace, too…

    1. avatar michael nieto says:

      in CA a threaded barrel or muzzle device is illegal on a pistol anyway

      1. avatar AlphaGeek says:

        Allow me to introduce you a concept known as “ordering a barrel finished and crowned but not threaded”…

        1. avatar CA.Ben says:

          The barrel doesn’t matter, because the magwell is not in the grip. So you have to bullet button it. And with the bullet button in place, none of the other features matter.

  3. avatar Rainhaven says:

    I wonder what the definition of “is” is…

  4. $1900???


    Why not just get yourself a true SBR and work to get a can on it?

    1. avatar michael nieto says:

      exactly pws is way overpriced

    2. avatar Andrew says:

      These brave manufacturers are taking a hit on their tiny profit margins to give us, the freedom loving public, what we crave! Electrolytes, no wait. Arm braces.

  5. avatar g says:

    I like PWS, but for $2k you can build a lot more…

  6. avatar Rainhaven says:

    I’d rather give $1900 to a private arms company then $200 to a government agency for a “tax” on something that is my right to own in the first place.

    We still haven’t figured out that if one guy does something the state smashes him like an ant, but if a whole group of people does something then the state has a much harder if not impossible time enforcing stupid “laws”. For reference see: Connecticut Gun Owners defying registration, Pixar’s “A Bug’s Life”, etc.

    I wonder what would happen if people just started making, buying and selling all of these “illegal” evil things? Oh sure if one company did it then they get Hulk Smashed but really what if en masse the population did it? Oh wait, I forgot, we gots to be “law abiding”…sorry…what a joke…just like the cops who are killing kids at their front door are being “law abiding” and the politicians stealing all of our money and livelihoods are being “law abiding”…check, got it…

    1. avatar Ardent says:

      The problem is that they don’t have to come after everyone at once. The govt. can instead simply prosecute anyone they happen to run across who has one of these regulated weapons without the appropriate tax stamps. It’s a nice idea, but in the end such civil disobedience simply means that when you eventually encounter law enforcement you go to prison, and your weapons, all of them, are confiscated.

  7. avatar RT says:

    Anyone who wants to skirt the 200.00 tax stamp, but buys a 1900.00 pistol with a Sig Brace for that faux SBR look, is truly a LSHD mall ninja.

    ETA-Not in response to Rainhaven, Its JMHO.

    1. avatar TheBear says:

      Meh… kinda agree.

      I personally think the arm brace is pretty lame for everyone except the disabled and others who genuinely need it.

      An AR-15 pistol works just fine with a bare bones buffer tube imo.

    2. avatar VSN says:

      LSHD == Low Speed, High Drag?

      1. avatar Andrew says:

        (Big Boned Operators)

  8. avatar crzapy says:

    I actually bought my Sig brace a few weeks ago. I picked up a spikes tactical lower, a PSA lower parts kit, a magpul grip, a Kak flash can, a pistol buffer tube kit, and I am only in the hole $400. I have a trade pending on an upper for a Sig barrel, and I am looking at a UTG free float rail for 60. Add in a 7.5 or 10.5 inch barrel for 225 and I have only spent 685. Now if I want to SBR down the line I am still in it for less than 900.
    I build ’em I don’t buy ’em.

  9. avatar RockOnHellChild says:

    Man, now if someone could create a “flash hinder” that also lessens the noise of the muzzle blast, but without being classified as a “suppressor” then we can nullify two bogus NFA items.

    1. avatar Gyufygy says:

      Unfortunately, I think they’ve got the “silencer” angle completely covered as anything that reduces the noise/decibels pretty much in the slightest gets an ATF agent crawling up the manufacturer’s hoo-hah. Not nearly as much wiggle room. Then again, wonders and innovation never cease… until hit with a cease and desist order.

  10. avatar Pahtun6 says:

    This is neat. I would like some rifles with really short barrels, I just bought a franklin armory sbr L and am really diggin it

  11. avatar JasonM says:

    I built an AR-pistol with a Noveske barrel, Geissele trigger, OPS-4 upper, and other high quality parts, for just over half that cost. And it’s exactly what I want in a gun. My KAK buffer tube, specifically made for the Sig Brace, arrives tomorrow.

  12. avatar Nagurski says:

    I just want SIG and Slidefire to somehow come up with an arm brace/bump fire stock. Then I will attach a 37mm flare launcher and be ready to have some real fun.

  13. avatar Accur81 says:

    My buddy has a 300 AAC “pistol” from Daniel Defense with the Sig brace. Not sure how well it works, but I want one.

  14. avatar bUTERS says:

    Why complain about SBR… This is an SBR except no stock…. sooo when you get a stock get a sbr stamp… its not hard.

    1. It’s not an SBR, it’s a pistol.

  15. avatar Dave says:

    Yeah… I’m thinking I’ll pass on this “deal” & get the Sig AR pistol combo my LGS has. Sig pistol, brace, Troy BUIS, & an Eotech for $1699. Put the extra $200 toward a supressor.

  16. avatar Justin says:

    Ive been doin alot of research on this subject. All and all using the brace is better than doing paper work for sbr with sbr you cant take it out of state with out proper paper work while an ar pistol is still considered a pistol even the nfa say so. The only down side is no forward grips but for people with home defense purpose in mind flashlights and lasers are still legal.

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