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“The state Senate has passed a bill to allow Tennesseans to openly carry guns without a state-issued permit,” reports. “The chamber voted 25-2 in favor of the bill sponsored by Republican Sen. Mae Beavers of Mt. Juliet. Beavers said the measure would keep the background checks and training requirements in order to carry concealed firearms, but would allow anyone legally allowed to own a gun to carry it openly.” Constitutional carry? Not quite. Concealed carry still requires a permit. Go figure.

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    • No, no–Texas, without a permit. Both gubernatorial candidates are on record as favoring open carry, but with the same permit restrictions as concealed–to which I say (a) what’s the point, then? and (b) Davis is probably lying anyway.

      • Baby steps, Robert. If everyone had your attitude we wouldn’t have gone from may issue to shall issue to constitutional carry in some states. You can’t go from 0 to 60 in 3.8 seconds. Well, unless you have a C7. 🙂

        • For those of you who are not Corvette fans, a “C7” is the latest generation of the Chevrolet Corvette. It CAN go from 0 to 60 in 3.8 seconds. No other American-made car (currently sold) can accelerate that fast, and only a few foreign cars can.

          • You have a Viper? Wow, those cost twice what a Corvette costs. I certainly don’t care for their interior, heat, or noise. But to each his own. 😀

    • Yes we need this legislation in Florida very badly. Florida Carry needs to make this happen.

  1. OC = changing perception of gun owners and people who carry. good, this is one of the main ways we can win the culture war

    • ^This! I’ve been saying this for ages. Why should I have to hide the fact that I am carrying? If it offends someone, too bad, grow up, and move on.

  2. I was very happy to hear this about an hour ago. Just waiting for it to be put into effect and be state law.

      • The House Finance Committee actually tried to kill it. I believe they’re scared about not getting the same revenue from the ONE HUNDRED FIFTEEN DOLLAR FEE PER APPLICATION.

  3. It’s so funny that this has to be enshrined in a state law when it’s already the law of the land! It’s also interesting that the “lawmakers” make this stupid division and somehow if you choose to carry openly then apparently you are trained and worthy, but if you planning on concealing your firearm then somehow you are sneaky and need training and a background check….so ludicrous.

  4. In Georgia one of the objections to the bill on the governor’s desk is from the police – they don’t like it that the new law doesn’t allow them to stop someone who is carrying and ask to see a permit.

    Licensed open carry with a permit is an invitation to be asked for that permit all the time, so it makes little sense. Kind of like unloaded open carry they had in California, which was an invitation for the police to stop people to check that the guns were actually unloaded.

    • The objection was from the GACP, not most cops. I mentioned that part of the code to my Chief and he said “So what, we don’t bother them anyway. Im not afraid of a gun I can see”
      That is the general attitude of GA cops. Open carry is common and accepted.
      I don’t think a permit should be required for open carry, so I don’t ask.

  5. This is a huge win for open carry folks.

    I’m more of a constitutional carry person myself… but the reality is I’d be super happy with all 50 states reciprocity for CCLs at this point.

    • You’re still thinking too narrow. Try this: The State nor the Federal Government shall not define what kind of carry is “legal”. As long as a person isn’t committing a crime with a gun why do we care how they’re carrying it?

      Get the government out of the way. We don’t need them. Period.

  6. “”The state Senate has passed a bill to allow Tennesseans to openly carry guns without permission from the Government.”

    Fixed that for ya.

    • I think I’d word it this way:

      “The state Senate has passed a bill to remove the requirement of state permission for persons to openly carry guns.”

      Remember, the government does not “allow” us to do anything. The right to carry exists by default, unless/until the government infringes upon it.

      • On paper. In reality, the government allows us to have privileges as long as we come on our knees with hands outstretched and full of cash.

    • it won’t help that douche-nozzle one iota…

      except allow him to do something stupid like carrying a pistol in his hand again, and hopefully get him shot in self defense by someone else…..

    • Good question. He has been pretty quiet lately. His website is down. I guess making repeated posts that the Judge, DA, and Metro Officers were all dumbasses (his words, not mine) did not help his case any. My bet is that Leonard will show back up in the news for open carry in front of a Nashville Mosque or in front of the Metro Precinct at the Bridgestone. My fear is that the next time we hear about him is because he got shot running his mouth off to some officer.

    • Correct. Beth Harwell et. al. rolled the bill to the least session of committee. A well known bill-killer tactic in TN. They need to be Maggartized.


      • So this is the Senate’s “well, we tried; re-elect us and we’ll try again next year.”

        Getting awfully tired of this Republican supermajority that can’t seem to get anything done.

        Legislators, remember “You gotta dance with the one what brung ya.”

  7. I’m wondering about the practical realities of enforcement and interpretation. I mean:

    OWB holster on belt with shirt tucked in = open carry = no permit required.
    IWB holster with untucked shirt = concealed carry = permit required.

    Holster on belt + jacket that covers it up = concealed? open? what?

    • Michigan has no-license open carry. Some states codify exactly what constitutes open and concealed, some do not. Michigan does not, so we recommend fully exposed holster. Having your gun half-concealed is an invitation to explain your opinion of “not concealed” to a judge. You might win, you might not.

  8. Note that in TN the carry permit does not require concealment. The permit is to allow an individual to carry with the intent to go armed. Any carry is permitted if the intent is not to go armed, such as taking a firearm to be repaired or to shoot at a range.

  9. I wonder if they are going to have the problems that Mississippi had with their Sheriffs’ idea that a holster conceals the pistol that is open carried.

    It took years for that to be overturned by the Legislature.

      • House Finance committee chairman (a Republican) rolled it to last session, effectively killing it. No doubt House leadership intervention on this one.

        • Well, if they are anything like Michigan, lots of stuff gets done last session. That’s because it’s all decided in back rooms beforehand and everything else is just a formality. Hope it’s that way here.

        • Danny, historically ….no. If they wanted it, it would flow quickly. Look at the Knife Bill the Gov. Haslam just signed.

          The PROBLEM is the fiscal note (loss of fee revenue).

    • No, launch, it’s not law yet. It’s only passed the Senate. Still has to pass the House and get signed. But the Senate overwhelmingly approved it.

  10. The Volunteer State is getting there. One step at a time. I hope we are all pressing toward an unrestricted Second Amendment freedom, but with the First Amendment now under attack by the speech police in schools and other government places, I am grateful for any advancement toward freedom.

  11. I’d like for Texas CHL to be comprised of one question and one question only: Have you passed a NIC’s to purchase a gun. On the premise of can’t fix stupid, can’t cure crazy. Same if/when Open Carry is passed.

    When I took class for my CHL, had already looked up current laws. Range test is pretty much a no brainer, just hit all of the close in shots and you can hose the last 15 yards and will still pass. You let state represenatives mess with CHL or Open Carry, you run the risk of them each wanting to add something else to the bills. I’m a responsible adult or would not have passed NIC at least 15 times in the last 5 yrs,

  12. I’m All for it.. we would be safer if we could carry guns… yes we need an age requirement…and I believe that you should qualify for a concealed weapon permit before you can open carry. I know that sounds reversed but you should show that you can handle a firearm and are responsible enough to own a firearm.

  13. I doubt there’s any way the state is going to part with all of the revenue they make from the carry laws (and violations of them) that are already in place here – especially with record numbers of permits applied for in the past couple of years. It would be a nice thumb’s up to the 2a, but it’s not going to happen.

  14. Big whoop. We’ve always had that in Pennsylvania. Practically no one open carries in PA. The first adopters of open carry in Tennessee will quickly find out why.

    I certainly hope Tennessee gun owners didn’t give up anything for this non-starter.

    • OC (legal with a permit) in TN is not of much of a crisis maker. With exception of heavily Democrat/libtard controlled zones, folks here are already relatively used to it. (I live in E. TN and pretty much carry OC when I am in the mood)

  15. You go girl, love it. To bad this country doesn’t see it that way. Be safe out there and if they don’t take a no for an answer, well then!

    • unfortunately, not so. *all* (loaded) handgun carry in TN requires permit (and even then is just a “get out of jail free” card for violation of law).

  16. Not really on topic, but I really love that picture. That little dog looks really happy.

    • Ammoland uses that same pic sometimes. The URL would indicate it originally came from OCDO, but I’ve never seen it there.

  17. Just hope they do better than the idiots in AL, we have “open carry” without a permit. But you still can not have your loaded pistol in your vehicle without a permit, so if you want to walk everywhere you go I guess you are okay. Makes absolutely no sense at all, other than the fact that the Sheriffs didn’t want to lose all the revenue collected from the sale of CCW permits!! Good Luck in TN!! Maybe your lawmakers have better sense, but I wouldn’t really count on it.

  18. I have said all along the fail point is the order in which you obtain a permit. The education needs to happen BEFORE you pay the background fee to purchase a firearm not AFTER. The fee for a permit is not constitutionally legal as defined in a case from 1943. I would expect to have to pay for the gun class though and that should be done in a uniform (same price across the state) manner. The class should be more than a portion of a day and require passing a written exam as well as range qualifying. You can make all the laws you can dream up but what you cannot do is make criminals obey the law. The only smart thing is to make sure those who CAN obtain a firearm legally are well educated before they are allowed to buy it.

  19. there’s nothing in the constitution about being able to carry a *concealed* firearm; indeed, laws against concealed firearms go back way further than open carry bans. As long as a state allows some form of carry without all the rigamarole I think they’re on the ‘good list’.

  20. Almost there just need their state House and the governor to sign off on it ,then it will be a done deal , as for most other states ,it will come in time . Be prepared and ready . Keep your powder dry .

  21. In response to a question regarding whether or not someone who was OCing without a permit was breaking the law or not, Senator Mae Beavers said “I guess they (the police) could ask you your name and do a background check on you, and they’d know whether you committed any felonies or anything that would not allow you to carry legally”.

    Unless it is written into the law, and if OC without a permit becomes legal in TN, wouldn’t it be illegal for the police to stop you and demand ID without probable cause?

    • I don’t believe Tennessee is a stop-and-ID state. So unless they wrote the law in some special way, it would be like Michigan in that you are not required to ID yourself to a cop while simply OCing.

  22. “The state Senate has passed a bill to allow Tennesseans to openly carry guns without a state-issued permit,”
    WRCB, this is how the headline should have read
    The state Senate has passed a bill to prohibits the state from infringing on Tennessean’s rights to openly carry guns

  23. Senator Mae Beavers’ bill to allow open carry in Tennessee passed the state Senate in an unexpected vote!!!

    The bill, if passed in the House, would allow anyone in Tennessee who is legal to possess a gun to be able to open carry a handgun on their person without a permit, as long as it is not concealed.

    RIGHT NOW, your urgent action is needed to see this bill all the way through to becoming law before they kill it for the year!

    Unfortunately several Republicans in the state House, such as Finance Committee Chairman Charles Sargent, are preventing this bill from coming to the floor for a full vote. Rep Sargent, at the behest of Speaker Beth Harwell and Governor Haslam, is trying to run out the clock and stall the bill before they have to take a vote on it.

    The legislature is set to close in just days, so it is CRITICAL that you call and e-mail the following legislators on the House Finance Committee and tell them to “PASS HB2409 TO THE FLOOR”

    This is our last chance this year, it is up to you!


    (The ones with the asterisk* appear to be opposed to the bill or “fence sitting” and actively trying to infringe your right to keep and bear arms)

    *Charles Sargent, Chair (615) 741-6808 [email protected]

    *David Alexander, Vice-Chair (615) 741-8695 [email protected]

    *Gerald McCormick (615) 741-2548 [email protected]

    *Steve McDaniel (615) 741-0750 [email protected]

    *Dennis Roach (615) 741-2534 [email protected]

    *Karen Camper (615) 741-1898 [email protected]

    *Michael Harrison (615) 741-7480 [email protected]

    Joe Armstrong (615) 741-0768 [email protected]

    Kevin Brooks (615) 741-1350 [email protected]

    Kent Calfee (615) 741-7658 [email protected]

    Mike Carter (615) 741-3025 [email protected]

    Barbara Cooper (615) 741-4295 [email protected]

    Craig Fitzhugh (615) 741-2134 [email protected]

    Steve Hall (615) 741-2287 [email protected]

    David Hawk (615) 741-7482 [email protected]

    Matthew Hill (615)-741-2251 [email protected]

    Curtis Johnson (615) 741-4341 [email protected]

    Larry Miller (615) 741-4453 [email protected]

    Gary Odom (615) 741-4410 [email protected]

    Johnny Shaw (615) 741-4538 [email protected]

    Here is an email list if you would like to copy and paste in to your e-mail client:

    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

    In addition, do not forget to contact your personal House members and demand that they intervene!!! They can and should sign on immediately as co-sponsors on this bill. They can and should contact Speaker Harwell to put a stop to this “community organizer” style stunt.

    You can look up your House member and his/her contact information here:

  24. Well I’ve emailed my house representative and reminded him just how many gun owners are in his district and asked him to help. I’m proud of my state for taking steps in the right direction, even if its baby steps as this.

  25. This HB 2409 statement is false. It still hasn’t been officially passed it still needs to be brought to the floor. But as a gun toting Tennesseean I have contacted all officials to push this bill through. One can only hope it will pass. I carry concealed anyway for yrs and will probably still do so but its good to see any 2nd amendment bill get passed.

  26. GOD Bless Israel and the U.S.A.. Being Americans we have to Support Israel in any way that we can. If we want to win this vote and you all know we do, All we(TN.) has to do is PRAY for the safety of Israel so GOD will fulfil his promise and bless us and protect us by giving us the votes we need to get this bill signed into law. MARK 9:23 and PSALMS 34:15. If you DONT agree please try this way out and watch and see. Always put GOD and ISRAEL FIRST no matter what. By doing this AMERICA and its CITIZENS will be blessed more. Thank you all, Jesse James DeBord Scott Co. TN.

    • May GOD bless the law-abiding citizens of the state of Tennessee. I have to ask who are Really breaking the law. GODS LAWS. To the ones that are ,I pray for your souls to be saved. If the good people of Tenn. Will stick to their guns, maybe some of our GUN LAWS will change in favor for the good folk instead of in favor for the crooked! Hey Tenn. Congress I ask you all in Charge to put GOD first then the good folk. Do you really love us here in Tenn? We would like to hear that every now and then. Do you all love GOD? If you do show us that you do. I ask you to not put good folk in prison just the bad people. Good luck in your choices. Psalms 34:15. much obliged, Jesse James DeBord Scott Co. Tennessee 10-14

  27. I totally agree with open carry. It’s just common sense a would be criminal would think twice if a potential victim is visibly armed. Any criminal that wants a weapon can pretty much get one. EVERY qualified citizen should have the right to openly carry and let it be known to any potential violent criminal that protective measures are in place. Anyone thinking this law would bring about open shootouts needs to reconsider who would start any. Kudos to all involved, and Stacey Campfield is spot on!

  28. Open carry for the State should be legal protected by the federal constitution of my right to open carry. Fine arrest me and let’s go to the higher court and we will see who is more correct!!!

  29. just wanted to say much obliged for the break! My ma is real sick ,please I am asking all especially AMERICAN CHRISTIANS to pray for her. SHE HAS BEEN THROUGH HELL AND NEEDS EVERYONES PRAYER FOR HER PO RECEIVE A DOCTORs Care. the kind that she may need. I appreciate all of my gun carrying and law abiding pals out there , you all are ones of a kind. May GOD bless each and every one of YOU. Psalms 34:15. Thank you , Jesse James DeBord. Scott County, TN.

  30. I am asking anyone to inform me if what is the latest laws that actually have been signed into law by our Tennessee governor? I’ve been out of action for a few years thanks to these morally insane laws that has indeed haunted me going on 22 years now. But We The People will press on!!!. “Persistence Overcomes Resistance!!!” Drive on, my American Blood Brothers and Sisters. Endure, Never give up, Never give in, look up, pack up, because we’re going up… By the shedding of His blood, We are saved! Thank God. Thank You Jesus, bless His Holy Name. (Take care and wipe out for it to never return of these morally insane laws, that state a person who is convicted of a non-violent felony cannot have their firearm rights restored without, an expungement and a full pardon. all it should take, occording to 18 USC 921 a 20 is an restoration of rights. The prior conviction is supposed to be deleted by the state that it happened in. Thank you. Jesse James DeBord.

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