Protecting Gun Owners in Bankruptcy Act Passes U.S. House

Shouldn’t that be the “Gun Owners Protecting Themselves in Bankruptcy Act”? No matter what you call it, H.R. 5827 shields bankrupts from firearms confiscation—unless it’s the feds knocking on their door after a natural disaster. The bill passed the House by a margin of 307 to 113. [Dan Baum note: the vote split on party lines.] Needless to say, The National Rifle Association are all over this one: “The bill sets a cap of $3,000 on the value of a firearm collection eligible for the protection, so people in bankruptcy proceedings can continue to own serviceable firearms.” Does that mean you have to fire your gun or guns at—I mean near, creditors to prove that they’re serviceable? Perish the thought! In any case, this sucker’s on a fast track . . .

Sen. Patrick Leahy introduced a similar measure in the Senate yesterday. (Yes Dan, he’s a Dem).

So who’s agin’ this thing, and why? The Cleveland Plain Dealer shows an opponent’s hand:

“I fail to see why we need to protect guns in a bankruptcy proceeding,” New York Democratic Rep. Carolyn McCarthy said on the House floor, adding that the presence of guns in financially stressed households could increase the risk of suicides and murder suicides.

Any chance that mentally unstable people might, I dunno, hide their guns from the repo men? Same for non-mentally unstable people. Hello? Cold dead hands?

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