Russian Spy Caught Smuggling Scopes in Shoes

According to, Anna Fermanova is a graduate of the Ogle School of Hair, Skin, and Nails in Dallas. And no I didn’t make that up. Ms. Fermanova recently caught the eye of the feds when she tried to smuggle military rifle scopes to Moscow. Apparently, she was “stuffing them in her Uggs.” stylite scribe Ruthie Freidlander is skeptical. “We know that the shearling lined boots provide our ankles with comfortable breathing room, but enough space for guns? We think not. She may have wanted to opt for a pair of those unfortunate looking Marc Jacobs moon boots if she was trying to hide stuff.” That’s scopes Ruthie, not guns. (Yes I know: Uggs are boots not shoes.) These days, the really cool bits of a military scopes sit on a computer chip. So, easily done. I wonder if Fermanova fell into a honey trap?

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