Obscure Object of Desire: CMMG Tactical Bacon

Owning a gun implies a certain amount of paranoia. Owning a home defense handgun takes it to the next level. From that point on, it’s like you’ve pushed the sled down a steep hill. Shotgun? Carry gun? Second carry gun? Keep going. AR-15? You’re practically there Custom AR-15? Yes, yes, yes and a bunch more yeses besides. OK, so, now you need ammo. How much ammo is enough? As the Brits say, how long is a piece of string? A few thousand rounds of everything is an excellent start. Why stop now? Why indeed . . .

Time to harden your house. And install a safe room. Water. Can’t live without water. And food. Must have food. MRE (Meals Ready To Eat). And bacon.

Sure, you could live without bacon. But surviving isn’t just about subsistence. Where’s the fun in that? Here’s fun in a can!

Its Tactical Bacon in a can. Fully cooked and fully prepared. 10+ year shelf life. Perfect for camping, hunting, zombie standoffs, end of the world scenarios etc. Don’t be caught without Tac Bac! Now with more better grammar!

I’m sorry I missed the first description of Tac Bac. Don’t shoot me, but punctuation counts too; there really ought to be an apostrophe in “it’s” and a comma before “etc.” That said, in the post apocalyptic world, pedantic English teachers don’t stand a chance. Hey, you want to make an omelette with Tac Bac? You gotta crack a few eggs.

[thanks to David for the link]

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