Pros and Cons of Wilson Combat Remington 870 Shotgun Light

David Kenik of Armed Response was kind enough to demo the pros and cons of the light mounted on the Wilson Combat Remington 870 shotgun. My review is on its way (John). Meanwhile, this much is true (at least for me): a shotgun-mounted light is an excellent idea IF you use the shotgun in a defensive position. In other words, after you gather your loved ones behind you (whilst armed with a handgun), retreat to a defensive position, pick up your shotgun and wait. Light ’em up at the appropriate moment and Bob’s your uncle. If you think you’re going to go hunting wascaly wabbits at night, either you’ve already had a great deal of room-clearing combat training or you better get some, quick.


  1. avatar hd says:

    Have borderpatrol and it’s patterns and accuracy are incredible but its is really heavy, clunky, unmaneuverable indoor, and not worth the money for home defense. I’d go back to my mossberg 500 anyday. It’s lighter and though a piece of junk for anything but home defense it is far better for that than the overpriced Wilson.

  2. avatar Rem870 says:

    Good short video with useful information about the shotgun forend light.

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