Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Mark Miller

Sorry guys, but it must be said (again): anyone who grabs their gun and goes looking for trouble is acting irresponsibly. There is not one electronic device, one piece of jewelry, one work of art that’s worth your life. That’s true for your stuff. It’s doubly true for your neighbors’. If the cops are on their way, it’s far better to be a good witness than a [potentially] dead participant. In terms of de-holstering to save someone’s life, never put yourself into the thick of things (ballistically speaking) unless you’re fully confident you know the entire story. Oy! SWAT boy! Introducing a gun into a violent or potentially violent situation is far more likely to escalate matters than defuse them. Bottom line: the original good samaritan didn’t intervene during the Jew’s robbery/beating. He came to the victim’s aid afterwards.


  1. avatar Ralph says:

    Mr. Miller took personal responsibility for the safety of his community. How irresponsible is that! Look, people, for the last time: don't try to come to the aid of your fellow man. That's just the wrong thing to do. Stay home, lock your doors, and let your neighbors fend for themselves. Whatever happens to them is their problem, not yours. We are not all "in this" together. It's every man for himself. It's no skin of your nose if they get robbed or killed, right? Who cares! I mean, who really cares?

    1. avatar CarlosT says:

      Way to miss the point. How much protecting is Mr. Miller doing now?

      The actual lesson: don’t do anything with a gun that you wouldn’t do without a gun. The right thing to do in this situation is call 911, stay on the phone, and observe the guy as best you can from a safe distance and report his movements to the dispatcher so he can be caught as soon as possible. That way you can live another day and protect yourself and your neighbors well into the future.

      By all means have your weapon with you, so you can defend yourself if the guy comes after you, but don’t go charging in like you’re some kind of action hero.

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