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What's left of a .260 Remington cartridge post-dishwasher (courtesy

2006lariat at reports that he “found a way to make the wife very angry.” His advice: don’t go there. [h/t BL]

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  1. “911. What’s your emergency?”

    “My dishwasher is trying to kill me!!! Hurry, send someone with a bazooka!! “

    • To be fair, it IS obvious that you don’t DO that. But I didn’t know a dishwasher could heat up enough to cook off a round.

      I imagine the same advice applies to clothes dryers.

  2. Yeah, I don’t know much about this, and not sure I believe what I know. I guess maybe if the round fell directly on the heating element and then sat there, but since my heating element is elevated off the floor of the dishwasher, that seems like it’d be pretty hard to do.

    • My machines’ heating elements are about 3/4″ off the bottom of the tub, with a few supports. It would be pretty easy for a rifle cartridge to land such that it was propped up against a very hot surface. It might be statistically unlikely, but I could certainly see it happening.

      • Exactly.
        Until the wife saw me doing that. Used to throw GG in the dishwasher after matches. Now it’s only when she’s gone to work. Good grief, she wanted to wash the inside of the dishwasher. She’s blonde.

  3. That looks mechanically shredded not detonated. If it fired the case and bullet would separate with very little inertia. Might break a couple dishes but the case would not rupture like that.

    • I personally witnessed the aftermath of a 20mm aircraft cannon round that detonated out of battery. The case was shredded in a very similar manner. It’s a larger scale, but I would assume the same principles still apply. Additionally, it looks like the primer (albeit missing the anvil) is sitting at the top right of the image. I doubt mechanically shredding the round would have popped the primer out, especially since the case head looks undamaged.

      • Yeah I guess a necked down rifle cartridge with a tightly seated bullet might do that. Still leaves the question of how it happened inside a dishwasher.

    • The case CAN rupture like that if exposed to heat. Some idiots in my army unit placed a 7.62X51 round on an electric stove burner to “watch it melt.” One went to the ER with a piece of the case that went damn near through his wrist.

  4. 9mm are meant to be cleaned in a washing machine, or in a pinch, an ultrasonic cleaner. They always work for me afterward with a nice clean bang.

  5. Why in the world would anyone who is not brain damaged think that running cartridges through the dishwasher is a good idea? Who the hell washes cartridges anyway? Geez Louise!

  6. I think this post goes over-the-top with its blanket prohibition, just because the guy failed to use the cartridge baskets provided with the dishwasher.

  7. I can just see it now, this will ignite another debate over which caliber is the most effective dishwasher round.

  8. Worst Ive done is to burn up my favorite wooden sauce spoon.
    Still use it but its kinda smallish today.

  9. Somewhere a new Facebook page is being registered for…

    MAID – Mayors Against Illegal Dishwashers
    Moms Demand Action for Dishwasher Safety in America
    S.T.A.R. – Straight Talk About Rinse

  10. I have seen the results of cartridges going off in commercial dryers a couple of times. People just don’t check there pockets well enough. 😉

  11. I had a buddy who had to go to the ER after pounding 22 shells with a hammer. One went off. Who would have thought?

    Got brass shrapnel in his hand. Damn lucky.

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