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Image courtesy Battle Rifle Company

When it comes to gun fashion, the AR-15 is definitely This Year’s Girl. In fact, she’s been This Year’s Girl for at least a decade, strutting the runways and showing off the latest in rifle styles and accessories. I’m sure we’ll see a lot of her at Fashion Week the SHOT Show wearing every conceivable manner of rail, grip, stock, trigger and optic. Battle Rifle Company is previewing its Spring 2014 line ahead of the show, with a handful of ARs that might appeal to tactically fashion-conscious shooter . . .

Pictured above is the Battle Rifle Wolverine. Intended for 3-Gun competition, the Wolverine wears a 16-inch barrel and a 15-inch free-float rail. The 3-chamber muzzle brake tells you this rifle is not for law enforcement CQB entry teams. It’s available in 5.56 and .300 BLK.

Image courtesy Battle Rifle Company

This AR pistol is called the Battle Rifle Attache. Flip-up rifle sights come standard, although I’m not sure how you would use them. My experience is that aperture rifle sights are a terrible choice for AR pistols and poor man’s SBRs, but they’re fine once you get your NFA stamp and attach a shoulder stock. The 3-chamber muzzle brake is also an interesting choice for an AR pistol, where muzzle flash is usually more of a problem than recoil.

Image courtesy Battle Rifle Company

The Battle Rifle Spectre shown here is optimized for aerial hog hunting and light weight. The extra-lightweight skeletonized rail gives it the same weight as an M4gery with a carbine-length handguard. The Spectre is apparently the weapon of choice for Vertex Aviation in their ‘Aerial Hog Depravation Program.’ (Their spelling, not mine.)

We’ll try to check by the Battle Rifle Company booth next month, if we’re not completely overdosed on ARs by the time we find it.

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  1. I could be wrong but I am pretty sure this is the same company that Vuurwapen Blog had stopped by their booth last year at Shot. If it is they weren’t anything I would be interested in. There was one rifle with a mid length gas system and it had a carbine length Troy Alpha rail and the dummy that was showing him the rifles said they thought it looked cool. There was all kinds of problems with the rifles but you have got to be a dumbass to think it would be just fine to run your rifle with a couple inches of the gas tube exposed like that think it looks cool and tactical. Even guys with carbine length gas systems usually run a longer rail then 7 inches at least ones like this upper that had a low profile gas block if I remember right. I will look back but this name sounds about right it.

    • Yeah, there was a lot of bluster on some of the forums from someone claiming to represent the company. Making all kinds of verifiably dumb claims about their rifles in general and trying to defend the exposed gas tube one in particular.

    • I thought so with such a stupid name like Battle Rifle Company pretty hard to forget and that hideous yellow color fill on the lower. I think they were making all kinds of ridiculous claims too as to how their rifles were so far superior to everybody else. Looked to me like they got some parts knowing nothing about AR15s or really how they even operate and slapped them together. Not to difficult to build an AR especially if you have the right tools but even if you don’t have the specific tools lot of it can be done with stuff everybody should have at home. Anybody can add Troy rails and whatever other crap to a crap carbine. Really I don’t even care for anything Troy but the sights I do have an Alpha rail but the Samson Evo I have I like better but keymods kill them all. Such a pain in the ass to add or take off rail sections with the Troy or Evo the Centurion CMR is nice though since it is threaded. I have the Centurion C4 on another carbine and those are really sweet but cost 2x or so the price of a Troy quad rail with a lot nicer mounting system too.

  2. How is this crap company still in business with the ar sales crunch going on? Frankly now that bushmasters and whatnot can be found on sale for $600ish I expect an ar-15 company ran and operated by clear know nothings to be gone in a flash. Also how is the “spectre” (pretty sure somone else owns the copyright on that name) set up for arial hog hunting? There are no unique features I see, just regular tacticool ar stuff

  3. Another AR-15 product line. Yawn. I used to joke about the “cult of the AR” but this company turns my joke into reality. The AR is just another rifle in 5.56. It isn’t functionally any different than a Mini 14. What I mean by functional is it sends varmint rounds downrange at about 3000fps with about 1200 ftlbs of muzzle energy. So the raging question is why does the world need another version of the AR-15?

  4. Aerial hog hunting. Now there’s a huge uncatered-to market if I’ve ever heard of one. All my aerial hog hunting friends can finally shut up now that this product has been introduced specifically for aerial hog hunting.

      • Yes, a gun marketed for such shenanigans would be a travesty. Actually going on a nighttime aerial zombie hunt? I would be amenable to that, as long as I wasn’t forced to carry aforementioned lame puke-green biohazard rifle built by a very suspect manufacturer.

  5. Junk guns from a junk company. I’m not fooled! They have no real world experience or knowledge. Just a bunch of ‘armchair generals’ trying to take advantage of people.


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