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Rich, old white guy Michael Bloomberg has a plan to win over Democrat voters skeptical of his privilege and his Wall Street billions.  He will have to if he runs for the jackass party’s nomination for President in 2020.

Give him credit though.  He plans on winning Dems’ hearts and minds with a campaign against Americans’ God-given, Constitutional rights to keep and bear arms.  Well, that and championing global warming nonsense.   This, he believes, will bring Democrat voters out to the polls to elect him.

Here in flyover country, I’m looking at between twelve and eighteen inches of global warming in my back yard – and better than three feet near the street.  Like most Americans, I’m worried about the government and illegal immigration.  Not gun control and global warming.

The diminutive Bloomberg knows America’s basket of deplorables and bitter clingers in flyover country will never support him.  So he’s pandering with issues that he feels resonate with increasingly radical urban Democrat voters.  And that will help distinguish him from an already crowded field of candidates.

All the while, he ignores how gun control came at steep price for Democrats as they lost control of the U.S. House in 1994.  For the first time in decades.  Even the far-left Salon grudgingly tells the truth in “Why Democrats dumped gun control“:

…Gun control advocates haven’t won a major victory since Bill Clinton was president…

And speaking of the old skirt-chasing Bill Clinton, Human Events reminds us of what Bill wrote in his memoirs:

Bill Clinton admitted in his memoirs that the gun issue cost Al Gore the White House in 2000 and Sen. John Kerry’s pathetically staged “goose hunt” in Ohio just days before the 2004 presidential election cooked his.

At the same time today, Michael Bloomberg thinks himself the smartest person in the room.  And he surrounds himself with people who tell him the same thing.  Without a doubt, some of his opponents will point to Bloomberg’s own statements against allowing gun ownership for young, black men – because they can’t be trusted.

Given his while male privilege and billions in the bank, he will run a formidable campaign if he indeed jumps into the race.  The question remains, will his privilege and his money sway Democrats who rail against both lately?

Time will tell.

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      • My exact words when I saw the BBC News notification on my phone stating that Trump had joined the 2016 race were “Well, there is the candidate no one asked for”. I never thought I could be that wrong, but it turns out that I can be. Bloomberg shouldn’t be taken lightly. Of all of the currently known or possible 2020 Democratic contenders he has the most financial resources, and his national gun control groups could give him the basic building blocks for a national political machine.

        • Bloomberg will buy his nomination from the Democratic party, just like Hillary tried to do! its funny though, if the voters vote Democratic, they deserve what they get, they Loved Obama, and they want that free stuff.

        • So, you are saying that “Dumbberg,” can run and win, as a ONE TRICK PONY, that being “gun control? Maybe so, but there are D卐M☭CRATs out there, who own firearms. Will they want to throw away their “right to keep and bear arms?” We’ll see.

          One thing that 2016 and 2018 showed us, is that MONEY alone cannot win. It can sure help, but it won’t drag a dead horse over the finish line. “Dumbberg” no doubt can put a few billions into the race. He’ll get overwhelming support from the D卐M☭CRAT Propaganda Media, but it still takes VOTES to win.

      • True, including meyself. However, that something with the likelihood of lightning striking you or winning the Powerball has happened, dies not diminish the rarity and remoteness of it happening again.

        The key here is not the superficial similarities, but the substantive ones. Trump campaigned on accountability and freedom. Plus he’s a larger than life personality who fascinates people.

        Bloomie will campaign on open borders and unlimited spending, aka, no accountability, as well as higher taxes and restricted gun rights, aka, infringing freedom. Plus he’s a creepy unlikable guy no larger than an Oompa Loompa.

      • That’s a very good point, but I really do not see anyone who’s white, or male, winning a democratic nomination ever again.

    • I made the prediction that Bloomberg will be the democrat’s nominee on this site weeks ago. He’ll try to use the Trump playbook but the biggest problem he faces is that the people who find him enjoyable, or even not dispicable to be around is about as low as those on both sides who felt the same way about Hillary. Seriously- who in the hell would like to actually sit down with him for dinner, socializing or anything? Even a complete liar like Bill Clinton would’ve probably been fun to be around if not for the politics. Bloomberg? You’ve GOT to be kidding, seriously. Or how about letting him watch your kids for an hour or so…?

      • Donald Trump , candidate, had appeal to the common man and woman. He could speak our kind of language, not the smooth , slick politico speak that leaves you with-” What did he say”. He spoke to the problems of everyday working Americans. Bloomberg will not be able to fake this. Just another jackass in the herd of jackasses. Donald trump was not my first choice but he has done a very good job considering all democrats and some of the Republicans have been against him.

        • Trump wasn’t my first choice, but he was my last.

          Funny how that little saying works out in life. With houses, cars, careers, wives, kids… you know…

  1. Good Luck With That !! Maybe he should take some notes from Hilary she ran on gun control and we all know how that ended……

  2. “Well, that and championing global warming nonsense.”
    your ignorance is showing. i guess you are one of the “its so cold, sure could use some global warming” Trumpettes. just because your feeble mind can’t handle the science doesn’t mean the science is wrong.

    • Global warming is totally a thing, but it’s a natural process and humans can never have a positive effect on it when China and India are shitting up the environment. If you really want to solve global warming, forget about electric cars- we should just initiate a nuclear winter so Mother Terra can heal.

      • There is a great deal of truth in what you say. It seems the Earth had gone through natural warm and cool cycles in the past, even before the most recent industrial revolution which is what many falsely claim started this mess. The above facts were even taught and recognized by my geology professors back in 2007 from my college days!

    • global warming is what happens to your a** while you squat or sit to relieve yourself of waste material. like taquiyya-bama care, you have to pass it to see what’s in it.

    • NO Scientific Case for Anthropogenic Global Warming.

      Sea Levels, average temperature (uncorrected NOAA and NASA data bases), Polar Ice, etc. essentially the same as they were in 1830.

      It is a Globalist Wealth Transfer Scheme administered through their One World Govt political arm, the UN.

      By the UN’s own admission, more times than one.

      • The ‘facts’ have been debunked on the global warming thing. As for Bloomberg running on gun control, its not even in the top 5 issues the American public is concerned with. The clown car is loading up fast.

    • Global warming is bs. I’ve lived on this planet too long and heard too many doom and gloom scenarios to believe it

    • Gee I didn’t know we had people of your intelligence occupying this site. Check history and then the news to learn something. The climate of the planet cycles, the ‘facts’ regarding this cycle have been debunked.

    • Climatic Change, a natural occurring earth event. However it’ is boosted by the world’s use of fossil fuels. As the polar vortex looses its spin, the Earth will see colder winters and more snow in the temperate zones, the full effect of climate change will not be seen by any of us. You don’t have to believe the earth is warming up, but an 84 year old Himalayan may argue with that. Lord help us when the world’s third polar ice cap melts. “No sir, I don’t like it.”

    • I can’t take anyone who says “Your ignorance is showing” seriously…

      You make me want to buy plastic stuff and store it outside.

    • The climate change/global warming hypothesis has HUGE credibility and evidence problems. Allow me to list a few.

      — Climate models ALL fail to predict future climate. Why would anyone believe the latest one is any different than a hundred previous failed doomsday predictions?

      — Papers routinely come out with discoveries about this source of carbon or that previously unknown/unmeasured natural sequestration mechanism. This, combined with all the modeling and prediction failures, says to many of us that science doesn’t doesn’t have a grasp on the enormously complex machinery of global climate.

      — Global and regional climates have changed far more dramatically within recorded history than the minimal warming currently measured — without human industrial input.

      — “Scientific consensus” is a smokescreen for shaky science. Nobody talks about consensus when it comes to gravity or E=mc squared or any of a million other things. If the science is truly solid, consensus doesn’t enter into it.

      — Skepticism is demonized. When no one is allowed to take a skeptical position, what we’re dealing with is more like social orthodoxy than science. Science IS skepticism.

      — There is enormous financial and political incentive to hew to the global warming party line. Science is done by fallible humans — and fallible humans stand to gain fame, prestige, money, and political power through agreement with the climate change consensus. Scientists who disagree could lose — and have lost — career, reputation, and livelihood. Science isn’t driving the bus here.

      — Even if the climate change hypothesis is correct, predicting social and technological changes 50 years into the future, let alone 100, is futile. Looking at the last 200 years of of social, industrial, and economic change and particularly the last 50 years in light of various doomsday predictions, it takes only a little bit of faith in humanity to conclude that if people keep working on it, we’ll find a solution nobody could conceive of right now.

      Finally, read this excellent speech Michael Crichton delivered at CalTech in 2003, when the academy still allowed skeptics to speak in the forum.

      I used to think climate change deniers were nutbags (and made comments here on TTAG to that effect a few years ago), but I’ve since done a 180. I don’t think climate change believers are nutbags, but I do think they’ve been sold a bill of goods.

      Skepticism and caution are needed.

    • if it comes to doing something about global warming or securing a paycheck….most folks will opt for the latter…

  3. Michael Bloomberg isn’t “white” unless he’s trying to lead the other “whites” off a cliff.

  4. Not going to happen.

    Bloomberg said that trying to legalize marijuana is “perhaps the stupidest thing anybody has ever done”

    No one who is that stridently anti-marijuana has a snowballs chance in hell of winning the Democratic nomination.

    • Uh, Hillary wanted to double-down on the anti-weed and anti-drug policies. It really depends on who’s sucking off who in the DNC.

        • Hard-Left doesn’t mean legalizing anything. It means increasing jackboot patrols while limiting the ability of ordinary citizens to object and resist their decrees. Weed “decriminalization” is really just a scam to get people cards so they can deny them on their mandated UBCs later.

    • well Bloomberg can kill two birds with one stone though, In missouri, they are legalizing Medical pot, and if you get it, they take your gun rights away! think about that!

  5. To win the nomination on a platform of dismantling the Constitution: fucking brilliant strategy. This is how blatant communism has become. The wild unbridled evil, perhaps best exampled in the ‘Bolshevik’ revolution, and the resulting tens of millions murdered, now essentially being put out to the the masses as ‘the way forward.’

    You don’t need guns! We’ll take care of you! Trust us!

    How very far we have gone toward communism.

    Aren’t these the kinds of folks about which one might say … ‘Traitor’ …?

    • You are ‘spot on’. All of this tripe is about taking away our citizen’s ability to defend themselves. Defense mostly against tyranny, but also against intruders, desperate persons and the eventual mob looking for agreement to their way of thinking. Similar to what is happening now in Venezuela. Maduro is at the end of his failed attempt at dictatorship. He will soon learn what this failure has lead to and what happens to little despots when the masses are hungry. Bloomberg certainly is a dimunative little fellow.

  6. Please Billy run…. 100% on gun control. Put all your billions into it. Promise everyone all citizens. Even illegal ones $100,000 each for their retirements .
    You still wouldn’t get elected dogcatcher.

    • Jay in FL,

      Come on now, we all know that the Democrats who lost U.S. Presidential elections lost because they did not promote big government enough.

      That is always the rallying cry of Democrats, Socialists, and Communists (but I repeat myself): their ideology failed in previous attempts because they didn’t go far enough. Their ideology will work next time if they can just get a little more cooperation from the masses.

      • Utopia will be achieved after the next massacre of unbelievers. And the next, and the next, and the next.

        During Stalin’s purges, the districts all had arrest and execution quotas, which like all good Stakhovanites they all tried to exceed. And Stalin would then request more.

      • Unfortunately Larry, that still leaves Bloomberg with something like $10 billion to buy the election.

  7. Fat Chance! The truth of the matter is people are going to reject him, not embrace him and it has little to do with his stance on gun control, it has EVERYTHING to do with the Bloomberg not being liked and viewed like an entitled pompous a$$. A tiger can’t hide its stripes very long. Bloomberg will be rejected no matter how much money he spends. No doubt money gets him his way much of the time, but not all the time and running for president is going to be a cold slap in the face for him…again.

    • I wouldn’t be so sure. If he hires 60 million illegal aliens to vote for him 6 times each, I think he’ll have a good chance!

    • He could always just BUY the Democrat party, but the five families will have to be willing to sell.

  8. Votes don’t buy elections, money does, so I’d say he’s got a chance, that and if he’s the Ilumminati’s choice.

  9. This is one place where the Democratic party’s obsessive commitment to identity politics might actually help: The DNC will never allow another white male to win the nomination.

  10. Has he not been paying any attention at all? The person to win the (D) nomination will be a hysterical, non-gendered, omni-sexual, anything-but-white pauper socialist who promises to confiscate all private property, lock up people for thought-crime and face-crime and toss anyone white, cis or male into a wood chipper.

    In other words the change this country needs to return to civility.

  11. Does the “man of the people always look like he’s about to shit himself or is it because of the EBR?

  12. Why would you even mention global warming? It’s not relevant and just makes you sound like an idiot when you declare it nonsense then show you don’t even understand the issue by equating the current weather in your yard with the global climate.

    • Been drinkin’ that Kool-Aid again, haven’t you?! Predictable right down to the snotty “I am so smart” arrogance supposed to intimidate anybody who actually thinks. Stereotype!

    • Meanwhile every hurricane and heatwave = proof of global warming to the true believers (and people who purport to be scientists say that crap, too). Pot, kettle. Mote, beam.

  13. This is going to be amusing – but not for the reasons that others have indicated above.

    Consider that the DNC’s latest media hottie, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has declared that a system that allows billionaires to exist isn’t “moral.”

    Then consider that at Davos, the billionaires’ club is worried by how this young, not terribly bright, woman is making these noises about high tax rates:

    Then consider that Bloomberg is a man who made his billions on a news/data service for financial parasites to prosper, while mom-n-pop investors came in far behind the sort of connected/incestuous traders who use Bloomberg’s service…

    and you have all the makings for a DNC internal war.

    • Don’t interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake and never when they having a civil war.

  14. With no slight intended, the fact is that his being Jewish may work to his disadvantage. Once upon a time, people told JFK he could never win because the US had never elected a Catholic president; during the campaign, people were saying that he would be tied to the tassels of the Pope. I would expect the same type of attitude, saying Mikey will be controlled by Israel. Just because it is not PC does not mean that there is not a high level of antisemitism in this country that would adversely affect the vote. Compound that with his nanny-state-ism and his anti-gun stance would bring out the Republicans in droves to vote against him. His supreme egoism doens’t help his case either. I cannot see him being electable, not if there is another choice (and three will be many).

  15. Remember when Jews weren’t considered “white”?!? Yeah I do but I’m old. No way anyone white,jewish or OLD will get the demorat nom. We ain’t feelin’ the Bern either. Bloomie is possibly the worst dumbocrat candidirt…possibly.

  16. Global Warming is real. So is the Second Amendment. I really wish Mr. Bloomberg and his ilk would remember that.

  17. Bloomberg’s paranoia about firearms borders on mental illness. Wasting millions of dollars to oppose Constitutionally guaranteed arms ownership is not a sane decision.

    The democrats are NOT going to give him the nomination, his demographics are not credible. He is wasting even more money on another foolish endeavor..

  18. Big question is why should an old billionaire who undoubtedly has armed guards all the time be concerned about other people wanting to protect themselves. The only reason he wants to be President is to have more power than he has now.

  19. Who will vote for him? He’ll blow a whole bunch of his and other peoples money and lose in the primary. No one can beat Trump in 2020. The Democrats are even more divided than the Republicans were in 2016. As far as Global warming goes is just simply think of yourself as the earth. Then think of a really nasty splinter in your finger as humanity. Eventually your finger is going to get infected and it will take care of that splinter on its own. The earth will eliminate what is destroying it, and that is mankind and mankind only. It will kill off 4 or 5 billion people and “POOF” everything will be hunky dory once again. The only problem on this earth is there’s just too many fucking imbeciles living on it. Lmfao.

    • Only Trump can defeat Trump. Don’t get too confident, he might actually pull it off.

      The cries of “global warming will destroy the planet!” make me chuckle. Such monumental, myopic hubris.

      Sure, we could destroy ourselves, and take a lot of other organisms with us — but in the long run, this planet does not care. Species rise and fall, continents rise and sink and rise again, and on that scale humans aren’t even a fart in the wind.

  20. That’s all we need in D.C.. One more Limo Socialist Aristocrat telling us how we should live our lives.

    • Also known as Chardonnay Socialists or Champagne Socialists.

      Like the Soviet era Nomenklatura (new ruling class) they want the perks of office they feel they are entitled to.

  21. Beware of Socialist Billionaires smiling at you while they promise gun control.
    BTW the good Mayor of NYC banned large sodas.

  22. Mikey is the smartest person in the Democrat’s room. He has no chance because he is white, Jew and he isn’t a Socialist

  23. With any luck, Shannon’s Sugar Daddy will get so banged up in the democrat party presidential primaries that his bruised and battered ego compels him to run as a third party candidate. If he spends enough of his own money he could siphon off five or ten percent of the democrat vote in 2020. I have a dream……

  24. Is that an S&W M&P 15-22 he’s holding, in the dread .22 LR caliber? Scary. The assassin’s round! Cheap, dirty, plentiful! Ban it BEFORE IT BANS YOU!!!

  25. Voters were just damned dumb enough to vote for Obama for eight years, and just recently, Socialist darling AOC. They would be just as stupid to vote for Bloomberg, too-save for those on this forum, of course. What the hell do they care about gun rights, so long as they have a full belly, and “something-for-nothing”?

  26. Seriously? “It snowed in my yard, that makes global warming a hoax”? Bloomberg’s a turd nugget, but way to make gun owners seem ignorant. Live up to the dumb redneck stereotype, then wonder how these assholes get elected.

  27. Bloomberg’s problem is that he has a ton of baggage that makes him vulnerable to attacks from both the Right and the Left and he can’t run as an outsider either.

    While Bloomberg could probably win the nomination in the Democratic Party if, by nothing else, cheating the way HRC did he’s not going to excite the real Left base of the Party the way a Bernie Sanders did or a Kamala Harris does.

    He’s completely out of step with the base of the Democrats on fiscal issues where he’s basically a conservative. He hates taxes and has called them “not good things” in the past. He’s not gotten along well with unions in general, a major part of the Democrat base. He’s flimsy from a Leftist point of view on education, taking over the NYC system and raising teachers pay but he’s also vigorously opposed feelz type “education” and social promotion. While he’s a big proponent of gun control he has also been a big supporter of stop-and-frisk policies, broken windows policing, mandatory minimums and while opposed to the death penalty he prefers a sentence of a lifetime of hard labor. He also doesn’t favor the decriminalization of marijuana or any other currently illicit drugs.

    He’s got a serious row to hoe with the Left.

    Then there’s the Right. Middle America is generally going to look at him as a too-cool-by-half city slicker out to impose coastal elite ideas on them. Gun control won’t play well on the Right nor will his previous policies on salt, trans fats or sugary beverages where he has actually acted to create government control over these things. His support for embryonic stem cell research will be problematic as will his position on gay marriage in terms of social conservatives. His positions on immigration and the environment will cause heads to explode with those possessed of a right-of-center view.

    He’s going to take significant fire from all sides because he’s on the wrong side of the really important issues to both sides of the aisle and with a lot of independents.

    Can Bloomberg be a problem? Sure. Realistically I don’t think he has much of a chance though. If he wants to make the biggest impact he runs as a spoiler on the Independent ticket.

    • I think that you covered most of the complaints against Bloomberg has, and the last ppg brought out a good thought. The dems have a list of possible candidates so long, now, there must be some attrition. Bloomy is not our largest problem Harris is.

  28. IT’S COLD WHERE I AM RIGHT NOW (the Northern hemisphere, during Winter) SO GLOBAL WARMING IS A HOAX!

    Weather is different from Climate. Was 114 degrees in Sydney yesterday.

  29. Personally, I’m surprised that the Democrats let ANY WHITE MALE even attempt to run for office anymore. You’d think with all the talk about immigrants rights and minority needs they’d only allow Women of Color/Ethnicity run anymore to really push their points home. Could it be that is only smoke for them to keep their places in government?

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