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The long-awaited .380 ACP open-top revolver from Cimarron will finally be available for sale. This is a beautiful little gun that blends old-school revolver technology with the .380 cartridge.

You may notice that there is no loading gate. That’s not a mistake. The rounds are held in by the edge of the frame when loaded. The gun looks a bit long, but that’s also very much intentional.

The folks at Cimarron tell me the ATF has given them a run-around when it comes to everything from the weight of the gun to the barrel length. The gun you see here is approved for import, however you can always shorten the barrel if you wish.

A 6-inch, single-action .380 isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it sure is neat. There was also a very cool painting of Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday in the film Tombstone because why not?

In addition, Cimarron is also introducing several new revolvers and some variations on their rifle line. If you haven’t had a chance to see their products in person, it’s worth your time. Keep an eye on my upcoming articles to see how some of these time-honored designs perform.

Faxon Firearms is a company that I’m quite familiar with. I have used their barrels for some time and consider them to be among the best out there. I am a big fan of their 300 BLK barrels and have untold thousands through my 7.5″ AR pistol, which has been featured here on TTAG several times.

New for Faxon is their FX-19 series of pistols, available in Hellfire and Patriot variations. These are GLOCK-style pistols and accept all compatible mags.

The pistols feature aggressive texture in several places on the grip and feel great in the hand. I am very much looking forward to reviewing these guns, as they come loaded with custom-grade parts.

Lastly, I failed to get a good photo of it due to the glass, but the above image is SIG SAUER‘s new belt-fed machine gun. This is a belt-fed .338 Norma Magnum that saves weight over current weapons while increasing range. I have it on good authority that the gun has very low recoil, similar to a 7.62x51mm LMG. I’d love to get my hands on one of these babies…


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      • I believe the actual quote was supposed to be “I’m your huckle bearer” or “I’ll be your huckle bearer.” A huckle is the handle on a casket, so the saying would essentially mean “if you want a fight, I’ll bury you.” The southern drawl and stories passed down orally eventually misrepresented the quote as “I’m your huckleberry.”

      • Griffin is correct. “Huckleberry” is the common interpretation, but the slang term actually means “I’m the guy that will be carrying your coffin.” Sort of a Molon Labe sort of thing – the phrase has more meaning when fully interpreted.

        • From “Tombstone”. Fascinating.

          Doc Holliday: And you must be Ringo. Look, darling, Johnny Ringo. The deadliest pistoleer since Wild Bill, they say. What do you think, darling? Should I hate him?

          Kate: You don’t even know him.

          Doc Holliday: Yes, but there’s just something about him. Something around the eyes, I don’t know, reminds me of… me. No. I’m sure of it, I hate him.

          Wyatt Earp: [to Ringo] He’s drunk.

          Doc Holliday: In vino veritas.
          [“In wine is truth” meaning: “When I’m drinking, I speak my mind”]

          Johnny Ringo: Age quod agis.
          [“Do what you do” meaning: “Do what you do best”]

          Doc Holliday: Credat Judaeus apella, non ego.
          [“The Jew Apella may believe it, not I” meaning: “I don’t believe drinking is what I do best.”]

          Johnny Ringo: [pats his gun] Eventus stultorum magister.
          [“Events are the teachers of fools” meaning: “Fools have to learn by experience”]

          Doc Holliday: [gives a Cheshire cat smile] In pace requiescat.
          [“Rest in peace” meaning: “It’s your funeral!”]

          Tombstone Marshal Fred White: Come on boys. We don’t want any trouble in here. Not in any language.

          Doc Holliday: Evidently Mr. Ringo’s an educated man. Now I really hate him.

  1. Is that an Overwatch Precision TAC Aluminum Trigger on those Faxons?

    I have a couple of their Polymer DAT triggers on my EDC G32 and G43.

    Great triggers.

  2. .380 would be great for plinking,except it’s overpriced. And I doubt it’s much cheaper to reload than cowboy .38/.357. .22 absolutely rules the roost for fun single actions.

  3. Faxon should stop being stupid and focus on keeping their most popular items in stock. Apparently they don’t want my money because popular barrel choices haven’t been in stock since before Black Friday.


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