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Oh man, it has finally happened! The firearm market has been asking for extended 10mm GLOCK mags for-freakin’-ever. And KRISS USA has delivered. Welcome to the MagEx2 extended baseplates for building yourself some 40-round 9mm magazines and 33-round 10mm magazines.

EDIT: looks like they’re already available for sale at KRISS USA’s new webstore.

I haven’t shot them yet but I fondled them extensively at SHOT Show’s Range Day and even managed to leave with the two pictured here. Full report coming soon enough, but my initial impression is that the quality is extremely high. The molding is incredibly precise and the polymer construction feels really good. If you can’t tell, I’m looking forward to that 10mm stick.

KRISS USA’s press release follows:

KRISS USA Announce High Capacity 9mm and 10mm Glock® Magazine Extensions for SHOT Show 2019

January 15, 2019 – Chesapeake, Virginia, USA – KRISS USA, manufacturers of the KRISS® Vector family of firearms, announce the new patent pending KRISS® MagEx2, a capacity extending base plate for factory standard Glock® G17 and G20 magazines. The MagEx2 will be on display for the first time at the Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 22-25, 2019.

The KRISS® MagEx2 consists of an inner and outer extension sleeve, made of advanced polymer composites, along with an extended spring. When combined with a factory standard Glock® magazine body and follower, the MagEx2 adds 23 rounds to the capacity of a G17 magazine, for a total of 40 rounds of 9mm; and it adds 18 rounds to the capacity of a G20 magazine, for a total of 33 rounds of 10mm.

The KRISS® MagEx2 is designed to extend the capacity of a standard magazine for use in the KRISS® Vector 9mm and 10mm models. However, it is also compatible in other firearms designed to use Glock® 9mm and 10mm magazines, including Glock® pistols, pistol caliber carbines, and magazine well conversion kits for AR-15 PCC conversions.

KRISS USA will offer the MagEx2 as a do-it-yourself kit as well as a complete magazine bundle. MagEx2 kits and magazines will be available for order starting January 28, 2019, through the KRISS USA Web store and Certified Dealers. The manufacturer suggested retail price of the MagEx2 kit is $35.99; the complete magazines are $66.95.

The KRISS® MagEx2 for .45ACP will be available in Q2, 2019; and it will add 17 rounds capacity to a G21 magazine, for a total of 30 rounds.

For more information about the KRISS® MagEx2 visit

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  1. Just what one needs for long hikes in bear country…

  2. Seems like kind of a hard sell to offer a 40 rd mag for $67 when you can get 33 rd glock-brand glock mags for like $30. When you’re getting to those numbers it seems unlikely that the 7 extra rounds is going to be worth doubling the price. Am I missing something? Is the extended spring somehow compatible with any existing glock mag spring so that you can extend a 33 rd mag to 70 rounds? That might be kind of cool, though the various glock drum mags are probably more useful, since they aren’t a mile long.

    • The ETS mags are $20 for 30 rds and weigh almost nothing when empty. They don’t make any in 10mm, so Kriss is the only option. Hopefully that spurns Glock to start making extended 10mm and even .45 mags.

      • ETS recently unveiled their 10mm Glock mags in 15, 22, and 30-round flavors. Also, M&P 9mm, HK (pistol) 9mm, and Sig P320 9mm variants.

        • I’m not seeing anything on ETS website or internet search confirming extended Glock 10mm mags are being made by ETS. Where did you hear this? Link Please?

  3. Very nice for the 10mm crowd. 0mmBut 9mm????
    Might convert me to buy a 10mm carbine. 7 rounds of full power in my 4.25 inch 1911 is never enough. A Glock. I’d have to think long and hard about one. A Ruger PC in 10mm with a 40 round mag would be nice. A Hi Point carbine in 10mm might be fun too. More then worth it.

    • Don’t HAVE to buy a Glock. Just buy mags and get the Kriss. Granted, as a Glock Fanboi, I absolutely love the large frame G20/21 guns. I’m weird though.

    • I’ve ran 10mm in most platforms and the glock 20 is by far the best in terms of running almost all factory ammo. 1911 platforms not so much.

  4. has 31-round .40 extended mags, KCI brand, for $13, in 9mm for $15. 17-round for $9 in 9mm. I have a lot of Glock magazines, and I’ve bought quite a few of the extended KCI mags. Plenty fine for shooting at the range. A hiccup here or there, but quality seems excellent. For my carry guns, I use Glock magazines. But I like to have a lot of magazines when I go to the range, and the mags from gunmagwarehouse do the trick nicely. I don’t want to spend $67 vs. $13, to get an extra 8 or 9 rounds.

      • This hurts 🙁 since I’ve had some KCI beta drums sitting in my closet for years and have never used them.

      • Yeah I tried a few and they were not reliable. Some of these cheap mags are fixed by using a factory follower in them, but not all.

    • Given the druthers of communists, it would be execution merely for thinking of owning a gun, let alone owning one, or anything gun-related.

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