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The current gun violence crisis comes at a time when gun ownership soared during the pandemic and the number of white nationalist groups jumped by 55% during the Trump presidency.

There are a lot of guns and a lot of anger — much of which is fueled by misogyny and white supremacy that spreads like a wildfire because of social media — in the country right now, experts said.

“There’s a masculinity epidemic in the United States, and we’re seeing that time and again in these shootings,” said Sarah Prior, a sociology professor at Michigan State University whose research focuses on gendered violence.

Prior and [Center on Extremism content director Jessica] Reaves were careful to note the dangerous collision of misogyny and white supremacy — and how misogyny can often introduce people to white supremacy — and their role in violence.

Misogyny “stands on its own as an extremist ideology” that’s “often interwoven with tenets of white supremacy, antisemitism; there’s all sorts of gross belief systems that depend heavily on hatred of women or play off of hatred of women,” Reaves noted. …

“We can’t ignore the fact that policies are made based on lived experiences of people in positions who make policies,” McMorrow said. “When sexual harassment and misogyny is swept under the rug so frequently, it’s not surprising we’ve stalled out on passing any gun legislation.”

— Anna Gustafson in Misogyny Is Fueling the Country’s Gun Violence Epidemic, Experts Say 

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  1. This article is total BS! We have many more Leftist little Beta boy pencil neck geeks running around TRYING to be real males than we had in my time. Those who are doing the mass shootings are either drug inspired gang banger criminal thugs or nut job mommy boy Leftists.
    With this comment, your site is being sent to my spam list to be eliminated later on.

    • Yep.

      white nationalist groups jumped by 55%

      Instantly lost all respect for Anna Gustafson. They are not “white” supremacist groups. They are pro-America groups. You could call them nationalist. You can’t call them “white” nationalists. For example – the head of the proud boys is an Afro-Cuban guy.

      • By all accounts anna gustafson is another finger pointing slanderous libelous sick democRat who forgets the democRat Party owns the legacy of slavery, segregation, lynching, Jim Crow, the kkk, Eugenics, Gun Control and other race based atrocities….

        anna and the democRat Party need to stfu and make Reparations before their duped vote harvesting slaves sober up.

      • Supremacist groups are by definition extremists, be they right or left or any particular color.

        What we are seeing an increase of is FEDERALIST groups of indifferent hues and often of both (there, I said it) genders.

      • uh no they are definitely white nationalists; go to any rally and you’ll see neo nazi imagery there.

        • Which rally? A proud boy rally? You will see swastika there? I honestly don’t know I have never seen one.

        • Nearly ALL the murders, annually, are committed by young black males, with most of the victims being black. GANGS! We don’t have a gun problem…we have a gang problem. Funny how the left (and their leftist media lackeys) don’t talk about that.

    • Except that most of the homicides by firearm are still happening mostly in Democrat-controlled inner cities and are mostly gang and drug related and are mostly committed with handguns.

      No “white supremacists”, Deplorables, or Trump supporters involved.

    • Is she suggesting that once the social order follows her shining path that mass castrations will follow?

    • *Sigh*

      This article is a reprint to educate you on what the other side is saying. Not authored by this sites contributors, and there is a big citation right at the bottom of the article, and a link to the original which you missed. Quote:

      — Anna Gustafson in Misogyny Is Fueling the Country’s Gun Violence Epidemic, Experts Say

      Note the name is not Grace Stevens, who is who re-posted it here. Might want to make sure you have all the facts before leaping to instant outrage with an invalid and incorrect point as your trigger.

      • That could easily be viewed as a failure on the part of Grace Stevens for the manner of presentation. There was no context provided, no attempt to rebut or refute the published content… no indication of quotation. In essence, when a writer fails to make their intent clear they are then subject to the perception of others.

        • I think it was clear to everyone except Happy Warrior.

          But he’s placing this site on his spam list to eliminate it, so he won’t figure out that he’s the idiot.

        • William Wallace the Third is not wrong, nor was the presentation insufficient to inform a CAREFUL, RATIONAL reader of what was being presented. As Xsnipe implied, sunlight is a powerful disinfectant. Understanding what our ideological opponents are saying, and HOW they are saying it, is key to understanding their “strategy” (such as it is).

          A less subtle clue, for the less perceptive among us, is that QUOTES FROM ARTICLES ARE PRESENTED IN ITALICS, INDENTED, AND PRECEDED AND FOLLOWED BY QUOTATION MARKS, ya idjits.

          Now, if your beef is that TTAG posts TOO MUCH of the Leftist/fascist propaganda . . . that’s a matter of opinion. I happen to feel there is an advantage in knowing your enemies’ thinking – Sun Tzu and von Clausewitz agree. So did Machiavelli. But you do you. “I don’t like to hear things that disagree with my already-established opinions”?? NOT a good look. Agree with it, disagree with it, or even (mirabile dictu) ignore it. Bitching about it makes you look stupid.

    • And there’s the problem. Any man who disagrees with you is NOT A MAN but a LEFTIE wimpo. I Nserved in one of the MOST profeesional MIlitaries thewre is TH e UK ROYAL AIR FORCE as a SGT ARMOUER and SMALLARMS INSTRUCTOR and in the UK ARMY INFANTRY RESERVES so I know what IN Mam talking about, I have been there at the pointy end of things and have Instructed hundreds of Men, Boys, Girls and Women to kill with all manner of smallarms with all and I know that equating the possession of firearms with ‘masculinity’ is stupid beyond reason and says a lot about the personality of persons who do. THe very bestb Solg diers do NOT take pleasure in either guns or killing they are tools to be useed sparingly and properly. Those persons whom could not grasp this were very quicklynoutonn their ears none more so than in the UK Special Forces who In actually did a considereable amoun t of shooting with.
      Since I left the Service in the late ’90’s I have never wished to own or felt the need to own any kind of Firearm with the exception of a foray into SKEET and .22 Match for three years or so.
      As for my politics the most I can say about that is that I’m inclined to be LEFT of CENTRE and believe in a PARLIAMENTARY DEMOCRATIC SYSTEM. I do notbthink that antyy body nwho knows me or of me q would for a single moment thginkm of me as being any kind oa wimp or lacking in ‘mascullinity’ . But I do not feel I have to prove it. I find that those males who have to PROVE their MASCULINITY are usually of doubtful sexuality anyway. Are you perhaps of this persuasion? You can come out of the closet these days no matter how old you are and NOBODY BUT You gives a flock. Don’t be a scardy-cat. Become you true self!


        And I served as a GRUNT in the United States Marine Corps for 6 1/2 years before I was ultimately given a medical discharge under HONORABLE conditions as a result of wounds received during my THIRD fucking tour in Vietnam. I don’t NEED to PROVE my MASCULINITY and have a long list of smiling women over the years who will vouch for MY sexuality. I am what is referred to in the REAL world as an ALPHA male (look it up, I’ll wait)………. My abilities and resolve have been tested by REAL men with a variety of weapons AND hand to hand combat (the REAL kind). MY decision to own AND carry firearms is based solely on MY knowledge of the real world and my desire to be able to protect myself when I am exposed out in that real world on my motorcycle. I don’t do this out of fear (if I were AFRAID, I’d be like you hiding in my home behind closed doors) but based on common sense, the personal knowledge that there are people out there that HATE me just because I ride a Harley Davidson and there are others who fear me because they THINK I represent a group of people who live outside the norms of society. Apparently, YOU are one of those haters with your “come out of closet?” comment. Fuks THAT got to do with owning a gun. Sounds like YOU and your boyfriend might need to do a little soul searching yourself. OBTW: there is a shitload of FREE spell check, grammar correction and OTHER editing software available on the internet that should be a breeze to find for someone with YOUR extensive knowledge of the internet. Your spelling is atrocious (means really fucking bad), your grasp of grammar and punctuation are non-existent and the ultimate result of your efforts(?) is jumbled up steaming pile that should include an interpreter, just sayin’, if you’re going to be n asshole at least be a coherent asshole…

      • Bertie, I would like to see your copy of the equivalent of a form DD214.
        Otherwise your nothing but another limp noodle Mamma’s boy posting from the cellar.
        if you are truly a Subject and resident of the UK. perhaps you should be a little less concerned about our weapons. At least at this point in time, we can and do own the tools to defend our selves, homes, and country.

  2. The American people are starting to just tune out accusations of ‘White Supremacy’.

    The little boy that cried wolf syndrome is real…

    • Little boy, FBI, gender studies/psych/sociology professors, global corporation funded actors etc

  3. White supremacy and misogyny?

    The number one cause of murder (anywhere from 67 – 90%): gang/drug activity.
    The number two cause of murder: domestic violence.

    Now, if you want to say that DV is associated with misogyny and/or “toxic masculinity”? Sure. But you still can’t get around the statistical fact that 67 – 99% of all murders involve gangs and drug activity, which has absolutely nothing to do with misogyny, much less, white supremacy.

    And as for white supremacy? According to FBI UCR data, in the ballpark of 90% of all murders are intra-racial, not inter-racial. Whatever primarily drives people to murder, it isn’t racism, or its subset of white supremacy.

    • Two thumbs up from this guy, Chip. By throwing in the gun angle, this “author” appears to be suggesting that Conservative [more likely to own a firearm] White [Supremacist] Men [Misogynist] are the #1 problem with our society.

      To your point about DV, though – studies seem to indicate that DV occurs *fairly* equally with perhaps a slight edge to male-initiated DV (possibly due to under-reported female-initiated DV), although the courts and public opinion are clearly tilted.

      • Oh I love being accused of being a white supremacist by proxy. Funny that, being 1/4 indigenous American, 1/16th black, and the rest being a mix of a few highly discriminated against sub-races of European origin must immerse me in a frenzy of self loathing.

        Only, not.

        I consider myself, and all others the same race, human. Don’t care how deeply brown, yellow, or red you are, or how lily white. The bar of your value as a person is determined by you alone by example of action.

        And this shtbag Gustafson is found grossly lacking.

        • must be nice for you to blend in. not possible for black people who are more than 1/16 or whatever nonsense you are talking about

        • No need being butt hurt, and the only nonsense is what fills your sad attempt at a insulting post. Back under your bridge troll.

        • By the way, assholes like you are always the first to discriminate against me. Not black enough indeed.

          Nice hypocrisy you got going on there, bigot.

        • I’ve known two people who were mistreated because they were “not black enough”. One, my ex gf, was born into a multi racial family in Guyana (Portuguese, west African black, Irish, Arawak , etc) She came out lighter than her sisters and she was beaten and muddied called “white duck”. People attack anyone “other”. An unfortunate primitive behavior.

        • @Richard

          Been my experience that those crying racism the hardest, are also at the very head of the line to disparage those of mixed blood, or other races. There’s a better word I am sure than irony as a descriptive.

          Most irritating b.s. excuse ever, is the thinking themselves clever; “I can’t be racist because I’m “X” race” while they themselves being complete and utter fascists. Like Izzy making barely veiled comments like the one above you

          The same I, my cousin, and nieces & nephew’s, who are much more obviously mixed see all the time. It’s true I could pass for occidental if I allowed it, AND stay out of the sun, the Indian skin color pops when I tan. Except that I don’t pussyfoot and tip toe around, both knowing, and being proud of my lineage.

        • One sad surprise for me getting older was the spread of the belief that only whites can be racist. This is some sort of surreal psychosis, and very destructive to society.
          Ask any scientist, humans are grotesquely inbred compared to other species, which frames comparing races kind of absurd.
          On a funny note, I thought it was hysterical when a few white supremist had their dna done and discovered they were not what their Moms told them.
          Maybe some famous non whites would be shocked to find they have some unwanted white blood.

    • “DV is associated with misogyny and/or toxic masculinity”

      Or maybe it’s that couples fight, some violently, and men are bigger and stronger? If those men really hated women, then wouldn’t they couple up with men?

    • What masculinity can’t be toxic without a father involved? Short of that argument “toxic masculinity” is a joke that academia uses to justify their department and seek funding. That range of gang/drug murders as a percentage of total murder is spot on.

    • And no mention of black urban culture being influenced from southern white cracker culture where any perceived slight is seen as a major assault on the “victim’s” personal honor resulting a loss of “respect” by their peers and must be met with disproportionate violence to restore that honor.

    • Yup, the left just LOVE to ignore the big murder elephant in the room…GANGS! And it is the black community that suffers the most, but they only care about them as a voting block for money, power, votes. The left is evil.

  4. “The current gun violence crisis”, oh how does that compare to the previous one? Is she talking about the “mass shootings” which other than bad reporting lumping them together are still statistically rare, or the daily murders and shootings in urban areas, mostly domestic, suicidal, or gang related? Are the perps in Chicago mostly angry white nationalists and misogynists?

    Was Salvador Ramos of ulvade a white nationalist? Maybe Buffalo guy was but it’s pretty difficult to paint separate events by singular individuals with a broad brush. What about the California Muslim couple, Pulse shooting, Las Vegas, Capitol baseball game, Colorado movie theatre, the shootings at the military bases, were these all white nationalists or misogyny?

  5. What a load of BS.

    The primary reasons for our increase in crime, by guns or not, is the poor state of the economy during a seemingly unending pandemic and the prospect of a looming deep recession…all of which which taken together result in a pall of increasing desperation, insecurity and fearfulness.

    Instead, the cited “expert” believes our current strife is the result, indeed, primarily a result, of hatred of women (and as a rejoinder white male supremacy).

    This “doctor” should just shut the “F” up.

  6. You may get too old to cut the mustard, but you can always lick the jar.

    Seriously the experts quoted by Anna Gustafson are far from being experts. They must live far away from the rest of the world and half, no totally, blind and mentally challenged if they can’t see the real causes.

  7. This is what I was just discussing with Cato. The propagandists will blame it on anything except what the real problem is. They include their two favorite positions: because the pandemic and white supremacy. And of course they blame the NY shooting on Republican politicians. Now it’s misogyny. Are women being targeted and shot more than men? What are the stats on that?

    From the article: “We didn’t get the right to vote until relatively recently…”

    When you have to go back in time over 100 years to prove how bad you have it, then maybe you don’t have it so bad.

    “There’s a masculinity epidemic in the United States, and we’re seeing that time and again in these shootings,” said Sarah Prior, a sociology professor…

    Is this why they’re trying to turn boys into girls? What else would you do when being masculine is identified as bad or dangerous?

    *reads Templar’s comment and looks up picture of Anna (the author)* Wait a second. Is Anna trans?

    • Dude,

      Now it’s misogyny. Are women being targeted and shot more than men? What are the stats on that?

      Response from Progressive, “STOP CONFUSING ME WITH THE FACTS!!!”

    • Dude,

      Is Anna trans?

      Friendly suggestion: stop using Progressive language and return to the traditional term which is “cross dresser”.

      • I can understand not wanting to perpetuate their corrupted language, but when I think cross dresser, I think of someone who hasn’t taken opposite sex hormones and/or someone who hasn’t made surgical alterations to look like the opposite sex.

        • Dude,

          Good point on the cross-dressers who resort to hormones and surgery. As is obvious, that goes well beyond mere cross-dressing and the term “cross dresser” is, indeed, inadequate.

          I wish there was a better label for the cross-dressers who invoke hormones and surgery. (The label “transgender” is downright inaccurate and deceptive since hormones and surgeries do not change the status of a human being’s XX and XY chromosomes.)

          Off the top of my head “gender impostors” seems much more descriptive and fitting since it is absolutely impossible for a male to “transition” to a female and vice versa.

        • Trans is also a confusing identifier. I just heard the top of the hour news break on the radio. It mentioned allowing a trans girl to play in girl sports. If they had just said “trans girl,” I would think they’re talking about a girl who is pretending to be a boy (transitioning). It was only the context that let me know that they’re talking about a boy pretending to be a girl (I think?!?). Yet, the straight news (not a pundit) is literally calling a boy, a girl. That’s what needs to end.

        • “My rage won’t fit on a sign”…
          but luckily, my Adams Apple in a small jar fits in my pocket.

        • Also note the reason for his cross-dressing: he was trying to be declared mentally unfit to serve so he could get a Section 8 discharge.

        • alien
          Spot on about mental illness. Facts prove they have higher suicide rates, have trouble copeing with day to day problems, difficulty finding and keeping employment. But it’s not their fault it’s everyone else’s fault.

  8. “……Somehow we gotta find a way to blame this on white people…..

    Sorry Anna…but the real toxic the reason you
    A. Can complain freely without your head rolling across a soccer pitch
    B. Can Choose to be a weird as you want, as long as you don’t demand others do it (getting grey area here) and some Religious nut won’t prosecute you
    C. Can speak any language you want….not german, japanese, russian etc.

    Toxic Masculinity it gave us our freedom

  9. Despite politi­cized claims that this rise was the result of crim­inal justice reform in liberal-lean­ing juris­dic­tions, murders rose roughly equally in cities run by Repub­lic­ans and cities run by Demo­crats. So-called “red” states actu­ally saw some of the highest murder rates of all. This data makes it diffi­cult to pin recent trends on local policy shifts and reveals the basic inac­cur­acy of attempts to politi­cize a prob­lem as complex as crime. Instead, the evid­ence points to broad national causes driv­ing rising crime.

    Unfor­tu­nately, FBI data is too spotty to allow us to draw conclu­sions about the circum­stances lead­ing up to a murder. In nearly half of all cases — a marked increase over recent years, accord­ing to the Coun­cil on Crim­inal Justice — the circum­stances surround­ing a killing were “undeter­mined.”

    The presence of a gun in a domestic violence situation increases the risk of homicide by 500%

    19% of domestic violence involves a weapon.2

    72% of all murder-suicides involve an intimate partner; 94% of the victims of these murder suicides are female.

    • “Washington, D.C. – A new report from the National Center for Public Policy Research finds the Brennan Center for Justice – one of the country’s loudest opponents of voter integrity measures – to have a history of bias-driven research.

      “The report also discloses that the Brennan Center has received millions in funding from George Soros.”

      • I love how they say it’s the Republican run cities driving the crime rates, then you go to the article and they list the top ten violent red states. They cherry pick a couple of red cities that aren’t in the top ten state list and compare them to a cherry picked blue city. Then you look up why those red states are in the top ten and you realize its the…wait for it…Democrat controlled cities within the red states that are the problem. Propaganda…

        • Good catch — typical mis-direction from the leftists.

          Also, as is his practice, the article quoted by our cowardly asshole liar is from 2012.
          Think anything may have changed during the past ten years since?

      • to Klingon
        quote———-“The report also discloses that the Brennan Center has received millions in funding from George Soros.”———-quote

        If Soros funded it then it was an accredited study.

        • *Brennan Center’s Attacks on Heritage Voter Fraud Database Are Baseless*

          “Their report launches personal attacks on conservative members of the President’s Election Integrity Commission, including Heritage’s own election law expert, Hans von Spakovsky. It seeks to paint the Commission as solely focused on ineligible voting as cover for implementing ostensibly discriminatory voter identification laws.

          “This is a tired argument that many on the left have repeated in recent months. In actuality, the Commission is bipartisan, advisory, and has a mission to investigate a broad array of potential deficiencies and vulnerabilities in our electoral system, and to suggest solutions.”

          *Dismantling Self-Government: The Brennan Center’s Election Fraud Offensive*

          “Summary: Named for a Supreme Court Justice whose jurisprudence undermined the Constitution, the Brennan Center at New York University is best known for its attacks on efforts to stop voter fraud. The underlying principle in the work of the center and its judicial namesake is simple: the rule of law should not be allowed to interfere with the liberal agenda. …”

          “By devoting its resources to opposing attempts to fight voter fraud, the Brennan Center for Justice exposes as a charade its assertions that it is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to the promotion of democracy and equal justice for all.”

        • to Klingon

          Since your reading comprehension is low I will phrase it another way.

          Crime rose during the pandemic so your criticizing my using 2012 figures makes no sense since the crime rate is now higher not lower.

        • Klingon

          You are a real joke. The Heritage organization is a Far Right Nut case bunch of lunatics that claim voter fraud all the time while in reality every voter recount during the last presidential election proved that there was no massive voter fraud. It was so minuscule it was statically irrelevant.

        • Asshole, you’re a real piece of work. You post links to unreliable sources and then lie about what your sources say. You make up falsehoods out of whole cloth and then refer back to your lies as facts. When you’re caught in a lie, you ignore it and tell even more lies.

          “Since your reading comprehension is low I will phrase it another way. Crime rose during the pandemic so your criticizing my using 2012 figures makes no sense since the crime rate is now higher not lower.”

          Here’s a perfect example. You stated: “Since crime and homicides rose during the pandemic the figures of 2012 would be much higher not lower…”

          I pointed out that is the diametric opposite of what you were contending. Now you lie and blame me?

          “The Heritage organization is …”

          Not relevant. The three links that I posted explain that your source, the Brennan Center, has been proven unreliable on three separate occasions by three separate organizations.

          “If Soros funded it then it was an accredited study.”

          Funding a study has nothing to do with accreditation. Prove that the Brennan study is accredited — if you can’t, that’s even more proof that you are a liar.

          And you never acknowledged this one: the Cincinnati FIB assailant did not fire his rifle at the FIB building.

          dacian August 15, 2022 At 09:27
          “He also shot up the FBI building in an attempt to enter.”

          You’re a liar. But my previous questions stand:

          Are you stupid? Mentally incompetent? Or just a practiced liar?

        • dacian, the Dunderhead, To what do you attribute the rise in crime during the pandemic and now what is your excuse for today’s crime rate? The pandemic is over according to your Leftist masters.

        • dacian the Dunderhead, Regret to inform you that the Heritage Foundation is an organization for the preservation of the Constitution as WRITTEN. You know that document you love to hate? the Heritage Foundation has shown NUMEROUS cases where people (mostly Leftists) have been arrested

      • to Klingon

        quote———Also, as is his practice, the article quoted by our cowardly asshole liar is from 2012.
        Think anything may have changed during the past ten years since?——-quote

        Again you make a complete fool of yourself. Since crime and homicides rose during the pandemic the figures of 2012 would be much higher not lower but I am sure this is way over your head.

        • “Since crime and homicides rose during the pandemic the figures of 2012 would be much higher not lower but I am sure this is way over your head.”

          From the biased article that you yourself quoted:
          “After years of decline, crime rose during the Covid-19 pandemic, partic­u­larly viol­ent crime.”

          So you’re saying: “Since crime increased in 2020-22, crime in 2012 was higher because there was less crime then.”

          Asshole, that doesn’t make any sense (surprise!).

          “I am sure this is way over your head.”

          Apparently it’s way over yours.

    • Misogyny? Almost all races have men in power and men say they run the show. Muslims all over the world. What they do and have done to innocent women to save face is pure butchery.
      Yes, men are statistically stronger and most work to keep a family going.
      They say they make the rules, but if you take a peek inside of family dynamics, you will see many women are the glue that keeps the family together.
      Misogyny works in arranged marriages, where the woman was a child bride and before was subject to an older father. Men the same age as women who want to act like that don’t like women for whatever reason, but this has nothing to do with race, just males doubting their sexuality.

    • Murders did rise at about the same rate between red and blue cities, but the overall murder rate is much higher in Democrat run cities. Any time you coop people together for a long time, you will have strife – that is human nature. Ignoring the gang and drug related killings in the Democrat cities is not going to make them go away.

    • So you run to Marxist affiliated groups to back your facts, but ignore your brown shirts in the FBI statistics!!!!

      After all the FBI, IE Whitmer plot, are the “GOOD GUYS”!!!!

      The real reason you ignore the FBI statistics is it doesn’t “BACK YOUR BELIEFS”!!!!

    • dacian, the Dunderhead, Don’t you think it is time for you to come up with stats that are real and not made up to fit your agenda?

    • 19% had a weapon,, well cool, least I know I wasn’t the only one. !, , , Just off the wall I’d say 100% of domestic violence involves the use of a weapon?

    • Dacian, why do you hate black people so much? You evil, racist leftists just use blacks as a voting block for money & power. Gangs is the problem…SAY IT you cowardly America hater.

  10. So does this mean screaming girl power with a raised fist while wearing a pink poosey hat and 4 years of Marxist indoctrination at a alphabet soup university doesn’t raise a feminist to the level of Homer Simp?

    • I had to interview one interesting candidate with cotton candy hair and a gender studies degree (not even as useful as a women’s studies a decade ago). Critical thinking was a little shaky but could be worked with and the boxes for underrepresented were checked. On checking the references I realized they lacked the ability or work ethic to make coffee or stock shelves let alone run a cash register. Thankfully a self selection out of state service happened once they figured out they would not get their first paycheck for 4 weeks and several days would not be paid for the first few paychecks (odd union agreements with the state from previous decades). We were at the mid score range of a dumbed down civil service exam so we still have lower scores to interview. I can work with weird but some level of showing up and doing the job is needed.

  11. The really serious root problem in our nation is NOT misogyny, masculinity, anti-Semitism, homophobia, xenophobia, nor white supremacy.

    The far, FAR, FAR more serious root problem in our nation is widespread giant deficits in knowledge and critical thinking along with widespread giant deficits in respect for self, respect for others, and self-restraint.

    • “giant deficits in knowledge and critical thinking…deficits in respect for self, respect for others”

      The propaganda can easily be debunked. The problem is they will just tune you out. They already made up their mind that you’re the enemy. Some reasonable people won’t venture outside of the MSM because they’ve been brainwashed into believing that’s the propaganda.

  12. I started to not comment on this. I’m still not sure it’s worth it.

    All I see here is social media craziness by idiots that can’t deal with reality, never really understanding that the lies they bought into makes them part of the problem they complain about.

    • I agree with the comment thing. After reading this about all I can do is shake my head in disbelief. The people that needed exterminating have long since infiltrated our education system.

  13. I like that it had to be qualified with “white supremacy” because when I think violence and misogyny I’d certainly never think about rap music, thug life, or Will Smith slapping a comedian for joking about his wife cucking him.

    Nope. I think about people like Randy Weaver whose family was blown away by the feds because he lived within fifty miles of some self-proclaimed white supremacists. Yup. People like Randy are the problem.

  14. Liberals: I don’t like guns, so gun control can’t be the problem.

    Conservatives: I don’t like property, so the drug war can’t be the problem.

    Identical illiberal garbage.

        • Long story short, violent gangbangers will transform into legitimate businessmen and benevolent members of society. All you have to do is legalize drugs. As soon as that happens, the gangbangers will pick up a business license and they’ll start paying income tax on their profits. They’ll move from the street corner to brick and mortar. They’ll also start being really nice to their competitors. Stop holding them back!

        • Hold their feet to the fire Eric! How dare they talk about guns without also mentioning drugs every post? How dare they talk about a bad Democrat plan without also talking about a bad Republican plan! The ONLY way this website should be allowed to operate is with a heavy dose of What-A-Bout-Ism. How dare they talk about the topic of the website without dedicating an equal amount of unrelated topics?!?!

          I stand with you Eric o.

    • I don’t like property, so the drug war can’t be the problem.

      ????… As a “Conservative” and a property owner who is not a big fan of illegal drug use I just missed the correlation between property and drug wars. Please expound on your point. Inquiring minds want to know.

      • I can explain this MADDMAXX. There exist gun owners who are not conservative and don’t vote Republican. When they hear about a stupid gun plan from the Left, they are literally incapable of analyzing it by itself. They cannot talk about current politicians without saying “bUt ORanGe mAN bAd!!!!”

        In this specific instance, Eric o lacks the mental capacity to criticize his own side without bringing up what he sees as a problem in the Republican party. “Democrats are bad on guns? Well, have you heard that I don’t like Republican plans on drugs?!?! There, see?”

  15. The best comment on this pseudo academic drivel is the stock picture at the beginning – sad girl with her “rage” sign…looks awfully healthy, well-nourished, wearing stylish corrective lenses, dressed in trendy, well-kept clothing – yup, that’s certainly a picture of oppression there, though I’m sure if she had any Armenian, Jewish, Gypsy or Ukrainian, etc, ancestors they’re spinning in their graves about now…

  16. When will people, especially the small and the weak like women and the elderly, learn that they continue to live only on the sufferance of people bigger and stronger than they? Guns enable those, who would otherwise be helpless, to fight off their would be murderers.

  17. Insults (racist, misogynist, Christian (which I do NOT consider an insult, but most of the Leftist/fascists obviously do), “white supremacist”, “white” (why is my race/ethnicity an insult?), male, etc.) are like alcohol – they only affect you if you accept them. Yes, I am a “white” (whatever that means), male, cis-gender, Christian man. Upper middle class, college (and graduate school) educated, mostly suburban. Gun owner and 2A supporter. Libertarian.

    “They” (the Leftist/fascists) can call me all those things, and even “racist, misogynist, “white supremacist”, which I most emphatically am NOT) . . . and I don’t give an flying fornication. I AM white, Christian, male, cis-gender, etc. – and I am not ashamed of, or sorry about, any of them. I am NOT racist, misogynist, or a “white supremacist”, so someone calling me that is . . . simply deluded, a liar, and/or a propagandist, and I don’t give a shart what they say.

    Unfortunately, while politics and ideology make it convenient to blame all of the nation’s/world’s ills on me and others like me, evidence to support those allegations is . . . thin on the ground, to say the least. “It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” Yep, Will, you nailed that one.

    F*** ’em. I find their impotent Leftist/fascist rants and tears to be a refreshing beverage – I plan to drink a lot of it with my popcorn, come November. Oh, by the way, you can also stop flying, give back your cars, buses, trains, steam engines (and even your wind turbines and solar cells), vaccines, antibiotics, etc., etc., etc. you f***ing ungrateful, spite-filled @$$holes.

    We (white, Christian, cis-gender, males) ain’t perfect, but . . . just f***ing say, “Thank you”, shut up, and walk away.

  18. I think the beyotch misspelled “misandry.” And, please, in the name of all that’s holy, drop the “white supremacist” bvllshIt. I’ve have enough of that left wing racism.

  19. The current epidemic of violence and crime is solely due to Democrat policies that have allowed open borders (no vetting of entrants), defunding police, allowing criminals to roam free without posting bail, not prosecuting criminals for crimes, and setting an extremely bad example by not obeying their own laws and standards of behavior set for others. Add to that them hiring 87,000 IRS agents and arming them with military style equipment and you might as well say the Civil War has officially started in this Country. That action alone is a statement of intent, and I am sure the vast number of American Patriots will fight back.

    • Civil war. I just had a flash of me sneaking past checkpoints by wearing a T shirt that says “F—K the Patriarchy” with blue hair dye and just one giant boob with the pants seat cut out. Certain to pass I enter their lair.
      Oh boy, I may have a fever.

  20. THe relative statistics about shootings, including mass shootings, for just about every Nation on Earth can be accessed by anyone at the click of a mouse because I’ve done it and no matter what you say the USA comes out right at the top of any civilised country and by a very fair margin at that. IT reallynbdoes come to something dom you noit think when the deaths by gun crime in the USA are more than tens times that of the MILITARY for any reason including ALL ‘Military Accidents’ in any year in peacetime. In any year of the lastbfive nthere were MORE civilian deaths due tom GUNCRIME than them combined total of SERVICE deaths in them in Afghanistan and Iraq in 12 years. They are the kind of statistics that REALLY matter not whether or not there are probably less ten such incidents in the whole of Europe in any one year including terrorist related ones.
    The charts are there on WIKI Even in a nation like MONTENEGRO where there is a tradition of almost everyone having at least a BOLT ACTION HUNTING rifle though anything else is not encouraged and to own one one has a good few hoops to jump through [[and they really have been called to defend the Nation]] mass shootings are so rare that when one occurred recently the President called for THREE DAYS of NATIONAL MOURNING

    • Total death from mass shootings such as shopping mall and school shooting, as appalling as those are, and a minuscule fraction of the drug and gang shootings.
      The US gov could outlaw all private guns to the UK level and this would affect the drug shootings not at all, and at best slightly lower overall shootings.
      You simply cannot ignore the sex, age and race huge demographic bias. If guns cause crime then somehow it affects profoundly less female, older, and Asians, whites.
      USA is awash in guns and drugs. Removing guns would solve nothing. Applying strict punishment for drug selling actually would. I personally also believe it necessary to censor violent entertainment to children. They are soaked in bloody horror from the moment their eyes open. This is just wrong.

    • Albert the Fake-Limey, Fake-Military Wanking Poofter,

      Yeah, “statistics” are available online . . . and only idiots like you think that means anything.

      An INTELLIGENT person looks at definitions, methodology, sample size, sample selection, and at least a dozen other factors to evaluate a study, survey, or statistic . . . but you’re too friggin’ stupid to know that.

      Go wank to a picture of your Queen, subject.

  21. “Too many guns an an epidemic of masculinity”
    Oh ho now that’s a funny joke.
    Thank you, I’ll tip the waitress.
    Hope they have you back next week.

    • ho now? HO?

      Well, harumph to you. I’m off to find a fainting couch and some pearls to clutch.

  22. The experts on masculinity happen to be [militant feminist] women.

    Odd, that.

    Seems like Aristophanes, using humor unacceptable in the modern world (because it’s actually funny) explained the problem demonstrated here when he wrote Lysistrata.

  23. If masculinity was a problem then America would have been made extinct after WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and the Gulf Wars. Emasculation, psychological castration, and disrespect is the problem generated by feminists, communists, socialists, and liberals.

  24. Quote from the picture: ” My Rage will not fit on a sign”

    That makes me think that young woman is a danger to society and should be placed under care of a psycho doctor. Aren’t they all psycho?

  25. If I understood the writer correctly, she is saying that male, misogynistic, white supremacists are the main perpetrators of violence against women. Well this goes against most studies that say most violence against women is perpetrated by black males.This kind of makes her conclusions incorrect. But this really is nothing more then a white male bashing anti-gun article. Trying to draw a conclusion between lawful gun ownership and crime is dumb and simplistic. To believe that would mean you also believe that forks and spoons cause obesity

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