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David Chipman squirmed when the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee grilled him for an “assault weapon” definition. The gun control lobbyist nominated by President Joe Biden to become the Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) just couldn’t bring himself to come up with one.

“There’s no way I could define an assault weapon,” Chipman finally said.

Nearly a year after President Biden withdrew Chipman’s nomination, he’s finally found a way. Of course, it was for a webinar hosted by the gun control groups Everytown for Gun Safety and March for Our Lives. The groups hosted a “Firearms 101” session where the former ATF-agent-turned gun control advocate attempted to educate the uninitiated on the evils of certain guns, why they should be strictly regulated and of course how NSSF is keeping gun control from enacting his extreme gun-grabbing agenda.

It was NSSF that worked to block Chipman’s nomination. Putting him in charge of the ATF would have been no better than “hiring a militant vegan to be head chef at a Brazilian steakhouse,” as Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) explained it.

This much is clear. NSSF is living rent free in Chipman’s head.

Fight Club Rules

Just hours before going live with the webinar, Everytown for Gun Safety issued a “Terms of Participation” agreement.

They wanted to talk about gun control. They just didn’t want anyone talking about them talking about gun control. That included not recording “any part of the Event unless Everytown provides express permission…” NSSF couldn’t agree to those terms and didn’t tune in. Luckily, Firearm Policy Coalition live-tweeted the entire thing.

The “terms” included a nondisclosure agreement, a liability release and “Safety and Security” release, indemnifying the Everytown and the other groups. That means no one could hold Everytown responsible for “injury, illness, damages, costs, claims or losses.” Gun control groups didn’t want to be held responsible for the misdeeds, or potentially criminal actions, of remote third parties.

Yet, that’s exactly what they want for the firearm industry when they push for the repeal of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA). That’s the law that prevents frivolous lawsuits for the criminal actions of remote third parties – also known as criminals.

Chipman’s Deep Thoughts

Chipman presented a slide show created when he was working for the Giffords gun control group.

David Chipman Firearms 101
Courtesy Giffords

Using that, he admitted that the vaunted “assault weapon” isn’t the bogeyman gun control groups and politicians make it out to be. He confessed that criminals most often use handguns, without mentioning that those are ill-gotten, either through theft or bought and sold illegally on the black market.

David Chipman Firearms 101
Courtesy Giffords

He then admitted that modern sporting rifles (MSRs), which he refers to as “assault weapons,” are less powerful than the average hunting rifle. However, he also claimed the ATF didn’t use them in raids because they were “considered too powerful.

“Chipman says that hunting rifles can be more lethal than other guns because some animals are bigger than people, but they’re not made to kill a lot of people,” FPC tweeted.

Chipman said that magazines “turn normal guns into killing machines,” FPC tweeted, and that people use the term “clip” because it rhymes better in rap songs.

He also admitted that MSRs and hunting rifles work the same way (that’s the function of a semiautomatic firearm – one trigger pull, one cartridge expended). Chipman cautioned on attempting to ban guns on looks alone, saying they instead should be restricted based on “lethality.

David Chipman Firearms 101
Courtesy Giffords

Later, though, he said firing a MSR without “barrel shrouds” 10 times “without it would melt your hand.” He added that the right to own one should be relative to where an individual lives, claiming that it’s different for someone in Montana versus someone in Chicago. Further, he claims gun rights don’t matter, since gun owners comprise about a third of the national population.

Chipman finally attempted defining “assault weapons,” explaining they are identical to military arms, except for the full-auto function. That’s a pretty big exception. He said rifle rounds leave “explosive-like wound in the body,” but admitted he didn’t ace physics in school.

David Chipman Firearms 101
Courtesy Giffords

He still advocates that MSRs should be regulated under the 1934 National Firearms Act, the same way the ATF regulates automatic firearms, short-barrel rifles and shotguns and suppressors. That’s because Chipman believes MSRs, which he already explained are less powerful than most other hunting rifles, are more lethal than a “Thompson machine gun.”

David Chipman Firearms 101
Courtesy Giffords

Suppressors, according to Chipman, are something only “Seal Team Six would use.” That’s not what the data shows, though.

The device that’s simply a muffler for a gun to reduce the firearm’s report to a level that doesn’t cause instant and permanent hearing loss is becoming more common. The American Suppressor Association reported that 2,664,775 suppressors were privately-owned as of September 2021. They’re legal for possession in 42 states and legal for hunting in 41 states.

 So, No Christmas Card?

Chipman then took a few moments to direct his anger at NSSF. As it turns out, he’s a little bitter that NSSF kept him from his dream job of running the ATF. Forget the fact he was woefully unqualified, a partisan hack, or an anti-gun activist bent on destroying a Constitutionally-protected industry. He said NSSF is “the most powerful lobby today,” and “they spent a lot of money to block his nomination.

NSSF spent some money, but not a lot.

He claimed “he was told by a moderate senator that he wasn’t confirmed because the gun industry didn’t endorse him.

Giffords David Chipman ATF
David Chipman (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

FPC noted in their tweet stream that NSSF didn’t endorse ATF Director Steven Dettelbach either. That part is true. NSSF didn’t endorse or oppose Director Dettelbach’s nomination. NSSF noted concerns with Director Dettelbach’s previous positions on gun control. In fact, NSSF has never opposed an ATF Director nomination that cleared the Senate Judiciary Committee, including B. Todd Jones.

It was different with Chipman. It wasn’t a matter of endorsement. NSSF outright opposed him. His “Firearms 101” webinar proves, once again, it was the right call.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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  1. Love that “melt yer hand” diatribe! Yeah my forend did get pretty hot on my AR. So I replaced it with one that didn’t. Duh. What a maroon🤑😎🙄

      • tjat’s what the words he used said.There is a valid reason no long guns have naked barrels. Old style ones have a thick wooden (more modernones use plastics) forestock that supports the barrel such that the rifleman cannot burn his hand holding the forend up to get sight alignment.

        And to think Pugliugly get her knickers all in a big twist when a gun is fitted with a lightweight larger diameter hollow perforated forend shield. What a maroon……..
        shoulder thing that goes up, indeed. Those gadgets are SO stinking lethal. You could put one on a stock Daisey BB Gun and go out and mow down an YUUUGE crowd in seconds… oh my. The terror…….

    • And I thought that was supposed to be the NRA.

      There sure are an awful lot of Demorat campaign ads that will have to be re-written.

  2. Wow, a pistol that can blow your lungs out followed by a rifle that can melt your hand…imagine what they’re going to say when we finally get a “phased plasma rifle in the 40-watt range”!

  3. “Chipman cautioned on attempting to ban guns on looks alone, saying they instead should be restricted based on ‘lethality.’”

    So — all of them.

    • Yup. I’ve spoken to lots of people who support banning “assault rifles”. They start by telling me that I’m paranoid for thinking that gun controllers are immediately going to try to ban other guns. Especially old WWII guns. Then I prove to them that a pistol grip, telescoping stock, and muzzle brake doesn’t make an AR any more dangerous than a Mini 14 or an M1 Carbine and they all say we should ban the Mini 14 and M1 Carbine too.

      The problem isn’t that these anti gunner types don’t KNOW what they’re talking about. It’s WHY they don’t know. They don’t know because they’ve decided “assault weapons” are immoral. Once you base something on morality, facts don’t matter. They don’t WANT to know. Questions they ask aren’t designed for them to learn. They’re entirely rhetorical. Designed purely to lord their supposed moral superiority over others.

      Once they ban the guns they want to ban, they’ll move on to banning anything they can convince people is just as bad. There is no care for facts or truth or reality.

      • Anyone else wonder what percentage of this sort of “thinker” also supports the whole “genderfluidity” insanity imposing itself (with LOTS of librul “help” on our schoolchildren? And they want to talk about what is “moral”?
        People sitting up at night in their own home get busted into and all shot and killed by the local “boiz” from da hood, BECAUSE they had nothing with which to defend themselves… and they wanna tawk bout MORAL????

      • Nonsense.

        They are going after assault weapons because their lies can convince people that it’s ok to ban those. They’re scary looking, so it gives Marxists a reason to ban them.

        Once black rifles are gone, then it will be semis. Then handguns. Then rifles (lethality). Then shotguns.

        They will have achieved a complete gun ban, with all the guns in the hands of the government.

  4. chipmonkey is one sick in the head ratbassturd. The kind of ratbassturd who should never be allowed to be in LE. Perhaps if such democRats are convinced their oderous democRat insanity contributes to climate change they’ll self destruct.

    • I beg to differ, LE is an obvious career choice for the likes of him. Never armed, of course, we shouldn’t force him to violate his beliefs, but he’d be a good choice for the guy with the battering ram who is first through the door.

      • good choice for the guy with the battering ram who is first through the door.

        Unfortunately guys like him are NEVER the guy with the battering ram, that job is always relegated to that “toxic masculinity” guy with the higher levels of testosterone.

  5. Their ideas are always so popular with the American people yet they always hide them and attack anyone who mentions them and flat out deny them when asked about them. Funny that.

    • What are you talking about? We aren’t teaching Critical Race Theory to children, but here’s why it’s great that we’re teaching Critical Race Theory to children.

  6. Enjoyed the one about MSRs being more deadly than a Thompson submachine gun, because Valentine’s Day massacre vs a high school mass shooting. Totally the same scenario of course, and simply bringing up the difference in death toll proves that a Tommy with a drum couldn’t possibly kill 17 people. /sarc

    Typical anti-gun/liberal logic.

  7. the tweet from “Toriel1one1
    @toriel1one1 Aug 16

    that says of the forward assist on an MSR…

    “What the gun lobby doesn’t want you to know about these “semi automatic” rifles is this conveniently overlooked part called the forward assist. Holding it while firing will make it cycle faster and be indistinguishable from a automatic”

    His information says he is …

    Former Army 88M, 6 years, corporal. Furry. Gay. Prepper. Expect politics and be careful looking through my likes some are NSFW. 24.”

    Well, Toriel1one1, no… Holding the forward assist down on an MSR while firing does not “make it cycle faster and be indistinguishable from a automatic”, and that is a fact and not the fairy tale myth you spout now.

    I love these fairy tales.


    • @toriesomethingorother
      Man, a new giggle switch that even Stoner didn’t know about! Impressive discovery there, furry gay prepper. Or maybe he told only a select few, and the knowledge was passed down to you, along with the mushroom recipe…

      Reinforces my suspicion that repeated exposure to social media can melt your brain. I mean, some of the loons that post here are bad enough…

        • Oddly 88M has a higher line score requirement than a parachute rigger. Glad I didn’t know that back in the day.

        • Rigging is boring is why. Sewing and folding laundry is a big part of the job, on the civvie side at least.

  8. “There’s no way I could define an assault weapon,” Chipman finally said.

    The next OBVIOUS question SHOULD have been “then HOW the hell can you BAN them?” Apparently, that is a bridge too far.

    • PLEEEEZE read the rulebook again? There IS no space for logic in any of this. Yuo shall be banished to the nether regions of the backside of some desert if you persist in promoting “logic”.

      (off/sarc, for the thick-headed)

      • banished to the nether regions of the backside of some desert if you persist in promoting “logic”.

        That might be preferable to what’s coming here if Braindead and the Minions are not bounced at the 1st available opportunity.

    • Easy enough, they want carte blanche to fill in the blanks later on what an ‘assault weapon’ is, as a catchall so they can then get anyone, for anything their black hearts desire at the time.

      Fuck them, and FJB too.

  9. Why are they “Sawed-off Shotguns” but “Short-barreled Rifles?” Is it because “sawed-off shotgun” sounds scarier than “short-barreled shotgun?”

    • Probably from a movie or other media portrayal in the past as any legal term I have seen was short barrel(ed) shotgun.

    • Scott,


      Any other questions? The anti-gun zealots are really big on two things: ignorance and lies. Their ignorance is obvious, and near-total. Their lies change with their narrative, but lately are focused around “defintions” (or moe accurately, LACK of definitions). A short-barreled shotgun is a “sawed-off shotgun” precisely because it sounds scary. Likewise, an AR-15 is now an “assault weapon” because . . . it sounds scary. A TOTALLY STANDARD 30-round magazine is now a “high-capacity” magazine because . . . it sounds scary. A puny 5.56 semi-auto is now a “high-powered rifle” rather than a varmint gun, because . . . it sounds scary. A simple 9mm handgun will “blow your lungs out” because . . . it sounds scary.

      Not a word of it is true, but . . . it sounds scary. You’ve pretty much sussed it out.

      • line up all the pieholes emitting such truck, and one will easily perceive some commonalities amongst those lined up.

        I sometimes with I had firearms like the ones they describe. I’d feel a whole lot more secure as the burner gets turned up another notch every so often.

    • Maybe because you can purchase a commercially manufactured “short” barrel for a rifle, but no one makes a shogun with an 8/12 inch barrel (mine is 12 a gauge double barrel cut “sawed off” down to 8 inches). Gives “scattergun” a whole new meaning…

      • Well, that’s just plain wrong. You can buy a number of commercially manufactured short-barreled shotguns on a Form 4. Remington makes a beauty 14″ version of the 870, etc.

        • The majority of those “home defense” shotguns (not sawed-offs) are technically shot Pistols that cannot be shoulder fired, but yeah, I concede your point and stand corrected. A “sawed off” is a shotgun that has been shortened by “sawing” off the barrels and IS a real thing. Could happen but I’ve never seen anyone saw off a rifle barrel.

        • MADDMAXX, Bonnie and Clyde cut the barrels and stocks from BARs to make them more handy.

        • Bonnie and Clyde cut the barrels and stocks from BAR

          I knew some SMART ASS would go there, however I’m only 73 and thus not alive to witness their heinous acts of blasphemy. YOU?

      • Let’s be nice, here, the tax stamp for a “short barreled rifle” vs the stamp for a “short barreled shotgun” (neither mentions “sawed-off”) look very similar, but if I recall correctly the tax for the shotgun is $5, as opposed to $200 for the rifle.

        • Short-Barreled Shotgun (SBS): “Shotguns having a barrel or barrels of less than 18 inches in length.” SBSs require a $200 NFA tax stamp and special paperwork and approval to transfer. Weapon Made from a Shotgun: “Overall length of less than 26 inches or a barrel or barrels of less than 18 inches in length.

        • Madd is correct. An SBS transfers for $200 on a Form 4 or gets made for $200 on a Form 1. You’re thinking of an AOW, which transfers on a Form 4 for $5, but still costs $200 if you make one on a Form 1. How’s that for silly?

          BTW, here’s my factory 870 SBS, a police trade-in:

      • sounds like you have a matched pair of zone busters theree….. as long as the turkeys are within ten yards or so, their goose will be fully cooked with one yank on the bangswitch.

        • CQC only… meant to be used as a room “sweeper” it will take out the trash with slightly oval shaped barrels to “encourage” a wider pattern at a shorter range.

  10. Well if his current gig doesn’t pan out he can try his hand at crafting fun control laws here in NY. May improve them to only being capriciously incoherent.


  12. I still think that Colion Noir should have come out and said he’s a woman, just for a few months. A black trans woman lawyer? Biden couldn’t resist giving him the nomination. All he’d have had to do was burn the ATF to the ground, and declare he was deconverting on the way out.

    • He’s offar better stock than to compromise his integrity like that. He’s the real deal. No question he’d be a most excellent chief for that sorry state of a government bureau. In six months the gang would hardly be recognisable.

  13. In every picture I see of Chipman he either has his mouth open for loud speech or showing all his front teeth in a snarl. I BELIEVE HE IS A MOUTH BREATHING BULLY who was thankfully kept out of that office.

  14. In every picture I see of Chipman

    Speaking of “pictures” I saw a side by side shot of Gerald Nadler and his opponent Carolyn Maloney in NY, THOSE two look like extras from the Walking Dead, no actually HE looks like something from the Walking Dead, SHE looks like Gollum from The Hobbit series or maybe one of the White Walkers from Game of Thrones… No wonder there is so much anger and animosity over the new younger more attractive members of the House and Senate (well maybe not so much in the Senate).

  15. Let’s be nice and compare the tax stamps for a “short barreled rifle” and a “short barreled shotgun” (neither one says “sawed-off”) look almost the same, but if I remember right, the tax for the shotgun is $5 and the tax for the rifle is $200. backrooms game


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