Prince Harry
(AP Photo/Matt Dunham, Pool, File)
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Britain’s Prince Harry chose to marry a dyed in the wool social justice warrior in actress Meghan Markle. After their marriage and the birth of their first child, she convinced him to relinquish his life as a royal. Now with the couple in Los Angeles, it looks like he’ll be giving up hunting and shooting as well.

Markle, the divorcee, B-list actress and now Duchess of Sussex, has managed to alienate the Prince from Queen Elizabeth. So much so that the Queen forbade Meghan and Harry from using the “Sussex Royals” trade name they’d planned to commercialize.

(AP Photo/Matt Dunham)

After the Megxit blowup, Meghan also famously said she would never move back to America so long as President Donald Trump lived in the White House. Yet just a few weeks later, what do you know? The two now reside in L.A.

Incredibly, they expected the US government to foot the bill for their security detail. President Trump, however, quashed that talk.

Her desire for armed bodyguards highlights her epic hypocrisy. Markle opposes guns and hunting, but she wants armed good guys as her bodyguards. How typical.

Now, though, she wants the Prince to give up two things he loves; hunting and shooting.

Prince Harry serving in Afghanistan with one of those icky guns. (AP Photo/John Stillwell, pool)

From Yahoo News:

Prince Harry will probably stop hunting and shooting because his wife Meghan doesn’t like it, according to wildlife expert Jane Goodall.

Dr Goodall, 86, said the prince and his brother William were champions of the natural world, but indicated the Duchess of Sussex’s views could have more impact on Harry as they settle into life in Los Angeles.

Talking about the royals’ work in supporting the natural world, Dr Goodall said: “Yes, except they hunt and shoot. But I think Harry will stop because Meghan doesn’t like hunting, so I suspect that is over for him.”

Give up hunting and shooting because of his wife’s radical views? Did he surrender his testicles, too?

Poor Harry. He’s going to be a miserable bloke all the rest of his days. At least until his children get out of high school.


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    • Good God. I previously respects the guy for his military service & independence from the family business, but talk about a cuck.
      I bet he’ll be divorced inside 10 years.

    • Exactly what I was going to say. He’s a Mama’s boy. He was brought up by Diana who altho everybody was fascinated by her was a complete mess.

      And Meghan is a mirror image. I expect in a year or two when things don’t go her way, we’ll be hearing about affairs and fights. Then soon a Divorce.

      He deserves it for being such a pussy. Some guys are like that. They find that one gal that fills that MAMA spot in their head and they’re screwed if she’s smart enough to take advantage.

      He’ll learn soon enough just like the rest of us.

      • He could have done a lot better than this bitch, who will suck him into the liberal Hollywood culture that she came from.

        • Little wimp Harry was already part of the Liberal culture. He was extremely buddy buddy with the Kenyan and his husband Big Mike. Ms reverse Oreo Markle is a gold digger and she got exactly what she wanted, her face in the media 24-7 and hooks deep into an extremely wealthy family, pity is that everyone in the U.S. knew who and what she is, so she had to look elsewhere for her meal ticket. Once she set her devious sights on dumb Harry, the rest was easy…why do you think she got knocked up so fast…to make sure dumb Harry had no way out way before anyone else could talk some sense to him about her non-sense…

      • I agree Divorce in the near future. The reason she spread so quickly was to cement herself to over take the crown, but it did not work. She has no grace or beauty inside or out. Her self induced gratitude is only from herself to herself.Too bad she did not marry a mafisio she would be in cement herself permanently.. Now she can expect child support without English support, only from an average guys wage. She thought Queen Elizabeth would be dumb enough to give up. Her status on Suits did NOT excite anyone but her. She still thinks she is grade A but actually if there were a grade D she would be there. Remember D also stands for dumb.

    • She must REALLY be good in the bedroom for him to give up what is essentially…. him.

      Might as well change his last name from Windsor to Markle

      • C’mon. We’ve all seen a friend or acquaintance get married and then stop doing all the things the guy did and loved to do before.

        And you usually can chalk that marriage off as destined for divorce and most guys won’t abide a cage or collar for long.

        • The guy always hopes the woman he married will never change…..she always does.
          The woman is sure she can change the man…..her little project to improve the world.

    • She’s having a Gucci leash made for him. And his balls are in her handbag for safekeeping.

  1. >>Did he surrender his testicles, too?

    I assume that this was asked rhetorically, as the answer is both obvious and undeniable.

    His new title could / should be: The Duke of Cucksex

    • Because it’s funny to poke fun at obsolete snobs who are more inbred than a West Virginia trailer park?

      • Its a bit sad IMO, guy had no chance for throne, always in the cameras eye, having to do events. Now, different country and Can’t “hunt or shoot” added to the list.

        The British love their queens and kings, never could figure out why..

        • Wait ’till he learns how easy it is to make the big bucks!! When all you know how to do is hunt, shoot, and be worshipped, and 2 of those, hell, all 3 of those are now off-limits.

    • “For no matter how silly the idea of a Queen is to us, we must be courteous and gracious hosts.”

  2. What, you don’t want to highlight the hypocrisy of an English royal who enjoys the shooting sports while the subjects find it all but impossible to participate themselves?

    • Correct. The citizens stupidly gave THEIR firearms to the government, which had no ownership claim. They need to re-arm like the criminals.

      • @David American citizens gave up family heirloom weapons to send to the Brits so they could protect themselves from the Nazis. Not one of those weapons were returned to their owners, but collected and destroyed. The Brits have no honor, only ego. The next time the Germans want to take over Europe, maybe we should just ignore it.

        • I read an article years ago in The American Rifleman (I think) by a guy who lent a rifle to the British cause in WWII and got it back after the war. As I recall, he had a brass plate with his name on it embedded in the stock, before he sent the rifle over there. Maybe the Brits destroyed the rest, because they did not know where, or who, to send them back to.

  3. Poor Harry the Horny. One day he’s going to wake up and wonder what he was thinking. Just like his great-granduncle Edward VIII, who gave up his throne for a skank.

    • We are all lucky Edward chose love over a paper throne. He was a Nazi sympathizer. Churchill had him appointed Governor of Bermuda to make sure he was out of the UK if the Homeland fell.

      By all reports Edward was never given reason to regret his choice.

      • Of course Edward was a Nazi sympathizer. Edward was as direct descendant of the German House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. It would have been hard for Edward to be more German than that.

        The House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha only became the House of Windsor in 1917 by proclamation when Britain was at war with Germany and the royal family didn’t want to look bad. When he heard about the name change, Kaiser Wilhelm II joked that he planned to see “The Merry Wives of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.”

        Around the same time, the English Battenbergs, who were Hessians, changed their names to Mountbatten, for the same reason. But you still can’t buy Mountbatten Lace.

    • And they expect women to never change.
      “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”. Get the book. All your questions will be answered.
      (Summary: It’s been that way for 2,000+ years. Work around it.)

      • My first marriage only lasted 10 years. My second ones is on its 23rd year. So I must doing that work around pretty well.

        • @Chris T in KY:
          My first marriage is starting its 54th year. “So I must (be) doing that work around pretty well.” And, yeah, I’m bragging.

  4. TTAG going tabloid? What about the Harry Styles and Zayn Malik? This article didn’t say anything about the hottest new British couples!

    • If (the other) Harry and Zayn have a gun-related story, we’ll probably read about it. Nothing out of place about this story’s inclusion here.

  5. She’s attractive, but Harry could have anyone he wanted, realistically. She must be killer in the sack.

    Either that, or she has some serious dirt she learned during her time as a yacht girl.

  6. She’s cute but I wouldn’t give up ANYTHING for her. My guns would be a big fat forget it. You have to draw the line otherwise there’s a new line popping up all the time.

  7. Well, maybe some day she’ll let him have his tentacles back, but it going to cost him lots of $$$ to be rid of the little gold-digging liberal wackjob skank. But considering who his mom and dad are, i’m not surprised.

    • Given that she’s a working actress (or was), and the only actual salary Harry ever drew was his military pay, maybe he could sue her for support. Now THAT would be an epic example of gender equality biting someone in the ass – an actress sending a check to a member of British royalty!

  8. I read, that after Trump said the U.S. won’t pay for their security team, she said something like: “Well! We didn’t ask for it”. Real class act.
    I think Harry will miss his sports. He already misses his old buddies.
    She said they wouldn’t live here until Trump was out of office. Typical Hollywood. Did any of them move to Canada in 2016?
    Deja vu all over again.

  9. Out of all the young, intelligent, attractive, cultured, non-obnoxious women who would have beaten a path to his door, he chose a nearly middle aged, stupid, ugly, trashy shrew of a woman for…what reason, exactly?? Oh well, not my problem!! Have fun, buddy!

  10. Really? This is what passes for an article now? A commentary on a news article about a comment made about someone vaguely famous about what they THINK might happen, and the headline calls it established fact?

    Jesus christ, you can do better than this. Nobody wants or needs this tabloid-esque bullshit.

  11. Who cares. We stopped caring about the royals in 1776. After whipping their asses in the revolution & 1812, also bailed them out of 2 world wars. Still…Why should we care about a bunch of rich inbreds?

    • No, they whupped our ass in the War of 1812. Ever hear of the burning of Washington and the complete destruction of our overseas commerce. We won two battles. Plattsburg, which the Brits would have won had they pushed on and New Orleans after the War was over. Outside of a few naval engagements they kicked out butts. The only winners were the Canadians.

      • Strategically though, it was a solid defeat for the British. Sort of in a Vietnam-esque way. It is true that for the most part, the British stomped US forces in the ground for much of that war, however the war forced Britain to totally redefine its strategy for North America. After the revolution, the British were very much in a policy of containment towards the US on the continent. The goal was to prevent American expansion into the west, Canada, and the Caribbean, and to keep the US a marginalized backwater. After the war Britain abandoned all of that and refocused on only defending Canada, basically forfeiting the continent to the US. After the war of 1812 Britain would never again hold the power it once did on the continent. The victory at New Orleans was actually a factor in that change of strategy.

        • Determining the winner of the War of 1812 is not an easy task. The US declared war on Britain and the capture of Canada became one of the American goals. Although they outnumbered the British, Canadians and Natives defending Canada, they failed after a series of invasions in 1812, 1813 and 1814. The main British war aim was the defeat of Napoleon in a world war and the defence of British North America. Both goals were achieved.

    • 1812???????….better brush up on your history…we got the worst of that one….did get an eventual national anthem out of it, though…even if the tune it was set to glorified a dead prostitute….

  12. Never change who you are and what you do for anyone other than yourself. Especially not for a woman. Surefire guaranteed way to sew resentment in the relationship and eventually destroy it.

    • The more I hear about other people’s wives and ex wives the more I consider my problems and complaints minor and insignificant. Thank you for the free marriage counseling 😉

  13. I wonder if she’s planning to have them welded together into art display like Sean Penn’s guns. She could call it Harry’s Balls.

  14. Gave up life in England for life in California, ???? What a marooon.
    He was probably a cherry.

    • No. He was quite the hound. A first-rate alpha player. But it helps that you’ve got “Prince” in front of your name.

  15. Ok, wait a sec. I’m a little behind the curve on the law when it comes to noncitizens owning and using guns, especially in commifornia. Is it really saying a whole lot about giving up guns and hunting? Now i know he is “special” and all that so it’s all a moot point…. but what about all the other pissant noncitizens?

    • Legal resident aliens and foreign nationals can indeed own guns and hunt in the US. Not sure about Kommiefornia’s specific laws, but if he were in PA I could direct to an FFL who is well versed in selling guns to non citizens and which restrictions apply to them based on their particular classification.

      • He (they both) forfeited all Royal titles (and privileges held) as a condition of their Royal ‘exit’…

  16. Oh how times have changed. One hundred ninety years ago his family probably sold her family.

    • I think that might be called … irony.
      Your comment though may start some flames.
      I’ll sit here and watch.

  17. He cannot go shooting anyway. He would have to take a class to get a hunting license. I doubt that California has reciprocity with England when it comes to hunting licenses. Besides that he would be driven out of the Los Angeles Westside by all of Fake Communists who live there if he went hunting, and she would not be able to hang out with Oprah anymore.

  18. Legal immigrants, with the right paper work can obtain permission to own firearms and hunt in the United States. That discussion is a non starter. I am sure he does not worry about security, he has an armed security detail constantly around him.

  19. not that we all have to like these folks but does it do any good to say debasing and vulgar comments, esp. regarding the female in question? Kinda supports the mentality of gun owners and 2a peeps being a bunch of trigger happy rednecks and misogynistic idiots that have two teeth and marry their cousins.

    • Really? And how do you suppose she landed her “acting” jobs, and what did she do to keep them? Heard of Harvey Weinstein? Betcha she has!

  20. Not surprisingly Harry has No balls,Damned it’s fortunate we tossed king George out of this country.

  21. Fortunately for Harry, he’s in LA where the average marriage lasts about 8 months. Not only that, but there’s plenty of other, ahem “eligible young ladies,” to make into duchesses.

      • CA girls don’t know nuthin’ about those Royal Rules, he’ll be bangin’ the babes in a princely way in no time.

  22. I guess this wife believes that Royal money grows on trees? Because she has not checked on the price of an armed security detail for 365 days 24/7.

    The first assassination or kidnapping attempt might change her mind. Or perhaps just being accosted by total strangers on a weekly or daily basis.

    • FYI
      Back in the 1970s there was a kidnapping attempt against the Royal Family. The target was The Queen’s sister Princess Margaret. Her motorcade was attacked by several IRA terrorists. The gunfight lasted for quite a while. Of course this is back in the days before cell phones and instant communication. So her guards were on their own with whatever weapons and ammunition they carried.

      • That event was the basis of Tom Clancy’s character of ‘Jack Ryan’ in the movie ‘Patriot Games’, where an American tourist in London foils an attack on a Royal couple…

        • I read the book first. It was great!! I saw the film. As usual the book was better than the movie.

  23. Umm . . . if I’m gonna be p****-whipped, it will be for something a WHOLE lot better than that skank.

    • Someone had told me that “she” could SUX start her ex husbands Hardly. A Basketball thru a garden hose and has hummed “God save the Queen” with warm water , and Tasbasco sauce in her Mouth on her Knees! What a Picture!

  24. When he walks in on the gardener getting a nut in his own bed he’ll realize the mistakes he made.

  25. That picture of him holding a rifle Must have been a photo op opportunity (having never picked up a scoped rifle). Either that or that scope has terrible eye relief. Worse yet, looks like a red dot sight which should be parallax free. Guess he must like scope bite

  26. Harry and Meghan didn’t move to America, they moved to the People’s Republic of Comifornia….soon to be Venezufornia.

  27. She already convinced him to wreck his family, at this point “in for a penny, in for a pound.”

    • Wrecked?!? I betcha Uncle Andrew is quite happy Meagan took the heat off his pedophile azz. Or Harry’s adulterer “dad”. Or gramps…inbred Royals can’t be “wrecked”😃😎😏

  28. Never give up an interest for a girl! If they love you for who you are, and not some fantasy ideal, then they will understand.


    Seriously, no kidding around, why is TTAG putting up a Celebrity/British Royals gossip rag piece? What’s next, the Kardashians?

    This should not be here and John Boch deserves to be spanked on his bare ass by one of Jane Goodalls’s trained chimps!

    Oh, wait, you wouldn’t happen to know what shade of lipstick Caitlyn Marie Jenner (the previously William Bruce Jenner) is wearing these days would you? I’m thinking my pet pot bellied pig could use a touch of spiffing up…

  30. Well I certainly hope that works as well for him as it did for Sean Penn.

  31. If John Boch is going to be posting celebrity news crap to TTAG, he should be banned from TTAG for a while.

    Also, he should be required to wear Caitlyn Jenner’s delicate undies for a few days.

  32. She has made him a happy man and got him the heck away from that royal family.

    Making her happy is part of the bargain. More power to them.

  33. Some of the girls he dated in the past, and he chose her?

    When he comes to his senses, I give it six months on the outside.

  34. 1. Don’t give a shit about celebs.
    2. The British press wants blood, because it sells. So they pick which “royal” to hate on and demonize.
    3. They make shit up, constantly. The British press, and the self proclaimed friends who rat on people for fun, profit and a sense of power.

    It’s all bullshit.

    But hey, it’s bullshit smeared all over The Truth About Guns, so that makes it topical don’t it!?!?

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  36. What an absolutely bitch, that one! The wife is a total piece of shit too!

    Fun fact: Women are only as shitty as men allow them to be. Women are also like fish; there plenty of them in the sea, and they’ll only take up as much space as you allow them. If you must have a women, then keep the pimp hand strong, and keep the aquarium small.

  37. It is firearms related, another celebrity couple is against guns but want’s someone to provide them with armed security. hypocrisy at it’s worst. These people do not want the serfs to have guns but want gun toting security.

  38. She Aint that hot……maybe if she was a 999 trillion on a 1-10 scale…maybe…but, naw…i would be taking lots of work trips to hunt…i mean business trips…

    • Too complicated. But wait till you see the maid I hire to take care of the spare bedrooms!

  39. The main theme of this article is based on speculation from an outsider and only rests on the fact that the prince is Pu$$y whipped. Lets not forget that the prince’s alien status and CA’s restrictive gun laws work in conjunction with his mental castration!

    • He can legally own and posess firearms if he carries a green card. California has no say in that. That is a Federal law

  40. I wish people would stop calling this woman famous. She couldn’t buy a job in the US, no one would hire her for anything. So she called them all racists and moved to Canada. She was on a single TV show in Canada for a few years and wasn’t that good of an actress on that. She managed to parlay that into a meet and greet with Harry just for the up grade and the money. Since the money and the name have dried up I’ll bet this doesn’t last 5 yrs. Harry isn’t able to be anything other than a royal, he never graduated from college, they took his honorary military honors from him over his treatment of the Queen, he has never worked a day in his life and he doesn’t know how to do anything. Maybe he learned how to fly a helicopter, but I’m real sure about that. Anyway, he couldn’t make enough money doing it to live off of himself, much less feed her spending habits.

  41. He needs to trade in his SKIRT, GROW a couple and put the PANTS back on and be the MAN of the HOUSE! . . . What a DISGRACE. One Observant and DISGUSTED Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  42. Harry is the only one that didn’t see that act played before. She must give the best bj.

  43. This fellow was always weird, just kept in line until he finished the military. He deserves every abuse he gets…he worked hard to get it. This bird is not only out of step, he is in a different parade! I have no sympathy or respect for him.

  44. He didn’t surprise me when he married Ms.Trash…. I never thought much of him and his antics….. very un-royal of him…… he’s been a disappointment for many years….

  45. Harry let this black woman destroy the royal family. What a sorry no ball moron. Who really cares about these two idiots. They both are a disgrace to their country and the world.

  46. If they want any more kids they’ll have to use IVF since she’s already cut poor Harry’s balls off.

  47. The former Macho SS Stone trooper Harry, is nothing but, a chihuahua puppet in the hands of tinsel town murky meg.

  48. She is ‘a hillary’. ‘Don’t let your man outta the house! Keep your thing where I can see it.’
    She and hilly are both obsessed with the Trumpster. Very insecure women. I don’t blame Harry. I just thought that he was better educated about the world. Love your child Harry.

  49. Honestly, everyone. Please stop hammering Harry and Meghan with so many nasty comments. I know that debate, concerning our second amendment, brings out a great deal of passion on both sides but as they have decided to make the United States their home it would be good and kind of us to give them some room to stretch and let Harry get accustomed to our country, our laws, and differences of opinion, which, if given time, he may accept points of view that he currently may not. I think Harry is simply doing what a good husband and father should do. That is to publicly support his wife even though some of their views may differ on certain issues. That’s the mark of a good man and soldier. I am a fervent supporter of the second amendment and our military that keeps us free at great personal expense to our soldiers. As a member of the ATA (American Trapshooting Association) I would like to extend an invitation to Harry and Meghan to attend and participate in the Grand National Trapshooting Championships in Sparta Illinois (August 5 thru 15) this year. I think this would give Harry and Meghan a personal and immersive experience with an important part of America that is not about violence but about tradition, competition, respect and reverence for rights that proudly apply to all citizens of the United States of America.

  50. Jeez – this story comes from some 86 year old Dr. Goodall from an article in Yahoo that has this: “Talking about the royals’ work in supporting the natural world, Dr Goodall said: “Yes, except they hunt and shoot. But I think Harry will stop because Meghan doesn’t like hunting, so I suspect that is over for him.””

    Unless these words come out of Harry’s mouth himself – I’d chalk everything up as being the normal as-seen-on-Facebook #fakenews.

    Am surprised this even made it to this website regarding “the truth” SMH

  51. Before my wife and I got married, we discussed “terms of surrender”. Long story short, I agreed to cut down on my drinking (alcohol) and she agreed not to interfere with my hunting time. So far, mostly good. I guess Harry was just too young.

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