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“After more than a decade of struggling in Nashville, Price, 34, has emerged as a rare liberal voice in, blasting Trump, the FCC and the country stars who stayed silent on the issue of gun control after the Route 91 Harvest festival mass shooting in Vegas. Price felt she had to speak up on that issue – her dad would frequently bring home food he’d hunted. ‘There’s something beautiful about that,’ she says. ‘But we didn’t have high-powered machine guns when this all started.'” – Margo Price on Feminism, Gun Control, Nashville Hypocrisy and Trump [via]

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  1. ‘But we didn’t have high-powered machine guns when this all started.’

    Sure we did. You just didn’t know about it; and turns out, like the Men in Black say, you were happier about not knowing. But ignorance or denial of reality doesn’t change anything.

    • “Machine guns” without dealing with NFA paperwork has not been a thing until the bumpsocks came out a few years ago. I know a bumpstock is not technically a “Machine gun”, but allows for a rate of fire that is damn close. Also you can actually aim with one (unlike traditional bump firing). Anyone who says that they are inaccurate is lying, he managed to hit 420 people. So no issues keeping it on target at 500 yards.
      Given what was accomplished with a AR15 and a bumpstock, the prospect of opening up the machine gun registry scares me and I will explain why. A M60 is a$8000 gun or if you have the money (and he did) a M240 is $15000. If he had one of them, my best guess is the death rate would have been 500-1000 people. There is NO way to defend a crowd against a light machine gun firing from a 30 story window 500 yards away. They could not do it in Vegas. We ended up with the NFA (and almost lost handguns to it) when you had guys running around with BARs and Tommy Guns. How bad so you think the 2nd amendment would have been gutted if he had some better hardware on hand.

      • Binder,
        The LV murderer was shooting into what amounts to an area target. Some of his firearms did not even have sights mounted. It’s not hard to his someone in a densely packed crowd of 20,000.

      • In response to Binder:
        1) bump stocks are not at all accurate. You can’t consistently hit a target at 500 yards with a bump stock, and the fact that you think you can shows that you have never used one and don’t know what you’re talking about. You can’t keep it on a torso target at 100 yards with a mag dump.
        2) As another commenter pointed out, he was firing into a densely packed crowd. You’re going to hit something. He could have killed just as many or more people with rapid semi auto fire, and been able to aim more and mitigate recoil/muzzle rise. Or with a homemade bomb. Or by driving a car through the fence and crowd. The gun(s) were not the issue
        3) If you could buy those full autos for the price you stated I would have a couple. A full auto M16 is around $25k. M60 and M240s are more scare and much more money. If you’re selling those for the price you listed, contact me and I will buy them today
        4) The estimated fatality figure you so obviously pulled out of your rear is a complete joke. Barrels overheat rapidly on full auto fire, with most AR platforms failing after around 10-12 mags run through back-to-back. Why do you think he brought a lot of guns?
        5) You contradict yourself by saying that a bump stock is almost the same as true full auto, but then saying that you think he would have killed at least 10x more people with a real full auto. Which is it? You can’t have it both ways.
        6) If you’ve fired real full auto, you would know that it is also wildly inaccurate due to the rapid muzzle rise. For the reasons mentioned above, the fatality rate would have been comparable with a (or multiple) true full auto weapons.
        7) Finally, as mentioned, he could have accomplished much the same with a homemade bomb or by driving a car through the crowd. Or, even worse, driving a car bomb in. The instructions are on the internet and the ingredients can be found. If you don’t believe it can happen here, look up car bombings in the US. Or just remember Oklahoma City and the car bomb they found in Times Square. Evil people will find ways to do evil things. So please, go shill for gun control elsewhere

        • He would have killed a lot more if he was shooting .308. Those prices are for the actual guns, not the artificial market that’s the result of the machine gun ban. Hell you can find close bolt conversions of the M240 right now for. 17000. He was still able to fire off 1000 rounds. With a belt feed open, I guessing as many as he could hall up, but I would estimate he would have gotten off at least 5000 rounds and they would not have hitting with the force of a .380
          A cheap ar 15 can go close 1000 rounds, but I would not push it past 500 rounds myself. And Eric did a good job of keeping it on target

        • Putting together a truck bomb is not easy. Try and order 5 tons of fertilizer and see if the ATF is not at your door. You can protect crowds against trucks by using barriers. Against a light machine gun not so much. As for overheating, we’ll, the newest versions of the belt fed uppers have quick change barrels:

          And don’t even get started on the bump fire sleds

        • On a side note I have fire full auto M16, not a big deal. M60, pussycat from the bipod but I would not want to carry it. A M14 once, with 5 rounds in the magazine. That one went back into the armory and I suck with the semi autos we had. I did manage to keep the rounds into the berm.

          Side note close bolt M240s go for 14000

        • Lol @ binder. Pretending that being accurate at 20 yards and accurate at 500 isn’t a giant difference. He also had access to 2 planes, either of which would have killed several times more people than the crap he pulled. And it wouldn’t have set off red flags like fertilizer would.

        • Actually, he had to be, at least partly, making a liberal point against guns intentionally.

          He owned a perfectly good airplane at the airport less than 30 seconds away by air. He could have easily hit the center of the crowd with a fully fueled aircraft with far less preparation and added costs as his bumpstock massacre.

          That hit would have likely killed thousands, not hundreds. He had to know it, but he chose to intentionally demonize the guns, and/or create a far more drawn out terrorist attack.

        • He shot approx. 1,100 rounds and hit 420, that’s about 40% if my math is correct.
          Not great by any stretch.

          But it would have been much worse had he actually aimed.

          …and we purchase, on average 10-12 tons of fertilizer a year for our farm and have a 500 gallon diesel tank for the equipment and I’ve yet to see any gubmint boys. (Except that damn tax man every year)

      • Binder, this fellow was a airplane pilot who owned two planes of his own. This occurred right next to the airport. Had he flown one of his planes fully loaded with fuel in for approach and diverted at the last moment and crashed into a crowd of 20,000, he could have killed thousands more than with any bump-stock on a 5.56 AR-15.

      • If he did it at all. The FBI and local law enforcement are always showing the public the evidence to show everyone someone actually did said crime, but for some reason they are not showing us anything and what they have doesn’t make a lick of since, actually the opposite of it. Same with all the other “mass shootings” guess their BS worked on you and how many other blind sheeple.. mission accomplishing as far as their concerned. Plus your on the wrong site to be spitting that nonsense.

        • Yours is the only comment that “hits the nail on the head”! None of the evidence proves anything that “law enforcement” has regurgitated. They claim one shooter, yet there were multiple witnesses and videos proving there were multiple shooters; they have been unable/unwilling to show/prove how he got all of that armament into his room undetected. Also interesting how these “incidents” always happen when there is important legislation about guns being considered by congress, in this case the “Hearing Protection Act” and the “National Reciprocity Act”.

      • We don’t yet know how many people were actually killed/injured by gunfire and how many were trampled in the panic (at least I haven’t seen anything, official or otherwise). Without that fact your accuracy claim for bump stocks is only your opinion and nothing more.

    • Just back the bus up .You all use automatic weapons to hunt. I’m changing my hobby. Been stream fishing all my life with little more than a single barb hook and some power bait. If I can’t find any c4 to “catch” some rainbow trout I’m changing sides.

    • I love how the arguments go from bump stocks are not a issue to he could have killed even more people some other way. First of all for their use as a way to dump a LOT of lead into a crowd they are accurate enough. The only reason the death toll was so low was that the .556 round at that range has lost 80% of it’s energy. The other think to keep in mind is that the NFA was enacted because a bunch of criminals were running around with submachine guns and BARs. One of theses days someone is going to use a belt fed AR with a decent barrel, dump 2000 rounds into a crowd at 250 yards and it going to be 1934 all over again.
      I done a little more research and I can tell you that the setup used in Vegas was not optimal, but he did have a good start. All the concerns about accuracy and overheating could have been addressed.

      • BINDER wrote: “the NFA was enacted because a bunch of criminals were running around with submachine guns and BARs” is not a correct statement.

        The NFA was originally created to prevent black people from having handguns, even though handguns were removed from the legislation before the bill passed.

  2. But we didn’t have high-powered machine guns when this all started.’”

    Unless you lived before 1886, you likey did your dad chose not to buy one, and that is no excuse to deny us the right to own one.

    Gun control is anti American… period.

    No go and whine about something else leftist.

    • The big problem here is that she is not thinking. She is telling us how she feels, and even then, her feelings are conflicted.

      Anytime someone bases an opinion upon their feelings, not thinking, you can rest assured that it will be a stupid opinion. And this one is no exception.

  3. So they had to get by on low powered machine guns until ‘this all started’? Lots of poorer families don’t have any machine guns at all. It is nothing to be embarrassed about. Plus she can afford a GAU-19 or even large a Bushmaster now.

  4. If you read it in Rolling Stone that’s a pretty good indication that it never happened.

    • Yeah Gov. Total puff piece. I saw a copy of Rolling Stone in a book store recently. I think the Thrifty Nickel has more content.

      • Rolling Stone is truly a rag. Back in the late 90’s I was part of a trendy looking computer team that got featured in an article.

        The article was trivial, shallow, and a waste of ink. They made sure that the photos had lots of geeky toys (literal and figurative), visible tattoos, and the usual trendy stuff for the time.

        How were we chosen for this focus?

        – The writer needed a paycheck
        – RS wanted a trendy, geeky article
        – The writer knew a guy who was a friend of my team leader. The writer took the path of least resistance and maximum paycheck to get a story.
        – RS had pages to fill

        Again, the article was a real nuthin’burger, over all was pretty cringe-worthy, and had many inaccuracies as well as outright fabrications. When my team leader called the writer to ask about the fabrications, writer said, “It sounded better this way. Cooler. It doesn’t really matter, no one will know”

        Due to a bordering on obscene quote mentioning a gratuitous sexual act from a ginchy girl that was adjacent to a sentence that mentioned me BY NAME, it read like I said it/did it…so I could never show the article to ANYONE without personal embarrassment.

        Summary: lazy, bad writing, low-brow, fabrication

  5. From Wikipedia:
    “Margo Rae Price is an American country singer-songwriter based in Nashville, Tennessee. The Fader has called her ‘country’s next star.'”

    Yeah. I guess we’ll see about that. I don’t think she understands her audience very well.

  6. Ah yes, the common lefty assumption that everything became different the moment they started paying attention.

    • ^ This ^

      Only violent and deranged criminals use machine guns to attack people. Everyone else who has a machine gun has never attacked anyone.

  7. Yesterday, I had never heard of her. Today, after ten years of struggling in Nashville and her career going nowhere, she shoots her mouth off in a publicity stunt. She’s just aiming for a career jump start, probably crossing over to pop music.

  8. Willie, Waylon, Jones, Williams, Cash, Church, Gilbert, Kristofferson, and Pride those are country stars. This lady (I use the term loosely here because I’m sure her demeanor is anything but lady like) will never make it anti American sentiment doesn’t go far in country music. She might ought to study the fan base in the genre, there ain’t many coastal elites jammin out to Eric Church. Considering a large number of the fans of the genre own guns she might’ve done better keeping her trap shut. Although if you ain’t made any headway after ten years it is possible people just don’t dig your sound.

    • Does anyone here remember what happened to the Dixie Chumps, I mean Chicks career after they shot off their mouth? To the toilet in country music. Learn from history or repeat it.

  9. To be clear, I vehemently disagree with her comments and her political position. That said, she is an incredibly talented singer and songwriter in a new traditionalist country movement. If you despise everything that country music has become in the past 20+ years (read Sam Hunt, Florida Georgia Line, etc.), well, she’s the opposite.

    • Quite a few very talented people have spiked their careers by belching out uninformed opinions. Will Ms. Price be the next one? We shall see.

    • Don, you are correct. It’s a shame cause now I won’t buy anymore of her music and the one song of hers that I did download will be deleted. At least she shot her mouth off, now I know where she stands.

    • I Youtubed her…she’s not that good IMO. Along with her stance (and ignorance) on guns she has alienated the wrong people.

    • She sounds like every other wannabe pop queen that’s come down the pike recently, unfortunately for her, she won’t be able to get by on looks like some of the others.

  10. I’d like to take a whole new spin on this approach.

    We need to stop viewing guns, gun control, machine guns, military style weapons, etc…. as independent issues. There’s a reason the 2nd amendment is short and sweet.

    Its not the job of the police, or military, or emergency departments or social services to be in control and take care of your problems.

    Time for a reality check, this is YOUR country.

    Soldiers, police, firefighters, nurses, social workers…. these aren’t programmed robots designed for a simple task. These are AMERICANS, your neighbors, friends, family, kids…..


    Until the rest of the human race eliminates all evil in the hearts of all men, you will always need to protect yourself and those around you by the best means possible.

    I am so sick of hearing this bull crap “We don’t need guns because I live in a safe neighborhood and nothing bad happens here….”

    Nothing bad happens to you because you let everyone else be the bad guy and do the dirty work.

    Fight or die.

    As they say, an Anti-Gun person is just someone who hasn’t been attacked yet.

  11. Never heard of her until this article. Now i will never listen to her music. Sorry you felt that you had to stoop to this kind of publicity stunt to try and help your career get started. Maybe you should have tried hard work instead.
    I will never listen to your music now, dont care about anything have to say.
    Using a tragedy commited by a psychopath to try and further your career is sick.

  12. What does a countrified progressive feminazi have to sing about anyway?
    here’s a list of some of her songs:

    1. Aunt-ti-fa’s coming to dinner (The Antifa song)
    2. My baby’s no baby (The abortion song)
    3. Conservative Dystopia
    4. When you turn, Virtue signal
    5. 99. Genders
    6. Wide open (Safe spaces)
    7. I fell in love with Anarchy, Then she set my Truck on fire
    8. Moral relativism is what we make it

  13. I read the Rolling Stone article and the one linked in the quote about Vegas. That’s pretty much all that Rolling Stone reported. I can’t tell if she really has a strong opinion based on that. I’ve been listening to her for while, she’s within the musical genre that I enjoy, but yeah she’s a liberal fudd that doesn’t really know anything about guns or how they work. I doubt I will ever buy her records or see her shows, but I won’t necessarily change the station if she comes on. I’ve learned to tolerate this attitude (I’m surrounded by liberals) and try to show people like Margo that regular people that they consider to be sane and a friend actually own and shoot AR-15’s. Doesn’t work with the extreme ones (fuck ’em) but some will recognize when they’ve been misinformed on the truth of the matter.

    • Conservatives tolerate too much evil, Correct tolerance with truth. Tolerance for evil is why we keep losing our rights piece by piece.

      “Evil preaches tolerance until it is dominant and then it seeks to silence good.”

      “Tolerance obviously does not disturb the distinction between right and wrong, or good and evil.”

      “Tolerance is the last virtue of a depraved society. When an immoral society has blatantly and proudly violated all the Commandments, it insists upon one last virtue, tolerance for it’s immorality. It will not tolerate condemnation of it’s perversions. It creates a whole new world in which only the intolerant critic of tolerance of evil is evil.”

  14. ” The United States has become a place where entertainers and professional athletes are mistaken for people of importance” * Robert A Heinlein said. Never more true.

  15. Well, there is actually a small subset of liberal country singers, such as Steve Earle, James McMurtry, Emmylou Harris. She would fit right in with them. It’s not the success she would have in mainstream country, but someone listens to it.

    The funny thing is that Steve Earle and McMurtry get played regularly on a SiriusXM station called “Outlaw Country”. Sure, they consider themselves as “outlaws” now that Trump is in charge, but when Obummer was in office, the term “bootlickers” probably fit better.

  16. Considering the fact that the Maxim Gun was invented in 1883, and most people would consider that fairly high-powered, “high powered machine guns” have been around for longer than anyone currently alive.

    So yeah, she’s just stupid. Typical.

  17. My only question is. Who the hell is she? I’ve never seen or heard of her before this !

  18. 10 years struggling in Nashville, was it struggling or something else, she looks pretty whore out for 34

  19. Never heard of her. Country music is my “safe space.” I hear a bunch of liberal b.s. coming out of my radio, station gets changed.

  20. Another attention seeking Elitest Hollyweird Lib TARD Loony looking for a membership within the Communist Politboro…

  21. The saying will never not be true. “Teach a Yankee to drive and point them north.” Seriously, if you are liberal GTFO of the south/Midwest. We don’t want you here.

  22. Most people listening to the radio- er, spotify, apple music, etc- don’t give a shit what you think about gun control.

    And why should they? How does the fact that you can strum a guitar (or whatever she does) have anything to do with her qualifications or knowledge on the issues?

    Shut up and sing. Make songs about it if you want, see how that goes.

  23. After more than a decade of struggling in Nashville, Price, sees a way to be less invisible and opens her piehole to fuck over lawful guns owners rights. Have fun struggling for the next decade. Twat.

  24. Vegas….just another sick, BS jew-boy bastard HOAX!
    this stoopid twat needs to remove the 17″ horse’s cock DILDO from her fanny and start thinking straight!

  25. I was eating lunch yesterday and overheard two young women having a gun conversation. They were not for banning guns, but then missed the mark. One of them said gun owners should have to have insurance. To which I thought for what purpose? What are you insuring against? Mass shootings? How would insurance do anything for that? Accidental deaths? Her example was children finding the gun and shooting themselves. A very small number that insurance wont change. We have insurance for things like cars because of the frequency of use and the frequency of damage, injury or death is much higher for lawful vehicle use. People using guns illegally won’t have insurance. The point of this rant, like the woman in the article is that their ideas were not well thought out and we’re more based on feeling than facts, reason, and evidence.

    • Insurance for misuse of guns is an ignorant idea.

      For suicide, what’s the point? For crime, that’s illegal. For negligence, well there are plenty of more dangerous accidental causes of death and injury we don’t mandate insurance for; most of which are not recognized as constitutionally protected rights.

  26. The uninformed Nashville woman, and most “we didn’t have” gun control fools, apparently know very little actual history. They seem to be unaware the the Chinese had a repeating crossbow in the 4th century BC. And they are clearly not aware of the 1667 invention of the Puckle gun, one of the early machine guns. Our nation’s founders, and the writers of the Bill of Rights WERE, however, fully aware of advanced weaponry, including rocket launchers, repeating rifles, muskets, and pistols, machine guns, grenades, mobile armored artillery pieces, breach load artillery and personal weapons, anti-personnel mines and sniper firearms capable of hitting a target at a range of one mile.

    Any argument for gun restrictions based upon the suggestion that the writers of the Second Amendment did not envision “modern” weaponry, is uninformed idiocy.

    • Sorry about the incorrect date in my Puckle post. The Puckle gun was developed in the early 18th century and actually demonstrated to the British military weapons buyers in 1718. It was rejected, but Puckle did form a private concern and built several of the weapons. Several leaders of the new government of the former British colonies in North America made inquires about obtaining rapid fire repeating weapons during the late 1780s and 1790s.

    • Not to mention all the privately owned warships and the common practice of impressing those warships into service as a regular part of warfare. (I’m not sure if that was still as common as it was in the 1600’s, but during the revolution, our entire navy was, initially, heavily armed merchant ships. After the war, the feds sold the warships it built to private bidders).

    • Of please, both of you. A 12 powder can kill a lot of people, but you can’t exactly sneak it into your hotel room. And the cost of a private warship keeps them out of the hands of lunatics.


    Only a relatively few people have gotten / paid their final bill on that one.

    And they’re not here any longer.

  28. She’s a gun grabbing, socialist loving statist cunning stunt. She prefers flooding the country with jihadis also.


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