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TTAG’s reported on the large number of firearms-related crimes involving .9mm handguns. But not recently. In the interests of bringing the prevalence of this highly dangerous caliber back into sharp focus, here’s a roundup of news stories where .9mm rears its ugly if diminutive head . . .

Upper Darby man shot dead in domestic dispute

“The 911 dispatcher told him to go outside and put the gun the middle of the street, which he did,” Chitwood said. Police subsequently recovered a .9 mm handgun, loaded with the exception of one bullet, the superintendent said, noting the individual has a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

Recovered on the ground at the scene with Collier were two additional firearms, a .22-caliber and a .9 mm, both fully loaded, Chitwood said. Collier did not have a permit to carry a concealed weapon, the superintendent said.

‘I’m strapped like Rambo.’ Accused killers tried to sell guns online after slayings.

Less than two hours after two longtime friends were gunned down in a Fuquay-Varina house in 2014, the accused killer posted a picture on social media of his hand clutching a World War II “Tommy” gun that was stolen from the victims’ home, prosecutors say.

Howard Cummings and Matt Lively, Wake County prosecutors, say Donovan Jevonte Richardson, 24, of Holly Springs, was armed with a Glock .9 mm handgun in the early morning hours of July 18, 2014 when he and Gregory A. Crawford of Fuquay-Varina busted out a basement window to enter Arthur Lee Brown’s home at 236 Howard Road in Fuquay-Varina.

Chattanooga Man Found With Cocaine, Gun Gets 2 Years In Federal Prison

A Chattanooga man found with cocaine and a gun at his residence during a police search has been sentenced to serve two years in federal prison. Demetrius Smith appeared on Friday before Judge Travis McDonough.

In a search on Aug. 5, 2016, Chattanooga Police found in Smith’s bedroom 14.6 grams of cocaine on a dresser with plastic baggies, a .22 caliber revolver under a pillow, a loaded .9 mm pistol in a nightstand by his bed, a loaded .25 caliber pistol in a bottom drawer of the nightstand, and $7,937 in cash.

School gun video investigated: It’s a toy

At least one student of the St Joseph Secondary School has been suspended after a video of him and another student brandishing what appeared to be a .9 mm Glock pistol was circulated on WhatsApp yesterday.

According to sources, police from the St Joseph station visited the school after a report was made and questioned one student believed to be the owner of the gun. When it was taken from the boy’s schoolbag it was found to be a toy.

The student has since been suspended and is expected to have counselling from the school’s support staff.

Investigators say teen robbed after using buy-sell app

They met at a Lawrenceville neighborhood not far from the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office. Major Mercer said one man with a gun approached two undercover officers in an unmarked car.

“It could have been a bad situation because they showed up to commit an armed robbery with a .9 mm handgun when they confronted you folks or the other way around? correct,” said Major Mercer.

Belize City cops take .9mm off streets

At around 5:00 p.m. yesterday, Belize City police conducted a search inside an empty lot on Lavender Street.

That search led to the discovery of a black .9 mm pistol.

Police additiionally found a 12-shooter magazine containing seven live .9mm rounds.

No one was in the area at the time of the discovery and the pistol was deposited as found property.

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  1. Gasp! Will no one think of the children and pass a law against this heinous caliber of war that has no legitimate sporting purpose?!?

    (do I really need a sarc tag?)

    • Well for the .9mm Deagle that is actual size (when viewing this page from a cellphone).

      It takes 12-shooter clips too!

      • LOL. That’s the best part in all of those quotes!…

        “Police additiionally found a 12-shooter magazine containing seven live .9mm rounds.”

        hahahaha WTF. I’m also not sure that’s how you spell “additionally,” and it is misspelled in the original article.

        • “Police additiionally found a 12-shooter magazine containing seven live .9mm rounds.”
          This is won of the grate reesons i desided to become a world renoun linguinist. Lurnin all the ruels abowt grandma, punktwoashun, sintacks an spellin is reelie graet.
          Won uf the bedder ruels is that wurds like “additiionally” artn’t lemonted to jista phew lethers, becaws it seys, “additiionally”. THatz the oppousimite of werds like “Subtractionally”, whrer you can taik letders awaze. Inn fakt, itz OK to tayk awa so manny that therz no wurd left. Thats y u newer cee da werd “Subtractionally” inimoar.

  2. Didn’t I see a comment on a earlier thread pointing out that we need to be wary of a rash of crimes being committed with .762 rifles now?

  3. We get it Robert, there’s a lot of idiots out there, including within the firearms community…look at all the simpletons that think every rifle should be sighted in at 100 yards. Back to my point, the .9MM thing is now exhausted.

      • Bfitts…sighting everything in at 100 yards isn’t in any way a legitimate approach. And by simply asking that question, you immediately reveal that you don’t remotely understand different trajectories of different calibers, or the math that underpins sighting in a rifle, nor have you ever bothered to use ballistic software. Its a discipline that requires long hours of study to learn properly (and importantly unlearn bad habits and wrong assumptions). You should read this, take a long hard look in the mirror, and realize that there’s a ocean of firearms related knowledge that you lack, and you should make an effort to learn and understand it. Or, you could continue to take the dimwitted redneck approach and sight everything in at 100 yards…because you know, its simple and doesn’t require you to understand shooting fundamentals.

        • Um… hey, dipsh!t, not everyone has a 235 yard range. So you sight your rifle ~3″ high at 100 and it will give you a +/-3″ zero out to 250-300 yards, depending on specific ca liber, barrels length, etc. Pretty basic stuff.

          And, BTW, in my neck of the woods, being called a ‘redneck’ is generally considered a compliment.

        • Or I could have been trolling because i knew a know it all like yourself couldn’t help but respond to that comment. Hahaha blame the knob creek. And thank you Gov for standing up for others.

        • You got played brother…

          I know a ton of good shooters that zero rifles for 100 yards because…gasp…they shoot at 100 or so yards. The bait pile for coyote hunting is 100 yards from the coyote shack. The locations they shoot deer usually only allow for 100 yard shots before another copse of trees blocks the view or safety is compromised by not having as effective a backstop to ensure misses don’t go flying off into the great unknown. ETC, ETC, ETC. Even with a modern carbine, if you zero a rifle for 25/300 or 50/200 are you sure you are going to properly identify a 200-300 meter target and shoot at it? Bold assumptions wrapped in douchebaggery and elitism usually don’t carry the day.

  4. OMG! That bit about a “WW2 Tommy gun”… I hope it’s safely back in the hands of its owner if it truly is anNFA item.

    • Available on-line from the same people who provided this piece of equipment:

      “This right here has the ability with a .30-caliber clip to disperse with 30 bullets within half a second. Thirty magazine clip in half a second.” State Sen. Kevin de Leon, D-Los Angeles

      • Math is not his strong suit, and apparently he can’t run for reelection this year. God help Commiefornia if he become’s Newsom’s Lieutenant-Guber.

  5. Ya’ know I commented on a FB gun page about .9mm…dude didn’t get my funny. “What is your point sir?” And it’s EVERYWHERE. Duh 😩😖😟😧

    • I think it is because the world at large is now so math deprived that they think .5 cents is 50 cents, or 5 cents. I see it at supermarkets from time to time. They wish to say 5 cents each, but write .05 followed by the cent sign. And these signs are made by a store manager, of at least that department, who one would think should be a cut above the typical minimum wage, “you want fries with that?” crowd.
      I think that the point in front of the caliber, to a great many today, just means; gun or caliber. Thus the ignorant always put the point in front, even when dealing with metric numbers. They simply don’t have the knowledge base to realize that the point simply means a decimal fraction of an inch, and so does not apply to metrics, at least not in front of the number, since no bore size is so small as to be less than 1mm. We live in a brave new world of gammas and deltas who have had their intelligence degraded to the point that a decimal means gun(or fruit, or whatever) and a clip is a magazine, and the best they can hope for is to die in a soma coma.

  6. OMG! How do I distinguish between a .9mm wound and a mosquito bite? They sound alike in flight, and I might think I was removing a splinter when in fact I’m destroying a crime scene? Ducky will have a knot in his knickers mate!

  7. 9 mm parabellum the deadliest handgun round ever invented, the power of a .44 Magnum +p+ , with the recoil of a .22 LR.Its why the Nazi’s dropped the 7.62×25 Tokarev and took Ghengas Kahn’s design, nobody knew guns better then the Inca’s.

  8. .9mm is bad. But did you hear about the .12 gauge shotguns? Those things aren’t small and deadly, they are big and even deadliererer.

  9. 0.9mm= 0.0354 or roughly 1/32″, perhaps these are the “flechette” round we used to hear about, gotta be a bitch to clean the bore…

  10. “Police subsequently recovered a .9 mm handgun, loaded with the exception of one bullet”

    Does this mean a round in the chamber, full -1 in the magazine?

  11. When I think of a .9mm handgun, I don’t like to think of a tiny gun that is correctly proportioned. I prefer to think of a big gun with a tiny hole in the barrel and tiny little casings flying out of the mini ejection port.

  12. If someone has to use the decimal “.” when describing the 9mm, perhaps one could say .9cm. Or just drop the . and stick with 9mm.

    My 2 cents worth.

  13. The 9 mm Luger/Parabellum a.k.a. 9 x 19 mm bullet and weapon is the best general purpose anti personnel round, Semi automatic handgun combination in the world.
    It is also highly lethal in Revolver sub machine gun and Carbine weapons.
    Nothing to sneeze at in a Derringer.
    I prefer a revolver in .357 magnum standard barrel or snub, and CCW a Ruger LCP II in .380 acp.
    My very first handgun I ever bought after being in the Marines was a Colt Light weight Commander in 9 x 19 mm.

  14. This week: the deadly .9MM
    Next week: the potent .09MM
    The week after that: the,………oh just forget it, I can’t keep a straight face after reading this thread!

  15. I think if you’re gonna be a writer of firearms you gotta know your calibers. I’ve never heard of a .9mm which would be the smallest caliber ever made (.035433) I’m guessing bore size of about .036?
    …..on the other hand there is nothing wrong with a 9mm with good defensive hollow points. Ya just gotta love the wannabe internet gun people.

  16. Are you people ALL morons. There is no such thing as .9 mm guns. That would require rounds smaller than the lead in a PENCIL The CORRECT size is 9mm. See the difference? NO decimal point makes a HUGE difference here. When will idiots stop writing articles on subjects they know NOTHING about?


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