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“If everyone carried a gun we’d be safe.” That’s the pro-gun side of the argument, as presented by the young actor above. I have two words for that: if only. I mean, if only everyone carried a gun. Then yes, we’d all be safer. Not safe. Getting caught in gang banger crossfire is, literally, a crap shoot. As my father used to say, in the long run, we’re all dead. Safer. What criminal in his right mind would attempt to rape, rob or intimidate a random citizen if they knew there was a high likelihood his intended victim was packing heat? And if a criminal isn’t┬áin their right mind, what citizen wouldn’t want a gun to defend themselves? Eggheads may argue over deterrence theory, but the law of the jungle hasn’t been revoked as far as I know. Criminals prey on the weak. Fewer defenseless prey, fewer alpha predators. Bottom line: guns do prevent violence. Even better, a firearm gives you something useful to do if and when it arrives.

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  1. I want the option to be armed in the face of danger. I don’t want some government bean counter behind layers of tax payer funded security to tell me It’s not an option for me to go armed.

  2. Pointless to leave comments at this Youtube video. The ones critical of the video are being deleted.

    • I’ve found that YT will sometimes show your comment as posted, if you are logged on. If you return to the video where you posted the comment when you are NOT logged on, it will be as if you never posted it.
      Always check back after posting and logging off. If your comment has disappeared, report it. You might want to keep a copy for re-posting too.

  3. They give the good guys options in bad situations.

    In the mean time, punching paper, making steel sing, and arguing minute details with strangers on the Internet is fun.

  4. The Devil is in the details. Some of those government statistical “studies” have chosen to define and include as kids, people up to age 25 when it comes to defining kids and guns. The cynic in me is curious how many of the shooters were raised in single parent read single mother households.

  5. California – a state that doesn’t issue concealed carry permits in densely populated metropolitan areas is blaming concealed carry for handgun deaths in said densely populated metropolitan areas? Nope.

    It’s the gang bangers and the drug/sex trade that lead to violence that kills these “kids” *read – 14-21 year old gang bangers*, not the people that aren’t even allowed to carry to defend themselves from said bangers.

  6. I’m so confused….I thought California was totally way safer than the rest of the country, because their strict gun laws help keep innocent people from getting caught up in all the damn gun violence. Maybe he didn’t get the memo, or something….

  7. Liberals are afraid to think about defending themselves and liberal politicians know the wolf population is kept in check by the limits of the sheep population. Every sheep killed cuts carbon production.

  8. The young lad in the video says, “For God’s sake, do something!” … something about criminals using firearms to attack and harm citizens.

    And there in lies the core problem. The commercial tells us that we are not responsible for our own safety and security. Thus someone else has to do something about criminals.

    People have to start taking responsibility for themselves.

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