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Crime and killings in Chicago are “epidemic”? Perhaps not the best choice of words, given that gun control advocates want people to think of “gun violence” as a “public health crisis” that requires civilian disarmament. Still . . .

President Trump is highlighting the fact that Uncle Sam has sent twenty ATF agents to the Windy City to join a newly formed task force. According to, the new group’s tasked with “cutting the flow of illegal guns into the city and cracking down on people repeatedly arrested on gun charges.”

As our man Boch reported, “cracking down” on criminals using firearms is something with which Chicago is decidedly unfamiliar. The addition of the ATF agents to the law enforcement mix probably means they’ll file federal gun charges to bypass Chicago’s broken criminal justice system.

According to our good friends at The Trace (thanks for the link!), “The team will use ballistics technology to solve shootings and nab gun traffickers.” Because that’s worked so well in the past. Or not.

Anyway, The Trib not only dings the Prez for possibly taking credit for a plan already in place, but also slates him for under-estimating the city’s number of people shot.

Trump said there have been “1714 shootings in Chicago this year!” but the number is actually higher, according to data kept by the Tribune.  As of Friday morning, the number of people shot in Chicago was at least 1,760, still lower than this time last year when violence reached levels not seen in two decades.

So that’s alright then!

Given the ATF’s execrable track record in apprehending firearms scofflaws (within the boundaries of the law), given that gangs are the root of the problem, don’t expect great results from this new unit. But do expect celebratory headlines.

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  1. I understand that ATF is out of the gunrunning business in Mexico, so the ATF must be going to Chicago to find a new outlet for smuggled guns.

  2. A simple way to cut down on some of Chiraq’s lawlessness is to hold the parent responsible for the actions of their children. If your “child” is caught illegally possessing or using a firearm, the family loses all welfare checks and all free/subsidized housing, immediately and permanently.

    • Sounds great!!!
      Except for that little thing called “Due Process.”
      We like Due Process. It keeps people who like things like “No Fly, No Buy” in check.

  3. Just burn it all to the ground. Our nation’s inner cities are such an appalling mess, I don’t see any immediate solution. A massive crackdown on gangs, creating more jobs, and educating youth would all help. But it will take decades.

    • You’re out of touch. They don’t want jobs. They’ve been raised on the idea that getting SSI is their ultimate goal and work is for saps. The thought of becoming middle class is as alien to them as you flying to the moon in a spaceship next week. If they haven’t assimilated after 150 years, it is unlikely they ever will.

      • Racist, not realist. Eat shit.
        The rate of African American home ownership, education, percentage of two parent familes, etc., etc. was close to identical with the white rates in 1950. Since the War on Poverty, all of those have gone down, and farther for blacks, but still gone down for whites. The racist idea that blacks need goverment help because they are too stupid to survive on their own is the reason for much social upheaval.
        In other words, shit-for-brains, it’s the fault of racist bastards like you that Chicago is where it is today. You agree with the Democrats.

        • Racist? WTF are you blabbering about, calling him racist? He never even MENTIONED blacks – only you did!

          Pretty easy to see who’s the racist here… have you looked in a mirror lately? Noticed that when you point a finger at another, three fingers are pointing back at you?

  4. Oh, so Chicago rates 20 BATFE agents? What about the seven cities which have even HIGHER per capita murder rates in 2016? Those would be St Louis (59.3), Baltimore (51.2), Detroit (45.2), New Orleans (44.5), Cleveland (34.7), Newark (33.4), and Memphis (32.5). At 27.9 Chicago isn’t even HALF as bad as St. Louis when it comes to your chances of getting ventilated and leaking out. What could account for this incomprehensible misdistribution of federal largess?

    • St. Louis is the victim of being a small city in a large urban area. Certain neighborhoods (mostly in North St. Louis) are responsible for an overwhelming amount of the crime. And St. Louis City has a population of only 311,000, which is shrinking every year. The surrounding metropolitan area, by contrast, is home to almost 3,000,000 people. If you combined only St. Louis City and St. Louis County, the murder rate would drop exponentially. And that doesn’t even include St. Charles County, Jefferson County, Franklin County, or Madison County in Illinois. The region as a whole is far safer than many.

      • As far as the statistics go, Baltimore is in a similar situation. The city’s population has dropped precipitously from almost a million to 600K in just a few years as anyone who can afford to do so “gets out of Dodge”. In raw numbers, Chicago has had 330 murders to date in 2017, with Baltimore at 170, but Chicago has a population of 2.7M compared to Baltimore’s 600K+. Chicago is also losing population and for the same reasons as Baltimore is. Sooner or later there will nobody in our inner cities but drug gangs competing for what little business which is left and with any luck at all, they’ll each kill the other off.

    • Most of us understand that Chicago isn’t as dangerous as some other cities.
      But Chicago has become the Poster Child of dangerous cities, for a lot of reasons.
      Two of those are Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel.

      • Another unfortunate thing Baltimore and Chicago share is an ineffective criminal justice system. It starts with corrupt cops and moves up through incompetent prosecutors, lenient judges, and then even more lenient parole boards. The only way to break the cycle of murder is to put those who are career criminals in prison and then KEEP THEM THERE.

    • Trust me…. it already has a junk rating…. especially to those of us who live here.

  5. Send ALL BATFE agents to the cities mentioned – disbanding would be better, but at least they won’t be out hassling FFL’s .

  6. FFS, file Federal charges against the Chicago politicians and DA and take these corrupt Democraps DOWN!

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