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From “Dr. Henry Bello was named as the gunman who opened fire on other doctors at Bronx’s Lebanon Hospital after allegedly hiding a rifle under a white lab coast. As many as six people have been reported shot. Bello, a former employee of the hospital, was reportedly “clad in all black” under the white coat. What significance that has is anyone’s guess.

The Daily News calls him a disgruntled former employee:

Police sources identified the shooter as Dr. Henry Bello, 35. He used an M-16 type rifle. He was listed as a family physician. He is believed to have killed himself after the shooting.


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  1. Reports suggest he had specific targets in mind, moving to different floors during the shooting.

      • I don’t know if the teenager shoplifting a bracelet from a mall kiosk is committing a hate crime.

      • No, not all are hate crimes. Hate crimes are very different than regular crimes because they are much more violent. The hatred of the perpetrator against the victim makes the violent act much more intense. It would be the difference between shooting someone once, or, choking/strangling someone to death, then shooting them thirty times, then stabbing them repeatedly, then gouging out their eyes, then slitting their neck.
        While both would result in the death of the victim, there is a big difference between how they’re murdered.

        We need Hate Crime laws on the books to protect minority groups who might be subjected to hate crimes. But even white people can be the victims of hate crimes, so it depends on the reason why the perpetrator went after the victim.

        • Seriously? Hate crimes have nothing at all to do with HOW a crime is committed. It’s all about the bureaucrats reading the supposed hater’s mind to figure out if he/she FELT hatred against the victim. A white person shoots a black person one time because he’s black, it’s assumed to be a hate crime. A black person shoots a white person five times simply because he’s white? NOT a hate crime. So there ya go.

          And no, hate crime laws are not needed. And no, white people are rarely, if ever, considered victims of hate crimes.

        • Does the victim get deader because the killer was a hater?

          So-called hate crime laws only perpetuate and exacerbate the very same attitudes of racism, sexism, etc. that they’re allegedly designed to counter. These laws declare that a given person’s life is worth less in the eyed pf the law than another person’s life, just because of skin color.

          I thought that kind of institutionalized racism had ended with the 3/5 compromise.

        • White people can’t be victims of anything. They are always the perpetrators because they are the universal oppressors, you shitlord!

        • FTR, the 3/5ths compromise was an effort by the North to DECREASE the power of the slave holding South.

          The slave holding South wanted slaves to count as 1 person so they would have more representatives in congress.

          Therefore it was in the slaves best interest if their population would count as ZERO since it would decrease the power of the South in Congress.

          People today who bring up the 3/5th’s compromise as a symbol of racism are ignorant of history.

        • BS! A crime is a crime. These hate crimes are crimes against “thought”. Has nothing to do with the harshness of the crime. These laws are racists and are not Constitutional under the law if it was actually followed. All this is a “feel good” laws for progressives in America that opens the door for more thought policies in the future. We are seeing it in so called “bullying” and prosecuting people because they hurt someones feeling that made them do something illegal or suicidal. This is not going to end well for free speech in America and it’s future. This is the Frog in boiling water scenario..

        • Like the white woman in the Philadelphia park beaten maybe raped, and stabbed so many times the perp only stopped after the knife broke off in her body. Yet the Supreme Court says that black people can’t be prejudiced. LOL

      • “Isn’t every crime a hate crime?”

        Obviously not.
        But, no one commits a violent crime because they love someone (O J notwithstanding), nor do they do so because they are indifferent to the victim. They do it out of hate.
        So, IMO, since every violent crime is done out of hate, every violent crime is a hate crime.
        But, SJWs, in their wisdom, have decided that we need to examine the hatred involved, and if it involves any bigotry at all, the crime is more hatredy that usual, and needs a more harshy punishment. Which the perp will not fully serve, of course.

    • I think that hate crimes have more to do with whether the victim was targeted because of belonging to some group (“People who irritated this doctor” doesn’t really count), not because of any group the perpetrator belonged to. If he’d gone on a rampage against white people or black people in particular, that’d have made it a hate crime. I’m not sure what role the fact that he’s black has to do with anything.

      • So called ‘hate crimes’ are one of the biggest intentionally designed agenda based hoaxes in this depraved, despicable and Injust criminal justice system. The notion–because it’s not a tangible legal issue except maybe in sentencing mitigation’ that your pre-conceived emotional or mental content could be in and of itself a criminal act merging into criminal law enforcement is just what the ‘doctor ordered’ (intended) to surgically remove all protection of our rights by dark state criminal power elite for an effective totalitarian enslavement of the population by excessive laws and legislation and target focused law enforcement.

        Germany and England are a little ahead of this game. They now freely browse all your social media and monitor your life and social communications and sanction and criminally prosecute you for imitating what we call here the 1st Amendment by making ‘hateful’ or what they perceive to be violence promoting statements.

        The slippery slope in this venue is like an F-16 hitting mach in a nose dive. When they get around to assimilating face recognition with the FBI’s new ‘criminal’ (meaning all of us, as Congressman Chavetts accused the FBI a not long at a hearing in an illegal surveillance and data keeping accusation of the FBI, great to watch on You Tube)….with the new psychological algorithm invented by Israelis , ironically, to Pre-FUCKING-Determine by facial analysis if someone is ‘intending to do a crime. And yes, they probably got the idea from the movie Minority Report.

        They’ll get away with this ‘mind reading’ privacy invasion because the element of ‘intent’, is foundational in a criminal act. However getting the probable cause or even reasonable suspicion at the base investigatory level was always difficult.

        But it won’t be anymore. With amazingly prolific installments of new specialized cameras soon to become ubiquitous over city-scapes and eventually everywhere in rural communities as well, and the issue of ‘reasonable suspicion to intensively surveille, detain, search, and interrogate, will be ‘mooted’ into obscurity and meaningless…
        When the Thought Police decide to fuck with you.

        Parts of the whole are already being assimilated in cities like Boston where shotspotter AND facial recognition technology are installed in the large overhead street lights. (of course with total night vision and HD telephoto live-stream capabilities) The new addition is the Patriot Radar frisk at distance technology (an up and running stock company) that will be able to scan and search entire tracts of public walking traffic and identify anyone and WHAT THEY ARE CARRYING, not being limited to just firearms and weapons. You might be carrying ‘hate crime’ literature??? Which will allow them to stop and frisk and detain you for ‘further investigation?

        As per another blog post we had here a few weeks ago regarding concealed carry stops, this gives whole new meaning, or rather no meaning, to ‘concealed carry’ anymore.

        It’s too depressing for me to go into the tactical efficacy and ‘routine patrol’ specifics in terms of tactics and deployment of these technologies. Maybe i’ll dot that in another post. Suffice to say the privacy we no longer have at this point will devolve and degenerate into abject gestapo-like tyranny. And it won’t just be ‘limited’ to public venue.

        The more I write about it the more depressed I get so I’ll just say, don’t worry about it. Which 90 percent of the pop is not anyway. For those of us who bled for freedom in this late great Nation, and suffer the torment…

        Let’s not worry about the desperate need to abolish every fucking anti-Constitutional and law that eventually makes everyone a criminal, or the necessity of repealing all gun control laws to prevent an inevitable government Tyranny,

        Let’s just pretend i’m making all this stuff up and get back to morning cartoons or playing ‘Angry Birds’ while ass dancing on the couch to Black eyed peas.. Hah hah hah. hah hah hah. ha ha. ha.

  2. Looks like this shooting was *personal*:

    “I heard two doctors got shot 20 times, both of them,” said Jasmine Mercado, 24. “They said the person was going from the ninth floor to the eighth floor shooting.”

    He may have not been an MD, the article identifies him as a pharmacy tech.:

    “Bello used to work in the family medicine unit and is a licensed pharmacy technician. NBC reported that he was wearing a white lab coat when he began opening fire on hapless victims.”

  3. ” after allegedly hiding a rifle under a white lab coast [sic]”

    Clearly we must ban rifles under a certain size so criminals can’t conceal them under their coats!

    • Ban coats! For the kids! Nobody but the police should have access to these military – grade assault coats.


      • Lol. It’s funny, because I don’t think that the article says anything about him using his coat to efficiently kill people.

  4. Not possible. You cant own or carry weapons there.
    I bet they even had no gun signs, couldn’t have happened. Fake news.

  5. The claim that it’s an M16 type rifle comes from the New York Daily News, which means that it could be a toothbrush for all we know

    • Well, looks like a correct diagnosis. At least we know it’s NOT a VA hospital then.

  6. I’ll bet it was an AR-47 military type bazooka with a thingy that goes up. Those are very common in NY and should be banned everywhere ! Get on it Cuomo.

    • AR-47 is an actual thing by a few companies. Generally it’s an AR in 7.62×39. Ones that don’t take AK mags are apparently crap, but never heard anything on the ones with proprietary lowers to take AK mags.

      • They are also generally crap. The 7.62×39 cartridge was designed for a very specific extraction and ejection process. It’s hard to get an AR style bolt to properly eject the case.

      • I know! They are ignoring how we could just ban the things he used, to prevent this sort of thing! I am trying to raise awareness! When will we learn, that when people have access to coats like this, they can hide anything in them. If it saves one person…

      • How many murders by bayonet attached to a rifle have you heard of in the US? Yet, bayonet mounts are almost universally part of any definition of the dreaded “Assault Weapon.”
        You expect logic from legislators. Unless you’re under ten years of age, experience should have taught you better.

  7. “M16 type”? Ghost gun, that can empty a 30 round magazine clip in 4 seconds? Or a Glock AK 16?

    • You mean “30 magazine clip in half a second”. Your version sounds like a mistake someone who actually knows the first thing about guns might make.

      • My bad, I saw a drawing of a ” magazine clip” somewhere a few years ago , it was a stripper clip loaded with 30 P-mags.

  8. Precisely why I wish my home state of SC did not prohibit concealed carry in hospitals.

  9. All doctors in NY should have to either wear no coats whatsoever or start utilizing a transparent coat that will prevent this from ever happening again. There is no compelling reason why transparent coats could not be used. It could save a life.Get on it.

    • Did I read a different article? I don’t think that the article states that he killed people using his coat.

      • Pretty sure he didn’t kill anyone with a gun, either, unless he used it as a blunt instrument. The bullets killed.

        So, if you’re going after the gun, you might as well go after the labcoat that hid the gun. Neither was the direct mechanism of murder, but both were indirect tools used to carry out the crime.

        OR you could be rational and blame the guy instead of talking about inanimate objects. But who wants to do that?

    • Why stop at coats? That leaves open the long shirt loophole. I think we’d better just mandate that all clothing be transparent. This way we won’t ever have to wonder who might be armed.

      • I’m an OFWG. You really want me walking around in see thru clothes? What about hillary? Rosie?

        Think this thru.

  10. Looking at different stories on the web – including Fox, this guy ranges in age from 35 to 45 and was either an MD in the Family Practice group, or a Pharmacy Technician, which in some states does not even require having graduated from high school. “Sources say…………..”

  11. A black man, a doctor (i.e., well educated), carrying out a mass shooting, with a (rifle of some kind – we’ll see), in NYC, home of the gun-free-zone. Yep, that’ll rate about 5 minutes total coverage on the establishment media.

    • Had to be an evil POS (D) or he would have been reported as a conservative Republican Tea Party member already.

  12. Assuming he really is a physician and not a pill counter, that would mark the first mass shooting by a medical doctor since, well, 2009.

      • By this report, seven people shot.
        That’s a mass shooting.
        With only one killed (according to a report from CNN only 15 minutes ago), this means it isn’t a mass killing.

        • The United States’ Congressional Research Service “defines a ‘public mass shooting’ as one in which four or more people selected indiscriminately, not including the perpetrator, are killed, echoing the FBI definition of the term ‘mass murder’.”

          If you want to use the definition of mass shooting proposed by the gun control groups, then you need to do that and count the shooter’s death too.

  13. Why in hell did I suspect that the shooter would be a Nigro. I just took a wild guess.

    • Why don’t you follow up that wild guess with a long walk, off a short pier?

      And you can’t even fucking SPELL!

  14. More disgusting actions of a person who decides to kill, soon to be followed up by print media, cable news channels, and of course, the belle du jour’s, gun control propagandists, with their cause celebre of smearing AR15’s as a weapon type and any US citizen who owns them as culpable for this string of atrocities.

    3, 2, 1,… until we hear those same phrases, high power, high capacity, military style, and assault weapon used REGARDLESS of the neutered weapon that was ACTUALLY used to commit these reprehensible acts against innocents. But of course, that NEVER got in the way of a good old fashioned blood dipping by gun controllers to promote filling their coffers to fight against our civil rights. These people died because one man chose to kill, and the failure yet again is a completely neutered system that merely notes the giant red flags of inappropriate behavior, and at worst, fires a person from their job, without law enforcement being able to address the increasing potential for violence to erupt from these unhinged types.

  15. Definitely an MD, but not a US-trained MD. Has an NPI number. New York State Office of Professions also has a record for him, as being an international medical graduate with a limited / learner’s permit to practice under supervision. He wasn’t even in a residency program. This makes him absolutely bottom-of-the-barrel; most (even most IMGs) go through the standard pattern of a formal residency, followed by board certification.

    This guy is an immigrant, from Nigeria. Graduated from a Nigerian med school. These IMGs get the shock of their lives when they come here — not only do they deal with language barriers and culture shock, they also have to deal with the fact that American medical schools are, for most part, *simply better*. American medical training is *simply more rigorous*. Of all those who fail board exams, the majority are IMGs for that reason. In this guy’s case: he couldn’t get into a residency program, and was working as a pharmacy tech in the meantime. When his co-worker got into a residency program but he didn’t, he flew into a rage.

    Back when I was a resident I encountered this type all the time. They’re literally everywhere, trying to get in somewhere, except for at the most prestigious hospitals (where (a) IMGs know they can’t get in anyway and (b) they don’t have problems attracting staff anyhow). By the way — there are plenty of US medical graduates who are better-qualified than this Bello dude who can’t find residency positions either. None of them go ballistic like he did.

    This is just more reason for concealed carry to be allowed in hospitals.

    • While picking up my dad from the hospital a few months back, got into a conversation with his physician. This was shortly after a murderous patient went into a hospital with the intent of killing his doc. The doc was pocket-carrying a Seecamp .380 and stopped his attacker.

      My dad’s doc was expressing an interest in covertly carrying in his hospital, but had zero experience in guns. I recommend someone for him to talk to at a local gun store on getting a permit and selecting a gun.

      I suspect there are more and more docs tooling up at work and keeping a low profile about it, especially since the doc who was attacked kept his job.

      We can hope…

  16. A doctor kills one person with a rifle and its international news. Doctors kill hundreds of thousands per year with misdiagnosis, dangerous pharmaceuticals, or physician error and its not even a news story.

  17. This is why we shouldn’t want our nigras to have guns. Childlike impulse control. These are the only types who shoot up folks. Well them an the muzlins. Look at Chicago.

  18. The good part of this story is the MFer is dead (1 less democrate) & the tax payers won’t spend millions in court & mental institutions.

  19. We must Outlaw Unarmed Victim Zones. If it was legal for citizens to potentially being armed, the killer might have chosen another location. If anybody on the hospital staff had been armed it is possible that the killer might not have been able to do more than fire one shot before an armed person shot back. Being armed doesn’t guarantee victory, but it changes the odds for victory.
    Gun laws kill.

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