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“The victim told police that two young men broke into her Gwinnett County home on May 12, shocked her with stun guns and forced her into her bedroom, reports. “The woman tried to fight them off and went to be with her two children, the police report said. One of the intruders dumped two pots of scalding hot water on her.”

The victim flailed and two of the attackers pushed her into the bedroom where they stripped off her clothing and raped her. The third suspect, who reportedly hurled the hot water on the woman, rummaged through the home. One of the victim’s children went into the bedroom and witnessed the rape. Her other child was in a car seat near the kitchen.

The victim called police once the teenagers left her home. She was taken to the hospital where she was treated for burns on her neck, left arm and left shoulder.

The blame for this heinous crime lies squarely on the shoulders of the three home invaders: Francisco Palencia, 17, Josue Ramirez, 19 (above) and an unidentified 15-year-old girl.

I bet dollars to donuts that this isn’t Mr. Palencia or Mr. Ramirez’s first brush with the law. Still, it should have been a defensive gun use.

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    • Damn. Now we have to pay for their imprisonment.

      Instead of wasting all this money, On the next government plane to somewhere south of the US, we should just air-drop them over Mexico with no parachutes. That’s the way to go.

      That’s when the men shocked the woman with the Taser and forced her into the bedroom. One of the teens asked her if she had HIV, and she said “no.” They demanded she take off her clothes and forced her to perform oral sex before raping her, the police reports state.

      Well. That was a mistake. The good news is – they will likely get plenty of STD’s in prison.

    • Local news reports that at least one of them is “undocumented” (real words: illegal alien), and has already had an ICE hold put on him.

      That the taxpayers are going to be handed the bill to house and feed these bastards is beyond sickening.

    • It’s super cool how if you insult someone on this website, your comment gets deleted, but if you’re nakedly racist and advocate vigilante justice and lynching, it’s A-Okay with the moderators. Way to keep it classy, TTAG!
      PS, if you’re wondering why people keep stereotyping gun owners and 2A advocates as a bunch of knuckledragging bigots, this is why.

      • So, at least one is an illegal invader, either could likely have gang affiliations, or have been sneaked across the border illegally with his illegal guide/parent/whatever . Please explain how this is “naked racism”. Or racism in any way.

        As far as the vigilante justice, meh. If you don’t think they deserve something really horrible as punishment (after the trial naturally), that’s rather illuminating as the content of your character. None of us is going to go drag these animals out of their cells and publicly give them instant justice. But it is macabre fun to joke about.


      • Immigration status isn’t a race. The bias you have in mind is nationalism, which, in America, isn’t racist because being American has little to do with race.

        • Gang initiation?
          I’m prejudiced against anyone who chosen to torture an innocent woman and in front of small children no less.
          Life in prison without parole!

        • I’d bet they were gang members before they got here. MS-13’s motto is “kill, rape, control.”

      • Shut up libturd. You’re just mad your fellow lUberals true colors are showing. These two animals aught to be drawn and quartered, with their heads placed on display in the neighborhoods they’re from. Their families should then be made to pay for the execution and restitution to the victim. If they bitch about it, they can be executed as well.

      • And sure as shit, here’s people piping up to defend naked racism and vigilante justice and lynching! Way to raise that bar, guys. Thanks a ton for helping to perpetuate the image that everyone who owns a gun is just itching for an opportunity to kill someone who isn’t white. And thanks extra that I keep getting lumped in with that stereotype because I support the second amendment. By the by, if you ever bother to read the rest of the constitution, you’ll see that vigilantism and lynching are precisely the kinds of things that America is founded against by presuming innocence until proven guilty in a court of law.

        • Once again, you apparently can’t answer the question as to how this is “naked racism”, or any of the other nonsense you posited. You just scream “raciss!” and that’s supposed to be it’s own justification. Let alone my dismissal of the “lynching” nonsense – please, cite.

          It’s not just accepted for those of use with an IQ over 70.

          Sorry kid, this isn’t grade school. Make a factual argument and be prepared to debate it. Otherwise, go find your safe space and STFU.

        • No one said any of that. You’re just screaming “RACISM!!!!” Like a typical lUberal. Everyone recommended swift and severe punishment for these two animals. Just because they’re not white doesn’t give them a pass to rape someone in front of their children. Guess you libturds are A ok with that.

      • This isn’t even remotely close to the worst comment I have seen on here but I completely agree… The mods need to do a better job, I mean it is obvious that educated people read this site so the mods could at least keep it classy and prohibit the blatantly racist posts


        You sick, twisted, demented RACIST P O S! YOU deserve WORSE than the poor White mother got…I hope you don’t have children, you deviant Leftist scumbag!

  1. Look at those 2 sub-human cretins. I don’t think they could even qualify as Neanderthals. Why do we no longer use hanging or firing squads again?

    This is an area where Muslims have it right: in cases such as this, the predators are handed over to the victim or victim’s family for justice.

    • Nonsense. In Muslim cultures, the family stones the victim to death because she has dishonored the family by allowing herself to be raped. She is, in their eyes, an adulteress. And if she dies, the perpetrators usually pay a negotiated sum to the family to pay for the loss of her services, and the crime goes away.

    • In Islam, rape become a problem for the male perp if, and only if, four male eyewitnesses stand up in court and testify against the perp.

      If any of them back down, the charge of rape isn’t sustained, and the woman is now guilty of sex outside of wedlock, and can be stoned for shaming the family.

      • You are correct – in rural areas of Pakistan a rape victim would be stoned to death. As for criminal charges, in one of the most horrific cases of injustice a young Saudi Woman who was beaten and gang raped was sentence to six months in jail and 90 lashes with a whip for indecency. Last year her attorney appealed her case, and the Saudi Supreme Court agreed that the trial court did not apply the punishment correctly – they increased the whipping to 200 lashes and suspended the law license of her defense attorney.

        Bottom line – Saudi Arabia is a country ruled by a hate filled religious theocracy that produces a steady stream of Wahabbi Sunni Jihadist terrorists that have murdered Americans. Why their citizens are not included in the travel ban is not only an injustice but poses a continued threat to the American people.

        • Because they have oil money. We only hate poor arabs. We welcome the rich ones to destroy our way of life.

    • Now now… the helicopter has a sacred task and it shall not be used for a lesser purpose. Commies only.

      Though, I would argue that unauthorized entry into a country is a military matter and said invaders should be treated as the illegal combatants they are.

  2. If it’s one teenager that does something like this, my default reaction is to chalk it up to a damaged, sick mind. With three of theminvolved, including a girl, and I have to wonder what the backstory is that led to their humanity getting jettisoned at some point, assuming they ever had any. What kind of twisted cultural cesspool did they came from?

  3. If it’s one teenager that does something like this, my default reaction is to chalk it up to a damaged, sick mind. With three of them involved, including a girl, and I have to wonder what the backstory is that led to their humanity getting jettisoned at some point, assuming they ever had any. What kind of twisted cultural cesspool did they came from?

  4. No one likes my solution of summary execution for gang members until this sort of thing happens. And then, only for a day or two.

    • Interesting twist on the rope; I totally support public hangings. These three deserve no trial, the evidence speaks for itself. Hung at sunrise, cut down at sunset so that they are on display all day. Cremate their asses. If that doesn’t get criminals and gang members attention, keep hanging them.

    • Barbed wire by the balls,then after the balls snap off traditional hanging.The little b#tch who used scalding water burn at the steak

  5. Does Mexican violence really surprise anyone anymore? Low IQ invaders who have absolutely nothing to offer western society.

    They all must go back.

    • As a legitimate immigrant… agreed. On top of that, I would subject the 14th amendment to “reasonable restrictions”. Clearly the authors could not have intended to grant birthright citizenship to children of invaders.

      • Indeed. The founders intended no such thing. They never intended America to become a “nation of immigrants”

        Civic Nationalism is exactly the opposite of what “Ourselves and Our Posterity” was meant to enshrine.

  6. Gwinnett County, suburban Atlanta?
    Well, we can’t blame sanctuaries for this, Atlanta isn’t a sanctuary city, in fact Georgia doesn’t put up with that sort of thing.

    Georgia has outlawed sanctuary cities in the state since 2009.
    Now, why don’t the rest of the states follow suit?

  7. Just when you think criminal scum won’t get scummier…
    You know what should have more brain than these guys? The wall behind them.

  8. Do any of you think a $20 billion wall will stop this? If so, you’re welcome to pay my share.

    The vast majority of illegal immigrants just want to work shitty jobs that our welfare recipients won’t do, so they can send most of their substandard wages back home. I don’t have an issue with these people.

    The ones that join gangs, commit violence, or think they can come here and join the welfare ranks… they are a different story. Drop them back in the middle of Mexico, Guatemala, or whatever shithole they came from. And I hear third world prisons are pretty horrific, so let’s let the government of whatever country these scumbags came from handle their incarcerations. But just in case they don’t do the job, sending them home with a brand on each cheek to make sure they never come back should do the trick.


    FROM U.S.A.

  9. Attention Democrats:
    These incidents fan the flames of denying illegal immigrants sanctuary, except in Democrat majority enclaves like California, when a portion of them are committing crimes. These incidents, these criminals are the reason WHY people are fed up with the Obama era hands off policy of the Federal government who decided under Barry that selective enforcement was the only way forward. This was done to appeal to Hispanic/Latino voters, who vote largely Democrat. You are soft on immigration because of votes and low wage undocumented workers.

    As much as you may dislike and decry the Trump administration’s calls for ICE enforcing laws, you must understand that after 8 years of hands off policy in which these criminals with heavy criminal records, were allowed CONTINUED entry onto US soil, and the victims of their crimes had to eat it for 8 years, are NO LONGER going to stomach more selective enforcement of immigration laws. UNDERSTAND that your wish to enfranchise foreign nationals with the full rights of citizens IS THE REASON YOU LOST YOUR SEAT AT THE TABLE AT EVERY LEVEL OF GOVERNMENT.

    Unlike Hillary, who has the new legal standard of “intent”, the letter of the law is that you are BREAKING THE LAW BY ENTERING THE US ILLEGALLY. Had that standard been in effect, possibly 1 or 2 of the 3 rapists/criminals would not have been able to attack the victim in this case. Had she been carrying at all times, she might have stood a better chance of protecting her human right to not be RAPED, and from sparing her children the horror of witnessing their mothers violation at the hands of illegal immigrant teenager(s)!

  10. Their about as Georgian as I am Ecuadorian.

    Kneecap em, then follow up with multiple gut and lungshots and watch em turn into squirming blood fountains for the last minute or so of their miserable lives.

  11. One more thing. If there was ever a case deserving of the death penalty it would be this one. I doubt, however, that Georgia still has the balls for dishing out appropriate sentences.

    • The death penalty is not on the table under SC precedence. It has nothing to do with the balls of Georgia.

  12. I have a simple rule. You come into my house uninvited, you’re leaving on a gurney for a trip to the Coroner’s office.

  13. Always carry a gun on your person. In the home or out of it, the only time it should be off your body is if you’re in the shower or in bed for the night. then it should be very close and within east reach.

  14. A car tire a can of gas and a match, problem solved. Extreme measures to deal with extreme scumbags.


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