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“We know that there were other teachers who barricaded themselves inside classrooms, and kept steady through it all,” President Obama said at last night’s interfaith memorial service for the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, “and reassured their students by saying ‘wait for the good guys, they’re coming;’ ‘show me your smile.’ And we know that good guys came.” Yes, but they came too late for 20 children and six adults. Perhaps if someone in the school had been armed . . . And while we’re talking about failed rhetoric, am I the only one who thought that the President’s decision to issue a [thinly veiled] call for new gun control during the memorial was an abomination? Has he no shame? No sense of decorum, dignity or respect?

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      • Obama will never have to wait for the good guys he will have them for the rest of his like and you and I pay their salaries and buy their equipment, which includes the very tools they would seek to take from we the people.

        • I saw a post by one Madmatter in the LA times comment section that summed it up nicely – he writes, ” It seems a bit disjointed to place restrictions on sane individuals in the hopes of reigning in the terror imposed by insane individuals. ”

          I concur.

  1. it’s easy to say “wait for the good guys” when you’re protected 24/7/365 by a thousand soldiers, feds, and cops, all armed with weapons that are illegal for us peasants to own without jumping through hoops like a trained dog.

      • Why doesn’t Obama write an Executive Order making the 5000′ around him wherever he goes to be a gun-free zone? Then he won’t need those expensive Secret Service men with all those evil guns.

        Brilliant!! Why didn’t I think of this before!

  2. NPR just lied their asses off. Shocking, I know. Anyway, they said that AR 15s are easily converted to full auto. Really? I’ve personally built about 50 ARs and I have no idea how to make one full auto. But lies are nothing new for the left.

    • You need a different carrier group and sear pin. The lower also needs to be milled out to deal with it as well. The carrier groups are not readily available. If you have a CNC milling station, and some time sure it is easy, but I don’t know many folks with a $20,000 milling system in their garages.. Although I wish I had one.. 😉
      I am sure you could build it on a manual mill and lathe, but the amount of work just for a giggle switch is beyond me…
      Also making such and item with out approval is highly illegal. You would need to check the individual laws in your state though.
      I am assuming if you filed as a manufacturer and built one that would be fine.

      • I myself would rather have 3 round burst capability before full giggle. Like your CNC in the garage idea though.

  3. I support the police. I’ve volunteered to serve under the police without pay to protect our schools. Having said that I also realize that cops are not on site when the shitstorm happens.

    Until I see the pres and his minions speak up for allowing staff and volunteers carry on school grounds I know he is not serious about protecting our kids. He’s only looking to make political gains from this.

    He can prove me wrong and I would welcome him to do it. I would even apologize for the things I’ve said about him. But I honestly don’t believe he’ll give me reason to eat crow.

  4. No Robert, he does not. Obama is an elitist politician and the suffering of the masses of people and individuals are not something he is concerned about. Obama is focused on or rather obsessed with creating his New World Order.

    I don’t think most people will buy into his call to wait and trust for the good guys to arrive. Can you imagine the parents feelings or thoughts when Obama suggested to wait for the good guys while attending the memorial for their own children? Regardless of what the media says that line will be rejected by all but the most lame.

  5. I thought the same exact thing when those words came out. This is fucking disgusting. The bodies are not even cold yet little babies that were murdered and these people all they can think about not even 1 day later is how are we going to change the law. Those families are going through the worst possible thing that can pretty much happen to someone and they have to sit there and listen to a political agenda. Sickening.

  6. A damn pair of scissors in his neck would have worked too. This cowering in a corner or closet crap is not heroism. If those teachers had any knowledge of firearms, they would have known that shielding kids will just get them and the kids killed.

    We are a Nation of run and hide.

    Fucking. Pathetic.

  7. “am I the only one who thought that the President’s decision to issue a [thinly veiled] call for new gun control during the memorial was an abomination? Has he no shame? No sense of decorum, dignity or respect?”

    I’m sure you’re not the only one. But listen to yourself. The time to discuss solutions to a tragedy are….. some indeterminate time after the tragedy? I disagree that any sort of assault weapons ban would have prevented this, that many regulators may make knee-jerk regulations that, again, won’t help. But now is the time to talk about this. After a disaster, the time to address it is right now. When a boat is sinking, you don’t say “let’s take a moment to reflect on this unfortunate situation”, you act. Anyone who cares about their 2nd Amendment rights needs to stop blaming people for “reacting too fast”, etc., and offer meaningful, sensible alternatives (i.e. better mental health care).

    • With respect, Ralph, you’re describing the behavior of every President since the rise of electronic media.

      GWB pretty much declared the War On Terror in his first speech after 9/11. There was no “let us mourn, and tomorrow debate what to do” rhetoric.

        • And let’s not forget that the liberal media still BLASTED him for pausing for a minute or two after he heard what happened so that he could process it and decide what the response would be. They wouldn’t afford him the human response of shock and disbelief.

  8. Why do I carry my firearm?

    Because when seconds count, the police are minutes away.

    No thanks, obama……

    I appreciate my odds in carrying a hell of a lot better than “wait for the good guys”.

  9. He’s a politician. Any of them, on any side, do what is politically advantageous. The fact that it is tacky won’t alter their behavior.

  10. Well with all due respect Mr. President,
    Dawn Hochsprung, Kaitlin Roig, Victoria Soto all did what they could waiting for the good guys to show up. They helped save those precious innocent souls who are OUR children. Unfortunately that did not help them. Now they have their wings and are with G-d watching over the innocents they loved so much who died along with them.
    We may choose, like you, to bury your head in the sand and wait for the good guys, but plainly we can see this is not a plan. It is not a strategy or some sort of illusion of smart idea. It is a death sentence. You can not legislate evil Mr. President. You can not think that we will sit idly by and wait for the government to save us. We the people refuse to be victims. We the people refuse to sit here and place all our faith into the idea that someone will save us.
    When evil comes knocking you have two choices. Be a victim, or fight back and defeat evil where it stands.

  11. When seconds count, police, fire and EMS are minutes away.

    Over the course of a ten year career in Emergency Medical Services, the incidents I have been present to witness as they happened I can count on one hand. Even still I can not jump in front of moving vehicles and stop them.

    Unless the ratio of police officers to citizens is at least 1:1, EMTs 2:1 and firefighters 4:1 and thoes 7 first responders follow every 1 citizen… we will NOT survive waiting for the good guys every time.

    My figures of 2:1 for EMTs, I base on a full ambulance crew. 4:1 for firefighters when following the rule, “two in and two out.”

    • Lets also throw in one ambulance fully equiped, one rescue/engine with a full compliment of firefighting, extrication and technical rescue equipment, and a fully equiped patrol car with a carbine or shotgun and ammo.


      One self sufficiant civillian with a firearam, first aid training and most important… enough common sense to TRY and survive until the good guys come

      On that GOOD GUYS note… are we not all the good guys? Oh wait thats just the first responders and the rest are victims.

      Sounds expensive

  12. This from the same President who told us to save energy by making sure our tires are propey inflated. He simply has no clue how to deal with a tactical situation. And this from our Commander in Chief. Sad. I have slight satisfaction in the fact that I didn’t vote for him. Slight, indeed.

  13. To hell with “wait for the good guys.” If an evil like this erupts in front of me, I WILL BE ONE OF THEM.

    Any politician that would limit the ability of the good guys–all 290 million-plus of us–to stand in front of evil and shoot it down if it threatens our lives and our loved ones, will lose my vote forever. And the vote of anyone who will listen to me (few though they may be). Any organization that promotes civilian disarmament, and thereby defenselessness, will be my enemy forever.

    I pledge this because I’m a parent. I don’t want to hear about any more defenseless children who had no one to protect them when evil came hunting.

    The President said one thing that rings perfectly true: “No single law — no set of laws can eliminate evil from the world, or prevent every senseless act of violence in our society.”

    Yet there is one right, written into the constitution, that gives every good person in this country a fighting chance. We need to make sure all our lawmakers know that putting more restrictions on the good guys isn’t an answer to anything.

    The next time an inhuman killer gets hold of a gun, how many more people will die while waiting for the good guys to arrive?

  14. “Wait for the good guys”. – pretty easy for the most heavily protected individual in history to say.

    But these good guys have no legal obligation to save or protect you individually. They’re also usually on the scene MUCH later than the bad guys or the victims.

    I think I’m a good guy. I even have my good guy card which lets me carry my good guy gun. I think teachers are good guys and gals as well. They should be able to have good guy cards and and good guy weapons as well since they’re good afterall… or we wouldn’t be trusting them with our children!

    You can never take bad things away from bad people. You can, however, give good things to good people.

  15. “Wait for the good guys”, Isn’t that what the Ambassador and the SEALS did in Libya? How’d that work out?

    • Ouch! But, someone else had to say it. Im not tired of saying it.

      Obama is accesory to murder for these events. In some states being an accesory is the same as being the murderer.

      Obama must be impeached, tried and executed for treason for his part in the deaths of Americans on US soil.

  16. Here in douchebag’s hometown you’d be lucky to have the “good guys” show up in 20 minutes. We’ve got 10,000 cops for 2.3 million people of which maybe a 1/3 are on duty at any one time. No one in the right mind would wait for anyone if they felt their life was in danger. Good grief.

    Also it should be noted that the best time to burglar a home here are the big bar nights – St. Pat’s, Halloween, etc… The CPD ignores all home alarm and disturbance calls because of man power issues. On those nights the “good guys” are attempting to maintain peace amongst the drunk yuppies and suburbanites.

  17. Wait for the “good guys,” huh? Once again, the junior senator from Illinois shows his lack of experience and inability to fulfill his responsibilities as President of the United States. His advice seems to severely contradict multiple rulings by the Judicial Branch of government. I urge everyone (both pro-gun and anti-gun) to read up on Warren vs. District of Columbia and Castle Rock vs. Gonzales. To the pro-gun crowd…this may give you something more substantive when debating the merits of an armed society. To the anti-gun crowd…maybe this will enlighten you as to why the 2nd Amendment is a necessity.

  18. Mr. Obama,
    I sincerely invite you to join me in a Midnight stroll through the 5 Burroughs in New York on a Friday or Saturday night without your Secret Service and without any weapons, police and/or security.
    In deference to your views on the need to enact greater gun control laws I will leave my concealed carry weapon at home and will only wear a t shirt, jeans and running shoes while we discuss the reason you feel we do not need the means to protect ourselves.

    • Afterwards Mr. President you are cordialy invited to take a tour with me through the following neighborhoods of Memphis;

      Orange Mound
      Hickory Hill

      W can end the night taking a walk down Tillman which even with the police station is a “lovley” place.

      By the way Mr. President, I had a man with psychiatric issues randomly climb on my ambulance one night. We were forced to abandon the ambulance, walk away and WAIT for the good guys who though seconds away took several minutes.

  19. Yes, his political maneuvering at a memorial was shameful and an embarrassment. No big surprise though–not after the way he inserted himself into the Zimmerman controversy.

    I’ve always regarded a “Commander in Chief” who has never served to be a bit of an oxymoron. Of course his strategy would be to wait for the good guys to come. The good guys are duty bound to come for him now and for the rest of his life. A need for self-reliance? Not for the rest his lifetime.

  20. “am I the only one who thought that the President’s decision to issue a [thinly veiled] call for new gun control during the memorial was an abomination? Has he no shame? No sense of decorum, dignity or respect?”

    No, and neither do the media or any other politician for that matter. When the news first broke about this Friday, within 5 minutes the talking heads were already spouting about gun control. Hizzoner was on TV about 2 hours into it spewing the same BS.

  21. 48 hours later, some clarity. This article is a shameful misrepresentation of what the president actually said — and meant — in that speech on that day.

    He was honoring the courage and innocence of the victims, who had no choice but to wait for the good guys.

    Only the disingenuous or the rhetorically ignorant could really believe the president meant anything else by that speech. I’m pretty sure Robert Farago is neither of those things, so I’m going to chalk it up to haste and the emotional circumstances.

    I should have known better than to respond to this article before reading the source (although I stand by my words). READ THE TRANSCRIPT. Take the words at face value. Think about why they’re being said: 27 defenseless people, most of them children, were killed by a lunatic. That’s why we’re talking right now. Everything else we’re yakking about is just a secondary consequence.

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