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Pick up a loaded AK clone, point it at your boyfriend’s face at point blank range while you pin him to the bed. The gun just “went off.”  He’s dead and the woman is charged with negligent homicide.


According to court paperwork, (Gabriella) Hardee and her boyfriend, Rosario Leon, were getting ready to check out of the room when they jumped onto the bed together.

Hardee admitted to picking up the gun that was on the bed next to Leon. She picked up the weapon, put her hand on the trigger and the weapon discharged. She told officers she pointed the gun at a downward angle that was directly at her boyfriend’s head.

She believed that if she did not squeeze the trigger, it would not discharge.

It no doubt didn’t.

Fatal gun accidents have become quite rare in the United States. There are only about 500 a year. That’s down from 3200 in 1932. The per capita rate of fatal gun accidents has dropped by 94% in that time period.

It doesn’t appear that Hardee had any firearms safety training.  From

Police said based on the knowledge Hardee had that Leon usually had ammunition in the weapon and Hardee had seen it being discharged and knew it was a deadly weapon that she was operating carelessly, she will be charged with negligent homicide.

The case seems a classic example of what criminologist Gary Kleck wrote about in “Point Blank: Guns and Violence in America” the classic text on guns, gun use, crime and gun control in America. From Point Blank, page 297 in the chapter on “Reducing Gun Accidents”:

Concerning the second premise, many gun accidents, perhaps the majority of them, involve chronically reckless people whose impulsiveness, emotional immaturity, or alcoholism cannot be eliminated by a few hours of safety training.

When those words were written in 1991, fatal gun accidents were occuring at a rate of .57 per 100,000.  In 2013, that figure had been reduced to .16 per 100,000. That is a 67% drop in only 23 years, so Mr. Kleck may have been a little pessimistic. Perhaps a high school course in gun safety would have made a difference. Then again, maybe not.

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  1. Booze + weed + loaded AK = bad result

    Unless he seriously thought he’d unloaded the weapon, I can’t imagine he wasn’t panicking when she pointed it at him.

    Given that he was in bed, for an out of town booty call, I’d be willing to say that a check of their cell phones would show he was ending it and she shot him while he was asleep.

  2. Safety classes in high school are a good idea. But that assumes she went to high school. I’ve had pet hamsters that had a brighter look on their face.

  3. Well never mind negligence with a firearm. She obviously shouldn’t own a car, or have a drivers license! I suggest legislation to close all these loopholes. Expanded Obama-Care Mental Healthcare screenings and expanded universal criminal background checks for all drivers licenses, and car ownership. A car is more deadly than a simple firearm. And every one has a car, or truck, suv, etc…Im going to petition Hillary “AOL” Clinton, and the DNC to help me start “Every town for car and driver safety. ” I need a few Hollyweird D-bags to help support my cause…So , let see….JJ Abrams–*(wait didn’t he do a Scifi/military action film about an armed rebellion composed of angry Galactic citizens, and Space Samurai/ Shaolin type space Monks…? )* Oh, and let’s not forget Jennifer Lawrence *(wait..Didn’t she do a Scifi military action film about armed gladiatorial games and an armed rebellion against an authoritarian Government in an apocalyptic future…?!)* Cool ! A real dooshy Broad…Oh, and Matt Damon…*(Wait, didn’t he do a movie about a lone man fighting government corruption, super-soilders, genetic augmentation, fighting fascist military special ops, etc….)* Yeah, great another Libtard fascist Hollyweird hypocrite actor….I need more support for my social cause……

  4. If only she were a cop, the Force Science Institute would call this negligent homicide an “unintended whoopsie”.

  5. This seems real sketch to me, like she thought she could be like “the gun just went off.”

    Regardless drunken debauchery is no place for a firearm. There is no reason Negligent Homicide shouldn’t stick it’s akin to driving drunk and killing someone.

    In terms of the HS class I actually agree it’s a great idea. Not that most kids shouldn’t understand what it is to safely handle a gun by the time they’re in HS but a refresher for those who know and a lesson for those who don’t in such things isn’t a bad thing by any means. It also helps take away the ignorance that is used agaisnt POTG by the media.

  6. many gun accidents, perhaps the majority of them, involve chronically reckless people whose impulsiveness, emotional immaturity, or alcoholism cannot be eliminated by a few hours of safety training.

    Many others are only classified as accidents in the first place because of a lack of hard evidence to disprove whatever half-baked, cockamamie story was concocted to cover the real crime.

  7. whut kinda woman would crawl into a bed with a AK in thuh firs’ place? his gun not big enough?

    people’s idea of romance setting is gittin’ weird.

  8. I think it’s likely she did him point blank in a fit of rage and then freaked out… ‘I didnt mean to, the gun just went off, you know like they say on the news all the time’.

  9. There’s a comedian (forgive me for not remembering his name) who does a routine about women being crazy and men liking that because it makes the sexy times crazy, and that this comedian had read a news article about a woman who beat her man to death with a shoe, and the comedian was like Ooooooh Yeaaaah that had to be great crazy love between the two of them because she had to be crazy. Then the comedian muses to himself and says something like ‘the sad part is, I bet that guy, after the first few hits with the shoe, was like “Ohhhh Yeaaaahhh we’re gonna do that crazy shoe thing again” ‘.

    So, long story short, let’s just hope it was the crazy love thing, and that he died happy.

  10. Don’t do stupid things with stupid people in stupid places.

    That really should be elevated to the fifth immutable gun safety rule.

  11. She purposely pointed the rifle at his head, purposely pulled the trigger and killed him.

    I must be missing the accident part.

  12. Ak, make yo face cook to the side, now when u smile everybody gotta look from tha side….. lil wayne

  13. She believed that if she did not squeeze the trigger, it would not discharge.

    Are we sure it’s an AK clone, and not an SKS clone? This is the American media, after all.
    If it was an SKS, perhaps the force of the jump caused the free-floating firing pin to activate the primer. 😉

    • Please stop repeating this ridiculous wife’s tale and denigrating a venerable weapon. The free floating firing pin never causes discharge. Now if you’re too fn lazy to clean your gun and it gets stuck in the forward position, slam fire (or unintentional full auto until empty) may occur. The firing pin of an AR is also free floating.

  14. Fatal gun accidents always seem to involve at least two people afflicted with terminal stupidity.

  15. So you can point a gun at someone’s head, pull the trigger and then just say you didn’t mean to and all you catch is a negligent homicide charge?

  16. Why would he have a loaded AK on the bed next to him while playing around with his girl? Seems kind of like a Darwin Award attempt to me.

  17. ‘Negligent’ you say? I’d have to say it went entirely to plan. She knew the weapon was loaded, she knew how it worked and proceeded to acquire her target and bring him promptly to room temperature, and let’s not forget the Crazy Girlfriend eyes.

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