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Comment banned by Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America (courtesy Facebook)

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America (a wholly owned subsidiary of Mike Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns) reads your pro-gun rights comments when you post them on their Facebook page. And then deletes them. And bans you. For example, they sent TTAG reader Tivadar Lucas‘ comment [above] into the memory hole and hit the block button. Of course MDA has no legal obligation to publish dissenting opinions. But it is annoying that a group that claims to support the Second Amendment has such little enthusiasm for the First. Anyway, we know that Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America reads TTAG. In the interest of furthering the “discussion” on “gun safety,” feel free to post a message to MDA below. We’ll collect them and send them in an email. Be civil. All obscene messages [Dirk] will be deleted. And no, that’s not hypocritical. That’s common sense!

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  1. A one sided discussion is a lecture. My mom already does that job, and does it well. And she is also a law abiding gin owner! You can’t call it a conversation when you resort to distorting facts and name calling.

    • *law abiding gun owner* …before the accusations fly that my mom’s a lush! Heh, I’d be suprised if my mom has ever had gin…anything more than communion wine is probably out of the question.

    • Tyler is right, why does MDA shun the Bill of Rights? If MDA doesnt agree with a statement why do they delete it? Does the truth hurt that much? Are they afraid of educated debate?

      • The first amendment specifically refers to the freedom of speech with respect to the government. A private entity on a privately owned website can silence critics as much as they want, regardless of how contrary to the absolute BS line they like to claim that they desire a conversation on gun laws.

    • I really think it has nothing to do with civil rights, I think it is all about money and that Shannon has Bloomey where she wants him and she is just enjoying the ride. Throwing little itty biddy “demonstrations” with 2 or 3 of their followers is nothing more than doing what she has to in order to keep Bloomey’s money flowing in to her pockets. But hey, if he is that freaking stupid (and that may be a compliment) then he deserves it.

  2. A waste of time. Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America (a wholly owned subsidiary of Mike Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns) does not believe in freedom. Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America (a wholly owned subsidiary of Mike Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns) doesn’t truly believe in common sense. Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America (a wholly owned subsidiary of Mike Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns) does not believe in “facts” or “critical thinking” Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America (a wholly owned subsidiary of Mike Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns) want to use the “common sense” argument to infer their opponents don’t use it and that Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America (a wholly owned subsidiary of Mike Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns) does, and therefore Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America (a wholly owned subsidiary of Mike Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns)’s illogical statements are true. And they are not.

  3. What makes you think you have more rights then I do? You can block any dissenting comments while claiming to support the right to free speech all you like, your little coffee klatch will fade away just like Mark & Kelly Gifford’s group is fading into a distant memory. Tell your boss (Bloomberg) that no matter how much money he spends, the 2nd Amendment will always remain in force.

  4. I sincerely hope from the bottom of my heart that one day, you or your loved ones are in a position in which a responsible, law abiding, gun owning citizen of these United States has the ability and power to save your life, recognizes you for what you are, and chooses not to. I can only hope that then you can feel the desperation and fear and disappointment of the many people who have died in violent gun related crimes in “gun free” zones, or because they were unarmed due to the policies you and your kind are trying to propagate.

    • +1 but I want to add, I hope it is caught on tape so we can make our own highlight reel and pass the popcorn.

    • I would hope that the responsible, law abiding, gun owning citizen of these United States chooses to intervene. You don’t win hearts and minds by sinking to their level.

      We must be better than those we oppose.

      • Anon, I agree completely.

        “which a responsible, law abiding, gun owning citizen of these United States”

        Such a person would never, I say again NEVER hesitate to defend another citizen of their life, their children’s lives, or even their property, REGARDLESS of their political or religious views, social or economic status, et al. As citizens, we are all equal under the Constitution. I am sworn under oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, and vis a vis the citizens which are as equal as myself.

        Even the Geneva Conventions require wounded enemy combatants to receive medical treatment.

        As a daily CCWer, in the event I am involved in a DGU, IF I still have the physical and mental means to do so, I will even attempt first aid on the perp. I know, go ahead and flame me, but it would help my soon to come legal case, and said perp is a citizen also (I can only assume that at the time). He’s just having a bad life and making bad choices.

        Mr. Farago, please edit out the large percentage of inappropriate comments (including this off topic rant), most of them are not going to help.

        • Dirk, you’re one sick puppy, but hey, 1A rights are 1A rights.

          Let’s just send the Action Mommies some rational, thought based comments.

          I can’t come up with one, there’s too many for those emotional dish rags, an’ I got chores to do. Momma’s giving me the stink eye. MDA – apologies for the name calling, I slipped. (The high road, the high road, ohmmm…)

    • They’d miss it because they’d be too busy trying to soil themselves per the Democrat recommendation.

  5. I asked a simple question on the Facebook pages for their National, Tennessee and South Carolina chapters.

    1. Why does MDA delete any opposing discussion and pan the poster? (Nat., TN and SC)
    2. Does MDA – SC really believe that posting signs in SC restaurants to deter law abiding CWP holders will deter the criminal element? (MDA – SC)

    Deleted and banned. All three pages. Its easy to present a fallacy as truth when you don’t allow discussion.

  6. I like the comment at the very top, it partially covered.

    It mentions there being almost no (gun control) laws thanks to the NRA and Us.

    They’re either kidding, ignorant, or insane.

    • I particularly like part of that cut off comment: “The law that lets you walk into a gun show and walk out with guns.”

    • @ Nine
      None of those three; MDA are deceitful liars preaching propaganda they know full well will be broadcast by the sympathetic mainstream media to gullible uninformed people who have no true understanding of the facts or issues involved in the antis’ ultimate goal to confiscate all guns from the American people.
      This is compounded by many in MDA truly believing the weaselcrap being put out because they themselves don’t know any better.

  7. I never understood why it is so abhorrent for a teacher to carry a concealed firearm within a school. Given even a small amount of research, you will find that concealed carry permit holders have the least amount of criminal arrests of any segment in society. The arrest rate of concealed carry permit holders is in fact several times lower than police officers. Also, civilian shooters are more accurate in actual shootings than police officers, and are even less likely to shoot the wrong target.

    “Gun Free Zones” allow an armed murderer to commit multiple atrocities before encountering any effective resistance. We have seen the effects of Gun Free Zones such as Sandy Hook, Fort Hood, Aurora, etc. We’ve also seen that an armed defender confronting a shooter can stop them cold in the Clackamass mall or in Colorado schools. I continue to be confused by your misguided attempts to create more “Gun Free Zones” across the nation.

    • “I never understood why it is so abhorrent for a teacher to carry a concealed firearm within a school.”

      I’ve never understood that, either. “I trust you enough to take my 4-year-old Kindergartener to the bathroom, but not quite enough to carry something that might protect her life”.

    • Outstanding. I could not agree more. Fear of weapons will only make these horrific atrocities worse. Real gun sense in America would be understanding that they are a part of who we are as a nation and are/can continue to be used largely to positive ends.

  8. so I guess asking Shannon what color panties she has on is verbotten?

    hmmm, ok – for a group that says it wants “dialogue” and common sense, why do you delete comments you don’t agree with? Why not engage the dissenter in conversation and demonstrate the superiority of your argument? Why not show your allegiance to the First Amendment and encourage those who rights you want to curtail why your views should prevail or why you believe that our understanding of the 2nd Amendment (vis-a-vis Dick Metcalf) is improper? Even pro-choice and pro-lifers can have an honest debate and try to find common ground (ie, too many teen births out of wedlock).

    • She is not old enough to be in the Red Hat Society so she is working real hard to get into the Blue Thong Society. That should deflate your willie.

      • since her husband John was in the health care field (before he mysteriously left Wellpoint (aka Blue Cross) with a fat golden parachute), I am sure he has some performance bedroom medication he would not mind sharing with me while he watches us as he sits in the corner

    • Dirk, they feel that THEIR first amendment is more important than YOUR first amendment! FYI, MDA, all amendments, regardless of order written down, have equal importance and weight of the law.

  9. I posted on their site yesterday under the article where a lady was selling an AR15 and said she isn’t performing a background check. Good try with that one MDA. The next time you try to “sell” a firearm, do more research. People in the gun community don’t talk that way. Clip…come on, it’s a magazine. That was the main indicator it was a bait post.

    • I sent a screenshot of that one to Robert. Very fishy – when do you see dust covers and forward assists being specifically listed as features on an AR? It was clearly written by someone who has no idea what they’re talking about.

      • You took a screen shot of my comment blinky? If so, that’s awesome. I instantly called BS. Seemed to me it was a MDA member trying to get a pic for their poster. Oh, and my comment was deleted.

    • The main indicator to me was the little “I don’t do a background check. 😉 ” comment included in that screenshot. Why bring that up? Especially with the little ” 😉 “?
      Obvious effort to attack private sales.

      If you want to support something “common sense” that I can get behind, how about an act allowing private sellers to run background checks on their own?

  10. 1. Do you understand what “Shall not be infringed” means?

    2. Why is Shannon Watts’ boy such a chicken shit?

    3. Alcohol, doctors, and cigarettes kill more per year than firearms (up and beyond 10x more a year)…why go after that?

    4. How much $$$ does Shannon Watts make from MAIG/MDA?

    5. If you ban all firearms, only criminals will have access to them, what will happen when you are being attacked?

    6. What is MDA’s response to the video of the woman being beaten in her own home last year while her child was watching and she could not defend herself?

    7. What are you going to do when you are being robbed or attacked and police is 7 minutes away?

    8. Why all the banning on Facebook?

    9. If there was an armed teacher at Newtown, do you think there would of been as many deaths?

    10. Does MDA realize that criminals do not obey laws?

    11. Does MDA realize that all this “common sense” will have no affect on criminals?

    12. Does MDA realize that criminals do not follow the rules laid out by Gun Free Zones?

    • I would like to add a little to your questions. When the criminals still have firearms and I do not who are you going to call? The police who have no obligation / duty to protect or defend you?

    • What do you not understand about “well regulated” militia… But, what about the children… No one NEEDS an assault weapons… Mag limits and ammo restrictions are just common sense… We should adopt laws like Austri…

      OK, I’m done, I just wanted to do that for a little bit and see what it felt like, carry on.

  11. I’ve already been banned from the moms with no sense page for making a comment wondering if rep McCarthy will now know the diff between a cheek weld and a barrel shroud…

  12. If you don’t have actual experience with guns you learn about them in the movies. In the movies, three types of people use guns: criminals, policemen, and absolute idiots. This is a gross caricature which is far from true. In America, roughly 50% of the homes possess a firearm. Furthermore, there is a huge shooting culture which is never reported about in the mainstream media. For example, were you aware of Shot Show last week? It is one of the largest tradeshows in North America. All the firearms dealers from the country are there, and there were over 67,000 people in attendance? Do you know that the firearms industry provides over $100 billion of revenue every year? Do you know that almost 1,000,000 people are employed in the firearms industry?
    Unfortunately, the media tends to promote the stereotype. When you watch the media all you see are shootings by criminals. They would rather portray firearms owners as idiots, than as regular people who enjoy the sport. Politicians as well often pass laws based on complete ignorance. You don’t need to look very far to find a politician making a completely incorrect statement about firearms and firearms usage.
    The solution to ignorance is information. This is a public service announcement brought to you by me.

  13. STOP. LYING. State your real goal. Civilian disarmament. We know it. You know it. Just come right out and admit it. Stop pretending you support the 2A. You don’t.

    You have all the right under the 1st Amendment to think no one should be allowed to own guns. But the worst part about groups like yours, is all the dishonesty and downright false information in your sales pitch. That is why you have zero credibility.

    You know openly advocating for the complete disarmament of the citizens of this country is politically hazardous, but in reality you would love such an outcome. JUST CONFESS.

  14. Dear Moms,
    It’s sad that guns fill you with so much fear.
    It’s more sad that you feel that infringing upon my civil rights will somehow make you safer. The saddest thing of all is that you won’t see that making good people defenseless doesn’t make bad people harmless. I understand you feel you have to do something about protecting yourself from bad people with guns but the only sure way to do that is to arm yourselves not to try to make the bad scary guns go away.

  15. The other day I saw an MDA Sticker, along with an, “I love Obamacare” sticker on the back of your stereotypical MDA mother. White, middle age, driving an expensive car.. We were on a street corner, and there was this homeless Vet looking for a bite to eat really. He walked up to her car just to ask, and she screamed at him and told him to get away from her.

    Needless to say, I walked out and right up to her, pointed out her “Obamacare” sticker and stated, “I thought you wanted to help the poor an unfortunate?” Before she could even say anything, I said, “Let me help you out.” popped a $100 bill from my wallet and gave it to the Veteran, then told her, “It’s all good and dandy to help other people out, as long as it is not your money that’s being used is it? It’s okay, you can go on driving to your $500,000 multi-room home in your expensive, rich country club neighborhood knowing that you helped somebody today.. With somebody elses money. I hope that it stays in your mind.” And then simply walked back to my car while the homeless Vet was thanking me. I told him that some people pretend to represent something they are not just so they can sleep at night, and that he had encountered one such person today.

    Needless to say, if this is the kind of people that represent MDA.. I’m not surprised nobody gives 2 shits about what they have to say.

  16. I am very curious, as I am sure other regular readers of this site are, why do you hate your children so much? Statistics have routinely shown that DECREASED firearm regulation has had a positive impact on violent crime. Quite frankly: the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

    If your agenda were to become the status quo in the United States then the police would be the only civilians able to own a firearm, meaning that they would be the only line of defense between your children and unthinkable harm. The police very rarely prevent crime. In fact, in most cases, they are not allowed to intervene until a crime has been committed. That would violate the civil rights of the *potential* offender.

    Therefore the only course of action for the police is to REACT to a crime. They respond after the fact. In some cases they can intervene in the middle of a crime, but at that point some damage has been done.

    Personally, I have a high regard for the life of my daughter. Probably higher than the regard I hold for my own. I would GLADLY do anything to spare her from harm. That includes carrying a firearm whenever and wherever I am able. I would rather not leave it to chance that she is one of the ones lucky enough to be saved by police intervention.

    So, again, my question is simple: why do you hate your children?

    • exactly. I would gladly trade my life for that of my children and wife. any day. that is my obligation. What about you, John Watts? What Shannon make you say when you get asked this questions.

  17. Talk about an AstroTurf organization… they mustered a whole three “moms” for the Staples photo-op. Of course they furiously delete online comments; they’re vastly outnumbered there too. The country ain’t buyin what they’re sellin.

  18. Maybe I am old school, but when I was in school we didn’t have these gun free zones. during hunting season most vehicles in the parking lot had guns and shotguns in them. All of these guns at school and ZERO school shootings. In fifteel years only one student was ever shot and that was a hunting accident off school grounds while hunting with family. Just maybe it is time for some real common sense about guns in america. All students should be taught gun safety in school. When we were taught gun safety in schools we never had school shooting.

    You are willing to force/teach sex ed in schools for the prupose of reducing STDs and teen pregnancies. So far this has not worked out well for the students. When gun safety was part of the school cirriculum we had NO school shootings. The gun free schools policy has obviously failed. Common sense would dictate go back to what worked for generations, TEACH GUN SAFETY IN SCHOOLS, it had a proven track record.

    • +1 and Agreed. Statement for transfer as follows.

      Moms, please push for mandatory national firearms education in our schools.

      As a Young Liberal Firearm Owner (sometimes referred to as “Mythical”), I could have benefited from an organized, freely available course or preferably courses that taught me both safe firearms handling, firearms law, and the short version of the politically unedited (explicitly historical rather than revisionist or overly analytical) role of firearms in world history and in our great nation. Unfortunately, these programs (and other, similar courses, such as woodshop and driver/automobile education) had been removed by the time I made it through the public school system.

      As older (relatively speaking) members of our society, I would argue that allowing these educational courses to be eliminated was an oversight on your part. Please, let’s fix that mistake together.

      Of course, when people are really properly educated about guns, they regard your position as moot, so consider this statement as:

      A) a serious proposal from a younger member of the society with a different point of view that you happen to also explicitly aim to protect

      B) me calling your bluff on actionable and reasonable policies regarding the future of firearms in Our United States of America.

      If you’re willing to post this statement (removing the last 12 lines above) on your national web page, as a call to action for publicly available firearms training and historical education, I will happily provide you with my real name for publication, but only in support of all parts of this stated policy, quoted verbatim, via a request through RF here at TTAG.

      Sincerely, AmericanSpirit

  19. Moms,

    For being socommon sense, you certainly have an irrational fear of an inanimate object, law abiding citizens, statistics, and any discourse that doesn’t trumpet your own discredited talking points.

  20. Why is it when a business complies with the wishes of the MDA (EG: banning firearms on premises), they’re accepting popular wisdom but when gun owners make their wishes known, “the gun nuts” are bullying said business?

  21. How many members do you really have? Yes, we all know that 100,000 bored housewives liked you on facebook or put their e-mail address into your website when civilian disarmament was the most fashionable cause around last year, but any time your group shows up in public, there’s like 5 women and 3 children. So where are your “members”? Are they just shy bunnies? Or is it that your group is really just Shannon Watts manipulating the ever-willing media backed by perhaps 300 unemployed or retired agitators nationwide? I’m pretty certain it’s the latter. Also, keep in mind that the “evil” NRA has probably 100 times as many members, except they actually pay dues, donate money, show up at rallies and most importantly, the polls.

  22. MDA isn’t civil to our side of the argument. As such, I have nothing civil to say to them in return. Even if I did, they’re only interested in “dialogue” that involves “us” giving and “them” taking. They are a cancer to our civil liberties. God damn them.

  23. How can a just consensus on guns be reaches if the voices of common gun owners are muzzled? Nothing meaningful and lasting will ever be obtained through isolation and repression.

  24. Why does MDA hate children?
    I can only assume that MDA is fully aware of the dichotomy of protecting government officials with armed guards, because they are important; and of protecting our children with “gun free zone” signs. Yet MDA advocates for expanding so called “gun free zones”

    Why does MDA hate poor people?
    The poor, and underprivileged are unfairly affected by bans on legal firearm ownership in public housing, and are effectively denied the right to carry firearms for personal protection by unnessary and costly regulation and application fees for concealed carry permits. Yet MDA advocates for costly and burdensome processes to restrict legal carrying of firearms

    Why is MDA racist?
    Minorities are disproportionally affected by violence already, and by advocating for fewer firearms in the hands of legal and law-abiding citizens, minorities are disarmed and put in mortal risk to a greater degree than non-minorities.
    Yet MDA advocates laws that would increase the cost and difficulty of obtaining life saving tools such as semi-automatic pistols and shotguns.

    Why does MDA hate women?
    Women, especially those of college age, have been recognized as being exposed to a virtual epidemic of sexual assault and violence. Yet the MDA continues to advocating for keeping a college campus a “gun free zone” which puts women at a marked disadvantage to her often larger, stronger attacker. Furthermore, a criminal intent on committing assault will often, shockingly, break other laws. Laws such as no legal possession of firearms.

    Why does MDA hate the concept of a citizen?
    A subject is disarmed and abused at the whim of her government.
    A citizen is armed and chooses at her whim what her government will be.

    • Here’s one to sum all that up…Why isn’t what WDA does and says portrayed as the hate speech it is? Why is what they do considered a direct attack on the law of the land, The Constitution…why are these groups not seen as criminals themselves? Why haven’t they been soon for false statements involving the public safety, ethics violations and/or libelous and deliberate, willful acts of violating our rights and the law of the land. They are in essence advocating for breaking the law are they not? It should be seen for what it trul is…defamation of character in regards to legal and law abiding gun owners.

  25. Why do you found an entire organization on an emotional appeal? It’s frankly appalling that you use the term “moms” like your own pet trump card when in actuality it all comes off as so disingenuous as to have no meaning. If you want to further any meaningful discussion cut the crap and bring your adult pants.

  26. Instead of posting a message here, I would rather send a personal email to all of MDA’s members.

    RF, please post the email addresses for both of them.

        • PLEASE tell me the number on the MDA website is HER number…..that would be even (mildly) worse than registering the corp. with her home address…

        • I wish. although her husband John Watts is from the GA area (which is the same area code as the 404 they list on their site) and his ex wife lives in suburban atlanta (near John’s brother, who is also a health care exec (but his wife is hot MILF material, likes to drink/party and looks like she would be a hoot), no – I found Shannon’s number thru simple Google-foo skillz.

    • “both of them”…… Aww come one Ralph, the photo at the top shows three (LOL) Actually I nearly hurt myself suppressing my laughter at your post because my boss was 10 feet away. “both of them”…. that sir is golly gee whiz funny!!!!!

  27. How about all the censorship you engage in on Twitter. Not content enough to remove opposing views on your Facebook, you get Twitter to suspend and or remove members that either parody your group or get too strident with their opposition.

    You seem to be totally silent when it comes to police abuse with firearms and negligent discharges. MDA must believe that government is infallible.

    Neither Shannon Watts nor any member of MDA wants to answer this question. Suppose you get the kind of gun bans, registration and magazine restrictions passed. The majority of gun owners defy bans or mandatory registration. Do you endorse the use of force or violence to enforce such bans? Think carefully before you answer because your group claims to be anti gun violence. The real reason why you wont answer this question is because if you were transparent, you would reveal yourselves to be the fascists statists and totalitarians that you are.

  28. You should rename yourselves “Moms for Mothering” and work on putting back together all of America’s broken families (who produce the vast majority of violent criminals, including spree shooters like Aaron Alexis and Adam Lanza).

  29. How can I delicately put this moms?, you have been brainwashed into giving your lives for POS criminals. I took my CC class with a 72 year old lady who was going to carry a 38 special revolver in her purse. If a rapist would attack this lady she would end his & societies problem, permanently. You can have big gubment watch over you for the rest of your life & if you run into the wrong person it will be short one indeed. But always remember moms, obamas kids are very special & yours are worthless. Have a nice day, Randy

  30. One question I would really like answered by MDA: If you succeed in disarming all law-abiding US citizens, are you and Boss Bloomberg willing to take all civil and criminal liability and responsibility for every one of those law-abiding citizens that suffer financial loss, bodily harm, or death at the hands of armed criminals? Because nothing I have seen that you propose or support will keep firearms out of the hands of criminals, only law-abiding citizens.

  31. Yep. Yesterday I posted a short, simple question to their fb page: “Are you proposing to ban shotguns?”

    They deleted my post and I can no longer post comments to their fb page.

  32. Thank you mothers for alerting me to the fact that Staples supports the 2nd amendment. It will now be my “go to” store for all my office and computer needs. Any other businesses you like us to know about, please feel free to share. For every dollar your little group doesn’t spend at Staples and others, the 5,000,000 members of the NRA plus all the other firearms owners can spend $1000 in support.

    Oh, and by the way, since you have made it abundantly clear that your little group does not support the first or second amendments to the U.S. Constitution, I can’t help but wonder what other parts do you not like? And why are you so fervantly trying to interfere with the LEGAL activities that LAW ABIDING citizens do? I am sure that no one has told any of you that you HAVE to get a gun, I sure would not force anyone so afraid of an inanimate object to own one any more than I would insist on a vegetarian having to eat meat. It’s wrong to push my beliefs on others You are totally free to forth into the world unarmed and clueless, but it is wrong for you to insist that I join you in that. Please remember that when trouble is imediate, that the police you rely so heavily on to protect you are minutes (perhaps hours) away.

  33. Funny how you people consistently claim there are “no gun laws thanks to the NRA”.

    You people conveniently forget the unarguable fact that there are a lot of gun laws on the books — over 26,000 of them at the local, state, and federal levels. That started with the passage of the National Firearms Act in 1934. 80 years of abject failure should tell you that your way is wrong.

    Funny how you people conveniently forget the undeniable fact that there are more laws for guns than literally every other thing under the Sun in this country.

    Firearms have for a fact been more heavily regulated, for the last 80 years, more than the auto industry is today.

    Funny how you people conveniently forget the immutable fact that you are directly responsible for all of these shooting deaths and injuries thanks to your failed Wars on Drugs, Crime, and Poverty that are creating the conditions for these things to happen in the first place.

    ALL but two of the last 67 mass-casualty shootings since 1982 have in fact happened in YOUR so-called “Gun-Free Zones”. States that have the most restrictive gun control laws do have higher crime rates — and more crime involving firearms — than States that don’t.

    Funny how you people constantly conflate criminals with law-abiding citizens simply for the fact that some of them own guns.

    You are and always have been the very first to condemn us and yes, even our f***ing families, with violence before anybody even breathes a g**damn word to you about anything. You paint us with your over-broad, racist, sexist, anti-rights, and anti-Humanist brush just to project your unbridled hate onto us.

    Funny how you people are falsely clambering for a national “conversation” about gun violence but literally shout-down and ban anybody and everybody who even slightly disagrees with you.

    You don’t want “discussion” or “compromise”. You never did and you never will. You want capitulation. Complete and total.

    And instead of filing your IRS 990 form and suffer the eternal embarrassment of having nothing to show for all your smug, naive gerrymandering, your billionaire sugar-daddy Mikey Bloomberg just so happened to save you just in the nick of time.

    Oh, and by the way, his own organization is still hosted on NYC government servers and uses city IT employees to maintain it. Not to mention that almost one-quarter of his organization’s membership are convicted felons themselves. All of their criminal records are matter of public record. You are the one consorting with and, yes, even supporting criminality. Not to mention the fact that you’re a millionaire yourself, you’ve never lost anybody to violence, and you’re absolutely nothing akin to the middle-class soccer moms that you’re trying to connect with.

    You’ve never struggled for a single day in your sheltered, pampered, over-privileged life.

    I’m not worried about you. You’re just another passing fad to be lost to the annuls of mediocrity by this time next year. Just another naive, wet-behind-ears nobody who’s completely oblivious to the ways of the real world, all while you look out across your manicured lawn, in your gated community, protected by armed security 24/7, through your rose-tinted lenses. Hope you liked your 15 minutes of fame, because that’s all you’re getting.

    Have a nice life, Mrs. Nobody.

  34. You are willing to give up your freedoms for the illusion of safety. That’s fine. Stop trying to make me do the same.

    I suspect if MDA/MAIG cared what any of us thought, they wouldn’t ban all dissenting opinions from their Facebook and Twitter feeds. I’m perfectly willing to talk, if you are willing to listen. Clearly, you are not willing to listen.

  35. My question is whether they’d ever consider a serious debate on the topics of civil rights and gun control. Send Shannon Watts and a half-dozen of her best “moms” to debate the folks from SAF, CCRKBA, or even TTAG. Let a truly disinterested moderator write the questions.

    THEN, I would challenge them that once their prejudices and fears are put asunder, that any points which come up in the debate which are proven by the pro-2A group, that the MDA/MAIG organization STOP using any of those wrong, deceitful, or illogical arguments from their propaganda war.

    Oh, and stop deleting and banning people who have a difference of opinion (or a better grasp on FACTS) from the comments section of their FB (or other) pages.

  36. Not. One. More. Step. Back.

    You can’t legislate bad actions of bad people. You simply make it harder for the good people to have access.

    And if you’re willing to learn about firearms from those of us who are responsible citizens (and/or our female significant others, just so you don’t feel threatened or bullied by male influence), we are willing to help you learn. Anyone can change.

    We see your side. We see the holes in the logic. We see that what you are proposing won’t change anything.

    Now come see our side. With an open mind.

  37. We are a nation of laws , if you ignore the Bill of Rights, we become a nation of Slaves, and believe it or not guns have stopped more crime than the police EVER will…

  38. It’s so funny that MDA’s opponents VASTLY outnumber their proponents on almost all forms of social media (FB being the exception since they religiously delete comments opposing them or even ones calling for an actual discussion)

    If this is about PR, they’re doin it wrong.

  39. I am thinking, less a comment more a gesture. If there was an actual comment that would convince them, I’d write one, but these people are truly impervious to facts. May as well have argument about whether space aliens sedate you before they run tests.

  40. Dear MDA –

    Isn’t your real agenda the complete Marxist domination and control of everyone and everything in America? It must be, judging by the amount of control you exert on the comments to your social media and your ruthless crushing of dissenting opinions there.

    You make North Korea look completely free and transparent in comparison. Come to think of it, I have a hard time separating your principles from those of the SDP in the 1930s.

  41. Has no one watched Demolition Man? MDK MDK MDK. Is that what they think they want? Because as goofy as that movie was…it was strikingly true in that regard.

  42. I don’t have one of those Bookface accounts, but if I did, I would peruse the MDA page for some lighthearted fun.

  43. P.S. – Just so you know – I for one am DONE compromising. I’ve been willing to compromise for decades, and yet all I have experienced is having my things stolen from me in the name of “fairness.” I. AM. DONE.

  44. I choose not to be a victim, if you want to be a victim, just post your personal information everywhere, and wait for the inevitable. and feel free to wait the eternity for a policeman to come and write a report for you afterwards.
    Make sure you stress that your little world is gun free, just to make the decision of a criminal looking for work—er, a quick buck, lay or whatever easier.

  45. I would ask you first what is your background and knowledge of firearms as I would ask an attorney about his or her experience in law and where he received his education.Then he or she would talk with authority.Secondly I would ask what is NRA’s knowledge base of firearms and their use versus yours if we were looking for ,let’s say professional witnesses in a gun crime court case.And lastly, I would question why you are not actively persueing repeat offenders who are repeatedly being let out of jail,obtaining STOLEN firearms and committing MURDER in the most restrictive firearms states such as Chicago Illinois ,Los Angeles Calif. Wash DC ,where 10 and 12 time offenders repeatedly get guns off the street,STOLEN, NOT at gun shows.Or as in our town , a bank robber killed a WW2 veteran while robbing the bank.He was from California and had been arrested sixty two [62] times prior.Or the man in New York who was unarmed as assailants raped and murdered his wife and daughter while he was tied up helplessly watching. But of course I am wasting my breath as you will ignore and erase this.

  46. ladies I want you to put yourself in this situation …you are at dinner with your family you have children with you a crazy person drives there truck through the front window…gets out..and starts shooting at everything that moves..your heart is beating like a want to run but can’t cause you have your children with you the crazy person makes eye contact with you he raises his gun pointed right at your face…..what do you do now?…call the police?…get on your knees and ask to be spared?…or say a silent prayer cause you know you are going to meet your maker…seriously i would like to know your answer and don’t start the sentence with “If” you are going to die right there in front of your children (which will be next) what the hell are you going to do?…i want to know.

  47. My question for the Moms, and for everyone else on the other side from us, is:

    Where will you stop?

    If you would publish a full model gun law code, as detailed as the Washington State Code RCW 9.41 (, and promise never to go beyond that, then perhaps we could find common ground somewhere. As it is, everything you propose is resisted because everything you propose is only a first step to an undefined, but therefore scary, endpoint.

    I think by now it is obvious that we can fight you forever and mostly win. If you really want “gun sense”, whatever that is, you have to say where you will stop. You have to offer us a compromise, and that means that each side only gets part of what it wants. So what part of what we want (and mostly already have) are you willing to concede to us forever?

  48. Well I was thinking of writing this long post about how I take great umbrage with MDA, banning me off their pages. I have never once called them foul names, or even gotten mad. I was actually banned for showing some ladies and men links to current laws, and explaining those laws.
    I was trying to shed light on what has already has been done, and what was proposed. Yet they banned me for trying to educate and discuss through civil open discourse. So really I have nothing to say to them.

  49. MDA: Seriously my wallet can’t handle anymore, every time you open your mouth I am encouraged to go out and buy more “assault-style-trench-warfare-clip-spraying-foreign-battlefield-evil-black” weapons and ammo. Seriously.

    Did I forget anything? Ah, yes GFY!

  50. Yep – I posted a few things after reading the Angry Hectoring Moms Demand to Get Some action post on TTAG this morning – Ive had luck in posting on the State sites but the main one ref’d above – Yep – Deleted my post and banned me from any further posting…

    had left this link – even though infowars – the data still holds…
    With just one exception, every public mass shooting in the USA since at least 1950 has taken place where citizens are banned from carrying guns. Despite strict gun regulations, Europe has had three of the worst six school shootings.

  51. Our Constitution be it state or federal is not and should never be seen as just a mere obstacle to “get around” and any attempts to do so (especially if they are consistent and constant should be seen as a threat to the state and/or the Constitution). My rights are not up for debate any more…we’ve debated gun control to death…it’s dangerous, counter productive, harmful, statistically incorrect, morally defunct, dangerously naive and willfully ignorant. I may even start a Petition to recall/remove or whatever mechanism NH has to all of those that keep pushing this issue and keep attempting to subvert our constitutions in any way and a failure to uphold their oath of office, in fact deliberately and directly violating it repeatedly. I should never have to fight so hard for any right that should just be and is seen as a natural basic human right and be expected to just sit around and wait for the next thing they try to pull coming down the pipe. It’s intolerable… Why are these constant attempts to molest my rights not seen as criminal? Why should I believe in any way that they will ever stop even though it’s proven all over the place that the anti 2nd Amendment crowd is wrong? My rights should never be trumped by your “feelings” and they should never be threatened by anyone who doesn’t have facts, stats, studies, research or truth to back ANY of what they want up! Not a single stat, research study (EVEN BY GROUPS APPOINTED BY THE ANTI GUNNERS!!!), fact and truth that is found and to be is self evident and contradicts every last argument the left has for infringing any further upon our rights! 100% fed up with it and I want to know when it will be considered a crime, high crime or even treason to even suggest any further violations…It should be seen and viewed for what it truly is…a continual assault on our right to bear arms OR ANY RIGHT for that matter and an affront to the Constitution and common sense…When people violate the law…they go to prison or are punished in some other way…why not with the most basic and important of laws…our rights. The fear of the people should never take precedence over all of our rights…not even theirs. It is a dangerous, knee jerk, emotional reaction to things they can’t or refuse not understand, it doesn’t trump facts, stats, research and truth…they are wrong.

  52. Two thoughts for MDA and their supporters …


    There are many, many millions of gun owners in this country. The overwhelming majority of them are law-abiding citizens, and many of them would step in to defend strangers with their firearm if a crime was taking place and the strangers were being attacked.

    But instead of seeing the vast majority of this group as law-abiding folks, you demonize gun owners by equating all of us with the tiny percentage of gun owners that are criminals. Why?

    It doesn’t make sense to demonize all vehicle drivers because a small percentage of them drive drunk. It doesn’t make sense to demonize all teachers, or firefighters, or doctors, or any group of persons because of the bad actions of a small minority of that group.

    So why do you do this with gun owners? Many of these people would SAVE YOUR LIFE if given the opportunity. It makes no sense.


    Given that MDA members have attempted to persuade businesses to prohibit guns on their premises, it seems safe to suggest that you don’t approve of people carrying guns outside of their homes.

    Given that men are generally bigger and stronger than women, it stands to reason if you prohibit women from carrying a tool (a firearm) that will help equalize the disparity of force between men and women, it will make it easier for a bad man to overpower a woman.

    So given all of the above, it seems logical to conclude that based on your position, you favor the evil man over the ordinary woman.

    So why do you support rape?

  53. It is absolutly sickening to see how many people are clamoring to have their civil rights and liberties stripped away.

  54. Quote from an MDA press release:

    Instead, moms will continue to use our voices and our votes to call for sensible gun reform.”

    A member of Moms Demand Action who is a Maryland-area pediatrician and was in the mall at the time of the shooting said, “You can only imagine the terror of holding your 2-year-old in a cold back hallway for 2 hours with terrified children, babies and parents, with no idea if you are going to be ok. I am more committed than ever to this important critical movement. This cannot be acceptable as the new normal. The kids are traumatized and I am, too. We have to do something real and change this terrifying reality.”

    End quote.

    What sensible gun reform do you think would have prevented the MD mall shooting?

    What is “this terrifying reality”? That parents in the mall in Maryland lack the most effective means of self defense because of stringent “may issue” laws? That far too many people in our nation have surrendered the right and ability to protect their own lives and the lives of their children to the state, which needs to come save them in any crisis? That you think its okay and totally understandable for adults to cower in fear for hours at the sound of gunfire? That your wishful thinking has led to most public places where large groups gather adopting laws banning handguns because you feel that same wishful thinking will protect you in the unlikely event of a violent crime?

    Maybe the “terrifying reality” is that deep down you understand regulating inanimate objects will never achieve the ends you desire.

  55. Please. Take a second, do the real math. You have all the information in seconds if you look. You’ve been deceived by people who have an agenda, and that agenda has nothing to do with the safety of you or your family. The truth is a gun, in the hands of a determined and good-willed individual, is the ONLY tool that can stop someone intent on hurting others. And this happens MILLIONS of times a year, many of those, maybe even 7 to 1, occur without a shot fired.
    Read the laws, not the versions handed to you via your groups literature- see how full of double talk, inconsequential “feature” limiting, and how precious little of “Gun Control” actually has to do with criminals or the mentally ill- the overwhelming majority of gun law is designed to restrict people who legally and rightfully own their guns.
    You don’t need to join “our side.” You’re welcome to it, but God knows we outnumber groups like MDA in ridiculous numbers. You don’t need to take up “our cause,” like MDA, MAIG and the Brady Campaign so desperately want and need you to. All you need to do is stand down. Gun owners don’t want you for enemies, and we wish you know ill will, since I dare say there’s more mothers among us than there is in the entirety of “Moms Demand Action.”
    Reclaim your dignity, and walk away. You were conned into joining this debate by people who by design ignore the facts and cover it with rhetoric and name-calling.
    We want the same thing you do, which is it keep our families safe. We’re just prepared to do whatever it takes to do so, an we’re not about to remove the one tool from the arsenal that truly makes us all the equal of those who try to harm us.

  56. MDA, please go read peer reviewed research, FBI statistics and the DOJ reports on firearms before you spew your anti gun message. What you will find in a nutshell is that all of your ideas for “gun sense” have either been tried and are failures, or will not attack the root of the plummeting levels of violence in the United States. What they will do is place punitive and onerous restrictions on good people. Of course if you are averse to reading science articles, understanding statistics and using critical thinking I can’t help you.

  57. MDA is not interested in Dialogue or discourse about 2A constitutional rights – they look to nothing less than civilian disarmament and bans and start with the dialogue on their Page as being “National non-partisan grassroots movement working to establish common-sense gun reforms at the state & federal level.”

    They are about as Non-partisan as Hitlers brownshirts … disagree with their absolute moral outrage authority – BANNED FROM COMMENT and deleted… Stay Classy you hectoring mewling stooges and “Moms Who cant No Satisfaction or some Action… “

  58. You are demanding the wrong action in my opinion.Why don’t you demand stiffer penalties for people using,possessing and distributing stolen firearms?That would be a good place to start,in my opinion.You have to make the consequences for those actions simply not worth the risk.I live near Detroit we had a story within the last couple of weeks where a 4 year old was shot by another young child by an illegal firearm possessed by a felon.Restricting my,or any other law abiding citizens,right to own and or carry would not stop this kind of thing from happening.End these so called “gun free” zones,it’s only common sense the only people following these rules are people like me.People like me,passed a background check through the State and Federal Govt,already register all of my firearms and carry on a daily basis for my safety as well as my family’s and quite possibly yours.I don’t think you or anyone else should have the right to tell me how I will protect myself or my children.I should not have the right to tell you how to protect yours,if you want to depend on the government and the police for your safety……….so be it.That may be all good and well for you,but not for me.I will instead rely on the fact that best person to defend me is me until the police arrive,usually too late.Someone please tell me why our money is better protected than our children.Why is the thought of having a trained armed professional or two on scene protecting our children so scary?I am so angry that no one is protecting my sons while they are at school but there is an armed guard protecting money at a local bank.Action? I demand action!We all want the same thing,a safer more civilized society,pro and anti gun folks alike.But we need to focus our energy in the right direction,its my belief that imposing more restrictions on people that are already following the law is the wrong direction.

  59. I can’t claim credit for this one, but I’d like to hear your answer to it:

    Explain to me how a woman who is found dead in an alley after having been sexually assaulted is preferable to a woman explaining to a police officer that she had to shoot her assailant to defend herself?

    We don’t all live in gated communities, Sharon.

  60. Dear MDA:

    Why did the gun-free zone law not stop Adam Lanza?

    Why did the gun-free zone law not stop the Virginia Tech shooter?

    Why have all but one mass shooting where more than 3 people were killed been done in a gun free zone?

    Why would a criminal, already knowing he’ll serve life or be sent to death for killing someone, be deterred by a gun law or gun-free zone law that only carries a penalty of 5 or 10 years? He already intends to kill someone. Will he suddenly change his mind when he realizes that he’ll be breaking a gun-free zone law?

    Why do you delete Facebook posts, especially polite and non-confrontational posts, from people with a different viewpoint? Do you realize how that behavior is perceived?

    Banning polite Facebook posts makes it seem you are not interested in having a mature discussion.

    Banning polite Facebook posts makes you seem to be hiding from the arguments from the other side of the debate.

    Confirmation Bias

  61. I am a law abiding citizen of the USA. I have been gainfully employed since my mid teens. I have been married for over 34 years to the same beautiful woman and together we have raised an intelligent, responsible daughter who is now forging her own path in this crazy world. I also own several guns… many guns if truth be told. Why? Because I am free to do so because of the wisdom of our nations founding fathers. Their precise nugget of wisdom which makes this possible is the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. This message is intended for Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.

  62. Here’s what I just posted to their Facebook page….

    I will never understand why gun control advocates and/or liberals always ignore facts and entirely rely on pure emotion to support their feelings. How can the organization “Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America” make a “sensible” argument to support their position when ignoring hard facts? The answer is that because if they acknowledged the facts, they would be forced to admit that the evidence fails to support what they seek.

    18 Facts about Guns Your Local Politician Needs to Know

    The following are 18 little-known gun facts that prove that guns make us safer…

    (This list was complied by Michael Snyder of The American Dream)

    #1 Over the past 20 years, gun sales have absolutely exploded, but homicides with firearms are down 39 percent during that time and “other crimes with firearms” are down 69 percent.

    #2 A study published in the Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy discovered that nations that have more guns tend to have less crime.

    #3 The nine European nations with the lowest rate of gun ownership rate have a combined murder rate that is three times greater than the nine European nation with the highest rate of gun ownership.

    #4 Almost every mass shooting that has occurred in the United States since 1950 has taken place in a state with strict gun control laws…

    With just one exception, every public mass shooting in the USA since at least 1950 has taken place where citizens are banned from carrying guns. Despite strict gun regulations, Europe has had three of the worst six school shootings.
    #5 The United States is #1 in the world in gun ownership, and yet it is only 28th in the world in gun murders per 100,000 people.

    #6 The violent crime rate in the United States actually fell from [video=youtube;FWNOiw_XIV8]″]757.7[/URL] per 100,000 in 1992 to 386.3 per 100,000 in 2011. During that same time period, the murder rate fell from 9.3 per 100,000 to 200,000 women in the United States use guns to protect themselves against sexual crime every single year.

    #8 Overall, guns in the United States are used 80 times more often to prevent crime than they are to take lives.

    #9 The number of unintentional fatalities due to firearms declined by 58 percent between 1991 and 2011.

    #10 Despite the very strict ban on guns in the UK, the overall rate of violent crime in the UK is about 4 times higher than it is in the United States. In one recent year, there were 2,034 violent crimes per 100,000 people in the UK. In the United States, there were only 466 violent crimes per 100,000 people during that same year. Do we really want to be more like the UK?

    #11 The UK has approximately 125 percent more rape victims per 100,000 people each year than the United States does.

    #12 The UK has approximately 133 percent more assault victims per 100,000 people each year than the United States does.

    #13 The UK has the fourth highest burglary rate in the EU.

    #14 The UK has the second highest overall crime rate in the EU.

    #15 Down in Australia, gun murders increased by about 19 percent and armed robberies increased by about 69 percent after a gun ban was instituted.

    #16 The city of Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the United States. So has this reduced crime? Of course not. As I wrote about recently, the murder rate in Chicago was about 17 percent higher in 2012 than it was in 2011, and Chicago is now considered to be “the deadliest global city“. If you can believe it, there were about as many murders in Chicago during 2012 as there was in the entire nation of Japan.

    #17 After the city of Kennesaw, Georgia passed a law requiring every home to have a gun, the crime rate dropped by more than 50 percent over the course of the next 23 years and there was an 89% decline in burglaries.

    #18 According to Gun Owners of America, the governments of the world slaughtered more than 170 million of their own people during the 20th century. The vast majority of those people had been disarmed by their own governments prior to being slaughtered.

    These facts are well documented with links to the research that proves each fact. Take some time to follow the links and become educated on the truth.

  63. I have opened the door for you and smiled while doing it. I have walked around shopping right next to you. I have stood in line and chatted with you while waiting for my turn to pay. I carried a gun the entire time and nothing happened to you or anyone else. There are millions just like me.

  64. I’m a mom, and I have guns so I can protect my family. I became a gun rights activist after I was able to scare away a would-be rapist by drawing a revolver, years before I became a mom. To me, gun use for self defense is a vital women’s issue, but it’s also important for home and family defense. And no, don’t quote me those bogus studies about guns being more dangerous to the owner than to the criminal. Those have been debunked.
    It’s my right, and my choice. Don’t mess with Texas women.

  65. MDA – why do you believe that the government should use force to tell people what they can and cannot own?

  66. I just posted this, we’ll see how long it stays up!

    Dividing the estimated number of legally owned guns in the United States by the number of crimes committed with guns results in a number far less than 0.1% of 1%. That’s assuming that no crimes are committed with ILLEGALLY owned guns (which is assuredly a wrong assumption) or that a single gun may be used to commit multiple crimes. The assumption that there’s “too many guns” in America, and that this number is somehow responsible for “gun crimes” (a number that is decreasing – not increasing – particularly in states that have loosened restrictions on acquisition and legal ownership) is beyond fallacious – it’s maliciously incorrect. There are millions upon millions of guns in America that have never harmed anyone – and the same goes for their owners. The Moms may have decent intent – but are terribly misguided in their approach.

  67. I’m sure I’m not the first to notice, but it occurs to me how similar the phrase “gun sense” is to the word “nonsense”, and how interchangeable they are in relation to every part of MDA, including their full name.

  68. Their Facebook page is purely for propaganda and they have zero desire for meaningful dialog. They posted something about the State of the Union address tonight and about how Obama will be touting gun control. I commented that according the everything I’ve been reading about the speech tonight, from many different reputable news outlets, that the president would not be commenting on gun control in any meaningful way but he will make sure to stress the fact that he will violate the constitutional laws and restrictions of his office by bypassing Congress to enact his agenda. I guess I’m blocked, and my comment is gone.

    Standing around with your fingers in your ears and screaming will NOT drown out the other person’s message, I just want you fools in that organization to realize that.

  69. MDA can kiss off. If they really wanted to help children, then they would volunteer their time. There are many organisations that need members who actually do something for the community, CASA, women homes, run away homes, soup kitchens, etc, etc, and etc. Please do the community a favor, stop being armchair captains of America and stop harrassing businesses who actually make profits and actually benefit the society they are in.

  70. Above and beyond any discussion around rights, freedom, etc… Data is only as good as the analysis behind it. So I refrain from quoting the facts that have been recited constantly.

    With even more incidents in the news recently, why are they happening in “Gun Free” zones? And in areas that have more restrictive gun laws?

    We, on both sides of the argument want to be safe. We have different views on accomplishing the same goal. So we can set aside the emotional argument as well as any name calling on both sides.

    I believe individuals need to be responsible and accountable for their own actions. Safety is paramount in an any situation. However, what is MDA truly trying to accomplish? And how is a “control” agenda going to accomplish the end result? I would like to hear the answer in plain english, a real world solution.

    Life can be random, it can be cruel. We attempt to minimize this in a civilized society. However, can we really believe that ending civilian ownership of firearms will prevent anything? Shootings happen in other countries that have little to no gun ownership. So, how is disarmament a solution?

  71. I’ve wondered why you spend so many resources on creating gun free zones and banning guns, etc.
    Wouldn’t that time and money be better spent attacking the real problem?
    How about a plan to make mental health care more readily available and effective?
    Programs that teach the damage bullying causes?
    Programs to teach respect and tolerance?
    Why not go after the real problem instead an inanimate object?

  72. Okay MDA and MAIG — Just one question; you say all the time “I support the 2nd Amendment, but…” So please tell me where/what/ how have you supported the 2nd Amendment? If you cannot provide a vibrant effective answer, then S T O P using a placating and obviously meaningless phrase and instead be honest. I.e. “We support the overthrow of the 2nd Amendment. We want no law-abiding Americans to be able to own firearms or any other weapon to aid in their own defense.” Please… I dare you.

  73. There is no credible evidence to suggest that gun control laws reduce murder or crime rates. None. The current murder rate is at a 50 year low. Last time it was this low, the early 1960s, there was virtually no gun control. Guns could be ordered through the mail and guns and ammo were available at just about every hardware store. No background checks, no 4473, nothing. Put your cash down, walk out with a gun.

    It is incumbent upon those advocating new restrictions on their fellow citizens to demonstrate that the benefit of these restrictions (a lower murder/violent crime rate) outweigh the costs (reduction of liberty.) This has NEVER been done with any gun control law. (Because it can’t.) Instead we are given vague promises that the law of the hour “will reduce gun violence” only to see that gun violence (and all violence) rates go up and down with no correlation to what gun laws are in effect.

    I’ve spent a lot of time on your pages, (and find it disgusting that you report any challenge to you as “harassment,” while you seem perfectly willing to harass law-abiding gun owners at ever turn) and have spotted dozens of errors in your posts ranging from exaggerations to outright lies. (Your recent claim that most gun murderers had no prior criminal record, for example, is not supported by the data.) I’ve also noticed you rarely link to the data you distort, as an examination of that data would reveal a quite different conclusion than those made by your smug memes.

    It is clear you are not interested in reducing “gun violence.” If that was the case you wouldn’t be pushing an “assault weapons” ban. Rifles of all kinds are used in a tiny percentage of murders every year. Making those you classify as “assault weapons” vanish from the earth would do very little to increase public safety. You know this. Any thinking person who can read an FBI UCR data table knows this.

    Your refusal to debate, truth stretching and outright lying, and pursuit of policies that are easily proven to have little hope of achieving your stated goals tell me you actually have another goal in mind: outright disarmament.

    Why not have the guts to say what you really believe in?

  74. I respect honesty and despise deceptiveness. Back in the good old days gun grabbers would say “we don’t like guns and don’t think you should be allowed to have one”. Now I wholeheartedly disagree with that statement but hey at least their being honest and are passionate. I can respect that. You people I cannot respect. Your group knows that it is politically disadvantages to be thought of as a gun grabber or anti-gun. So you try to get around this by saying you “respect the 2nd Amendment” or “we’re not anti-gun, we just want some comments sense gun safety legislation” and on and on. Its so incredibly fake and scripted it is laughable. Well ladies as more and more Americans become wise to your groups true feelings and intentions the joke is going to be on you.

  75. Robert, I don’t know if you are aware of one of the uses of the exclamation point in logic is negation. A statement of A is not equal to B can and is often expressed as A != B. The reason this sticks in my mind and I bring it up is after seeing the latest MDA photo op outside Staples, something about their brand kept bothering me and I finally realized: Their brand logically reads “MDA does NOT demand action”, by virtue of the leading exclamation point. It’s clear to me now.

    If Shannon Watts would like assistance with adopting another logo for her organization, might I suggest “!Relevant”?

  76. Ok, I’m just going to throw this out there. I am certain there are a core group of radical “must confiscate all guns” MDA members. However, what I see is a large number of women, Moms and Grandmas, who are good people being taken advantage of. They watch the media spend weeks covering each “mass shooting” and think how terrible. I would bet most of these women did not grow up around guns and are scared of those evil guns. I know my mother was. When I talked to her about the realities of gun violence, she was surprised at the REAL numbers. She never did like guns, but she also learned from our discussion.

    I don’t think most of these women are evil, I think they are misinformed and naïve. We need to do a better job of teaching and informing people. Going onto these sites and posting hateful comments that are just plain rude only goes to further convince them that gun owners are uneducated and “bad”. Lets rise to the occasion, instead of spewing hate.

  77. What’s vital to me is to have the option to choose to arm myself. It will not be my choice to need to.

  78. My deleted comment was about the recent staples manager they met and found to be carrying. And my comment was ‘bets on whether or not this staples gets robbed?” I’d like to hear them address the ability of a woman to defend herself against a rapist with a gun vs without. And i’d like to know what’s stopping someone from going nuts in a mall or school with a kitchen knife. Which could easily equal the damage done in the last 10 mass shootings.


  80. I just spent a few minutes on your facebook site. I don’t know why. Maybe to see if this group of people are really misguided as I suspected or inferred… nope. WORSE! I only spend a few minutes, because I was starting to feel nauseous, seriously. My heart rate increased, head started hurting, stomach swimming, and all the while, trying to resist the urge to start posting my own responses to each and every post I saw. I cannot believe that some people actually believe that because we have firearms in our populous, that is the reason for so much violence. I beg of you, on my knees, crying my eyes out: Please educate yourselves on facts. Guns do not commit criminal activity, guns are not evil, people are. People will always commit evil acts on our children, family, neighbors, and friends. If they don’t have firearms, they will use other means, they will use golf clubs, baseball bats, knives, sticks, rocks, etc. Outlawing firearms will only disable those who wish to protect themselves. I am sure you have heard these arguments over and over. This is nothing new.

    On your post about the billboard. Many of you posted commits saying it sick or that apple pie and baseball are “traditions” and AR-15’s are “awful.” In my opinion, the AR-15 is as much a tradition as baseball and apple pie, maybe even more so. You see, I grew up with apple pie, in the heart of apple country Washington State. I also grew up playing baseball in high school and little league, and yes, I still love the sport. But I also grew up hunting and shooting in competitions. I learned to respect firearms and learned about my families rich history with firearms. I learned at an early age that I will carry fourth my family tradition of hunting, shooting, and competing in the shooting sports. Using the AR-15, I do just that. I also used one very similar while serving in Iraq as a Marine. That rifle is more than tradition to me. That rifle IS me! By saying that rifle, up there on that billboard, is “sick and wrong,” you are saying that I am sick and wrong. I have done NOTHING to you, or the people you care about.

    I know, you will probably block me and delete this post. Only because you do not care about the “other side,” you only care about yourselves and your agenda. While I will go on, passing on my traditions to my kids, and their kids, and enjoying my freedoms, you will be still bitching about bits of metal and plastic. You will be misinformed by the media and by politicians who do not know or understand what they are talking about. Yes, you will be ignorant. I am intelligent, I understand people, I know evil, I know fear. You know nothing.

    TTAG: Yes, I did just post the above to their FB. I took a screenshot 2 seconds later. Lets see how long it stays there.

  81. MDA – You are not interested in a conversation, you are interested in delivering a lecture. When you wish to converse, let us know. When you wish to make progress on these serious issues, we’ll be here. When you are strong enough to have a communication that goes two ways, we’ll have that conversation.

    Until such time, you’re not helping our nation.

  82. If guns scare you soccermoms then you should be demanding the cops disarm. After all, scores of cops are in trouble for domestic violence, drug crimes, thefts, rapes, kidnappings, robberies, pedophilia, unjustified killings, etc etc etc…..Chris Dorner ring a bell?

    Why would any responsible mom allow a possibly unhinged COP near her kids with a gun? It doesnt make sense!


  83. I just added this comment to their post about the NBC report– it was gone and I was banned in less than 5 minutes. It isn’t even pro gun, at all! I just point out that automobiles are more dangerous than guns while also suggesting that we should all keep guns away from kids. I also borrowed some gun control language and turned it into vehicle license restricting language, maybe they didn’t like being co-opted.

    As posted:
    This is serious business for sure. Note that in 2011 over 4700 kids 20 and under (same age range as this study) died in automobile crashes in the USA (see, almost 40% MORE than killed by guns.
    Not sure how many thousands more were injured badly enough to be hospitalized, but ER visits for kids in automobile crashes pass 100,000 each year. Would be great to see some common sense speed limits and other automotive safety initiatives started. Maybe raise the driving age to 18 or 21 and take licenses away from distracted drivers, those with mental health issues, habitual speeders, etc. Let’s not forget the aged drivers too! Also, large capacity and military style vehicles (SUVs, Hummers) are known to cause more death and injuries to those not operating or riding within them than more reasonably sized (and energy efficient!) vehicles. Maybe special licensing/taxing/limits should be proposed for these vehicles that most regular drivers just don’t need. You already need a special license for a semi, why not a hummer?
    Since most of us operate vehicles every day, often with children, or are at least in or around vehicles this too is serious business. Nearly 5000 children dying each year is too many for something that everyone reading this can do something about. Let’s all slow down, pay attention to the road, and contact your lawmakers about bringing some sanity to our nation’s roads! Oh, and of course, keep guns away from kids for goodness sake!

  84. Mrs. Watts,
    As a 6 year old, my dad taught me to shoot. He taught me right. To be safe. To have fun.
    In high school, I carried a rifle across campus 3 times a week. Openly. With ammunition.
    I never, not once, had the thought of shooting anything but paper targets. I lettered in marksmanship.
    As an adult, I had a job that required me to carry a gun.
    For over 25 years. I never shot anyone.
    As a husband, father and friend, I have used a gun to protect my wife, my children, my friends and myself, against bad people wanting to do bad things to us. I didn’t have to shoot anyone. The mere presence of the gun prevented crime.

    I will continue to own and carry a gun despite what you and your “organization” demand.

    I would politely ask, no, DEMAND, that you leave me the hell alone.

  85. This moms wanting action group is full of cowards. Anybody who comments against their view on Facebook, they delete and block, they disabled any comments on their YouTube vids, and on twitter they tell each other to block people with differing views. Someone needs to make an opposing moms Facebook page that won’t block or delete anyone. They love the first amendment and think it’s only for them. All that time in the kitchen and they can’t handle any heat.

  86. I am a mother of a 3 month old baby girl. I am the wife of a loving husband who proudly open carries his Smith and Wesson 9mm. When I am out I feel safer with him than I do alone in stores such as Target that has “respectfully requested” we leave our guns out of their store. I feel like a walking target at Target. MDA does not use common sense when speaking and are taking my right as a mother to protect my child away from me.

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