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(courtesy Facebook)

A regular reader writes:

I occasionally get MDA ads on my FB feed, and this is a thread that popped up recently. Initially I was too busy eviscerating the psuedologic spewed by their inane followers to notice, but soon a took a closer look. Look at the wording in the “ad” on WV guns for sale that their purportedly copying. When was the last time you saw “A-15” specified and spelled out in a listing for a DPMS? How about “pistol grip” and “dust cover” specifically listed as features? How about the fact that a respondent mentions a forward assist that the OP doesn’t, or that they saw an AR that didn’t come with that fancy dust cover? Or that this post doesn’t exist on the page it’s apparently taken from. Just sayin’ . . .

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        • I’m having a devil of a time finding decent clips for my rifle from a manufacturer I would trust to make them and from a seller I would trust not to screw me over.

          Of course, in MY case it’s a Mosin. And yes, it has a .30 caliber clip.

    • It’s actually the DPMS Panther Arms, Black Synthetic Adjustable Stock, Upper Receiver dust Cover, and pistol grip, that set the alarm off immediately. The Not running Background Checks was icing on the cake. As Panther is the Model, not the Company name, and the other stuff is blatantly obvious.

  1. Does a fake ad really surprise anyone??

    When as anyone seen an ad that lists a dust cover? Really? The problem with these people is they know absolutely nothing about guns, how they work, how they function. Sorta like DeLeon. That a moron.

    • Don’t we have any “Anonymous” types on TTAG? Couldn’t someone track the IP address from the post?

  2. It’s even worse than that. Look closely, it says ‘A-15’, not AR-15, and it comes with (and I quote) ‘2 clips’. Clips. CLIPS.

    I smell a serious false flag here.

  3. That is as fake as a three dollar bill.

    They didn’t even list an AR-15 … they listed an “A-15”.

    And then they listed “clips”.

    While the statement about an adjustable stock would be relevant, stating that is a black synthetic stock is silly because every adjustable stock that I have ever seen on an AR-15 is black and synthetic.

    And the statement about a pistol grip is like advertising a car for sale and stating that the car has a body.


    • Maybe not maybe she’s from Boston, they leave out “R” all the time unless the word ends in a, where they insert lost “R”.

    • Furthermore, the seller is a woman. Of course plenty of women own and could be selling firearms. That said, I have never seen a woman who is selling a firearm.

      When you look at all of the “tells” added together along with the fact that a woman is supposedly selling the rifle, I cannot possibly imagine this is anything other than a complete fake.

      • You are correct. I have never sold a firearm – having many is a virtue; only certain ones go with certain shoes.

        • I have been on the receiving end of assault shoes, nothing beats having a 4″ heel dug into the instep on the dance floor. You women need to get rid of those, it’s for the children, Randy

    • Coulda sworn I’ve seen some adjustable synthetic stocks in other than black…like FDE and OD…magpul or something? 😉 j/k

      • THIS. It’s pretty surprising that so many people didn’t know this.

        It’s also pretty surprising that Moms Demand Illegal Action Against Mayors with Guns spent two minutes to go to find a model number for a rifle.

  4. I lost it at “I’m also not running a background check.” Who the hell would post something like that?

  5. Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t the comments supposed to be posted in chronological order? The second comment is time stamped before the first one, hmmmmmm….

    • Damn… I didn’t catch that.

      Here’s the original post if anyone’s interested. They don’t delete all pro-gun comments, but if they catch you making sense they certainly will.

    Don’t buy from private citizens on Facebook, gun shows, or brick-and-mortar gun stories.

  7. I wouldn’t buy that thing – but if you see any ads that list an A-15 with the shoulder thing that goes up, I’ll be all over it!

  8. The sellor states they are not running a background check? Unless they are a FFL they can’t run one themselves and no reason to state that. It would be run by a FFL if transferred out of state or if in state is just a private sale(if WV allows that). No reason for that particular verbiage unless this is fake or a setup.

  9. I possed the same questions on their page, and it was deleated. All these “moms” want to do is complain about guns, and not listen to reason.

  10. They sold what seems to be a fairly standard DPMS on facebook for $1000 in AN HOUR?!

    Yeah, I’m seriously calling bullshit on this one.

    • Considering you can get PSA “A-15″s with magpul parts for under $600 right now, if anybody bought a bare-bones DPMS “A-15”, they would be the worst consumer in the entire world.

    • ” in AN HOUR?!” ….Not to be a complete and total dbag here, but the “sold” post is dated two days later and at 7:54am, not pm of the same day. But the previous two responses are inverted time-wise, which is awkward.

      • Good call, I saw the time but not the date or PM.

        The price is still pretty high for something that like.

  11. IF Im selling a gun privately, I have no legal responsibility to run a background check, but Im certainly not going to ADVERTISE that Im not going to run a background check. That part seems the most fishy to me. The wording of the entire post screams, ” I have no idea what Im talking about,” as well…

    Also, why the secrecy with blacking out names? Its not illegal to advertise a gun for sale on social media, or sell a gun privately in WV (as far as I know). I call BS unless they release names and the FB account isnt some sort of fake with less than 10 “friends”, and which can be confirmed as a real person with no affiliations to MDA.

    • “Also, why the secrecy with blacking out names?”

      Because fake ad is fake. If they left the names in the ad you could track them down as Mom’s demand action from illegal mayors members.

      • “If they left the names in the ad you could track them down as Mom’s demand action from illegal mayors members.”


    • If you run a legitimate ad and include the words “No background check…” and the people responding are not LEOs, you better make sure that the exchange takes place in a VERY public setting and you have at least two armed friend watching your six while the transaction takes place.

      I would be very nervous dealing with anybody responding to such an ad.

  12. I’m still hoping to find one of those rare shoulder things that go up – I mean, the ONLY thing my mall-ninja high-drag low-speed scary black rifle lacks is that! Anyone help me out here?

  13. The use of “clips” can kinda be brushed off, but like others have said, I’ve browsed hundreds if not thousands of different ads on armslist and my local gun forums classifieds, and I have never seen anyone advertise generic standard features on an AR (or an A in this case). It just smacks of someone who has no technical knowledge of firearms whatsoever trying to sound like they do. It’s obviously fake, anyone can make a profile on facebook in about 30 seconds, and we all know Watts and her tiny band of misfits are without scruples.

  14. Propagandists lying?? People who want their agenda enacted without question or opposition lying??? INCONCEIVABLE!!

  15. There are 20 guys a week that come into the gun store and say “clip.”


  16. How many boolits do those clips hold? 7? 10? 20? 30? Magpul? does it handle 5.56 NATO as well as 223? barrel length/type? do you have ammo to sell?


    does anyone think they would have sat on this since JUNE when it might have swayed a vote?

  17. I used to be on 7-8 FB gun trading pages. Down to 2 now since most of the people on them are idiots. So no amount of BS on an ad would trigger me as fake.

  18. I think the use of the word “clips” is the biggest read flag. While some people use the two interchangeably during conversation, I really don’t see any using “clips” in an advertisement. (Now that I think about it it’s been quite a while since I heard some one refer to a magazine as a “clip” that was not anti 2A)

  19. This fake ad violates FB’s terms of service. Perhaps forwarding it to then FB powers that be and referencing MDA’s potential involvement.. …..

  20. Actually, dpms ARs actually ARE labeled:
    “Cal .223 5.56mm
    MOD. A-15
    [Insert serial number here]”
    On the rifle…

    That said, I had to look at my freaking dpms AR15 in order to know that…..

  21. Does it come with a trigger? – only I bought one recently, but it didn’t come with a trigger or the fancy dust cover.

  22. Reminds me of the crazy actress trying to get her ex in trouble by sending ricin to Pres Obama and Bloomberg, along with a lengthy pro-gun rant.

    They MUST prove we are what they say we are, even if they have to invent it and do it themselves!

  23. I am calling FAKE on this one!
    I don’t know about you, but here is how I would have written it.

    AR DPMS Lower, no one ever says panther arms, we all know who they are up in the Great White North!

    AR DPMS lower, DD M4 flat top upper 16, 7:1 barrel mid length 5.56
    Two Magul Poly mags 30 round FDE
    New Magpul furniture ACS Carbine Stock MOE FDE
    No blemishes, well cared for.

    And there you have it. Of course at $1,000 that is a steal since well, the DD mid length upper alone sells for close to a grand by itself. Also again why say no background check? I mean really if private party sales in WV don’t require one, then there is no point in making that statement.

    • Uh yeah how did you track someone down from 2/3 of a face, a non-existent post on an abandoned facebook page, and no name? Also, if she posted that, you should be able to see it on her facebook wall as well as on the “WV guns for sale” page and it is on neither…

      • It is on neither because she deleted it. When MDA first posted the image I checked the VW Guns for Sale page, I found the June 7th 2013 post (I should have screen shotted it, now in hindsight), and I since it appeared her ‘no background check’ comment was made because she is against background checks (like many here) I sent her a message on facebook with a link to the MDA post telling her she might want to report it to facebook for using her image without her permission. She deleted the post on WV Guns for Sale within a few hours. Just yesterday there were still posts by others on the WV Guns for Sale page, it appears they deleted them all last night or today.

        You can believe me or not, I don’t care. You can look at the links I provided and compare them to the MDA picture and jump to your own conclusion.

        • I am on their page now. I see posts no problem.
          Minus the A-15 one of course.
          In comparing the pictures they do seem similar, although since her facebook is open, anyone could have jacked her photo. We don’t have confirmation for or against whether is was actually her.
          It could have been an MDA WV admin who noticed a comment from her on their facebook page.
          If you are outspoken enough to write in your notes of your facebook page on it, then there is a good chance she might have said something to MDA at one point or another.

  24. Where’s the originality ladies? I would have thought you might offer an all-plastic, home printed, completely undetectable a15. Next time do it right or don’t do it at all.

  25. So the ultimate evil gun now is: An A-15, automatic, military style assault weapon of war with a shoulder thing that goes up, .30 caliber magazine clip that can fire 30 rounds in half a second that would take a navy seal 5 seconds to teach you how to change the magazine. It is so easy to fire and manage the recoil from which makes it too deadly for civilian use and at the same time it is so difficult to aim and otherwise handle that it is not suited to personal defense.

    Did I leave anything out?

  26. Total Fake. They should be busted for this.

    Who says ‘upper receiver dust cover’? That’s like selling a new car and highlighting that is has a sun visor.
    ‘pistol grip’?
    A DPMS AR is more like 750 right now, not 1000.
    ‘didn’t have a dust cover or forward assist’? Really? Hmmmmm

    The people are pathologically obsessed deviants

    • Didn’t you know!? Upper receiver dust covers are so you can go turbo charged full auto to spray bullets

  27. I realize that I’m stereotyping, but when is the last time that you saw a PTA mom selling a black rifle?

    • The image is at least a composite made in an image editing program. If you were to use a screenshot as evidence of what you (Mom’s Demand Altoids) call “illegal activity” then why edit the image?

      I analyzed it in PhotoShop CS6.
      The section that is supposedly “Zoomed in” is a composite. The width of the word “Like” un-zoomed is 14 pixels. The width of the word “Like” zoomed-in is 23 pixels. This is roughly a zoom factor of 1.63 x.

      … Now looking at the thumbnail of the supposed poster…

      The thumbnail un-zoomed is 40 pixels wide. If this really was a screenshot that was zoomed-in by a factor of 1.63x then the other thumbnail would be 65 pixels wide … but it’s not – instead the one that should be 63% larger measures just 41 pixels! (Just 1 pixel larger).

      All measurements are to the nearest pixel. Partially opaque (greater than around 25% solid) were measured as complete pixels. Resizing in imaging programs introduces sub-pixel shifting, so there could be a difference of +/- 1 pixel in my measurements. (ie: The thumbnails were very likely the same exact size before they resized the whole composite, with the 1 pixel difference being accounted for by counting the sub-pixels as whole pixels).

  28. With all the online crapola I read, and I see some TeeVee Nooz from time to time, TTAG is the only place where I’ve ever even heard of “Mothers Demand Action.”

    What would happen if you stopped advertising them, in a kind of a “don’t feed the trolls” sort of way?

    • Howdy Rich. I understand your point. But, since most people on TTAG are POTG, I kind of like to consider it a knowing the opposition AND their tactics.

      Maybe we could run a fake Facebook page showing MDA (isn’t that abbrev. taken?) that has the mothers selling babies. Do it for the children.

      No wait, wait, we have to take the high road. Again. *sigh*

  29. I have seen ads this bad irl. Just saying.

    Oh, and did you know you can download the gun from facebook? Because I sure didn’t. Where can I get hooked up with that deal. :p

  30. Spend 15 mins on mom’s facebook page and you’ll see they are nothing but a propaganda machine. Like an ad agency devoted only to disarmament.

  31. As a female, the ad screams fake to me for all the reasons others have posted. Also, new in box? Did she buy it to resell? Was she ticked off at a boyfriend/spouse and sell their gun? No picture? I looked on the WV Guns for Sale FB page and did not see the ad. Has anyone checked with the administrator of their page to see if the ad EVER existed?
    Having done my research on the MDA group, a fake propaganda ad would not be above Ms. Watts. Wish some of her followers would do some research too rather than blindly follow the “OMG emotion” factor that she promotes.

  32. They would lose their minds over the “Michigan Guns for Under $300” group I’m a member of on Facebook.

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