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“Shots were fired Tuesday morning at a Hawaii high school, causing injuries and prompting a lockdown, authorities said. Honolulu Department of Emergency Services spokeswoman Shayne Enright said the shooting happened at Roosevelt High School in Honolulu. Police and Department of Education officials didn’t immediately respond to messages seeking comment from the Associated Press.” That’s from [h/t Mr. Diggler] As Don S. links in the comments, it seems the only shots fired came from a member of the HPD . . .

Law enforcement sources tell Hawaii News Now the incident began when a Honolulu Police Officer was attempting to pick up a runaway.  The runaway then allegedly stabbed the police officer and the officer fired back.  

Paramedics confirm that at approximately 8:30 a.m., a 17-year-old male suffered an apparent gunshot wound to the wrist on the school’s campus. He was reportedly taken to an area hospital in serious condition.  The report from Honolulu paramedics did not confirm if the injured person was a student.  The police officer’s condition is not immediately known.

Gird your loins for calls for more knife control in paradise.

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    • Why is a runaway the police’s problem (at least to the point where a forceful apprehension is attempted)?

      • I’m ok with forceful apprehension as long as theirs a danger to self and others legal prerequisite. In order too classify a runaway as worthy of forceful apprehension they can’t simply be otherwise located, without their parents permission but if the kids response too being grabbed by the cop was too get all stabby then he certainly had a right too shoot him.

        • Depends on how the officer tried to grab the kid. Could always be excessive force involved…

          I’ll refer you to the case in North Carolina where an officer tried to “help” an accident victim by perforating him about a dozen times.

        • “Depends on how the officer tried to grab the kid. Could always be excessive force involved…”

          I love it. This officer attempts to go hands-on with a young male (the same age as T. Martin so he’s not a kid, right?) instead of using a taser or whathaveyou; the suspect draws a knife and stabs the cop (deadly force), who only then responds by shooting him in the wrist… once. And we STILL get people here going through mental gymnastics to try and make it the cop’s fault.

        • Hannibal… the point is why did the cop go “hands on” ? Is it a crime to not be at home?

        • Trayvon was unarmed and the AI backed not only GZ’s right to shoot him but the right of a non sworn, non vetted neighberhood watch member to follow, interrogate and otherwise harass a member of the community.

          But when cop, hired by society and trained and vetted to the departments standard asks questions or tries to do his job, we’re all over him like ugly on a ape.

          Welcome to double standards 101.

        • In regards to the crime to not be at home, at least in VA it is a criminal offense for the juvenile to be out of home without the parents permission. They usually get picked up and brought home and only charged and brought to court if the parents want them to

  1. BREAKING: Shots Fires at Honolulu High School

    So did the shots cause the fires? And shouldn’t there be a comma between “shots” and “fires”?

    • No comma between “shots fired”. The previous headline could either be “shots, fires” as you stated or “shots and fires”, depending on your writing style. Just be careful of comma and/or apostrophe abuse, particularly in the case of plurals and possessives.

      In answer to your forthcoming question, no, I don’t have anything better to do right now. (Except stay on topic) Apologies RF

  2. I find it amusing that yahoo pulled the “breaking news” off their homepage. Probably because HPD shot a kid, after the kid stabbed the officer.

  3. Now look the evil gun even turned usually safe police officer into a crazed killer. These evil guns must be stopped for Sharon and the kids. We will never be safe with evil guns…I am just glad my guns are inanimate objects, and don’t have minds of their own.

  4. *Conjecture Warning*

    The kid stabbed an officer, and stuck around to be shot? In that case I could buy a good shoot.

    If the kid was running away AFTER the stabbing, that’s a whole ‘nother thing….

    • Agreed, I am suspicious and waiting for the investigation/report.

      That having been said, if he really did shoot him in the wrist, it’s likely the “kid” was still a threat. Not from any fancypants justification about an attempt to disarm the kid, it’s just that when people are under stress (like being stabbed), they tend to shoot where they are focusing, like the knife and hand that are still attacking them.

      Were I to wager, based on scanty information, I would say that the “kid” had stabbed him and was attempting to continue to stab him at that very moment when the officer fired.

      • I’d also like to know what happened to the bat-belt full of other stuff a law officer usually carries. At 3 on 1 odds, it’s hard to say that Dan-o there couldn’t have used it.

        • yeah.. cus I’m gonna taze or use pepper spray or close the distance to use my ASP or grapple up on a guy with a knife who was close enough to stab me. yeah no thanks. if the kid was at a close enough distance to wound me with a knife, I’ll do everything in my power to subdue him. I’m surprised the officer didn’t kill him.

          Is it possible that the Tazer or pepper spray could have stopped the youth? yes absolutely. Is it also possible that they would not have stopped him? yes as well, there are plenty of examples where pepper spray or tazers have not fully incapacited men who were in a drug fueled rage or so pumped from adrenaline that they did not register it. and at contact distance close enough to wound the cop, is close enough for me to want to defend myself with lethal force. now had the kid punched the cop in the face or something that would have warranted a different level o force on the police’s part. but knives are a whole different story. especially since most police issued ballistic vests do not have a stab resistent layer.

  5. the knife stabbed the cop the kid didnt do it, why cant you guys ever get it right. ban all knives!!

  6. Quick! Someone grab MDA and MAIG screen shots about the knee-jerk reaction to the horrors of guns in schools and need for more gun-control.

  7. Aw for a second Piers Morgan was the happiest man alive. Piers seems to relish in the death of school children.

  8. Why the lockdown? The kid didn’t shoot anyone, and was apparently apprehended immediately after being shot. Were they afraid the cop would go on a rampage?

    • Because that’s how we roll in the 21st century. Kind of makes me long for those tense yet quaint days of “duck and cover” drills.

  9. Since the gun was in possesson of one of Honlulu’s finest it was ok to have shots fired in or near a school.

  10. The news stories online I see still have headlines like “Shots fired at School!” or “Another school shooting”.

    Just shows how eager they are.

  11. when confronted with a man with a gun, RUN AWAY! guess he didn’t get the “shelter in place” memo

  12. I will play devils advocate:

    Should have gone for the neck with the knife. Why did they need armed people to apprehend him anyway? Kids run away all the time, usually if something is bad at home(cant fault them) or are being rebellious (can fault them).

    The cop was okay to shoot him, whether from the front or back. Getting stabbed is getting stabbed no matter what happens.
    And who is stupid enough to stab a police officer, especially when you aren’t being apprehended for something serious?

    • It’s not stupid if the consequences of being returned to his owners were worse than the consequences of stabbing a cop. There’s no background information on what he was running away from, so we can’t really tell if it was stupid or not.

  13. I am confused. It sounds like a gun was used to stop someone with a weapon, at a school, are you sure this is right? No, no that can’t be! From what the media and anti gunners tell us this just can’t be. I bet the gun was at the school to slay the young and defenseless but the cop intervened at the last second turning the gun away from the school but unfortunately a poor drifter with a knife got in the way. Love the headline though but they mislabeled it. It should read “Grasping at straws because we can’t get a bill to the floor!!”

  14. Looks like the moral of the story is, don’t stab people.

    Huh, I guess the Insane Clown Posse were wrong.

    • Pretty sure ICP advocates hatchets instead of knives, but since some helpful soul stole my audio collection, I’m running on memories, here.

  15. I live 4 miles from Roosevelt High School. On the radio they reported this as a “school shooting”, followed by asking everyone to stay calm. So rather than just report shots reported fired at The high school they went for the emotional trigger. Now where is the media to report that an officer used his firearm to defend another officer from an assailant using deadly force? No where to be found…

  16. Out of the gate and quickly, the MSM portrayed it as “another school shooting” but slow to give the cop only detail.

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