NFAC armed militia Louisville
Armed members of the "NFAC" march through downtown Louisville, Ky., toward the Hall of Justice on Saturday, July 25, 2020. Hundreds of activists demanded justice for Breonna Taylor during the demonstrations in her hometown that drew counter-protesters from a white militia group. (AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley)
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Huh. We’ve been making this very same argument right here for the last decade.

You need not endorse the tactics or ideologies of [the Three Percenters and NFAC] to recognize that both are relying on a legal legacy that makes mainstream Democrats like Biden uncomfortable. As the Supreme Court recognized in its landmark 2008 decision overturning the District of Columbia’s handgun ban, the Second Amendment was based partly on the premise that “when the able-bodied men of a nation are trained in arms and organized, they are better able to resist tyranny.”

The fact that two opposing groups are dedicated to defending the right of armed self-defense should not be surprising. The Second Amendment, like the First, is of value to people with divergent backgrounds and political views. Gun controllers should stop pretending otherwise.

– Jacob Sullum in The Second Amendment Is Not Restricted to White Conservatives

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    • But, if people painted ‘Kill Blacky’ they would have been labeled racist, they had to paint ‘Kill Whitey’. They weren’t chanting ‘Kill Cops’, they were singing a rap song. Brother, your facts and news of what happened would never pass a CNN fact checker.

      And before you say I am against all rap music, I like Run DMC & Areosmith’s Version of Walk This Way.

      • Since Gun Control is rooted in racism and genocide and clearly is a racist and nazi based agenda the heading is not correct and should be…

        “Attention Racists and Nazis: People of All Colors and Political Persuasions Can and Do Own Guns.”

    • People who chant kill someone because of their skin color are obviously sick gutless wonders asking others to fulfill thier deranged desire. If the chanters want it done they need to do their own dirty work or stfu.
      Perhaps the thought of being charged with a hate crime, capital murder and getting a death sentence or life in prison or getting shot trying overrides the sewage that flows from the butt holes directly below their noses.

    • Those who paint kill Whitey are just the equivalent of those who burn crosses while wearing white hoods.

      Extremist elements of both sides provide attractive fodder for the news media but they are not representative of the vast majority of their respective parties.

      Unfortunately, the weak minded will latch onto these worst elements, in order to justify their persecution fantasies.

    • The lady in the front has no optic and her rear sight folded down, and is that guy on the far right in the glasses Denzel Washington?

  1. The problem with gun owners of a certain political persuasion is, when confronted about their preferred party’s hard-on for gun control, they act like the siblings of an infamous serial killer, by nervously laughing and mumbling “W-we, ummm, we don’t talk about that.”

    • There is a scientific term. It is called “Cognitive Dissonance”. It where if there is a clash between reality and perceptions, reality is ignored.

    • Let me translate that for you.

      What that means is:

      “We understand the candidates have to talk about these issues and make the urban voters feel better. But we know once elected, just like Obama and the Democratic Congress in 2008 to 2010, they’ll do nothing but expand our gun rights because they know which side their bread is buttered on. And now that many more folks on the left have made the decision to buy firearms, the pressures on The Democratic candidates will be even greater.


          Eric Swalwell 2020

  2. Fun fact: It’s 2020, and the only people that still obsess over skin color are the same people that want to take your guns.

    • That’s a right wing white nationalist conspiracy theory you racist! Now give me your gun!

      Eric Swalwell 2020

        • (TheNotReal)Eric Swalwell is one of my favorite posters here. This one, I’d vote for. The legit one, I’d vote for too. From a rooftop.

        • Haven’t seen Possum in about a week, IIRC. Popped in for a short comment, and haven’t seen him since. 🙁

        • The ‘Marsupial One’ just got cataract surgery. The recovery can be uncomfortable, as it is for mine. He should be back (I hope)…

        • Damn, happy & sorry for you guys Geoff. Sincerely hope Possum’s having a better go of it, and yours improves quickly. Need corrective surgery myself, but I’ve been putting it off for far to long. Legally blind in one eye, nearly so in the other, and I’m multi-astigmatic afflicted in both.

          I get the multi-image thing, starbursts, and image smearing on top of general blurriness. It’s like a funky DOF with image space modifiers sans corrective lenses. Reflex sights look… interesting shall we say? I can count 9 individual images of the reticle in a red dot, each overlaying the other in a spiral pattern to the right.

  3. The whole “in this together” nonsense falls apart when you realize one group of gun owners will happily and actively work to disarm the other group. Every morning I wake up to the previous nights news demonstrating there is no more room to work together. The Palestinians and the Israelis both love their guns.

    The left being overloaded with self-righteous degenerates means that they would never comply with any regulations, registrations or confiscations and the political class knows it. One look at Baltimore and Chicago shows they aren’t complying now so why would they later? We’ve given in again and again over the years and the political class knows that, too. After all we’re the ones with careers, savings, families and can grasp the concept of future planning. We have things to lose. They don’t. They’ve already destroyed their finances, wrecked their bodies and nuked their reputations.

    • +5

      Much as it irks me to say it, it’s very hard to support the right of people to be armed when those people are sworn enemies of not just this Republic but also Western Civilization in it’s entirety.

      I sit back and watch people argue about the existence of “Cultural Marxism”. Is it real or a right-wing fever dream? Live or Memorex?

      And then I think about other things that might matter to us these days. Like that CoV-2 is now confirmed in minks and it’s thought that, like cats, they can give it back to us.

      And then I consider that most people seem to have extreme difficulty in walking and chewing gum at the same time, nevermind figuring out the flavor of the gum and how that might relate to the color of their shoelaces.

      • “And then I think about other things that might matter to us these days. Like that CoV-2 is now confirmed in minks and it’s thought that, like cats, they can give it back to us.”

        Oh, then you’re gonna *love* this little tid-bit that just dropped this morning :

        “Bacteria live despite burial in seafloor mud for 100 million years
        Ancient communities of bacteria jump to life with a fresh meal.”

        What could possibly go wrong?

        (Insert paranoid, evil laugh *here*…)

        • Trust me Geoff, you don’t want to see the shit like this that I get from my wife literally every single day.

          Sign up for the ProMed newsletter if you want just taste of what I’m talking about.

        • “(cough cough)

          Bacteria and viruses are not the same…”

          It can be argued viruses aren’t even technically-alive. Some of them thrive in in an ionizing-radiation (the *hard* stuff) environment.

          That makes them potentially tougher critters…

        • The Tartigrade (water bear). Now that is even tougher than any bacterium or virus.

        • @Dude:

          Just look for the one that starts “Names have been changed to protect the embarrassed…”

      • There is no doubt that cultural Marxism is real and the cultural marxists will tell you all about it if you listen to them.

        If you are debating someone who denies it they are either a liar or a dupe.

      • @strych9,

        “…it’s very hard to support the right of people to be armed when those people are sworn enemies of not just this Republic but also Western Civilization in it’s entirety.”

        Careful now. The advocation for the disarming of anyone is the top of the slippery slope. IMHO, everyone should be armed. Even when the NFAC and 3%’er groups faced off, nobody fired a shot because they all knew it would have resulted in guaranteed loss of life on both sides. When two unarmed groups face off, they might clash and express their violence in fisticuffs (remember Antifa and Proud Boys?). But when two armed groups face off, the stakes are much higher and the chances of violence are actually lower.

        Let all be armed.

      • Yeah I won’t “fight to the death” for lowlife leftards being armed. They can (and do!) cause death & destruction worldwide. I’ve never understood the gung-ho idiocy of arming my enemies😕😕😕

      • Yeah, I”m not fighting for *their* rights, I’m fighting for mine — and it just so happens that a society that properly protects mine also protects theirs. I support them like I support collateral damage; it’s always terrible, but sometimes it just can’t be avoided.

        • Pretty much.

          From a philosophical point of view there’s a pretty easy out within the schema of “rights” but there’s also a fairly simple utilitarian counterargument (which generally is where people reside knowingly or unknowingly). Within that scheme of thought you have to go a number of steps farther down the road to justify *their* rights.

          It’s doable but it’s more of a PITA than I appreciate. “Why are you making it so goddamned hard to defend your natural rights?” Comes to mind.

    • You’re being half honest and I appreciate that. It’s good you admit you have priorities that are used to control you. You shouldn’t blame others though. And for what, some vague, frumpy idea of not living right? Alright Archie Bunker. Where’s all this personal responsibility I hear about? Your problem, such as it is, is you. You make yourself politically irrelevant. What do you want to do, control national events with none of your skin in the game? I could see why you would want that. It would be nice, for you at least, but come on, lol.

  4. Leftist gun owners are hypocrites. Like in everything else, if it comes to registering firearms they will not follow the rules, because rules do not apply to them. And the leftist DAs will let it slide. It’s the conservatives that will be targeted.

    • In the Democrats win in November and the gun control apocalypse happens there will be three types of people.

      Those who meakly comply.
      Those who pretend to comply
      And keyboard commandos and outlaws.

      The State will be happy with the first two groups and leave them alone because it’s just security theater but they will crush the third group because the State will need to show that they business gol darn it!!!

  5. When the mainstream media pens “tense standoff,” the skepticism meter pegs at 10. Of course they want to portray this as some crisis. Crisis, crisis, crisis sells newspapers to the perpetually concerned.

    Relax. This is America, a nation of 330 million. About 300 people die from falling from ladders every year. No one died in that “tense standoff” between the two “militias.” Overreaction to militias by people believing every word of what some leftist writes in some newspaper is worse than the militias themselves.

    • ABC News put out a propaganda piece that day in which they implied, multiple times, that the two groups were shooting at each other. They kept describing the groups as white right wing, and black left wing while saying shots were fired earlier. At the very end of the video they quickly through in the disclaimer that the shot may have been accidental. They have since removed the video.

  6. You know what the NFAC is good at? Myth busting. The most obvious is the myth that it’s only white guys that like to walk around with rifles. The more interesting myth is that police would gun down black men exorcising their rights. The Left Wing talking head idiots literally said that would happen when they were losing their minds over the armed protests in Virginia and Michigan which they labeled as terrorists. It’s hilarious that anyone still takes those idiotic partisans seriously.

    • You know what the NFAC isn’t good at? Understanding the purpose of a sling or the rules of firearm safety.

    • The other NAFC myth is that they pose any sort of threat to anyone other than themselves.

    • You would love the “leader’s” response to the negligent discharge that he posted recently. It was really something to see. Made me think of Joe Biden. Seriously. Just with more complete bullshit in it.

      Johhny B on YT covered it some. Very entertaining.

  7. To win we need a big tent, not a small one that consistently expels people for not being in lockstep on every issue. Further, the “all in” for a single party is a poor long term move. Both parties need to see that there is strong support for the rights of gun owners within their ranks. Both parties need to see that supporting the rights of gun owners is a winning position.

    We, as supporters of the rights of gun owners, need to have as big of a tent as possible. Within that tent, we may disagree on how to build the best vibrant and lasting economy, how to provide the best healthcare, how to best prepare the children for the future, or ao a myriad of other issues; however, within that tent, the only thing we need to agree on is securing the rights of gun owners. That is a big tent. Yes, it is a bit more chaotic than a small tent where all are in agreement on each and every point of interest, but that big tent will have more influence on the issue that it was erected to defend.

    • The days of pro 2A democrats getting elected is pretty much over. The Left has evolved, and they demand political purity. They even hate Joe Biden. They slander him as a moderate. That’s why he’s bending over backwards to court the far Left.

      • The Fracture in the democrat party is continuing to grow. Both factions of the party have reached an interesting point. Attempting to walk the tight rope of their separate Ideologies. The Honest Hard Working and YES Law Enforcement backing Democrats. Who are finding themselves forced to become a part of the Silent Majority due to Cancel Culture Fears and the Socialist Liberals who Scream Defund the Police. While using the guise of a once legitimate protest. To Riot, Loot, Burn and Deny. Those same Honest Hard Working democrats the ability to run their businesses and work at their jobs. Now the rubber is hitting the road. Democrat Politicians are having to choose which side they will support. Since these two side have very little in common. Being a middle of the road Democrat is quickly becoming a Death Sentence. Not supporting the Socialist Liberal causes or even remaining silent to Their causes. Will cost them not only votes but chastisement on the Interweb. Supporting the violent actions going on in several Liberal cities or remaining silent by not speaking out against them. May cost them votes from those adversely effected. Up until now it’s been easy to stand in the middle. As the election grows nearer and the vocal Socialist Liberals Demand Elegance. Their (Alea iacta est) Die will have to be cast.
        Rashida Tlaib declines to back Biden amid tough House reelection fight: report | Fox News

        • Trump is a very convenient outlet for all the cognitive dissonance among the Democrats (among Republicans too, but that’s a different story). Directing angst and fury at his Horrible Orangeness helps distract them from what’s really going on.

          My wife still votes Democrat, as she has done her whole life — but as I keep telling her, by today’s progressive “liberal” standards, she’s a terrible excuse for a Democrat.

          She supports the police, and although she won’t budge from the “mostly peaceful protesters” party line, she’s very worried about making sure we have enough ammunition to repel invaders. She owns a “high capacity” handgun and thinks gun control is bunk. She’s all about civil rights, especially the First Amendment, the way the Democratic party used to be back in the ’80s, and she still thinks they operate that way.

          But one thing she’s in lockstep with is that she HATES Trump. Everything wrong with politics and the world in general is the Orange Man’s fault, and he is literally Racist Satan. Everything will be better once Not Trump is in charge.

          It makes a great distraction from the unavoidable fact that her chosen political party hates almost everything she believes in. I keep telling her that if a single president can ruin America all by himself, we should be more afraid of what’s happened to our constitutional system than whoever is in the Oval Office. If this country can’t survive one bad president, or even 2 or 3 in a row, we’ve got bigger problems than the president.

          A Democrat win would undoubtedly be terrible for this country, it might also be terrible for the party. It might fracture their party irreparably if/when the crazy spirals out of control. Good luck gaslighting the public *and* controlling the mobs.

        • @Ing. I’ve spent some time over the last few years talking with people from both the Republican and Democrat party about there dislike for President Trump. While there have been some who disliked his stance on some Issues. I’ve found far more especially Millennials and Offendials. Who dislike him for what he says over what he does. Once you get a chance to really talk with them and get past the emotional dislike. They have a difficult time naming anything other than that they don’t like. This has always been a key factor in the Democrat parties ability to gain a following. Understanding that many people are guided by the Emotional attraction to an Issue. Over the Intellectual aspects of the same Issue. Some would call it “common sense”. Except in today’s bubble wrap society. Common Sense hasn’t been allowed to manifest itself. Since it is a learned trait requiring failure often accompanied by pain. Such is the world WE live.
          Keep’n My Powder Dry…Yours is Up to You…Chose Wisely.

        • “They have a difficult time naming anything other than that they don’t like.”

          I know. I’ve asked the same question. It’s sad how easily people are played. The media love to flip out every single day over the latest tweet. How is your life affected from a tweet? People that aren’t well informed fall for the latest the sky is falling narrative. The Russia Hoax was originally designed to distract from the Clintons’ dealings with Russia. Then they kept it up solely just to find something, anything so they could impeach Trump. When that didn’t work, they transitioned to the farce of an impeachment that couldn’t even lay out a specific crime outside of foreign policy differences. That was also designed to distract from the Bidens’ dealings with Ukraine. Do you see a pattern yet?

          Policy differences aside, I don’t know how anyone could still support democrats after the Kavanaugh debacle and the Russia Witch Hunt. It’s out now that the FBI knew there was no collusion before the Mueller team was even assembled. These are not serious people. They’re after one thing: power, and they’ll do anything to get it.

    • Having people leave their baggage at the door when entering the metaphorical pro-gun tent is not an option. Whether or not it was ever possible it didn’t happen, and now is not the time. The US right is not in a position to extend the olive branch, it’s weak with nothing to offer and it would obviously be insincere. If righty gun owners learned to cooperate right now, it would be good for their character, which is something, but politically useless. It’s too late, electing Trump was thew last big Boomer Tantrum. The future of gun rights is out of deplorable hands. It’s fine by me, the US right were garbage at maintaining gun rights, total losers. Very sad. Whizzed away an incredible amount of money and political capitol, made bad deals. Low energy, not my thing.

  8. Only when gun owners find the courage to personally speak up in public, will things begin to change in a positive way for the 2A.

    The only serious gun owners are the ones who will support Pro-gun candidates. If your not then you’re just a FUDD. And your skin color or who, or what, you have sex with, doesn’t matter. You are still a FUDD.

    To me if you don’t support the ownership of ARMS then you are a FUDD. Rifle mounted bayonets, Flame throwers, bombs, grenades, A piper cub with wing mounted rocket launchers. And any weapon the police and military have. Civilians can have too.

    Weapons training and 2A education should be required in every high school.

    • Totally agree. While we’re on the topic, a panzerfaust is very easy to make. Not trying to shill here but TFB has a very interesting article on how to make a panzerfaust, up right now. Could prove to be very useful for the coming war/collapse. A panzerfaust won’t do much to a modern tank, but armored vehicles or some improvised Antifa armored cars? I think it might be a good idea to have a few on hand.

      • It will kill a modern tank if you hit the top of the turret or the engine deck. You are only looking at an inch of armor or so.

      • Ron, I almost put that TFB link in my comment!!! I want that poor man’s rocket launcher.

    • “…Weapons training and 2A education should be required in every high school…”

      Starting with basic safety training in 1st grade and progressing through 12th grade advanced marksmanship.

  9. The left wants to ban their opponents from owning guns because they can enslave and kill them easier. They like guns and want their private armies tooled up. It’s up to their opposition to resist this and make it physically expensive while subverting them.

    And that is where we are headed.

  10. The title of this article is a sentiment that I always thought should go without saying.

    But that is NOT what this is. There is nothing pro-2A here.

    This is nitwit control freaks bothered by idiots getting in their chili.

    They are ALL people to watch so that you know where they are but to never get that close to.

  11. “Those who meakly comply.
    Those who pretend to comply
    And keyboard commandos and outlaws.”
    I have been around guns all my life & have heard:
    “you/they will have to pry it(gun) from my cold dead hands”
    Everytime the quoter thought this would happen soon.
    I wondered how may would give it up, how many would run & how many would stand & die.
    Guns are not a true Equailizer, SKILL is, no matter what we are talking about. So you want to feel safe or big man, get a gun.
    In the end will you stand & die for what you believe or run & hide.
    Only time will tell.

    • Immediately standing up and dying may make a nice statement but in a protracted conflict staying power means everything. The battle will be won by the pretend to complys not the cold dead handers.

      You got to know when to hold
      Know when to fold
      Know when to walk away
      Know when to run.

    • If you are the most skilled in the world and unarmed, a novice with a .25 acp pistol will casually put you down. Don’t be silly.

    • “No dumb bastard ever won a war by going out and dying for his country. He won it by making some other dumb bastard die for his country.” –George Patton

  12. I can’t stand Marxists, but I’d rather hang out with one of them than a vegan. Marxist vegans deserve a special place in hell, but a Marxist vegan Karen is the most dangerous thing on earth (or elsewhere).

  13. and many will vote their 2A away in a heartbeat…weird…huh?
    No need for an AR for hunting…right?
    No need for a .30 cal for hunting…right? A bow and arrow will do just fine…right?
    It will start with “scary Black rifles”…then on to handguns…then it will be “hunting” rifles and shotguns…
    OK…maybe not in that exact order…

    • Your Remchesterby will be called a “sniper rifle”. Your .22 rimfire will be called “an assassin’s gun”.

      • The cultural Marxists act like they can speak a new reality into being by altering the meaning of words. It sure would be…interesting…if they succeeded in this particular regard. An awful lot of snipers and assassins in waiting out there.

  14. Recently I saw some people ‘blasting’ conservative gun owners for not showing up to fight the feds and start a civil war in Portland… as if owning a gun means you have the responsibility to show up to fight for any yahoo that decides they have a right to burn courthouses.

    I’m sure SOME people have begun to learn the value of being armed. Yet there are others who will never take it upon themselves and always wonder why no one is coming to help them. Oh, and then get angry about it.

  15. You deplorables make the argument when it suits you, ie when US right political fortunes are down in the blue Ty-Dee-Bowl water marinating. You get all cuddly and philosophical. When you think you’ve got power you get mouthy and ambitious. It’s mass manic-depression basically.

    Someone just tuning in between your mood swings might mistake you for at least having principles. But I know you basket-dwellers are dyed-in-the-wool groupies. You kiss demagogue butt when it’s on the menu, otherwise try to con outsiders into being an even lower order of rightist tool.

      • *Snicker* 😉

        Oh, how the widdle ‘snortch’ is so convinced of its superiority.

        You’re gonna cry like a little bitch when the day comes, boy. The day you discover this country isn’t interested in your mental delusion… 🙂

    • And you are self pleasuring at the thought of being one ANTIFA interrogators and executioners who herds the class enemies into the showers for delousing.

    • You and Chief sharing a manifesto, or nah? I mean, you gonna organize for the same killing spree or what? Just quit talking whatever you do, and get it over with.

  16. As much as it’s their right to carry and protest, FUCK THE NFAC. Racist, uninformed halfway woke and untrained punks. Their own “leader” makes the cringiest videos ever, about a fucking m16 being a “bullpup” and using force to close the bolt (look! No hands!) “firing” a round. Watch this shit:

    Most of us agree with their desire to carry, but their cause? The same dumbass shit as any other racist. If you had a whites only militia it would be the same shit. Fuck the NFAC. They can die with the rest of the commie bastards, racists, and tyrants.

  17. Even the Federalist Society realizes now that Trump is a fascist and those who support him are enemies of the constitution:

    “Steven Calabresi, a Northwestern University law professor who has offered broad defenses of the President in recent years, wrote, “I am frankly appalled by the president’s recent tweet seeking to postpone the November election. Until recently, I had taken as political hyperbole the Democrats’ assertion that President Trump is a fascist.”
    “But this latest tweet is fascistic and is itself grounds for the president’s immediate impeachment again by the House of Representatives and his removal from office by the Senate,” he said.
    It’s a significant break from the co-founder of one of the most influential groups in Republican politics. The Federalist Society has emerged as a leading conservative and libertarian voice in recent years, urging a limited role for judges in society’s problems.”

    • “grounds for the president’s immediate impeachment”

      Overreact much? Like I mentioned before, this is the latest the sky is falling narrative over a tweet.

      • Well, you may be right, it’s not like Donald Trump would use a dictator’s tactic of suggesting the government suspend free elections…

        Now if he starts sending out armed, anonymous goons to snatch peaceful citizens off the streets of America, then it would be time to be concerned, right?

        • It would be a dereliction of duty to NOT protect a federal building under siege from rioting terrorists.

        • You must have missed the entire reason he suggested that… he literally just trolled sensitive soy bitches like yourself.

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