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Remember, no one needs a magazine that holds more than ten rounds. That message has been regurgitated by all of the smartest people, so it must be true. Right?

Maybe we should find out what an un-named Port Arthur, Texas man thinks about limiting magazine capacity and preventing individuals from using every tool available to defend their families.


A 29-year-old man in Port Arthur shot and killed one of three people holding his family at gunpoint in their own home, police said. …

Port Arthur Police detectives found three armed men had forced their way into the house and held a family at gunpoint right after a woman who lived in the house came home, according to news releases.

The 29-year-old homeowner heard the commotion and came out of another room with a rifle to confront the robbers and protect his young children, Port Arthur Police said in news releases. He fired several shots at one of the men, who died. The other two suspects fled the area before officers arrived at the scene.

How many rounds did the home owner fire? How many would have been needed if the other two suspects hadn’t taken off when their partner in crime was being ventilated? (Oh, and what are the odds that the “rifle” mentioned in the story was one of those black, scary-looking models?)

The incident is still under investigation by the Port Arthur PD, but this appears to be a clear-cut case of self-defense. One that was facilitated by a (most likely) semi-automatic firearm that packs plenty of rounds, enough to respond the three attackers.


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    • Reminds me of a joke about a little old lady who defended herself with a handgun. When police arrived on scene, they noted that the attacker was incapable of continuing his attack after her first shot — and that the attacker nonetheless had several bullet holes and the lady’s handgun was empty. Police asked the lady why she kept shooting her attacker. She responded, “I shot him the first time and was concerned that he would continue attacking me so I shot him again. And then he moved when I shot him so I shot him again. And he kept moving every time I shot him so I kept shooting until I ran out of ammunition.” (Never mind the fact that the bullets impacting the unconscious/dead attacker’s body was causing the body to “move”.)

      • Reminds me of when the judge ask a defendant why he shot the perp 15 times. The man answered because I ran out of ammo.

        • That happend in my county, years back.

          Here’s the exchange :

          “Face to face with an armed man suspected of killing a Polk County deputy sheriff, SWAT officers riddled his body with 68 bullets.

          Altogether, nine officers fired 110 times Friday at Angilo Freeland, who Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said “executed” one of his deputies.

          “That’s all the bullets we had, or we would have shot him more,” Judd said after autopsy results were released Saturday.”

  1. The number of rounds “required” is the number it takes to eliminate the threat! Could take one, could take twenty nine, nobody’s gonna tell me how many I can fire until I have to surrender!!!

  2. I’m sure that the defender used a side-by-side shotgun to defeat the bad guys by shooting from his balcony — just the way Basement Joe advised.

      • Guess it is a good thing that Sleepy, Creepy, Uncle Joe will have Secret Service agents armed with more than a shotgun, to keep his wimpy backside safe (at least until Kamel Toe and her cronies decide he is too senile to be President anymore, then she will take over and “retire” Sleepy Uncle Joe.

    • I wonder if Joe understands that after you fire two rounds from your double barrel, you are left with an empty gun

  3. Unless pompous mealy mouth Gun Control Zealots are going to be present to take bullet intended for me they can all stfu and gth.

    • In such situations gun control advocates are either giving away everything they own or urinating on themselves to make them less attractive.

      • @Southern Cross. Thing is, some criminals are actually into ‘golden showers.’ Accordingly, pissing themselves might not be as good of a ‘defense’ as ‘progressive’ gun banners (sorry, I meant gun ‘safety’ proponents) think it is.

  4. That’s the way it’s meant to be done.

    You invade a man’s home and menace his family, you die in a hail of bullets. Too bad he only got one of them, but it was enough to do the job.

  5. The whole home invasion thing sounds like a really stupid idea. Nobody in their right mind would assault an entire household. Curious if drugs are involved in these types of crimes or what because there would have to be something like drugs or a huge amount of cash involved.

    • I think it happens more than you think. Coward burglars feel safety in their numbers and help pump each other up to go get thems some loot.

      I remember reading through the years plenty of home invasion stories where the family was held at gun point by a small group of perps. In one case, the Unarmed dad was executed, mom and daughter were raped. And not necessarily in that order. Started out as just a robbery…

      Or if you go on liveleak, there are plenty of videos from suburban Vegas neighborhoods where groups of 3 – 6 thugs bust down a stranger’s door and rush in to subdue anyone inside and then rob the place.

  6. Cool story! My scary black rifle is ready to go. And 9 more fully loaded standard capacity magazines…

  7. Any coverage beyond a local tv network? No national headlines? “Man saves family with ‘assault rifle,’ kills 1 suspect.”

    Must not fit the narrative.

      • Not quite to the point of just saying city in your statement but it’s getting there. Till then be sure to keep your stupid places times people and things flowcharts up to date.

  8. I mean, I agree we shouldn’t be artificially limited by government control on what we use for self defense.

    That said, so we don’t know what he used or how many shots he fired.

    But let’s assume and speculate it was an AR-15 with a 30 round mag that he emptied.

    I saw better reporting when I was the editor for my middle school newsletter.

  9. My favorite story, true or not.
    Prosecution: “Why did you shoot the deceased 5 times?”
    Officer: ” Four was not enough and six was too many.”

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