9mm ammunition ammo cartridges
9mm, 9x19mm, 9mm Parabellum, 9mm Luger (Dan Z. for TTAG)
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9mm ammunition ammo
Dan Z. for TTAG

A little Googling reveals that not only does Palmetto State Armory have Winchester white box ammo in stock today (50-round boxes of 124gr pills for $33.99 each), but they also have 115gr aluminum-cased Blaser for $29.99. You don’t see many online outlets with two in-stock options for 9mm ammo these days.

We always have our eye out for in-stock ammo as do many of you. If you’re going to keep your skills up, you’re going to have to shoot. That means using ammunition. Even if your inventory is currently in good shape, at some point you’ll want to replace what you’ve been using over time.

Are you buying local when you can? Scouring the internet on a daily basis? Where are you finding your gun food?

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    • Basement for me

      Though I have recently picked up a few boxes of .270 from a local farm store. It is still the same price as before.

    • Yessir. I stocked up. I live in CA so mail order is right out. When I go on a road trip I hit the local gun stores and see if they have any. Picked up a little .38 and .357 in Salt Lake City over thanksgiving.

      Didn’t really need it. But I like giving newsom the finger.

      • Jwm, if you’re genuinely interested in giving his arrogant and sanctimonious lordship Gavin “Nuisance” the finger (or preferably both fingers), download and sign the official recall petition, and get every one of your like-minded neighbors to do the same:


        • Also done here. My wife and I were signature collectors and submitted a few pages’ worth.

          As for ammo, I’m at a range in NV right now, and they have 9mm for $25/bx of 50. Limit is 400 rds. I have plenty, but I might get some to consume it here and allow me to bring my own supply back home.

    • I suddenly feel like a genius having stocked up for the normal election craziness. I also figured California would do something (they did). I think I have just the right amount for my tenure in this state.

    • Locate it one piece at a time,
      within an inch of the bull’s eye.

      Or, within an inch of the perp’s eye.

      • Ditto. I run 2 Dillon 550s and an old RCBS Rockchucker for the metallic stuff, I’m doing 30 or so calibers and have primers and powder on hand. Fair number of projectiles to top them off with and the local Fleet Farm joint just go another shipment of Hornady bullets so grabbed some more 168 ELDs just in case, otherwise I’m pretty good shape for quite a while. Also reload 4 ga of shotshells and have enough there to keep me going. Amazing the reloading stuff one accumulates in nearly 50 years at it…

      • ” A little Googling…….” <——This is why shit does not get better.

        We are nothing but key-board warriors, unwilling to even change the search engine we use.

        Twitter censored us, Facebook removed us, Youtube deleted us…OUR ANSWER…"A little Googling". The company in bed with the Chinese Communist Party.

        Well done TTAG.

        • Actually google has become a verb. When I google I never use google, it is duckduckgo for me. It is my hope that Google (the company) goes the way of IBM. When was the last time you saw an IBM desktop, laptop, server? They still exist in a much smaller and different company than it use to be.

        • @ former
          They just stole a presidential election, but hey “Lighten up Francis” says the FUDD. They aren’t really going to ban any guns, right Fuddy?

          @ Rusty – Molon Labe – Chains
          True enough google has become a verb by many. Except the TTAG site is infected by all things google. Running in the backround on this site is…

          In other words, TTAG makes google money.

        • We are nothing but key-board warriors,

          YOU might be a fucking keyboard warrior but unless you have a mouse in your pocket there ain’t no we… You know jack shit about how I, or anyone else on this board connects/searches or conducts business on the internet…

        • —When was the last time you saw an IBM desktop, laptop, server?

          Yesterday, an I-series, in my data vault at the office.

      • And in the category of “Keyboard Warrior of the Year” the award goes to: (Suspenseful Music Playing)…….. MaddMaxx.

        The lady that doth protest too much!

        Congratulations Mrs. Maxx, what a statement, well earned.

    • Dream on. The estate sale folks have figured it out, and prices are pretty close to GB. Heck, I’ve seen boxes of range 9mm going for $1/round at estate sales recently.

  1. I have been loading up on 22LR and thankfully i should have enough from quite some time. I haven’t purchased 9mm since late August and that was some defensive stuff. last range stuff was 1 box from early august. 556 was in late October and 12GA in late Oct as well. I cant see my self buying any common cal stuff for at least the next 6 months and most likely the next 12. Thankfully i started stocking up last year knowing a best case scenario would be the summer through end of year 2020 would be tough bec of the election. No one saw Covid obviously

    • I’ll have to start stocking up on more .22LR as I’m planning on using more at a local rimfire range. Our prices have increased by 30-50% as a flow on from shortages on your side.

    • I bought a fancy .22 rifle but when I went looking for some Eley match, none was to be had anywhere in town (this being California, no internet shopping). I found nothing worth buying, and after a while, quit looking. I have some Remington Goldens (my Savage loves them) and some high velocity CCI stuff, so that will have to do for the next year or so, if the news from the industry is accurate.

      • Can out of state family buy it for you? You buying online and having family ship it to you the same thing according to Johnny Law? I just bought a brick of NOS brown box from a CA guy on gun broker. My little squirrel rifle throws those onto a 50 yard dime all day, and this was the first I’ve seen in years. Maybe decades.

  2. I locate ammo down the hall in my reloading room. I learned not to count on being able to buy firearms related items during an election year. I have enough components to ride this drought out. I will however pick up some of this cheap aluminum cased 115 grain just because I can.

  3. I’ll buy more if I see it at a regular price locally. Just saw an ad for white box at 16 bucks. Only 4 allowed at that price. Didn’t buy.
    I’m stocking up on mags right now while prices are normal.
    Buying cheap and stacking deep.

    • Good idea on the mags, I went through my guns and made a list of mags I would want to ensure I had enough of for each gun, specifically the over 10rd mags, and have been working through that. Some of the gun mags I just hadn’t gotten around to getting more of, like the hi power, so making sure I have those, as well as some drums, more pmags, etc.

      Not buying ammo right now outside of a little Ammo Squared subscription.

  4. Not a problem. I have a half dozen local gun shops within 20 miles, plus a gun counter at the local AFB, plus 3 Farm Co-Ops that sell ammo. One or more will have what I typically buy. Prices are a little higher than a year ago, but what isn’t? Suck it up, buttercup. Pay the man or don’t shoot. Maybe y’all will get some of that .gov stimulus. 🙂

    • I wish. Only 1.5 local options here — a big regional sporting goods store just across the border in Idaho and (puke) WalMart. Although you’ve just reminded me that there is a farm supply store that I never go to…that’s gotta be worth checking out.

      Pretty much, I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’m not going to be buying ammo or shooting it in the near future. Unless the Marxist brownshirts leave the local university campus to ravage residential areas, that is…I do have enough ammo to join the dance if need be,

      • @Ing

        Sounds like you might be near Spokanistan* and talking about the C*****’s in Post Falls. During the Obama years we had good luck driving over and shopping at Black Sheep in Cd’A. The other North Idaho store we had consistent luck at was Brown Dog in Athol, ID. The owner is a great guy to do business with and had powder when all the larger stores were barren.

        *or, if you prefer,…Spokompton or Spokangeles.

      • I saw the damndest thing the other day. I had to go to WalMart to pick something up that my wife ordered and she wasn’t feeling well. Naturally, I cruised by the ammo case. It was empty and so were the shelves beside it except for 4 boxes of 28 gauge field loads. That was it. I figured they would have something. I didn’t expect much – but no ammo at all surprised me.

        • I’ve started wondering if they’re getting any ammo at all anymore. They don’t have any at all, no matter when I go by the counter. Maybe this is their excuse to get out of the game.

  5. “Where are you finding your gun food?”

    My closet. It’s a walk-in with the back wall holding a 4′ wide by 2′ deep steel frame shelving, full height.

  6. Stocked up big on reloading components and 22 lr when stuff went on sale. That was back before everything went weird. Learned my lesson the hard way when Obama was first elected.

    • Exactly right.

      Started earlier for me though, about forty years or so. Always buy a little ammo when it is on sale. As in a little more than needed, make a habit of it. Need one box, but it’s a sale? Buy two, put one box away. All these panic driven ammo shortages haven’t put a dent in my shooting

  7. Even if I found some, it grits my teeth to pay these prices. Times like this make the wife a lot more compliant when I’m stocking up because prices are reasonable. I hardly ever shoot manufactured stuff anyway. Handloading takes care of most of my shooting.

    It also gives me a good reason to say, “Sorry!” when someone who does not prepare wants to tap me for stock. I tell them I don’t mind shooting my own but don’t want the liability of someone else shooting it. Once, many years ago, I gave several boxes of .45 ACP handloads to a friend hoping to encourage him to shoot more often. He never shot it and eventually his three trouble-prone pre-teen boys stole his handgun and the ammo. He recovered the gun but no magazines or ammo. I was imagining myself getting sued for providing the ammunition some punk used in committing a felony.

  8. Scoring here and there at near normal prices. Shout out to Smitty’s here in Jefferson County, MO for Winchester 100 round white box for $30. Also, Kevin’s in St. Charles, MO for reasonable .380 and .38… sure it’s gone now! Pawn shops can be good, too! The smaller and more isolated, the better.

      • I stocked up and then loaded it all onto my boat along with all my firearms, launched the boat, and i’ll be dammed if all that didn’t didn’t sink the gd boat……
        My wife never understood why a man would pack all his firearms onto a boat…..
        Hell I still can’t answer her to this day, but I will say looking back it doesn’t seem like the smartest thing i’ve ever done….

  9. I have what I need for now. I’ve seen 9mm & 223/556 but didn’t get the itch to buy either for a buck@round. Buddy got a 38 & is having a hard time finding any…I have no plans buying online. For now!

  10. Waiting for an ebb to happen personally, not buying currently. Loading up some of my own here and there but nothing special. I need to hit the range, get my 243 figured out and then make a decent amount of ammo for it.

    • Actually, I take that back. The Rural King down by my folks had 22lr at 2.25 a box so I bought my 4 boxes a day while I was there. Can’t complain too much about that pricing. I need to take the kid out at some point but I need to get him a “slower” gun than my AR first. $20 a mag for him is a bit too quick to be lighting up $20 bills!

        • No way is .22lr being sold at $2.25 USD for 500 rounds.

          $2.25 for 50 is 4.5 cents per round, and that’s a decent deal.

          Score some more, Andrew…

  11. The FFL/gun range across the road from me manufactures .223, 9mm, .357 magnum, .38, and .44 magnum. Prices are about 1.5 x to 2x from a year ago, and he limits purchases, but I still feel I’m lucky. When I drive by I always watch for the FedEx truck delivering components, then go down the next day or 2 to find out what’s available.

  12. All of my local gun stores have ZERO boxes of anything even remotely resembling popular handgun and rifle calibers on the shelves — which means that I have not purchased anything recently.

    I stopped checking online ammunition distributors about two months ago because prices were running about three times the “normal” prices of 2019.

    • If I saw a box of 243 win I’d buy it at this point. I’ve seen a bunch of 6.5 Creedmoor and some 450 Bushmaster. Actually picked a box of the 450 up but people may have moved to the next flavor of the week or something.

    • Same. I had to find ammo for that old deer rifle before I could buy it. Those and 2 boxes of a boutique caliber that is running 3-10x higher than before March. Im just Glad in March I bought a lot of .22lr to keep up.

      • “Im just Glad in March I bought a lot of .22lr to keep up.”

        That’s when I got mine, and it was the last ammo I bought. I’ve resigned myself to shooting .22lr only until things get better. (Well, a little 9mm, to test my Poly80 build…)

        • Geoff and Old Guy in Montana,

          Here is the sob-story of all sob-stories. A friend of mine thought it was a good idea to hide his Glock 19 in the microwave oven in his camper. Little did he know that his microwave oven had a design flaw where it would turn on and run for several minutes all by itself. As you might guess, that happened and it melted the polymer parts. Having no use for the slide and barrel (which were totally fine), he gave them to me. I was in the process of choosing a polymer 80 to order so that I could put that slide and barrel to good use when COVID-19 hammered us and the polymer 80 vendors have been out-of-stock ever since.

          Now that Glock 19 slide and barrel are a paper-weight on my desk waiting (impatiently) for a polymer 80 block.

      • Jeff,

        By happenstance I went into overdrive purchasing .22 LR ammunition when the prices finally came down — and it was actually available — as supplies recovered from the Great Ammunition Drought (thanks to the Sandy Hook Elementary school attack). I purchased a LOT when prices were finally down to about $22 for 500 round bulk packs.

        I am probably at the point where I have to ask if my .22 LR firearms will wear out before I shoot all of it.

        Fun note: I still have a few 50-round boxes of Remington Viper hyper-velocity ammunition that I purchased in one or two “bricks” (bulk packs of 10 boxes of 50) back in high school several moons ago. Hint: the most recent graphics on Remington Viper hyper-velocity boxes are different from my high school purchase!

        • Yeah good to know. I wish I had triple my stock of 20 guage. Unfortunately it’s gone locally. I can get 12 guage all day long but not 20 guage. Dtr is falling out of practice for her spring school trap shooting, I have enough for practice and competition for March through June for her. The good news is her joining a .22lr youth league this winter, very prepared for that.

    • Same here in the Upstate of South Carolina.

      I stopped hitting the range around July and now reloading 12ga. I think I got the last box of primers in the country unless one hits the gun broker sellers.

      • Manse Jolly,

        You can probably find a treasure-trove of shotgun primers if you look at the muzzleloader section of local stores — they frequently have oodles of 100 packs of 209 primers. I’ll bet you could score at least 10 packages at a single store which would total 1,000 primers. Of course if you went to multiple stores you could obviously increase your total.

        By the way I have been seeing a decent supply of 12 gauge target loads (100 packs) at local stores for normal prices. And that is about the only thing that I have been seeing.

        • get a lee key slug mold and convert that target rounds to decent “low-recoil” slugs.
          You can turn 100 target shells in to slugs in an afternoon, if you focus and push a little…

      • manse jolly i use to live on that rd at a kid. I work at a place near where you shop at all the time

  13. Actually I keep finding ammo all over the place… under the bed, in the hall closet, in boxes in the garage. It’s like Christmas everyday around here!

    • Nate,

      I did not see where you were going with your comment initially — it gave me quite a nice chuckle!

  14. I’m in good supply but I’m getting a kick out of looking at all glock cases for sale on Facebook market. Sometimes the measurements are 17×19 and 9 of those m&m collectibles in the 50 bean trays, PM for details. Nice.

  15. Two guys I regularly shoot with work at two different LGS. They text me if something arrives that I’m interested in. Neither store has jacked their prices (yet). Can be at either location in 30 minutes or less (better’n pizza). Usually pickup one or two boxes of whatever is offered (it may be a long, dry spell with the Harris Administration). As someone said on TTAG several years ago…the only time you have too much ammo is if you are on fire or treading water (slight paraphrase).

  16. I just call my Bro at the FIB and he hooks me up with whatever I want, courtesy of Uncle Chuck and Aunt Nancy. Have to look at it to guess what caliber it is. The labels on the boxes look like Chinese or something.
    Mitch said its good ammo he shoots it all the time. /sarc
    I have never bought anything from Palmetto State Armory. Topped off all my ammo boxes last year, will never
    survive a civil war long enough to put a dent in the stash, my family knows what I got and will carry on.

  17. I just go to my supply location. I’ve got lots of ammo. I shoot 200-400 rd a week.
    Like was mentioned, estate sales. I recently found 15 boxes of shotgun ammo at an estate sale for $4 each. Grabbed that too.

  18. Bought some cool vintage ammo on GB recently for a fair price. It was manufactured some 60 years ago in “Parador” which made my wife smile, thinking that her late father likely shot some just like it early in his long army career there.

    Otherwise, I’m buying only small amounts now and then if the opportunity presents. Still sitting well. I have begun to notice that prices on stuff I shoot have stabilized and perhaps even begun to fall a bit on Ammoseek. Still mostly way more than I will pay. My last real score on common ammo was a few boxes of .45 ACP ball for $20 apiece when I bought the 1911, believe it was Blazer Brass. Still nearly twice that right now according to Ammoseek but was higher. The local Dunham’s hasn’t had anything except some obscure rifle ammo, since something like April.

  19. Tell you where I get my ammo?

    No, I don’t think I will.
    (imagine elderly Steve Roger’s, I can’t post a meme)

  20. I won’t say the name of the closest town but there’s a gun shop in town that is actually well stocked with ammunition. I don’t use factory centerfire ammunition but it would be nice to be able to buy some primers.

  21. I passed up some 9mm fmj for 15 bucks a box at the farm supply store. A week ago

    I featured some one else might need more then me.

    They had 3 to 4 thousand rounds.


  22. I simply go out to my man cave where I bitterly cling to my guns and my religion. I have Gladiator drawer units and shelves of ammo boxes full of ammunition of various calibers from .22 to . 50 BMG.
    I estimate that I have about a cubic meter of ammunition.

  23. Not buying now. Curtailed my shooting by about 75% and working with what I have on hand. A couple of Glock matches, a 3-gun here or there, and monthly local steel challenge matches just about does it for me right now. I pretty much gave up on USPSA anyway since they’ve morphed into high round-count memorization/olympic pentathlon(lost of runnin’ ’round) exercises. I’m almost 70 now. Knees can’t take that crap any more.

  24. While I did buy extra while it was cheap anticipating prices to go up, and availability to go down during a Presidential election year. I did not anticipate the double whammy of the China Virus. I am okay for another year and a half, with reduced range trips.

  25. Every serious shooter I know reloads.

    Part of the wonderful thing about reloading is you can stock up on the components that are in short supply, when they are plentiful.

    6 months ago you could buy 1000 primers for $35. (which works out to about $1000 for 30,000 primers). If you had stocked up, you would be sitting pretty.

    One $150 – 8 lb jug of AA5 powder will load 15,000 9mm cartridges.

    So for a total of about $1300 you have what you need to make 30,000 rounds!!

    Obviously you need bullets. But bullets are always available. And if you still want to stock up Precision Bullets sells 3500 9mm coated bullets for $220.

    • Agree 100%!
      You gotta “be into” reloading. I have tried to persuade many friends and family members to reload for years. Nope, wasn’t gonna happen. Even when 9mm was $7.50 a box last year, they’d tell me, “I have 300 rd! What more do I need?”
      They all have their answer now. Like you, I stocked up, a long time ago. I used to shoot three different disciplines of competitive shooting. Myself and others at my club used to purchase loading supplies by the truck load…literally! 100,000 primers was a small order. 60 lbs of powders was too. Bullets, like you said, bullets seem to always be available. Still 100,000 bullets were often part of those orders, which sometimes happened a few times a year. I haven’t shot those same numbers in a year or two now, since I no longer shoot all three disciplines.
      Heck, I won’t be needing loading supplies for many years to come. That, while shooting several thousand rd a year. That said, due to lockdowns for part of the shooting (outdoor) “season”, as well as total stoppage of indoor shooting, I’m down to somewhere around only 2k rd shot this year. If that rate stays the same, I can’t live long enough to shoot what I can make.
      In October, I gave my brother an old press and dies, and everything he needs to make several hundred rounds in the two calibers that he shoots. He finally broke down and agreed that he needed to start loading his own. Though I don’t think he has ever purchased any components yet. Probably won’t be able to for some time…

  26. There is an ammo shortage? I was wondering why shooting traffic at the range has been down and the counter guy automatically puts two boxes of a 9MM brand name I have never heard of for $33 a box of 50 in front of me like he is doing be a favor but my reaction is “who thanks, but I am good”.

  27. I only bought some local $35/box FMJ because I recently got a new to me caliber gun. I ordered defensive ammo from Buffalo Bore which was probably the same price as always…expensive.

  28. Have plenty of stock on loaded ammo, but now that I’m trying to load some subsonic 9mm for a new can, I realize I didn’t stock up on loading components until it was too late. Powder is hit and miss locally, but I haven’t seen primers in months. Seems like bullets can be found most of the time.
    When I would go target shooting and things were normal, I always made it a habit to replace more than I used from my stock of loaded ammo.

  29. Just took a partial inventory.
    My supply of thermonuclear hand grenades is a bit low. I need to spin up my gas centrifuges so I have more ultra pure Plutonium so I can fabricate more.

  30. Haven’t been in any type of gun related store since March. I don’t see myself going anytime soon either.
    I have what I need.

  31. I have plenty of 45ACP reloaded and almost no 9mm – might just sell my Glock at an insane price to a newbie if I cannot find primers soon LOL! Funny thing though – never see many people at the range……

  32. Re: “Where are you finding ammo?”

    In the garage on the loading bench. Some assembly required.

    Haven’t found SPP since March. Since then, a friend (familiar with periodic shortages) “lent” a brick of WSP to me. That helped.

    Able to find powder. Projos are available enough.

    Used to think 1000 primers was enough. The actual number is “3 years”.

  33. 2 containers weighing about 200 lbs a piece. I spent 2 years buying on sale and haven’t bought a round since March.

    • Ain’t it a bitch sometimes… The Ol cache can get heavy, had to get under the house and put support pillars under the firearms room because of the weight.

  34. Hmmm . . . I wouldn’t buy Winchester even if it were 1/3 the price, and the Blazer is about 3x’s too much as well; but I’d buy the Blazer if it were $10 a box. Don’t need any ammo of any caliber; stocked up years ago. The only time I buy, is when there is a good sale, or a rebate available. There hasn’t been what I would a good sale in almost a year, on decent brands of ammo.

  35. It’s especially easy for my neighbors (who also happen to be my friends). I make sure they are always in good shape. Personally, I just ordered a case of 20 gauge birdshot at a reasonable price. Couldn’t find any at the local WalMart anymore. I turn them into wax slugs for recreational shooting. Take care.

  36. I don’t. I went to cabela’s last weeks and it was sad. No ammo. All the shelves of ammo they had stocked with the plastic ammo cans to fill the shelf space. I was looking for other things though. Sportsman’s warehouse only has oddball stuff and the same with my local store. Back in April I bought a case of xm855 for $400. I should have bought 3. I did get a case of 7.62×39 online for $340 after shipping which is amazing in this market. 15 minutes later it was gone.

  37. I usually just go scuba diving near the most recent local boating accident.

    You’d be amazed at what gets lost in those things…

  38. The Academy Sports store in town is the only location left that still sells ammunition at the same price it sold for before the riot panic set in and guns and ammo vanished from shelves nationwide, and is where I stop to check for ammo two to three times a week. Bulk ammo packs–the one-to-two hundred round boxes–are usually the first to sell out, followed by 9mm and .40. Every other store in town has essentially doubled the prices on the ammo they sell, which ensures it tends to linger on the shelves a bit. The store limits customers to three boxes per customer, per day, period–they used to allow three per caliber, but too many people were buying three of everything that they had to put a stop to it.

    I was able to get three 50-round boxes of Winchester 9mm NATO 124gr for $14.99 apiece Monday morning (the maximum the store allows a customer to buy per day), and the ammo stock was rapidly dwindling even as I was completing my purchase. The average time the boxes sit on the display counter at checkout is roughly ten to fifteen minutes.

    While I’m glad to have been stockpiling ammo as funds allowed over the years, it never seems to be enough when you can’t readily replace rounds you fire off in practice. Thanks for nothing, 2020.

  39. I’m not locating ammo. Don’t want to go on wild goose chases and online sales get bought out after less than an hour if it’s anything good. If you’re willing to pay enough, you can get some.

    But I’ve got enough that I don’t want to pay a buck a round and I suspect that things will get somewhat better in a few months. Sure, there’s still gonna be a D in the white house but eventually the stockpiling folks will run out of space, money or patience from their spouse and supply will catch up.

    • There MIGHT be demtard in the WH. Depends if the Rep in Congress have the stones to challenge the massive dem election fraud.

  40. Unless I missed it, I did not see anyone mention the search engine ammoseek.com
    Looks to me like there is plenty of ammo, just not at the prices we have been accustomed to paying. How badly do you need it? For instance just now on ammoseek for 124 grain, brass case, 9mm you can pay from $0.45 up to $2.599, the less brand loyalty you have the better off you will be.
    Find drills that use fewer rounds to keep your skills up.

    ‘Si vis pacem, para bellum

  41. I had plenty of ammo before the pandemic but I have bought 3,700 rounds since the lockdown.
    3,000 (2K 7.62×39 & 1K .223) from Sportsman’s guide back ordering and 4 part payment system
    and 700 of 9x18mm.
    If I decide to try and get something else, I have a guy that works the gun counter at the local Bass Pro.
    And if anyone tells you, the store employees aren’t buying it off the back of the truck 1st then they are either a fool or a liar.

  42. I currently shoot 9mm, 22LR, and 2 3/4 12GA. I have not had any issues locating these calibers locally in North Central FL. My local range always maintains a supply of these and other calibers with name brand 9mm at $19.99/50 consistently to date. 22LR has not changed much in price locally, running $0.06 to $0.12/per depending on brand and quality. 12ga Birdshot up to #4 less than $6.00/25 rounds at Walmart of all places and these are name brands. Not sure about Buckshot and slugs. Of course more but far less than online. Also look for privately owned sporting goods shops. One locally sells ammo significantly below online but prices fluctuate. I can stay in budget without buyers remorse and family sacrifice, and most importantly shoot all day at the range.

    I now stay away from big box stores like Bass Pro and Academy. Not worth waiting in line. Their inventory Is minimal even when they have shipments, costs higher than my other sources and our local Bass Pro seems to disregard even trying to stock ammo.

    Shipping is the issue with online. You have to add the shipping costs to your per round costs and in this case online purchasing, unless free, is prohibitive. I do have an order for 500 rounds of 9mm with Optics Planet with delivery the end of February, but at $17.99/50 I’m willing to wait since there is also no sales tax.

    In the future I plan on adding 7.62×39 and/or 5.45×39 with current prices even less than 9mm and between 50-60% less than 5.56. Both are readily available. I have given up on other calibers. Training time is most important for me.

    My local experiences at the range seem to point primarily to 9mm and 7.62×39, some 22LR and shotgun. 5.56 very few and those using it conserve their rounds getting in little training.

    Hope this info is helpful.

  43. I make it myself.
    I’ve even played with reloading spent primers (it works, just takes a lot of time) and 3d printing my own bullets (which also work).

    You Cannot Stop The Signal.

  44. I’m not.

    I’m just reloading till I run out of primers and not doing a whole lot of shooting.
    I did pick up a flat of birdshot shells right before Christmas. Doesn’t seem to be much panic for that around here.

  45. Just went to my northern VA Cabellas to spend my Christmas gift card. I was there a few minutes before opening, hoping to find some ammo. I figured they would be out of 9mm but I might score some .380 or .44 special.

    Nope. They had no handgun ammo left in stock. In ANY caliber. Oof.

  46. Over the table under the table online offline friends family strangers open doors and behind closed doors

  47. I ordered 200 rds (various brands) from Optics Planet before Christmas. Said it wouldn’t ship for 4 to 6 weeks. Just got an e-mail stating the order would ship Jan 27.

  48. Been buying ammo and reloading components as soon as they became available at the tail end of the last panic. Admittedly I would often ask myself if these purchases were an extravagance. I don’t ask myself that anymore.

    • Hell, her would-be autocratic Ladyship Kamala Harris would simply outlaw the sale of most (if not all) types of ammo to the public, given the opportunity.

  49. I have no problems getting 5.56, 32, 9mm, and 12 gage. That’s all I need to buy.

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