Pittsburgh synagogue shooting
courtesy AP
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“Because we are obliged by the sickness of our political culture to analyze every despicable event in a manner designed to confirm our priors, we have already, mere hours after the barbarity, sunk into a nauseating discussion about how much blame to assign to the president for this unspeakable act. The obvious answer is: None.

“Donald Trump should be assigned no such blame, even if the shooter were the president of the Donald Trump Fan Club, because he pulled no trigger and committed no crime. Period. To do that, to assign blame, is to whitewash the crime itself and the criminal’s responsibility for it. He becomes a cultural robot, seized by an evil collective unconscious that drove him to his crimes.” – John Podhoretz in The Slaughter in Pittsburgh

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      • More and more they seem to be. Guess left leaning news outlets don’t like being told how biased they are and how much they get wrong.

        • Bingo, right out of the gate….. I was cruising through the “news” outlets, and once again, ALL of the news websites have disabled comments. All of our “brave defenders of the 1st amendment” are scared of what us normal people have to say when they blame us for this nut job’s insanity fueled murder spree. This is the only place (TTAG) I can go any more where people can actually engage each other without being banned/deleted.

    • You need to expand your understanding of the political spectrum – there are relevant complexities that go well beyond party affiliation you might want to familiarize yourself with. That way, you would possess at least a rudimentary comprehension allowing you to contribute to the discussion at an infantile level, rather than just posting the same trolling, mindless, juvenile word drool on every thread. Honestly, I would like to see you and pwserge have a debate here so he could mop the floor with you, but he’s well out of your weight class.

      • Thanks, but I’ll pass. I find it’s best not to debate someone from the ‘Hitler had some great ideas’ crowd.

        • You’re going the juvenile “Everyone I hate is Hitler” route so you can remain willfully obtuse. Got it.

        • Ha! You can always count on an NPC to make blind hitler accusations and find an other NPC to agree with him/her/xhe.

        • Thanks for reminding me why I stopped being a democrat to stay a rational person. I am against biggotry and hate, and that seems to be all that the democrat party is selling today.

        • NPC meme is dehumanizing and wrong. You must be a literal Hitler bot paid by Russians. Orange man bad. Beep boop.

    • Nope commie… once again, this was one of yours. A national socialist who hated Trump. Note how when a trump supporter goes off the deep end, he sends prank bombs. When a Trump hater goes off the deep end, he either sends ricin or shoots people.

      • No, he was in another hate filled NRA remember who used his AR 15 as a tool of prejudice bigotry and racism. Don’t try to absolve yourself and other conservatives of responsibility for the hatred that you are showing now. Trump has repeatedly called for his supporters to commit physical violence against those who disagree with his bigoted comments and actions. All you need is a red hat to spell hatred.

        • So Trump wants his daughter, son in law and granddaughter to be killed for being Jews? He wants his supporters to walk into a synagogue with a rifle and murder his family? What kind of logic is that?

          What about the friendly deals he does with Saudi Arabia and Israel? He must hate those Muslims and Jews so much that he gave them a bunch of weapons, recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and is relocating the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.

          I’m confused. If you hate Muslims, why do you sell them high tech weapons and give them access to U.S. intelligence? If you hate Jews, why do you officially recognize Jerusalem when it can cause terror attacks against Americans?

        • Yeah…Sorry kiddo, there hasn’t been a single example of “right wing” violence where somebody was actually hurt since Trump got into office. But please, tell me more about how the DNC hasn’t been ranting about assaulting conservatives. I’ve got the Maxine clip queued up.

          National Socialists aren’t “right wing” they never have been. The hint is IN THE NAME.

        • 2018 Pittsburgh synagogue shooting Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
          2018 Murder of Blaze Bernstein Orange County, California
          2018 Murder of MeShon Cooper-Williams Kansas City, Missouri
          2017 University of Maryland stabbing College Park, Maryland
          2017 Car-ramming attack into counter-protestors at the white nationalist Unite the Right rally Charlottesville, Virginia
          2017 Portland train attack Portland, Oregon
          2017 Stabbing of Timothy Caughman New York City

        • B-Rad

          You’re not very good at reading comprehension are you commie?

          2018 Pittsburgh synagogue shooting Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
          – National Socialist aka LEFT WING

          2018 Murder of Blaze Bernstein Orange County, California
          – Oh look, ANOTHER Left Wing National Socialist

          2018 Murder of MeShon Cooper-Williams Kansas City, Missouri
          – Swastikas and Confederate flags… Surprise surprise… National Socialist

          2017 University of Maryland stabbing College Park, Maryland
          – Yet another example of the left wing “alt right”, HINT, racial identitarians can’t be “right wing” by definition

          2017 Car-ramming attack into counter-protestors at the white nationalist Unite the Right rally Charlottesville, Virginia
          -National Socialist… Left wing, AGAIN.

          2017 Portland train attack Portland, Oregon
          – Yet another Trump hating National Socialist leftie

          So… got any more attacks by your fellow socialists I can put on there proper context? All your screaming and hollering won’t make socialism of any form a “right wing” ideology you commie scum.

        • @Hawk, @B-Rad

          Us “NRA members” have 500 million guns, to include millions of AR-15’s, and about 15 trillion rounds of ammo…. If we were as violent as you are saying, then there wouldn’t be any of you left.

        • Serge, as a classic Nazi yourself, you should know the history of your people. You should just own your truth.

        • I am many things commie vermin, but a socialist of any form is not one of them. Go fuck yourself and quit claiming that socialists are “right wing”.

        • In Hitler’s mind, communism was a major enemy of Germany, an enemy he often mentions in Mein Kampf. During the trial for his involvement in the Beer Hall Putsch, Hitler claimed that his singular goal was to assist the German government in “fighting Marxism”. Marxism, Bolshevism, and communism were interchangeable terms for Hitler as evidenced by their use in Mein Kampf:

          In the years 1913 and 1914 I expressed my opinion for the first time in various circles, some of which are now members of the National Socialist Movement, that the problem of how the future of the German nation can be secured is the problem of how Marxism can be exterminated.

          Later in his seminal tome, Hitler advocated for “the destruction of Marxism in all its shapes and forms.” According to Hitler, Marxism was a Jewish strategy to subjugate Germany and the world and saw Marxism as a mental and political form of slavery. From Hitler’s vantage point, Bolsheviks existed to serve “Jewish international finance.” When the British tried negotiating with Hitler in 1935 by including Germany in the extension of the Locarno Pact, he rejected their offer and instead assured them that German rearmament was important in safeguarding Europe against communism, a move which clearly showed his anti-communist proclivities.

          In 1939, Hitler told the Swiss Commissioner to the League of Nations, Carl Burckhardt, that everything he was undertaking was “directed against Russia” and continued with, “if those in the West are too stupid or too blind to understand this, then I shall be forced to come to an understanding with the Russians to beat the West, and then, after its defeat, turn with all my concerted force against the Soviet Union.” When Hitler finally ordered the attack against the Soviet Union, it was the fulfillment of his ultimate goal and the most important campaign in his estimation, as it comprised a struggle of “the chosen Aryan people against Jewish Bolsheviks.”

          Biographer Alan Bullock avows, Hitler “laid great stress” on the need to concentrate on a single enemy, an enemy he lumps together as “Marxism and the Jew.” Shortly in the wake of the Commissar Order, a directive pursuant to the German invasion of the Soviet Union, SS Deputy Reinhard Heydrich informed the SS of Hitler’s geopolitical philosophy, which conflated Bolshevism and Jews, writing “eastern Jewry is the intellectual reservoir of Bolshevism and in the Führer’s view must therefore be annihilated.” Considering the eventual Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union (Operation Barbarossa), no additional inducements are really requisite concerning Hitler’s hatred of communism, particularly since the Nazi persecution and extermination of these groups was not only systematic, but it was extensive both within Germany and only intensified in the occupied zones during the war under Hitler’s leadership.

          Because Nazism co-opted the popular success of communism among working people while simultaneously promising to destroy communism and offer an alternative to it, Hitler’s anti-communist program allowed industrialists with traditional conservative views (tending toward monarchism, aristocracy, and laissez-faire capitalism) to cast their lot with, and help underwrite, the Nazi rise to power.

          Hitler and the Nazis promoted a socially conservative view concerning many aspects of life, supported by harsh discipline and a militaristic point of view. Conservative opinions about sexuality amid the Nazis led to extreme homophobia which resulted in the systematic persecution of homosexuals. Hitler and his paladins also controlled what constituted acceptable artistic expression in Nazi Germany, abolishing what they considered to be “degenerate art”. The Nazis strongly discouraged, and in some cases outright rejected the following behaviors: the use of cosmetics, premarital sex, prostitution, pornography, sexual vices, smoking, and excessive drinking. In many ways, there was a distinct Anti-intellectualism present within Nazi philosophy. Hearkening back to a simpler time, Hitler and the Nazis attempted to vindicate the glorious past as the key to a more promising future.

          Evidence of Hitler’s disdain for Weimar’s cultural and social decadence appears on multiple occasions in Mein Kampf. In his seminal tome, he expresses an ultra-conservatism:

          If we study the course of our cultural life during the last twenty-five years we shall be astonished to note how far we have already gone in this process of retrogression. Everywhere we find the presence of those germs which give rise to protuberant growths that must sooner or later bring about the ruin of our culture. Here we find undoubted symptoms of slow corruption; and woe to the nations that are no longer able to bring that morbid process to a halt.

          Hitler raved against what he considered to be tasteless and morally destructive art on display throughout Germany in Mein Kampf, calling some of it morbid and declaring that “people would have benefited by not visiting them at all.”F Convinced that it was necessary to show the German people what comprised, “degenerate art” so as to protect them in the future, Hitler arranged for a formally commissioned exhibit in July 1937 of specially selected carvings, sculptures, and paintings. Once the exhibit was at an end, selected artist’s works were banned from Nazi Germany.

          Well known was Hitler’s vehement opposition to racial-mixing; he also believed as did other Pan-Germans that Germans had an obligation to procreate:

          That such a mentality [racial purity] may be possible cannot be denied in a world where hundreds and thousands accept the principle of celibacy from their own choice, without being obliged or pledged to do so by anything except an ecclesiastical precept. Why should it not be possible to induce people to make this sacrifice if, instead of such a precept, they were simply told that they ought to put an end to this truly original sin of racial corruption which is steadily being passed on from one generation to another. And, further, they ought to be brought to realize that it is their bounden duty to give to the Almighty Creator beings such as He himself made to His own image.

          Hitler’s general perception about women was ultra-conservative and patriarchal, with their foremost task being a domestic one as a mother of children who worked contentedly at home, ensuring it remained clean and orderly; meanwhile, it was the woman’s role to educate her children to be conscious of their importance as Aryans and instill within them a commitment to their ethnic community. Consequently, Hitler believed women had no place in public or political life due to their differing nature from men. Like many Romantic artists, musicians, and writers, the Nazis valued strength, passion, frank declarations of feelings, and deep devotion to family and community (with women being seen as the center of the family in Nazi Germany).

          So great was Hitler’s influence in all political aspects of social life, that even education for children was subordinate to his opinion. Profoundly anti-intellectual and against conventional education for children, Hitler determined instead, that training and education should be designed to create young German ‘national comrades’ who were utterly convinced of their “superiority to others.” Moreover, Hitler wanted to create young German soldiers who were willing to fight for their convictions, so they were accordingly indoctrinated by Nazi propaganda, trained in military discipline, and taught obedience to authority in the Hitler Youth. Ultimate obedience was then transferred directly to their Führer and his political cause.

        • Nice copy pasta B-Rad. Too bad you literally comprehend none of what you actually post as it pertains to this discussion. Nazi’s were never “right-wing” until pinned as such by Stalin. As a matter of course for the political spectrum, the farther one moves to the right, the less government there is, period.

          A right-wing Nazi isn’t a thing by definition. Who cares if Hitler and Stalin hated each other? They literally followed the same playbooks and wanted to off the other as soon as they could on their path to global dominance.

          Your attempt at being an apologist for the communists because of their hatred for Hitler is amusing, and very telling.

        • You seem to still not grasp the English language commie vermin…

          Let me break this down for you…

          All Marxists are socialists
          Not all socialists are Marxists
          The National Socialist German Worker’s Party was, surprise surprise, SOCIALIST

          This can be seen by their party ownership of industry and massive social welfare programs. The former is only different than straight up nationalization in that it kept ownership in the PARTY rather then the government as a whole.

          If you still don’t get that socialists come in many different flavors, but that all of them are left wing, I have neither the time nor the crayons to explain it to you further.

          You calling me, a civic nationalist, a Nazi is endlessly amusing. You obviously flunked basic history and think that your purple haired SJW college professor is some sort of authority on political science.

          If you need a better explanation of why you’re full of shit. Crowder has a very good article and video for you. As for the rest, fuck off with your socialist cross burning buddies or better yet, get the fuck out of my country.


        • Too bad you are confusing Strasserism, i.e. Gregor Strasser-the political opponent of Hitler in the Nazi party, who was murdered by Hitler in 1934…because Strasser wanted a pro-socialist Nazi party, and Hitler didn’t. Hitler was rampantly anti-socialism, anti-communism, anti-marxism.

          Just because your a rube, doesn’t affect reality. Nazi’s aren’t a myth, they exist, Hitler’s speeches exist. Quoting Hitler speeches is pretty illustrative of the views.

          Sometimes it’s helpful to learn things from your betters.

        • I linked you an article, did you even bother reading it commie? It starts with a Hitler quote where he brags about being an anti-capitalist socialist.

        • @B-Rad — If it’s so helpful to learn things from your betters, then why isn’t your Nazi ass listening to us instead of plagiarizing some rando on the internet that provided no citations of their own?

          Oh, and before you start, yes, people like you would levy knowingly baseless accusations against others who merely disagree with you even in the slightest, and that is absolutely the entire basis of your commenting here in the first place, who know that they cannot possibly back them up with any evidence whatsoever — empirical or otherwise — are always and without exception guilty of whatever it is they’re accusing anyone else of.

          You are what you hate, so don’t bother trying to defend yourself. Your only recourse now is to explain why you’re such a hypocrite. But, nobody here is going to be waiting with bated breath. You’ll naturally never admit guilt, no matter how laughably wrong your outward accusations of your own inner cryptoracism and bigotry become.

          You are why the NPC meme exists. You may self-immolate at any time. You’d only be doing the world a favor.

        • The more that the leftist spread hate and biggoty, Hawk/Roy, the more people wake up to realize that the DNC and likeminded is accusing others of what they are. Thanks for reminding me of what I need to vote against. Don’t you get it yet? Trump won because he is an alternative to the corruption and relentless lies of the DNC and collusionary media. The hypocricy of the left is glaring. Going to vote for the strongest candidates that are not democrats.

        • Now now Excedrine… expecting B-Rad to do research and provide citations is a bit like any other time you expect a commie to do work… it’s just not in “his abilities”. Funny he should mention citations though… Crowder’s article provides one for every claim he makes.

        • I wouldn’t link to that Crowder article if you want to be taken seriously. It wasn’t Hitler who said that, as Crowder quoted, it was Strasser, who Hitler did murder to take over the party. All of the Strasserites were either killed or imprisoned to completely purge the Nazi party of socialists.

        • Rick, do you want me to dig out the speech in question? Because I’ll dig out the speech in question. Simple fact is, Nazi domestic and economic policy is 100% socialist.

          Massive social welfare programs
          Massive government growth
          Party ownership (or at least control) of all major industries

        • Yes, pwr, I would like you to track down that quote from Hitler.

          You could start with the link to the quote already provided above. You’re just wrong, and trivially wrong, this is sophomore level Europe in the Interwar Period stuff.

        • Was he an NRA member? If so, can you name another? I can’t recall any mass shooters who were NRA members.

        • Any analysis of the electoral platforms, internal party dynamics and political actions of the Nazis between 1921 and 1945 makes this clear. Perhaps the German Workers Party – the party of around 100 members led by Anton Drexler that preceded the Nazi Party (NSDAP) – might have sought to cobble authoritarian anti-capitalism (which is not the same as socialism) onto biological racism. The early, pre-Nazi party that Hitler joined toyed with forms of market control to benefit small businesses and to halt ostensible “foreign” – that is, Jewish – control over markets. But such dalliances would not last long. Yes, Mussolini had been a socialist early during the First World War, but broke with his comrades to support Italian expansionism, and then formed his fascist party to crush them. As in fascist Italy, Nazi ideas were self-consciously formulated to negate those of the left, not to imitate them. When Hitler took over the party in 1921, he shredded the anti-capitalist parts of the old party’s platform.

          This was a politics forged in the late days of the German revolution, when Hitler began to imagine Germany assailed by a double threat of Jews and Bolsheviks emanating from the Russian east: “Judeo-Bolshevism.” This position would undergird the foreign policy aspects of Mein Kampf. Far from supporting anti-colonial movements at the time, as did socialists around the world, he admired the British Empire as a paragon of “Aryan” rule over inferiors, and hoped to cooperate with the British in rescuing Western civilization from Soviet “Asiatic” barbarism.

          Under Hitler, the party looked squarely to the middle classes and farmers rather than the working class for a political base. Hitler realigned it to ensure that it was an anti-socialist, anti-liberal, authoritarian, pro-business party – particularly after the failed Beerhall Putsch of 1923. The “socialism” in the name National Socialism was a strategically chosen misnomer designed to attract working class votes where possible, but they refused to take the bait. The vast majority voted for the Communist or Social Democratic parties.

          The minority anti-capitalist strand of Nazism (Strasserism) on which van Onselen fastens was eliminated well before 1934, when Gregor Strasser and the Storm Trooper (SA) leader Ernst Roehm were murdered with over eighty others in the “Night of the Long Knives.” In fact, Strasserism had already been defeated at the Bamberg Conference of 1926 when the Nazis were polling under 3% of the vote. Here, Hitler brought the dissidents back into line, denouncing them as “communists” and ruling out land expropriations and grassroots decision-making. He heightened the party’s alliance with businesses small and large, and insisted on the absolute centralisation of decision-making – the “Fuehrer (leader) Principle.”

          When the already isolated Strasser brothers tried to reinvigorate their project one last time in 1930, Hitler and Goebbels banded together to force Otto Strasser to leave the party and Gregor Strasser to publicly recant. When the first electoral breakthrough to a popular vote of 18% came in 1930, the Nazi party’s anti-capitalist minority were well and truly defeated. The “Night of the Long Knives” purged the old SA, not because they were a hidden vestige of socialism, but because Roehm’s army of street thugs were a potential threat to Hitler’s personal consolidation of power. A struggle over socialism in the Nazi party played absolutely no role in the purge of 1934.

          For their part, businesses welcomed the Nazis’ promises to suppress the left. On 20 February 1933, Hitler and Goering met with a large group of industrialists when Hitler declared that democracy and business were incompatible and that the workers needed to be dragged away from socialism. He promised bold action to protect their businesses and property from communism. The industrialists – including leading figures from I.G. Farben, Hoesch, Krupp, Siemens, Allianz and other senior mining and manufacturing groups – then contributed more than two million Reichsmarks to the Nazi election fund, with Goering tellingly suggesting that this would probably be the last election for a hundred years. Business leadership happily jettisoned democracy to rid Germany of socialism and to smash organised labour.

          After fighting four elections between 1930 and 1933 on an anti-left and anti-Jewish platform that pledged to slay the mythical beast of “Judeo-Bolshevism,” Hitler became Chancellor in 1933 and made good on his promises to business and his voters to destroy socialism in Germany. Most of 1933 was spent persecuting socialists and communists, liquidating their parties, incarcerating and in numerous cases killing their leadership and rank-and-file members.

          Trade unions had been in Hitler’s sights since a general strike paralysed a right-wing-coup (Kapp Putsch) in 1920. He had witnessed the striking workers and vowed that never again would organised labour prevent the right coming to power. It was the left (trade unions and Jews), after all, that he and others on the right thought had “stabbed” the nation in the back on the home-front to cause the loss of the First World War. By early May 1933, the trade unions had been destroyed. German socialism was in tatters. Not for nothing did Nazis say that the “ideas of 1933” (their national-racial “revolution”) had vanquished those of “1789” – namely, the French Revolution and its ideals of equality, fraternity and liberty that have animated the left ever since.

          For all the Nazi talk of “four-year plans” and the “guidance of the state,” the sanctity of private property and freedom of contract was always preserved under the Nazis, even during the war years. Socialism – in particular, Bolshevism – on the other hand, were pernicious, “Jewish” imports that threatened the vitality of the German Volk.

          So if the Nazis were so obviously anti-socialist, and believed so ardently in the virtues of private property and entrepreneurship, and if socialists were among the earliest and hardest hit victims of the Nazi party prior to the Second World War, why is Hitler being proclaimed by some as a socialist?

          If the absurdity of this style of reasoning is all too apparent, it is nonetheless widely believed. Already in 2007 in his book Liberal Fascism, Jonah Goldberg ran the line that “the original fascists were really on the left, and that liberals from Woodrow Wilson to FDR to Hillary Clinton have advocated policies and principles remarkably similar to those of Hitler’s National Socialism and Mussolini’s Fascism.” Ever since, conservatives charge “liberal fascism” when their views and behaviour are challenged.

          The current revisionist bible is Dinesh D’Souza’s The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left published in the United States last year to predictable applause from the right-wing parallel universe. It inverts the left-wing case that Trumpism is an incipient form of fascism (a view with which neither of us agrees, and that Dirk Moses has explicitly criticised) to argue that the Democrats and left in general are the true heirs of fascism. Not Trump but Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are Mussolini or Hitler’s ideological offspring.

          D’Souza stands in the tradition of neo-liberals like the Austrian economist F.A. Hayek, who conflated fascism and communism as forms of collectivism inimical to the market economy and freedom it claims to represent. Peter van Onselen makes a related point by trotting out the venerable theory of totalitarianism to equate fascism and communism as similarly illiberal. In D’Souza’s rendering, the American New Deal that rescued millions of Americans from poverty after the Great Depression was a form of fascism because it entailed state intervention. (Was the much greater state economic planning during the war effort that aided Hitler’s defeat also a form of socialism/fascism, one wonders?)

          Herewith we come to the effect, if not the point, of the revisionist exposition: it is not only to transfer the stigma of the Second World War’s genocidal violence from the right to the left, so that criticisms of racialized populism can be dismissed as “leftist fascism.” It is also to suggest that the war was a crusade against state collectivism of all types – including the welfare state for which many Westerners, in fact, fought. They reason by means of a simplistic, ahistorical syllogism: since socialism is statism/collectivism (like public health and public transport), and Nazism was statist/collectivist (and promoted public health and public transport), social democratic public health and public transport measures must be fascist

      • Wasn’t there a National Socialist (aka Alt Right) guy in Portland, who disliked Trump before he was elected, that went around trolling Trump supporters, then eventually stabbed two white men to death on a train after harassing some Muslims? Didn’t the media claim he was a MAGA guy while completely ignoring his anti Trump and pro Bernie posts?

        These so called Alt Right [National Socialists] guys remind me of the Aryan Brotherhood prison gangs. I thought we were passed that a long time ago (at least if you don’t go to prison), but now we have to deal with them going on rampages because Antifa has revived them and given them more followers.

        Good job, Antifa, you created more socialists like yourself. Now you guys can go after the rest of us if we are unarmed. Probably just part of your plan: Get white people to rally, then disarm Americans and conquer.

      • Today our left-wing politicians in particular are constantly insisting that their craven-hearted and obsequious foreign policy necessarily results from the disarmament of Germany, whereas the truth is that this is the policy of traitors … But the politicians of the Right deserve exactly the same reproach. It was through their miserable cowardice that those ruffians of Jews who came into power in 1918 were able to rob the nation of its arms.

        There are only two possibilities in Germany; do not imagine that the people will forever go with the middle party, the party of compromises; one day it will turn to those who have most consistently foretold the coming ruin and have sought to dissociate themselves from it. And that party is either the Left: and then God help us! for it will lead us to complete destruction – to Bolshevism, or else it is a party of the Right which at the last, when the people is in utter despair, when it has lost all its spirit and has no longer any faith in anything, is determined for its part ruthlessly to seize the reins of power – that is the beginning of resistance of which I spoke a few minutes ago.

        • There are no politicians on the right calling for violence. Political violence always has been a staple of the left. Quit trying to associate conservatives with National Socialist lefty vermin.

        • Shouldn’t you recognize the words of your leader?

          Of course, there’s Russell Walker, Patrick Little, Arthur Jones, Everett Corley, John Fitzgerald, Corey Stewart, Rick Tyler, Seth Grossman, Bill Fawell, Steve West. I mean other than that.

        • Do I need to go point by point how National Socialism is a collectivist ideology and is therefore left wing?

          You have no idea what you’re talking about.

        • So when you weren’t getting an education when you were young, what exactly were you doing?

          Since you think Nazism is related to Marxism, maybe you should actually look up what was in Mein Kampf. You know, like the explicit anti-communism and anti-Marxism.

          Then you’d realize that your a Nazi.

        • National Socialist German Workers Party fucktard. That’s what NAZI stands for. Key word being SOCIALIST. You need to go read a bit. Just because National Socialists didn’t get along with INTERNATIONAL Socialists doesn’t make them any less socialist.

        • Wait, are you seriously implying that because the Nazis hated the commies, that anyone who hates the commies is a Nazi?

          That is akin to saying that Antifa actually is anti-fascist because they say they are, and ignoring the facts that they use the same methods, tactics, goals, and ideals. Wow.

        • Nah, it’s kind of enjoyable to throw it out there though.

          It’s like saying the Nazi’s were socialist, they weren’t. The Nazi party was massively nationalistic, pro-capitalist (unless it was a company owned by the joos), anti-all things left. Them’s just the facts.

          Books exist, hell Google exists, I’d suggest you visit your local library and do some reading, not get a mentally handicapped version that feelz good from Crowder or D’Souza, both of those guys are idiots, but they do say dumb stuff LOUDLY. There’s a reason that you cannot find a single peer-reviewed academic article that agrees with that, going back 70 years.

          It just seems odd that so much deflection and irrational revisionist history is being made about Nazi’s. Nazi’s are a known known.

        • What’s actually kind of adorable is you willfully ignoring well-known, widely-documented, and long-settled historical facts merely because they’re politically inconvenient for you.

          The Nazis were, as a matter of incontrovertible fact, socialists. Just because they were nationalistic doesn’t make them any less socialist, because that is absolutely what they were. They were also not pro-capitalist, either, and if you had actually ever read or listened to anything their leader said, you’d know this. Much less studied what actually happened in practice. But, you don’t because you didn’t. They were pro-all things left. Them’s just the facts, and whether you personally agree with that or not — which again is absolutely the totality of your whole “thought” process to begin with — is irrelevant, inapplicable, inadmissible, and inconsequential.

          So, had you actually taken your own advice, for once, and read some books and done some digging through Google or your local library yourself — which you clearly haven’t so don’t try to sit there and lie to me by saying you have — you wouldn’t have even started commenting here. But, no, you’d rather listen to the demonstrably retarded rantings of nutbars like Chomsky or Žižek, both of whom rightly get laughed right out of any serious debate with anyone having more than one firing synapse. Guess you fall far and away outside of that. There’s actually a reason you can’t find a single peer-reviewed article that agrees with you going back four generations.

          It’s predictable to the point of boring that so much projection comes from you and your fellow NPCs. You’ve got some pretty shitty programmers writing your scripts.

        • Some research, like the quotes from Crowder referenced by Hitler? You mean these https://tinyurl.com/y7zpazmn, the ones that actually weren’t Hitler at all? You mean those? You probably meant those right.

          Jeez, dumdums, quoting dumdums, who didn’t actually bother to check if the dumb thing they were saying was actually debunked years before.

          Poor dumdums.

        • Some research, like the actually-cited quotes that Crowder did in fact draw directly from Hitler himself. Like these: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MX28RRfXJ3g

          Holy shit. Rejects quoting other rejects without actually checking to see what rejected thing they quote had any empirical backing whatsoever.

          Poor rejects.

          The Nazis were socialist, both in philosophy and in practice. Deal with it. You’re going to anyway, whether you want to or not, so quit acting like you even have a choice in the matter.

          “Hitler’s socialism was his own and subordinate to his secret aims. His concept of organized economy was close to genuine socialism but he would be a socialist only so long as it served the greater goal.” – John Tolan’s Adolf Hitler: The Definitive Biography New York: NY, Anchor Books—Doubleday (1976) p. 314


          Not to mention the fact that he nationalized — not “privatized” — many industries and literally installed his cronies to run companies all over Germany as he saw fit. No, he didn’t bust any of the unions, either, but simply replaced their leadership with his own personal meatpuppets who would do his bidding. By no stretch of anyone’s imagination, even including those as vivid as yours whether you’ll ever admit it or not, did he ever behave as any capitalist would.

          I would ask if it ever got tiring being so categorically wrong about everything you cared to talk about, but then again, that’s clearly way beyond the scope of your programming.

        • Try reading the whole chapter, or the whole book. Or maybe you don’t actually want to know, or you do, and you just like playing the rube on the interwebs. You can get the hard copy for $2. I just pulled my copy from the shelf, though. Although it really isn’t the definitive biography, it was fine, The Rising Sun was Toland’s better treatise.


          Or, heaven forbid, you could actually go to the horse’s mouth, Mein Kampf exists.

    • Who let the NPC in?


    • Thank you, lol maga. Without people like you on the left we might not have Trump in the white house. And a right leaning scotus. And mid terms to our favor.

      I’m shocked your antifa comrades don’t track you down and hang you for the damage you’ve done to your cause.

      Wonderful how the enemy defeats himself.

  1. Next comes the anti-second Amendment and gun control grandstanding by demo commies and some RINOs… Then they’ll will say we. All have too many rights ,and that the US Constitution Bill of Rights was written by old white men long ago, and needs to be changed for New global generation… certainly sounds like the presentation for an EU /New World Order..

    • Meh, Schumer and the gang are not yapping about it. The last thing they want to do is cause a gun control panic right before the midterms

    • There will be more and more violence on both sides, mark my words. Then they will finally come with the gun confiscation. Things will get interesting then. It’s coming

      • When you say “both sides” I hope you aren’t intimating that this mass shooter is on “our side”. The guy who did this wasn’t on anybody’s side. This website was started by a Jewish dude and I can’t think of anybody on any side (especially “our side”) who would condone slaughtering Jews.

        • He is a National Socialist, now known as the Alt Right. He is one of those guys who wants the U.S. to be for whites by whites. He picked a side… He is a white supremacist leftist. He more closely aligns with Antifa, but he overtly wants a white version instead of a brown version of socialism. For some reason Jews are not considered white, thus he believes they must be expelled for not being white and helping turn America non white.

          Guess what. There are a lot of these people out there and they are armed. The so called Alt Right and Alex Jones have been growing the numbers. Don’t dismiss them as crazy people; they have a plan and they know what they are doing.

  2. I wish I would have screen shorted it, but even one of the synagogue leaders said in an article ‘if we had had an armed guard, none of this would have happened’ or something very similar.

  3. I believe the shooter said he doesn’t like Trump and didn’t vote for him. That would make this one Hillary’s fault?

    • Personal responsibility and the Left are fundamentally opposed concepts.

      They cannot exist together…

      • That’s what happens when you collectivize. It’s not the fault of one person, it’s the fault of a group. For a long time white America have blamed entire races/ethnicities because a few people did something they didn’t like. Why would the left not continue the tradition?

    • And the VERY NEXT article on that website is titled :

      “What if you were born into a satanic cult but everybody said you were “God’s Chosen people.” But you discovered you were Lucifer’s? ”

      Congrats, Pg2, this explains quite a lot how your brain works.


      • Lol, don’t shoot the messenger. Makow has written some of the most accurate pieces on social engineering and much of what he has said was coming to pass has come to pass. No one is infalliable.

    • Here is the problem with the site you cite (and this seems to be a problem for many like this one…) – Don’t fu**’in lump me and other Constitutional, freedom loving Jews in with the “secret, Masonic, NWO, power hungry” sect. Granted, there don’t seem to be many of us, at least here in the US, but I realized a while ago that there are Jews In Name Only, and then there are those of us that place G-d’s Word and our Constitution above Gov’t “holiness.”

      • If you read more from this guys site you might realize you have a lot more in common with him. Anyone who understands the value of indivual liberties shares common ground with this guy. Years ago I sent a link to Jewish friend of mine, he liked it, but then he saw the next article was about the protocols of Zion. He thought it was a sham site, but he kept reading…….the guy defends gun rights, calls out feminism all day long, and much more. Again, he’s not infalliable.

  4. If the shooter walked in shouting “Long live Palestine” he would be hailed as a hero by the left.

    • Hailed as a hero is kinda pushing it.

      Only superficially covering it in the news and then promptly forgetting it ever happened is what a Leftists does with facts that don’t fit their world views…

      • Supporters of the BDS movement certainly would and the new wave of “Democratic Socialists” are solidly behind it.

        And the mainstream left is colescing around the “Trump is too pro-Jewish and pro-Israel for the Jews own good.

    • Yes he would have been hailed as a hero, by the Left, if he had shouted “Long Live Palestine”.
      Just as the left called the baseball field shooter a hero as he screamed “all Republicans should die” as a shot up the players all Republicans.

      • Listen how he manipulates his followers by not mentioning ALL the violent people throughout the political spectrum. This is why black and other people can’t see the truth. Selectively constructing their “reality.”

  5. Today we do not accept personnel blame as a reason, its PC not to blame a person!
    that evil gun ranted and raved about killing something, it brainwashed and hypnotized these people into performing the weapons bidding. sorta sounds like an excuse for the the SS {Democratic party}, the showers and Ovens made them do it.
    Have to over analyze these incidents because people are inherently good. it couldn’t be that the Actor is a POS.
    Sorta like Obama care you get charged money for not doing a political whim on your life care. guess what? other things may have priority. Shelter, food & water, transportation,
    Funny when the Democrats are not doing well, the shootings, bombings, Muslim attacks, and Illegals committing atrocities coincide with Upcoming elections of some kind and love how Media all Blame Trump, {Media so Mesmerized by it own Bu**sh*t } guess they got to believe in something cause they sure don’t believe in this Country and what it stood for!

  6. Gee Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. And there’s that son-in-law,daughter(his obvious favorite) and Jewish grandkids. NEVER has a US President been so pro-Jewish. I do agree a little security would have made a profound difference. Just like the black church and just like every “gunfree zone”…

    • Sooner or later houses of worship will wake up and recognize the danger and take steps to mitigate it.

      Unless being a martyr is Canon law with them.

      Then, may God have mercy and protect their members…

      • I just came off-duty as part of the security team at my church. Most of us are concealed carriers. Many are current or former LEO or military. After one of these senseless church shootings, we usually get a few more volunteers.

        I encourage anyone who is willing, join the security team at your church – it’s good to know who The Good Guys are. If there isn’t a security team, talk to your pastor about creating one. We live in Weird Times

        • We have to worry about white supremacist terrorists, black supremacist terrorists, Christian terrorists, Muslim terrorists, Socialist terrorists, improperly raised young males, etc. It’s getting ridiculous, yet the government wants to disarm us right when we need guns the most.

    • Yes, thank you for saying this. I was coming here to say the same.

      Trump didn’t handle Charlottesville particularly well, but otherwise he’s been much more pro-Jewish and pro-Israel than any other President in history.

  7. In a society that is becoming more and more pagan, I fear we are going to see many more attack’s like this on Christians and Jews. Another reason to carry when you go to Mass.

  8. It’s just like everything else those fargin progressive bastages do; get the comments section on their rotten fish wrapper “fake news” sites blocked then come to a free speech conservative forum to regurgitate their anti liberty corrosive rhetoric.

    BTW, what do you guys think about those 11 tac’d out operators in the synagogue shooting photo. ONE ARMED CITIZEN is better than 50 operators standing around looking “tactic-cool operator” like while the coroner is zipping up body bags.

    Oh, yeah Trump is Hitler (sarcastic eye roll); Israel likes trump, moving the embassy to
    Jerusalem, ect

  9. Dear God those tweets are idiotic.
    Even if Trump weren’t president or he did somehow contribute something to cause or encourage this (man I’m stretching things WAY out there for this one), the level of sickness in the minds of people who commit mass murder is not something that is switched off because the president belongs to one party or another. Even if the stimulus that triggers violent actions in these people IS a republican pres (again, a HUGE stretch), the mental illness is still there waiting for something to push it over the edge.
    The fact that he used a gun is irrelevant because the root cause (you know, the the thing you have to discover and fix to actually solve a problem) is a severe mental illness.

  10. This is bullshit. Modern politics is bullshit. A guy shoots up a bunch of innocent people and people are immediately trying to figure out his political orientation so they know whether they can throw mud or should be preparing a defense. It’s all just a political power game. It’s rather disgusting.

    Furthermore we are about to be subjected to weeks of being told that if you don’t vote for gun control candidates in the mid terms you don’t care about the dead people.

    Frankly the way people use dead people as political tools I’m starting to think they really don’t care about them.

    • Probably one of the better posts on this thread, and no one has replied to you. I agree, the rush to assign blame to side A or B in this is disgusting.

  11. What happened in the Synagogue was the act of a sick animal with murder on his mind. He picked a group of people that were defenseless and slaughtered them . That has nothing to do with Trump or anyone else. This happened long before Trump was here and will continue after he is gone. He was going to commit this horrible act because he wanted to . Nobody coaxed the shooter into it and nobody would have changed his mind.

    The problem with the Liberals is if they can not rule the country then they will destroy it.

    • As a gun owner, you might not be interested in politics, but politics is interested in you. There have always been trolls here, lately a seemingly large number of auto bot trolls.

      • Yes, like it or not they will make you care, one way or another. There is nothing i hate more than politics but they are forcing me to get involved

    • Gun owners who sit on their ass and don’t vote lose their guns. Gun owners who don’t at least get educated about candidates running for political office will lose their guns.
      The founder of TTAG talked about this all the time. You must be new here. Or you refuse to read certain posts over the last 9 years.

    • You are absolutely correct. This was a good site when R.F. was here. Now it is the Trolls About Guns. You look at the likes of pwrsewer and his peers and you see liberals troll baiting and it works . This is why we are losing our rights. School yard behavior.

      • These gun forums are loaded with paid trolls and auto bot trolls. The powers looking to remove firearms from the public have unlimited resources and disrupting and manipulating these types of forums is small time. The pharmaceutical industry does the same, GMO industry, etc, to create artificial online support.

  12. Besides the shooter, culpability should be bourne by the synagogue leadership and members. Were they among the rabis that protested against guns? Did they advertise their voluntary disarmament? Shouldn’t they bear responsibility for their stupidity?

      • It is a common fallacy to belief that Israelis have a much better attitude toward individual armed protection. In Israel, concealed carry is forbidden. Open carry is allowed only for select few that are either currently working as security guard or have received special permissions. This permission is very difficult to get. Simply stating that you wish to carry for self-protection will disqualify you from owning a gun. Soldiers on active duty are required to carry their duty rifle. However, the moment that same soldier takes off the uniform, he is no longer allowed to have a weapon. The policy is very clear – for the protection of the State, everything is allowed; for the protection of an individual – nothing is permitted. After all, Israel is a socialist state.

        • “However, the moment that same soldier takes off the uniform, he is no longer allowed to have a weapon.”

          I dont know about that…. do a Google image search for “israeli bikini rifle” and you’ll see what I mean.

    • I get the feeling that most of your “questions” are actually assumption based statements.
      Did you go to ground zero on September 12th and tell New Yorkers how stupid they were?



      Even better, the government should look closely at emails WHEN THEY ARE SENT so they can prevent an attack before it happens.

      *NO*. That’s a road straight to Hell and tyranny…

  14. true but in this day and age a synagogue is where you want more armed security not less

    im not saying the synagogue is at fault

    what im saying is they should have known better

    just like charlie hebdo

    oh yeah and pro tip:

    if you say that you can hear the dog whistle it means youre the dog

  15. Yeah, 2 republicans could stop it, 2 republicans with guns that is! especially since the other side refuses to arm the very people that need it the most.

  16. This disgusting murderer was driven by evil which bred hate. He is an adult and therefore responsible for his own actions. The other disgusting thing about this incident , the politicals will scramble to make gains over this massacre. A previous poster said similar about the political posturing over this and ended by saying that he wonders if these types care about the victims. No they do not. In my 68 yrs. I have seen this posturing so many times it is sickening . Blame his economic status, blame the guns, blame the president, do anything but the person that committed the crime. Disgusting. Rant over.

    • Somebody else said it above: let them blame us. Let them blame guns. Let them blame Donald Trump. Let them scream, and howl, and dominate the discusions, and tell us to “shut the f**k up”, and march in the streets, and burn down cities….. nothing polorizes gun owners, conservatives, and normal people (and motivates them out to vote) like high profile crazy liberals.

  17. The worst breeding ground for American anti-semitism?
    Just visit your typical Leftist university campus.
    It’s systemic.

  18. What kind of dope do you have to be to willfully ignore that we live in a climate where the political right is emboldening bigots to come out of the woodwork and act on their hatred? I know y’all are desperate to defend your orange messiah and all, but he definitely shares responsibility in creating this climate. It’s possible to share some of the blame without being wholly responsible for the actions of this particular shooter. Also, the fact that this particular blog does absolutely fuckall to tamp down the worst, most racist actors, only lends legitimacy to their feelings. Yes, if you do nothing to speak out against racism and hatred, you are part of the problem. Yes, Donald Trump is part of the problem. Yes, he is partially responsible for the acts of terrorism that occurred this week, under his watch.

    • Where to start, roy. I know you think you have some brains but your comment speaks against that. The violence is being pushed by the left. Antifa(the real fascists) anyone?

      I started out to school you in my comment then I thought, why? You’re obviously to stupid to figure it out even with schooling. The only reason we have Trump as president is people like you and lol maga up there. Period. Full stop. The mid terms will be a complete wash for the left. Again, thanks to you guys. And if Trump wants another 4 years in office you guys will give it to him. And you’re just too stupid to figure it out.

      Thanks to you dolts we’ll have a right wing scotus and .gov for at least the next generation. And since that is preferred to a left wing .gov, thank you.

    • There are few “racists” regularly on this site’s comment section. If you think it’s bad here go to Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Reddit for contrast. I have seen a lot of racism on those platforms. Yes, non white people can be racist towards whites.

      This site isn’t for tyranny; that should be obvious because it’s a 2nd Amendment site. Which means censorship isn’t what they look to do. Of course they do delete some comments, but others stay for people to retort. Just because you’re not able to handle someone else’s ideas and make an argument against them doesn’t mean society should push people into the shadows to fester and retaliate.

      Trump or Republicans are not at fault for making a National Socialist hate Jewish people. Most of them love Israel and the Jewish people. White Socialists contributed to this man’s thought process. Iron sharpens iron. Antifa has empowered the Socialists by pushing for Communism. It takes two to tango.

      By the way, when you describe Trump as an “orange messiah” you are making a racist or supremacy statement. I think he is Irish or Scottish and German, not cheeto or carrot. Don’t forget that Irish and Scottish people were oppressed by other whites because they are considered inferior. White people still belittle/dehumanize them by calling them “gingers.”

      • #fakenews….. We belittle Slavic, Nordic, and Swiss gingers too. There is no racial or cultural bigotry when we dehumanize gingers. Here they are all equally ginger.

    • Roy… Go fuck yourself. The only racists in America are on the left side of the isle. It doesn’t matter is they are “National Socialists”, “Democratic Socialists”, or “Anarcho Communists”, they are all the exact same brand of totalitarian, genocidal lefty vermin. Vermin that you and other commie Demokkkrat scum like you support and egg on because it serves your political agenda. If it was up to me, the next left wing “demonstration” would be broken up with live ammo from the national guard.

    • Hi Roy,

      It’s probably best to contrast Trump’s rhetoric with comments from leaders of the left. While Trump can be bellicose and crass, it’s important to remember that Obama told his followers to “get in the faces” of family members, stated “We bring a gun to knife fight”, then derided large swaths of Americana as bitter clingers. That during the 2016 Democratic Presidential debates, both Hillary and Bernie stated the enemies they were proudest of having made were Republicans (blanket statement). Hillary recently saying that it’s time to stop being “civil” with conservatives. Maxine Waters ordering followers to physically confront conservatives. Andrew Cuomo telling conservatives they have no place in New York, and they are “hate”. Scores of liberal politicians ordering their followers to “resist in ANY WAY POSSIBLE”. I could go on, but you hopefully get the point.

      Contrast this to one man, Trump, who’s worst statement has probably been in regards to the Charlottsville event, in which he said “There were bad and good people on both sides”, which is not politically correct, but probably isn’t terribly far off, unless you happen to know every single protester there and can attest to the poor character and intentions of them all. Otherwise, the guy makes snide remarks and trolls the Democrats and it’s driving them insane.

      So who’s more responsible here? Trump the wiseass? Or the Democrats who have long been calling for physical violence and unrest?

  19. @Roy — What kind of dope do you have to be to willfully ignore the fact that we live in a climate where the political left is fabricating from whole cloth this conspiracy theory — and yes, that’s exactly what it is, get over it — that the right is somehow emboldening bigots? Especially when there is all the evidence in the world that the left has deliberately allowed its takeover by bigots to the point of having to constantly revise the definition of bigotry specifically to exclude them. Look, we know that you’re every bit as desperate to virtue signal that you’re not a racist by projecting your known and demonstrable bigotry onto everyone else that disagrees with you in the slightest on anything that occurs under God’s hot sun, but nobody shares responsibility for what some whackjob does that just-so-happens to follow them. I can guaran-fucking-tee you that you would never in a million years hold Bernout Sanders or any other leftist politician to that same standard, even though one of his (and thus one of yours) actually very nearly killed a sitting Congressman of the opposing party. No, it’s not possible to share any blame where no responsibility is borne in the first place. Also, the actual fact that this blog does continually ban the primary and sock accounts of the worst, most racist actors only undercuts your own (non)arguments. Do some comments get through? Of course. The moderators are only Human, after all. So, unless and until you can call yourself and Bernout Sanders to the carpet for the shooting at the Congressional baseball game a while back — which I happen to know for a fucking fact you’ll never do because you’re a closeted bigot your-damn-self, and don’t you dare try to LIE to me by saying you’re not, either — you don’t get to come here and lecture anybody on any-damn-thing, at all, anywhere, ever, period. You are every bit part of the problem that you like to think — THINK, because you obviously don’t know anything about anything whatsoever — Drumpf is, but actually isn’t. You are every bit as responsible as you like to think — THINK, because it’s quite clear that I have to keep reiterating the fact that you don’t know jack shit about jack shit in the first place — that Drumpf is, but actually isn’t.

    Don’t bother replying with the usual, boringly predictable, and insipid “defense” that you somehow for some reason can’t be held to your own fucking standards, either, snowflake. You don’t get to play “whataboutism” on this blog without getting an eye-full from your moral, ethical, and intellectual betters. Yes, that’s us, little DemoKKKrat. Accept it, get over it, and get used to it. You’re going to, anyway, so quit acting like you even have a choice.

    • analyze it all you want…define it any way you want…it’s time to dial it back a bit when it begins to manifest itself in these horrible acts of violence…….

      • Except that there’s already laws against incitement and communication of threats, among other things, covered under Common Law, and equally reflected in modern statues. Drumpf’s rhetoric does not rise to that level (yet). Quit ignoring leading DemoKKKrats that are actually advocating for confrontation and physical violence on live national television almost every day.

  20. If an individual does it, it’s murder unless deemed otherwise.

    If the government, police, or military does it, it’s not murder or even homicide.

    It’s “fatally injuring”, collateral damage, or a lawful act.

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