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Tim says he’s been carrying for years and after rotating through a wide variety of guns he’s gone back to his original carry: a Glock 19. This one’s the Gen 5 GLOCK 19, though, which means changes like no more finger grooves and the GLOCK Marksman Barrel. Another part of this pocket dump is a spare mag with a +4 mag extension, giving a bump to the gun’s double-stack.

Who here carries spare mags? (Be honest!)

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  1. Funny how the comments and discussion on this website slowed down after we learned that trump’s words and actions directly lead to assassination attempts. Remember when this place was educational? When it gave good information, reviews, opinions that teach you something…. rather than promoting a political slant which has now lead to violence?

    I miss those times.

      • I guess Glocks just aren’t as exciting to talk about as they used to be.

        But thanks for playing the EDC game with us Tim. Maybe if you posted a Taurus Curve we would stay on topic.

    • It’s not the actions of a mad men like these most recent retards, or the actions of crazies that shoot at congressmen that divide us. It’s individuals like you that sit around waiting to eagerly capitalize on a tragedy to demonize your fellow Americans. I didn’t blame Obama when cops where killed, I didn’t blame Bernie when Republicans where gunned down at a baseball game, and I definitely don’t blame Trump for what’s going on today. So let us enjoy our obsession for all things guns and keep your BS to yourself. Go drag your dick in the dirt elsewhere.

      • Nice try samr. Now get out of mom’s basement & go play with the other kids. You’ll thank me in a few years when you’re old enough to know better.

        • Click his name.

          samr leads right to

          ‘samr’ is a Beta Beto Soy-Boy…

    • Trumps’ words do not lead to violence any more than bullets lead to killing. In this country every side has the right to be heard. I may NOT believe a word of what might be said. I WILL fight to the death for the right of that word to be heard. What happens next is up to the volition of each individual voter. That there was a pretty good attempt at an end-around there, sounded all nice and reasonable and such. Peddle that bravo sierra somewhere else, like canada, north korea or venezuela. Americans, no matter how recently they have become Americans aren’t having it anymore. Listen up good now, pay attention. Shall Not be Infringed. That means the whole Constitution, it’s the law of the land, not an Ala carte menue. No compromise, no retreat, no surrender…equal opportunity for all, domestic or foreign. No free ride to equal rights, gotta earn ’em. Earn citizenship if you want equal rights, otherwise, go home, or better still, never leave. Gadsdens’ snake has not come here to cuddle, he’s come here for what he created to do… -30-

    • I remember a time when insane liberals like you didn’t blame Trump for every little thing that happened in the world. Back then, you blamed Bush. And way back, you blamed Reagan.

    • Aren’t you scared of your own logic? Excuses excuses, boring….it is “insert name/idea” fault! So if we get rid of the 2A and of Trump we will be as peaceful and safe as Haiti, Venezuela, Mexico, Honduras, Sierra Leone, Niger, Sudan….because they surely do not have a 2A, nor Trump “telling” them how to plan the next crazy move. It is not Trump or Pelosi’s fault if you cannot handle adulthood and life in general.

    • Funny i never heard Trump tell me to kill people but you do you man. The only dog whistles being heard are on your side

    • People too often think that carrying an extra mag is about having extra ammo… it is that, of course, but it is primarily advisable so you have a way to quickly fix certain malfunctions IMO.

      The extra ammo is a bonus 🙂

  2. FFS … can we keep post comments at least roughly on topic?

    I carry a spare mag – mainly for the ability to quickly address certain malfunctions – and a med kit, too.

  3. Welp I don’t hear Schumer or Feinstein muttering anything about gun control yet. So either:

    a. Doesn’t fit narrative
    b. Too close to the election

  4. Congrats for the IFAK pouch. While I like leather holsters, or more discrete kydex holsters (darker color) I think the orange goes well with the Glock. Sure, it is “Meh, another Glock” but at least this EDC is very realistic and practical imo.

  5. I did carry a spare mag for quite awhile, however looking at DGUs I came to the conclusion that reloads are mostly done by the police and not the average CWP, if at all.

    Thats not to say they can’t serve a purpose of fixing a malfunction, however if your personal weapon malfunctions in a DGU situation straight off the bat then maybe you should reevaluate your weapon choice.

    Not sure if the rule of three is statistically provable, but it seems plausible.

    3 rounds, 3 seconds, 3 yards for most DGUs.

    Thats my take anyway.

  6. I carry a spare mag primarily in case of a malfunction. I also carry pepper spray, a small ifak, flashlight, and pocket knife.

    I used to always carry a folder but realized it only had limited uses and dropped it from my daily carry


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