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Today we have a pistol packin’ pastor from Jacksonville, Florida showing us his everyday carry.   Via Everyday Carry.

Man, that’s a well, souped up GLOCK 26, with a Vortex optic and a Streamlight TLR4 light.  Peter Padilla either knows how to use all that or he tried to buy skills on aisle four of the local gun shop.  Very nice.

Frankly, my 26 doesn’t get enough carry time as I’m seldom in a suit.  Thankfully.

Guessing/hoping he left out the mag pouch and the holster.  After all, he did skip the belt too.

A Michael Kors smartwatch – nothing pretentious there.  Ditto for the Midtech out-the-front auto knife.  Midtech bills themselves as making affordable edged tools.

The bottom line is I appreciate a man of the cloth who sold his tunic to buy a sword.  To protect both himself and his flock.




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  1. Good for the pastor! More should carry.
    The man who beats his sword into a plowshare works for the man that didn’t. Human nature 101.

  2. I once knew a pastor who’s deer rifle was a pre-64 Winchester Model 70 in .300 H&H Mag. with a vintage Leupold 6X scope. That was class. Agree with Boch on the buying skills thing. Not saying it’s the case here, but seen it more often than not. I’d toss the optics. Hienie Pro Slant Straight 8 sights. A light is 10-8, as long as it’s sans laser. Quality carry rig. No auto knife. But, that’s just me.

      • jwm, not really. The average shooter whitetail runs 200 lbs +/-. That’s just what he had. And pastors move around. Who knows where he’s hunting down the road. And, if I remember correctly, it was a family heirloom. Besides, a .300 H&H is only a step above a 30-06. .300 Win. Mag is only a blown out H&H case. No offense, jwm, but if .243 is overkill, are you sure you’re not killing coyotes? Kidding.

        • The deer around here are small. Look like german shepherd dogs with antlers. Very few I’ve seen would top 100 pounds. The yotes are smallish too. I can get them with a load of 3 inch steel number 2 in 12 ga. It’s easier to reach out with the rifle, though.

  3. Jacksonville is a tough town. Spent a lot of time there. Family there. Tallahassee has the highest crime rate in the state though. It and Leon County are controlled by super liberal democraps. An island of blue in a sea of red in the panhandle/big bend. Go figure.

  4. He keeps it in his hollowed out Bible, , , , , Pistol Packing Pastor cool

  5. MidTech… hrmm. Not sure I trust a company that lists a number of their knives as “Blade Material: Tanto” LOL.

    OK, they do that but obviously it’s a typo. They use mostly 440C. It works but it’s not great. It’s that stainless that’s not really stainless. That does everything but nothing particularly well. It is cheap though. Considered a “budget steel” for a reason. Been around forever, like longer than most people currently alive have been around.

    A lot of custom knife makers will tell you 440C is the shit, the best steel for knife blades EVA! That’s horseshit. It’s cheap, easy to work with and easy to resharpen so they don’t have to do a lot of work or spend a lot of money selling you an expensive custom “stainless knife with the best steel ever known!” and a lot of people will buy that. It’s reasonably easy to resharpen, not AUS8 easy but it’s better at everything else than AUS8, so they don’t have to have a program to resharpen it for you like a company making blades from something like 204P.

    Great cutlery steel though since you generally really take care of kitchen knives, washing them off and resharpening regularly. Makes pretty good ball bearings too.

    • ” It’s that stainless that’s not really stainless.”

      I suppose that’s why it’s called stain-‘less’ instead of stain-‘proof…

      • A tankless water heater still kinda has a tiny tank, even if the water input and output flows as quickly as it does the supply lines.

    • The last 4 knives I bought were M390. Love that steel. The first one I bought was the Benchmade (yeah, they suck I know. Wouldn’t give them my money now) Mini Barage. I bought it 4 years ago and use it very often (but I don’t beat on it) and have only had to sharpen it once. Tough to sharpen but man does it hold an edge.

  6. Who made his mag extensions, and are they +1 or +2?
    I think he needs an Ammo Armor sleeve as well.

    • I’ve seen those Ammo Armor things.

      What are they for? Storage? Pocket carry?

      They seemed like a cool mag carrier made to fit the specific mag except the ones I saw had no clip or anything to attach them to a belt or whatever.

    • It’s the factory Glock 26 +2 mag. I carry the same in my G26 and really like it. The Magpul ones are decent, but I find the Glock brand ones more comfortable.

  7. A shame it’s missing the holster. It’s always interesting to see what holster someone is using when they’ve got attachments on their handgun.

  8. Nice. Let’s see…

    In The People’s Republic of New York it’s illegal to have high capacity mags, or load them beyond The Magic Number or piss off some badged collector looking to make quota, or something.

    Independent of a recent bout of sanity about N Y C’s “gravity knife” law, state law about “automatic” knives make any kind of spring, lever, or assist questionable. Even a thumb stud on a lock blade is sometimes a problem. (Spiderco’s solution just pisses them off. You can open one-handed, but there’s no “device” or “mechanism.”)

    Pray for us, preach.

  9. For these Gun EDC’s, it would be nice to see the holster, mag carrier and gun belt. That keychain mini knife looks like a great idea for package/letter opening. IMO, the WML is good, but there should be a regular-use light in there also. This is a good realistic EDC.

  10. All rabbis please take note of this Christian pastors additional accessories. You need to do the same thing. Hashtag protect your flock. The second amendment is for jews too.

  11. I appreciate the pastor arming himself and making a church attack less successful.
    My pastor is always armed at church and usually armed outside of church as well.
    I carry most of the time, but especially at church. One of the few places I’ll be stationary for very long where I feel more vulnerable.

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