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Whatever the alleged [massage parlor] killer’s motivation was, there is no ambiguity in how he was able to carry it out: this country’s insane fetish for its firearms continues to run unabated. There is some movement in the Congress again on passing sensible gun-control legislation, which means we’re all in for another absurd debate over the Founders’ weakness for dependent clauses.

We will learn more about the crime and the criminal as the days go on, but this simple fact will never change: he was able to kill eight people in three places in one night because he was able to obtain the correct tool for the job. One more day of blood sacrifice to a perverse idea of freedom.

— Charles P. Pierce in He Could Kill 8 People in 3 Places in 1 Night Because He Had the Right Tool

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    • If you want to support gun rights do NOT send any money to the RNC. Support Donald J. Trump and the Save America PAC. The cease and desist order that he sent to the RNC states they cannot use him or his likeness to solicit funds. If you see the RNC using his likeness report it to the Save America PAC. Support the Save America PAC. DO NOT SUPPORT THE RNC. Donald J. Trump knows what is right for our gun freedoms.

      • OH the guy who banned bump stocks? Or the guy who did literally nothing to curb the ATF and their bullshit letters? Was he better than the alternative? yes. But did Trump do fuckall for gun owners? No.

        • “But did Trump do fuckall for gun owners? No.”

          And just what do you call Goresuch, Kavanaugh, and Coney-Barrett, dumbass?

          I suppose Ginsburg 2, Sotomayer 2, and Kagen 2 would rule on 2A cases in a way to please you?

          Especially since Hillary went on record saying ‘Heller’ was wrongly decided and the judges she would pick would correct that?

          You’re a very special kind of STUPID aren’t you?

      • His cease and desist letter can say whatever he wants, and the RNC can ignore it, as they have.
        Anyone looking to the guy who set the precedent for the ATF to change definitions by executive directive to protect their gun rights is a fool.

      • Yeah, the NYC Democrat fake billionaire reality TV star is going to change his stripes and support the constitution next time. Brilliant.

    • On the day they come to homes for the guns, the hunt…FOR THEM begins. You go to them before they go to you, as offense is best defense.

    • I got a green ticket, blue ticket, red ticket, yellow ticket any color ticket you like.
      ” Sorry baby, wrong color”
      Who me or my ticket?

  1. Dude looks like a perversion of manhood. I’m sure interested in what he has to say about my rights. Or maybe not. And 2A is 27 words long, there is no excuse for misunderstanding the clear meaning, any such “misunderstanding” is simply a lie.
    Meanwhile, he could kill 8 people in 3 locations because all of his victims had been disarmed.

    • True enough. Rather than having too many guns, there aren’t enough guns in the hands of people who need them. If that guy had run into one “good guy with a gun” (I’m thinking of the church member in Ft. Worth) his killing spree would have been over before it started. That “perverse idea of freedom” is a core idea of the very spirit that founded this nation.

  2. The right tool could have been a knife. Last year another crazed individual in China (where gun ownership by civilians is strictly controlled because … well, you know) stabbed 7 women to death. Mr. Pierce would, of course, be exempt being he’s a liberal with all the right connections. And as we’ve learned, disagreeing with a liberal is a form of violence that warrants the use of deadly force, like with a gun.

  3. How many times has having the “right tool” meant that someone could protect themselves or just chase bad guys away?

    • It’s amazing how negligent they are. They would know how to defend themselves if they had to. Complacency is a problem. They feel too safe.

  4. Just think about how many people the government could kill if citizens had no means to defend themselves and their freedom…

    What a pathetic idiot…

    • When Progressives use the term “freedom,” they often seem to mean freedom to force their will on others. They will say (and probably believe) that they are justified by the righteousness of their cause. Which of course makes them like most other frankly authoritarian movements in history.

      • Because all those movements are leftist based… Not right. The political spectrum is not the shit you see online. Far right is basically anarchy and that’s where it ends. Freedom. The rest is leftist control and everything but freedom. Actual freedom is chaotic and violent. At most, you’d have a sort of tribalism with zero actual government. Which tbh, would be amazing.

        These idiots just use their feelings instead of their brains. They need to feel safe. They need to pass laws to limit people’s ability to harm them, even though if someone is intent on harming others, very little will actually stop them. “If it saves one life” is actually the worst thing you can do for billions of lives.

        • Yah, far right never tries to force women to bear children against their will, tell homosexuals whom they can’t marry, tell people what drugs they can’t take. Those are all leftist positions.🙄

        • It is absurd to believe people, politically and philosophically, fall along a single dimension. Most of them, like, “far” man.

    • If it wanted government could kill us all off . Without neither side firing a shot. Coronavirus is a allergy compared to what’s in the box.
      The government does not want us dead.( yet)

  5. There are some examples of ‘pervercing’ civil rights, gun rights is not one among them.

    Can’t say them, because the people doing the pervercing resort to contemplating murder in response to feather weight mockery.

  6. Charles P. Pierce (whoever he is) is a great example of P.T Barnum’s statement that there is a fool born every minute, but then so is Oligarch Michael Bloomberg. With as many as 400 million guns in private ownership along with many billions of rounds of ammunition the proverbial horse is out of the barn. There are too many in circulation to effectively control. Draconian laws will be ignored by most. Better a polite population of safety oriented properly educated citizen gun owners as promoted by the Second Amendment.

  7. he was able to kill eight people in three places in one night because he was able to obtain the correct tool for the job. One more day of blood sacrifice to a perverse idea of freedom.

    DAY, the shootings all happened between 5 and 6 PM still daytime (well technically evening) but NOT night… A day of blood sacrifice added to the centuries of blood sacrifice that afforded YOU the right to voice your opinion thanks to the freedoms they bought you that are protected from people like you by MY freedom to keep and bear arms…

  8. The “right tool”? The “right tool” could have just as well have been a knife, a sword, a sharpened stick, or even an auto or truck. I don’t see any of these items coming under regulation for the potential to do homicide. His idea of a perverse idea of freedom is to what, ban our ownership of firearms so we all could become slaves of the state or the Fed? Based on why the Founding Father’s enumerated this right as a 2nd Amendment, right after Freedom of Speech, is both notable and informative to keep the government in the realization it is of, by, and for the people. Not the other way around. You want to see how things turn out with severe gun control, check out our neighbor in Mexico. Seems that the only folks that have guns (yes, they get them) are the cartels and the government. Every day there are reports of elements from one or the other terrorizing, kidnapping, maiming, and killing people that are defenseless against superior firepower.

  9. Yeah, we’re not giving up our guns, no matter what any douche canoe thinks of us owning them. And we will use our guns to defend our rights.

  10. Whoever made these statements in the original article is a perversion of humanity. I guess he’s wanting to outlaw airplanes, helicopters, and automobiles too?

  11. How many of the victims were exercising their 2A rights?

    Sounds like they’d have been disarmed victims regardless of the killers weapon of choice.

  12. What happened to the Liberal idea of you have a duty to retreat???? When you are attacked. Why didn’t they just run away???

  13. “There is some movement in the Congress again on passing sensible gun-control legislation, which means we’re all in for another absurd debate over the Founders’ weakness for dependent clauses.”

    That, right *there*, defines the problem.

    We’re dealing with folks who have been so thoroughly-brainwashed, that further attempts of rational discourse is futile. Gone, outta here.

    They will never see things our way, and we will never accept theirs.

    The Rubicon has now been crossed. ‘Interesting times’ are in the forecast.

    (Too bad we can’t engineer a virus that only infects Leftist scum. It sure would come in handy about now… 🙂 )

    • There already is a virus that only infects leftist scum. The catch is that it’s a mind virus…and it’s what turns them *into* Marxist drones.

      “…another absurd debate over the Founders’ weakness for dependent clauses.” That is a great turn of phrase.

  14. Mr. Pierce, you would do well to remember that certain of our rights (including your right to spout your drivel AND the Second Amendment) were explicitly enshrined In the Bill of Rights to protect them from the pompous presumptions of ideologues, like yourself, and the fluctuating breezes of popular opinion.

  15. This is the same Charles Pierce who recently called Bill Burr’s wife “a minority sex servant” and said, of the woman Ted Kennedy murdered:

    “If she had lived, Mary Jo Kopechne would be 62 years old. Through his tireless work as a legislator, Edward Kennedy would have brought comfort to her in her old age.”

    This guy makes word like “idiot” and “moron” seem inadequate.

  16. The most pathetic part isnt his disdain for the bill of rights, it’s the willingness (glee) to use another tragedy to try to bolster their agenda!

  17. There is nothing perverse about the choice of owning a firearm. It simply does not matter if someone chooses to abuse their 2nd Amendment or any other freedom. Any criminal act by an individual does not mean the the rights of the population are limited in any way. When did the Republic lose this understanding of Freedom.

    • “When did the Republic lose this understanding of Freedom.”

      Whenever Leftists/Dimocrats (ah, but I repeat myself) have had any degree of control.

      Leftist/Dimocrats hate freedom like Superman hates kryptonite.

  18. If his first victim would have or could have shot back in self defense, the other seven would likely still be alive. I wonder if these message parlors were banning firearms within their doors. I wonder if all of these 8 victims were anti-gun. I dont know what the gun laws are in Atlanta but its obvious no one shot him in self defense.

    Pierce has it backwards and might not know it. He is likely a product of a liberal education.

  19. People like this are the type who if had their way would attempt to make a chef have a license for a the tools of their trade.

    The desire know all to be known and control all that is controllable.

    In their limited mind; Any thing unknowable, any thing uncontrollable must be brought to heel or destroyed.

  20. Hey Dude!…If you dont like All of the Bill of Rights get your SHIZIT and get the HELL OUT of our nation!..That is your CIVIL RIGHT..SO EXERCISE IT!!!

  21. I made the mistake of reading the comments section after that BS article. There is seriously a lot of stupid people in this world. But then anti gunner’s usually are.

    • I might with a letter, written while wearing rubber gloves, sent from another zip code, and dont lick the envelope

  22. Whatever the alleged [massage parlor] killer’s motivation was, there is no ambiguity in how he was able to carry it out

    Yeah, IN his HYUNDAI, it allowed him to just zip through Atlanta rush hour(s) traffic, complete his task and escape to the South where he was ultimately captured… So using this clowns logic we should ban ALL Korean based automobiles… OBTW, Full disclosure, I really don’t have a problem with that…

  23. Pervert charles pierce is a little gun control nazi-klansman who dreams of getting your guns so he can get at your kids or whatever he’s after. Those guns stand in his way as does my baseball bat. Batter Up muthurfuker.

  24. dude
    get a haircut
    or at least comb whats there
    you look like a carbon copy of philip seymour hoffman right before he took the easy way out

  25. Dear Mr. Pierce: We don’t retain the right to bear arms because you think it’s a good idea. We retain the right to bear arms because there are assholes like you who think they get to dictate our rights based on what they think is or is not a good idea.

  26. “One more day of blood sacrifice,” Pierce chanted.

    One more day.

    Painted in congealed arterial spray and clotting fluids, he shrieked the shibboleths and prayed that this be would the day. The day his god would reward his devotion by ending the perverse freedom of his reviled enemies, those who mocked the power and wisdom of the almighty progressive state.

    “Say their names,” bayed the howling mob, and Pierce howled with them.

    He cried out the required names. In those names he danced and emoted and performed. A wordless, incoherent wail, cognomen of 200 million nameless innocents whose blood had fed the twisted god, tore itself from his throat and continued until he tasted blood on his tongue and fell to the ground and had no more breath to scream with.

    When he awoke, gasping for air, all that remained in his frenzied brain were the essential words, repeating in an echoing cacophony: One more day. One more day.

    Have you ever noticed how it’s always “just one” with these people? Just one compromise. Just this one time. If it only saves one life (never mind how many it costs). Just one. Just one. No, wait…one more. One more. One more. One more. One more.

    No. No more.

  27. On the instant background check system.

    In 1994, I was stationed in Virginia when the Marine Lance Cpl. Rayna Ross court trial was in the news. I read all I could find about the story. Fortunately I was stationed at Fort Eustis and a Man by the name of Philip Van Cleave was on the local talk radio station. From a group called the “Virginia citizens Defense League”. He was protesting against the Rayna Ross trial. He said everyone should have quick access to a firearm.

    Rayna Ross, a black woman, was the first known person in the entire USA, to have a DGU less than 24 hours after the purchase of a gun, using the instant background check system. The day her boyfriend threatened to murder her and her daughter. She went and bought a gun. Philip Van Cleave and Aaron Zelman (RIP) of the JPFO really opened my eyes and educated me about what the Second Amendment really means. Clayton E Creamer was a really big help too. Back in 1994.

    Yes I know the instant check system was tuned off last year by the government. But this is the 21st century. We have to deal with this instant check system and its flaws.

    I have no problem going back to a time when there was no instant background check system. A time when black people could get their machine guns through mail order catalogs. Delivered to their homes. And a time when you could shoot thieves and no questions were asked, why you shot someone, who was stealing, or vandalizing your private property.

  28. This is the same double speak bull that GWB said when he said we must give up liberties in the name of freedom.

    This idiot should go find the Wiki article on the Upstairs Lounge Fire. The body count was a lot higher and the “right tool for the job” was a Zippo.

  29. Civilian Gun Rights Are the Preservation of Our Freedom…..there I fixed it for Mr Pierce.

    The 2nd preserves his right to make a fool of himself with the 1st.

  30. You know what else is a perversion of freedom? Giving the freedom of speech to pieces of chit like this and its allies in the corporate “media”.

  31. Pierce is a perversion of a human being. He should move south of the border where guns are illegal for regular citizens. Let him walk the streets of Mexico City at night or one of the border towns. Maybe he will end up as the main item in a late night barbeque.

  32. In 1958. the late Col Jeff Cooper, handgun expert and founder of Gunsite Academy, stated, “Killing is a matter of will, not weapons.
    You cannot control the act itself
    by passing laws about the means employed.”
    A politician with a law never stops a bad guy with a gun.
    He only controls the good guys which is his true agenda.
    But, these public shooting of Little Peeps are not the objective. Preventing the shooting of Libard/Socialists/Elitist/One Worlder politicians’ asses, over what they are doing to America, by Patriots with Ar-15s is.
    He who has the Might, determines who has the Right. There’s the gun controllers’ agenda in a nut shell.

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