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According to the Phoenix City Council, Prescott Pete’s Highfalutin Shooting Gallery is crimethink and cannot be allowed. The carny type of entertainment allows customers to shoot laser guns at targets that appear in the arcade. No targets appear on humans. It’s simple fun with toy guns. But even toy guns must not be allowed at the Phoenix event because guns.

Phoenix held the annual Fabulous Phoenix 4th on Independence Day, including 50 vendors. One, however, was excluded. From


Despite putting in an application, Prescott Pete’s Highfalutin Shooting Gallery, a mobile game that uses lasers to set off random targets within an Old West saloon setting, will not be one of those vendors because it was deemed inappropriate for the event after a review from the event’s committee.

“Everyone agreed that you have a great exhibit, but the City of Phoenix is very conscious about the perception of violence given the current climate,” stated the rejection letter.

“It’s a pretty straight forward decision that this committee made,” said Gregg Bach, public information officer for the City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department, which is in charge of organizing such events. “The planning committee was not comfortable with an exhibit/game that presented guns in a fun or glorified way.”

Note that the event committee agreed that the arcade was a “great exhibit”.  It’s to be inferred that they would have been allowed except for one thing: guns. Note also that these are not real guns. They’re toys that are electrically powered and tethered to the exhibit. They’re perfectly safe for all ages.

But the City of Phoenix committee banned them for political reasons. The committee wants to demonize guns and make them unacceptable- Arizona is frequently rated the most gun friendly state in the United States. The gun culture there is alive and well. Just not in the City Council of Phoenix.  There, the gun culture is reviled and hated. Guns must be shunned. Gun owners must be depicted as stupid and dangerous.

Behold what’s stricken fear in council members’ hearts:


 “The planning committee was not comfortable with an exhibit/game that presented guns in a fun or glorified way.”

That’s crimethink at work. Even though the culture doesn’t agree with them, our betters will force everyone else to agree with them. This is how political correctness works.

Shooting galleries have a long tradition in the United States. That tradition has been attacked and watered down to where toy guns shooting harmless beams of light with low noise levels aren’t to be allowed because it “sends the wrong message.” I would like to believe that the members of the committee will be bounced out at the next election, but I doubt it.

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    • More like “Crazy like a fox”.

      Banning things where young gun-owners-to-be might get an early taste of fun with guns. How many of us current gun owners had a similar taste of gun fun when we were growing up; the carnival shooting galleries, whether with actual .22 rifles, or the full-auto airguns, trying to “shoot out the star”? If the seed never gets planted on purpose, the crop will be limited to unintended random germination.

      • Yep; it didn’t come from my parents. I got into it on my own through things like that, I suppose. Definitely wasn’t a stranger to the shooting games at the fair and amusement parks and such. Not really sure where the genesis of wanting to shoot at things came from, though. I always signed up for the .22 LR rifle clinic at summer camp, but I already strongly wanted to do that and that was grade school. So not sure where the desire came from prior to that. Probably target practice with slingshots, nerf guns, and a bow-and-arrow I had (with rubber-tipped arrows) since super young. I was defending our country house from pests and target shooting with pellet guns while in grade school, too. I’m thankful that my parents bought those things for me and trusted me with them even though they were entirely disinterested and had no knowledge of this sort of thing.

      • NineShooter – I think you nailed their methodology, but they missed a very critical point … video games!

        Younger gun owners are drawn to guns because of their use in FPS (first-person-shooter) PC/console games like the Call of Duty or Rainbow Six series.

        • Yeah, that’s still a hard thing to restrict on a local basis, especially given all the online sellers.

          It reminds me of the day I overheard my son and one of his friends arguing about whether or not an AR-style carbine (as being used in the video game they were playing at the time) could hit a long-distance target. I leaned in and asked them what they were arguing about. After they told me, I said “Well, there’s only one way to find out for sure. Next weekend, we’ll go to the range and try it ourselves!”. They were hooked, and have been shooting ever since. Once they were old enough, they both morphed into responsible gun owners (given guns by their parents), and eventually gun/ammo/accessory buyers (after they got degrees and good jobs).

        • ” Next weekend, we’ll go to the range and try it ourselves!””

          Oh man. Well done. BIG karma for that.

          Seriously smiling right now. On many levels that just rocks (not lost on me is “well, do the experiment” method of forming knowledge). Awesome.

        • Definitely in my “Top 5 Parenting Days”, and I’m happy that it has turned out well.

      • Don’t give them ideas!

        “Censorship is telling a man he can’t have a steak just because a baby can’t chew it”
        Mark Twain

      • just brilliant! moving away from the problem….

        If arizona is now canceling a shooting gallery, the problem has moved to you already your complacent attitude will allow it to continue.

        #justmove has already moved to a location to you. too bad they are anti’s.

    • Nah, this is Phoenix’s own specially flavored brand of Aholerry even Disneyland has a laser shooting gallery at Frontier Land.

    • I prefer the terms JustJumpOutOfTheSlowlyBoilingWaterers and NeverBoileders, but that’s just me.

      If you Californians reimagine sitting and stewing in subjugation as some kind of moral or actual victory, then that’s your choice.

      The smart ones bailed out on that ever increasing toxic Salton Sea of a socialist state long ago, but you’re welcome to hold out until the bitter Aussie-style end. G’day, mate.

      Vote Trump and you get eight more years of GOP-enabled malaise, maybe eke out a few more show dates on the America in Decline Tour.

      Vote Hillary and we go full throttle toward lawlessness, constitutional crisis and constitutional convention, where we can #Texit while there’s still something worth salvaging.

  1. What a bunch of wusses.
    Beyond ignorant.
    Need some council leadership that doesn’t make piss-ant decisions out of politically correct fear. Would make me wonder what other dumbass decisions they are making and for what reason.

  2. “The planning committee was not comfortable with an exhibit/game that presented guns in a healthy or positive way.”


  3. I thought we hear all the time here in the comments about how great AZ is for gun rights.

    Now, I ain’t saying AZ is “bad” per se, but how does a city council get elected in a Constitutional Carry state with a reputation for being one of the gun friendliest in the nation?

    I keep saying it over and over again…we have a “urban mindset problem” in this country.

    • The greater Phoenix metro area is fairly conservative. Tucson, Flagstaff, Sedona, and Phoenix proper are full of your average inner city dwellers and guilty white progressives.

    • Within two months of SHTF, all those big blue cities will be mausoleums chock full of carcasses. No food, no water, gang rule, Safety For None.

    • It’s a “problem” you’re going to have so long as you have cities.

      Not having cities is a solution, I guess. Two problems with it are: 1) you’ll have to force their population out and forcibly disperse it (as Khmer Rouge did), and 2) your economy immediately goes down the toilet, because cities are responsible for the vast majority of it.

      • Yeah, like the NE economies in the 1830’s were independent of the South’s textiles, right?

        Like food is grown in “cities,” right?

        Nah. The solution to your #2 (pun intended) pro-urban position is “localization.” I only depend on “city” stuff if I actually depend on “city stuff.”

        People in rural areas are much more independent and simply do not, as a matter of mindset, think others must provide for them.

        There’s also a collectivist flaw in thinking “economic systems” are something worth preserving. The “First World” model, as everyone thinks of it anyway, is broken. The centralization of EVERYTHING is the root of most, if not all, of humanity’s problems.

        Quite simply, there is nothing about “city” that I require to live my life or even enjoy it. And, I’ve done both…big city life and more rural than most think of rural. My comments are based on my own experience, not theoretical reading from humorous ‘prepper’ sites.

  4. As a little boy in Cali, this exact exhibit was my all time favorite. I always scored very high, and had a hell of a time. But this type of exhibit started to get phased out (little laser humor for ya) in the mid 90’s and I haven’t seen it for more than a decade.

    Yea, brings back great memories. That was the last time when our past, our proud tradition of firearms ownership was still connecting us in California to the rest of the nation. Granted there were gun control laws of course, but that was the last time I felt like the 2nd was respected by most. Much different today, far too much.

    Warning from the occupied lands, be wary Arizona, don’t let what happened to us, happen to you.

    • They’ll get their chance……at the next election.

      No do-overs midterm, though, just because it didn’t go your way. Better luck next time. Remember, elections have consequences.

  5. So much for the open-carry paradise… didja’ see the latest uniforms Sheriff Joe A has his perps wearing? Hint: ‘Murica!

  6. Lots of folk in AZ, Phoenix specifically, come from other states that are less gun-friendly and take their state gov very seriously. Sure there are bad apples in every bunch (McCain) but the city of Phoenix owns and operates the largest public gun range in the country (Ben Avery) which has a big Frontier Days type celebration that includes action shooting for western style firearms.

    I’m sure this won’t go unnoticed.

  7. Does this mean they will be banning movies in Phoenix that “glorify” guns? How about TV shows? Maybe they will start to ban hip hop & rap music that “glorifies” the thug lifestyle? Oh wait… that’s a different amendment. One they will wait to trample once they’re done trampling the 2nd…

  8. Perhaps can mount the laser inside an umbrella, golf club or the stick for a protest sign? That make the nannies happy?

  9. And I thought Arizona had their heads screwed on straight. Too bad. I remember lots of trips to shooting galleries at carnivals and arcades. The US is slowly being overrun by a population of sissy, pantry-waist whiners.

  10. Isn’t this 1st amendment issue? They banned something because they did not like what it was versus a real danger?

  11. Why can’t people just accept that shooting guns is so*much*damn*fun, and that’s okay.

    There are something like 20 shooting sports in the Olympics, for cryin’ out loud.

  12. Right Now – House floor : Democrats crying to KEEP Due Process – for ‘ federal employees ‘ HR 4631 / While wanting NO Due Process for , gun owners and other peons …….. FFF ‘ Them.
    live at – www house . gov

  13. I miss a good shooting gallery. As soon as you could figure out the bent sights, it was game on!

  14. AZ is mostly conservative. However, our largest cities, including Phoenix, Tucson and Flagstaff, are much more liberal/left leaning. Hence the very PC response by the Phx City Council to an exhibit that features (gasp!) GUNS. This “nonpartisan” Council has a very vocal 6-3 Liberal Democrat majority.
    The AZ Game and Fish Department, not the city of Phx, operates the awesome Ben Avery shooting range.

  15. Nobody tell these Tippers their kids Wii has a lightgun.
    Oh who am I kidding? They don’t pay their own children any attention. They’re too busy minding everyone else’s children.

  16. #Texit. Dead serious. You big government types can stay in the union until it kills you. I want out.

    And now that I’ve used a hash tag for the first time I’m going to go try and wash the gay off.

      • Maybe he meant it in a positive way. Like, he derived homoerotic joy from using the hashtag, and now he needs to take a cold shower to rinse off the resulting gay.

        • That’s correct!

          Using a hash tag is both corny and gay. I said “gay” because that’s the word we used for “lame” growing up. And because I’m not ACTUALLY a bigot I will continue to use it in that capacity

          Sometimes I’m funny other times I’m not.

      • How very “virtue signaling” of you.

        In keeping with Law 3, “SJW’s Always Project,” how “tolerant” is it of YOU to care THAT much about what Tal typed?

        THIS is why we’ve marched so far from the liberty minded “system” the Founders envisioned. Everyone is all happy to claim their OWN freedom, but when the other guy exercises HIS is when it gets messy.

        The SJW-think has invaded our cultural thinking and is, indeed, a form of cancer….social cancer if not biological.

        • Dude, I am pretty much on the other side of the planet from being a SJW of ANY kind.

          But that doesn’t mean that a person can’t signal to another person (who was raised saying the same type of thing, BTW) of similar upbringing and interests that perhaps times have changed a bit, and things we used to say and do that meant one thing, now mean something else. I’d be far more understanding of a person saying something like this in a casual personal face-to-face conversation, because it’s easier to get a feel for the type of person you’re really dealing with. When this kind of expression is used online, in typed words, it not only doesn’t “translate” well, it stays around forever, for millions of people to see and read.

          I don’t give a rat’s ass about some lefty SJW’s word-Nazi opinion, but I do listen juuuust a little bit to those folks with whom I share vital interests (like guns), and who I hang out with online. I’m not any kind of enforcer, I didn’t call for anyone’s head, I haven’t called for any job firings, and I’m not looking to rack-up any SJW “points”; I’m just saying, in a sort of tactful way, that maybe we could put a little more thought into the words we put online for everyone to see — words that will be around forever.

          Speaking of virtue-signalling, why did you feel a need to come to Tal’s defense? Do you not think they are capable of standing up for themselves? Why would you automatically think you had the authority and power to try to put me in my place on this subject? Projection back-atcha.

        • “Dude, I am pretty much on the other side of the planet from being a SJW of ANY kind.

          But that doesn’t mean that a person can’t signal to another person (who was raised saying the same type of thing, BTW) of similar upbringing and interests that perhaps times have changed a bit”

          I hear ya, but…but…calling other people out for the slang words they use is “so last year.”

          It’s PC crap and merits ridicule.

          And sure, you can accuse me of doing the same thing, except pointing out a similarity in one’s form of discourse to that which the intellectually dead SJW’s use is not “shaming” unless the recipient is shamed by the fact of that similarity.

          If you are proud of ourself for the virtue signaling of taking ‘offense’ at the word gay in an Internet post, then I’d think you would not in the mind criticism of it.

          Oh, and by the way, nice demonstration of “Rule 2: SJW’s always double down.” Gotta love it.

          “Why would you automatically think you had the authority and power to try to put me in my place on this subject?”

          No authority or power assumed. No “putting in place.” Just made an observation; called it as I saw it. My comment struck a nerve, though, eh?

          You can certainly speak your mind on this or any other subject. You, of course, don’t need my permission for that.

          But, this is a medium that invites response and back-and-forth discussion, so we should ALL expect a reply to what we type here … whether it’s agreement, disagreement, furthering of the discussion or tangential, off-topic rambling.

          Look, I ain’t saying you ARE an SJW. My point was and is rather a larger commentary on just how deeply their modus operandi has infiltrated what we take as “normal” speech / discourse / interactions, especially online. “Shaming” is part of their bread and butter.

          That is, even “non-SJ” types can do all the things they (the SJW’s) do because after 20+ years of their sh1t, it has become “the way things are” accepted practice.

          Hope that clarifies.

        • “Just made an observation; called it as I saw it.”

          Interesting that you can claim this for yourself, but refuse to see/allow it in others.

          “…but…calling other people out for the slang words they use is ‘so last year.’ ”

          Won’t be the first time I’ve missed being on the cutting edge of a social “fad”. I usually wear “not keeping up with the Joneses” as a badge of honor, truth be told. Being true to yourself never goes out of style.

  17. I have a brother-in-law who lives in Mesa and he is probably the biggest beta male I’ve met in my whole life. He told me last winter that we need to elect more Democrats because they more than anyone knows what’s best for the people in this country. If it wasn’t for my sister-in -law we would never darken their doorstep again. I’m sure that he lives for the day when we are forced to Heil Hillary. On the other hand there were at least 15 gun stores within 10 miles of where we stayed, so there’s that.

    • and I guess my point in the previous post is there a lot liberal, progressive nuts in the greater Phoenix area just waiting to reach critical mass and change the nature of the state.

  18. Meanwhile in San Jose, CA the Santa Clara Valley Rifle Club Juniors Marksmanship Program participants (ages 11-17) marched 1.6 miles in the July 4th parade. They carried an enormous American flag to the cheers of about 35,000 bystanders.

    Afterwards the Juniors operated a free 2 bay laser pistol shooting gallery catering to capacity crowds during the post-parade festival. Lots of complements, interested parents, and Scout leaders wanting to have children participate. Parade organizers could not have been happier. No negative comments.

    Donations covered parade expenses. Thanks to the NRA for a grant that offsets some program costs.

  19. The sneaky city council twerps have it right. Laser arcades lead to harder stuff. (not entirely sarcastic)

  20. I never thought I would see these stupid people banning things in the USA. I always admired the rights and freedom of the people in the USA.

    Living in Europe I spend more and more time fighting to keep the few things we have. I thought the States would always crush these misguided gun banning fools under their boots. The statement ‘because guns’ nicely sums up their ignorance.

    The worst of things is most children love these arcade things – and not because they are future maniacs. They love, the bangs, the lights and the action. Why not?

    I hope to God that all us keen shooters get together firmly and stop this antigun bigotry.

    My next big worry is H.Clinton…..

    • Unfortunately the gun banners and their ilk admire Europe and wish to emulate it in every fashion particularly their disdain for guns and personal freedom.

  21. “According to the Phoenix City Council, Prescott Pete’s Highfalutin Shooting Gallery is crimethink and cannot be allowed.” Nope – read your own article.

    TTAG: Please get it right. The decision was made by a Phoenix Rec & Park parade committee – not by the Phoenix City Council. These committees are staffed by volunteers – not elected officials. Phoenix 2A supporters shirked civic responsibilities and allowed snowflakes to push an anti-gun agenda.

    Want to avoid a repeat? Complain to elected officials and volunteer. The mis-directed blame is astounding.

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