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That’s just The Science™, folks!


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  1. So gun laws are unconstitutional huh? History says otherwise..

    On the crafting of the Second Amendment at the Constitutional Convention

    It was in response to the concerns coming out of the Virginia ratification convention for the Constitution, led by Patrick Henry and George Mason, that a militia that was controlled solely by the federal government would not be there to protect the slave owners from an enslaved uprising. And … James Madison crafted that language in order to mollify the concerns coming out of Virginia and the anti-Federalists, that they would still have full control over their state militias — and those militias were used in order to quell slave revolts. … The Second Amendment really provided the cover, the assurances that Patrick Henry and George Mason needed, that the militias would not be controlled by the federal government, but that they would be controlled by the states and at the beck and call of the states to be able to put down these uprisings.

    On Black people’s access to arms after the American Revolution

    You saw incredible restrictions being put in place about limiting access to arms. And this is across the board for free Blacks and, particularly, for the enslaved. And with each uprising, the laws became even more strict, even more definitive, about who could and who could not bear arms. And so free Blacks were particularly proscribed. And so we see this, for instance, in Georgia, where Georgia had a law that restricted the carrying of guns.

    On the Founding Fathers’ fear of a slave revolt, which was stoked by the Haitian Revolution

    When Haiti began to overthrow the French colonial masters and were seizing that country for themselves, when Blacks were seizing that country for themselves, the violence of the Haitian Revolution, the existence of the Haitian Revolution, just sent basically an earthquake of fear throughout the United States. You had George Washington lamenting the violence. You had Thomas Jefferson talking about [how] he was fearful that those ideas over there, if they get here, it’s going to be fire. You had James Madison worried. …

    Whites … were fleeing Haiti and were bringing their enslaved populations with them, their enslaved people with them. … [There was a fear that] the ideas that these Black Haitians would have, that somehow those ideas of revolution, those ideas of racial justice, those ideas of freedom and democracy would just metastasize throughout Virginia’s Black enslaved population and cause a revolt. You had that same fear coming out of Baltimore that then began to open up the public armory to whites, saying, “You are justified in being armed because they’re bringing too many of these Black Haitians, these enslaved Haitians, up here who have these ideas that Black people can be free.”

    • Always with the pathological altruism angle huh.

      Why not ever ‘educate’ everyone here on the history of slavery lil’dtard?……..

      As a white guy, I’m offended my culture was appropriated before any of us even though about it. 🤔

      • I’m always amused by Dacian or whatever name he, she or it uses on these diatribes. The funniest part is his unlicensed use of the MAD Magazine character Alfred. Ignore him.

        • Alfred E. Neuman has been a character in American advertising way before Mad Magazine was ever started. I believe the character was public domain, which is the reason Mad Magazine was able to use him.
          Dacian is just furthering the cause of silliness.

      • No one even bothered reading that line of shit.

        I actually read the first two lines then scrolled down to see how long it was, end of that little adventure. Spouting “edited” history equals lying.

    • Dacian, the truth of meme still stands no matter what the history of Haiti and other mumbo-jumbo you slapped on your keyboard….Any gun law is unconstitutional as read by the simple text of the 2a. It’s boggling the amount of verbal acrobatics the left makes to find abortion as a constitutional right, but when it comes to the 2a the left doesn’t understand how to read.

      • But according to Supreme Commissar Dacian, we have to atone for the crimes of our ancestors and anyone else who lived before us either by our deaths or penance through labor.

        • What most of you scholars don’t realize is that almost everyone who came to the Americas prior to the war between the States was here under duress. Either they were slaves, political malcontents that the English sent here to get them off of their land(and selling their labors, which was slavery) or they ran away because they were in trouble. America was Europe’s dumping ground before Australia. Many Whites that were sent to the colonies never got their freedom.
          Deal with it, most of us are descended from slaves or were forced from their homes. Only the newcomers(post 1865) were free.

    • have you noticed all the shootings in the big demonrat run cities? have you paid attention to who are doing all those drive by shootings and gang related shootings? maybe not allowing blacks to possess firearms wasn’t such a bad idea. and yes I do know that there sre many good hard working honest black responsible gun owners, and they need to be able to defend themselves against all the thugs too, that’s why we got rid of the jim crow laws just give it some thought

      • The people that should not have guns are already well know to the police. They do not have the balls or the desire to take the guns away. They are just going to let it fester until enough people believe the party line that “guns bad” and give in. Our job is to make sure they don’t. The war against cigarettes is still raging, but we know who is winning, but cigarettes are actually bad for you, guns are only bad for those that get in front of them.

    • way to use racism to justify gun control moron. California just did the same thing. are you an attorney arguing the anti 2a cases in California? thanks to public records we may be able to finally identify you, or at least narrow it down. that unnaturally specific argument has not been used anywhere else.

    • For a ROMANIAN [DACIA is an old name for what is now ROMANIA and named for the ROMAN DACIAN LEGIONS that originally settled in and united what is now ROMANIA] You got some of it right and the NATIONAL GUARDS are the nearest you will get to a STATE CONTROLLED well trained, organised and well disciplined MILITIA described under the Constitution. Those wannabe Rambos with wet dreams of ‘Saving America from imaginery enemies,orc like invaders or Little Green ALiens from the Other Side Of The Galaxy COULD of course just join the National Guard.
      Get a gun, unlimited ammo, the chance to travel the world, to meet people and kill them and get paid for you trouble and all perfectly legal. But of course there ARE downsides, like DISCIPLINE and self control, nasty Drill Sergeants shouting at you and physical exercise to contend with. and nobody will take the slightest notice of idiotic posturing.
      Go on!! Give it a go! YOU KNOW it MAKES SENSE

      • Those wannabe Rambos with wet dreams of ‘Saving America from imaginery enemies

        That’s what YOUR King George thought too.


        What does not make sense is that jumbled up pile of garbage you just wasted your time with. Aren’t you supposed to be on your knees paying homage to your new King? Must really suck to be you.

      • Hey subject.
        The invasion of the mainland USA was considered by our enemies during WWII. This was NEVER attempted due to the reality of ‘A gun behind every blade of grass, and a crate of ammo behind every tree’.

        You’ve gotta be the dumbest person to ever post content here on TTAG. 🏆

        Congrats on that accomplishment. 👍

    • “You saw incredible restrictions being put in place about limiting access to arms.”

      By fascist democrats like you, dacian.

    • And Dacian just demonstrated why we actually NEED the Second Amendment: because governments have a proven track record of trying to deny freedom to disfavored classes.

      Regardless of how or why the Second Amendment made its way into our United States Constitution, which is the Supreme Law of the land by the way, it is there and for our benefit.

    • darcydodo…Like I said before, Gun Control is rooted in racism and genocide. And your party, the democRat Party, didn’t stop with their race based Gun Control after the Civil War, they proceeded to concoct Jim Crow Gun Control laws to keep former slaves in line. The connection between yesterday and today is the Gun Control the democRat Party applied to Black Americans is what they want to apply across the board today. Difference is across the board is armed so if you slave master Gun Control democRats want them you can try to come and get them.

    • dacian the demented dips***,

      No matter HOW many times you repeat your ahistorical lies, they remain . . . ahistorical lies.

      Is it true you’ve been cast to play a major part in EVERY remake of “Wizard of Oz”??? Apparently, you flat NAILED the Scarecrow, “If I only had a brain . . . ”

      More northern (non-slave) states were “early adopters” of state level “RKBA” provisions in their state constitutions than southern state. Two of the biggest proponents of the 2A were northern abolitionist members of the Constitutional Convention. Keep lying, dacian the demented, it’s a good look on you . . . or at least familiar.

      Tell us again about your vaunted “education”, dacian the demented. Flunk out of your GED program, was it?

      F*** off, dacian the demented.

    • My eye twitches whenever I see Nye’s perverted face. Have you seen the pilot episode of his attempted “Science Guy” reboot a few years ago? Literally had two women singing a song containing the lyrics “butt stuff”. I’m saying this with a straight face…I watched that segment and almost fell out of my chair.

      • He got his start on a local show here in Seattle called Almost Live, which the NBC affiliate ran before SNL. It was a really fun show, and Nye was a good player in the sketches. He had a memorable recurring character called Speedwalker, who was a superhero based on speedwalking. And yes, a couple times he did do science demonstrations as “the Science Guy”.

        If you remember the original “Bill Nye, the Science Guy” show, there’d often be an off-screen voice that would react to Nye. That guy was Pat Cashman, who was Seattle’s Kirkland Signature Phil Hartman. That original show was basically the Almost Live sketches blown up and PBSified.

      • I prefer to think of him as “Bill Nye the pseudo-science guy”.

        I watched a video of Mr. Nye in a debate on true science. His claims/arguments were, well, pseudo-science.

  2. Except –

    You can’t ever believe whatever a Leftist Scum ™ says, because like in Islam, lying is permitted (it is actually *encouraged*), if it is in the interest of Islam (or Leftism)…

    • Yep. Why listen to someone who’s strategy revolves around lying? The only reason they’re so bold is because the propagandist media is a joke. The Party celebrated their inflation reducing policies (wink, wink) and bragged about the economy as they were reporting higher inflation and the stock market dropping. Repeat after me: Ignorance is our strength. Freedom is slavery.

      I think maybe we shouldn’t listen to the group obsessed with satanic symbology and who believes men can have babies. Just a suggestion.

  3. Interesting fact: only place in the constitution OR the bill of rights that you can find the phrase “shall not be infringed”, is in the 2A. Me thinks it was probably pretty important to the writers considering those words. But what do words mean these days anywho…….

    • what do words mean, anyway?
      We’ll probably never know from Bill, who said in an interview that
      “guns are never going to go away, so they should be managed.”
      what is the definition of managed?
      hell, what is the definition of assault weapon?
      the left can’t even find the definition of gender.

    • They say the Constitution has to be read with the way we think of words meanings today instead of what they meant then. I mean the genius of the Framers figuring out how language would morph in the future and how meanings would change is outstanding. Amirite?

      That is the twisted minds we have to fight.

      • TBF, that would be a BS but, still, not much of a science guy. (I have a Ph.D. in an E so, I can look down my nose at him all I want.) 😉

        • Not mocking James Campbell’s typo, but the school system – that would actually be hilarious.

          I’m sure they wouldn’t do it in Bill’s day, but it certainly sounds plausible today: awarding an arts degree (i.e. bereft of the requisite courses in math and hard sciences) because a student has found his “own truth” about Mechanical Engineering.

    • Bill Nye created himself a niche and made money doing it with introducing ‘science’ of every day things with action and humor on a level meant to appeal to children. Kids loved it. No he wasn’t a ‘scientists’ in the traditional sense of perception most people have, but he cracked the science of appeal to children about the science of things around them every day they all wonder about and parents and teachers don’t explain to them and made money doing it so he turned out to be a pretty smart science guy.

  4. Every RINO upon seeing this meme: *stops gargling Mango Mussolini custard for just long enough to belt out something incoherent about bump stocks just being stupid toys*

    • Gersh Kuntzman, or whatever his name is, comes to mind. I like to tell my anti acquaintances, when they go on and on about the super uber deadly scary AR, that my AR-15 is the least powerful center-fire rifle I own.

  5. Dolph Lundgren is more of a scientist that Bill Nye ever will be. Seriously, Nye had a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering. Lundgren has 3 degrees in chemist and chemical engineering, including a masters degree.

    • He should have returned to chemicals instead of trying to keep his acting career going. Check out this beauty of a trailer for his latest upcoming film. It’s like a high school project.

  6. Bill Nye may have a mechanical engineering degree, but he is actually just an out of work actor.

  7. Who tf cares… it’s a meme. Some of ya’ll need to either bust that nut or just get rid of em.


  8. This one is a little late to the game.

    Those that claim “follow the science” have no interest in science.

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