Philippine Not-A-GLOCK 42 – Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day

GLOCK 18 G42 EDC everyday carry

Ian Leo Maglasang lives in the Philippines where, according to his listing, his carry gun is the GLOCK 42. But to paraphrase Obi Wan, that’s no G42.

Note the rail. The finger grooves. And the molded thumb rest. Call us crazy, but with that switch on the back of the slide, it sure looks like Ian has a rare, full-auto GLOCK 18 to us. You?

edc everyday carry concealed pocket dump


  1. avatar MICHAEL A CROGNALE says:

    Aw crap. Now you’ve done it. I am now in lust after a Glock! LOL

  2. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    Yup. And G-18’s are a handful. It took me 4-5 mags to get the right grip so the gat wasn’t shooting over the berm.
    Those take a very good grip to handle in giggle mode.

    1. avatar Geoff "Mess with the Bull, get the 'Good and Hard' Horns" PR says:

      You know, Tom –

      I can visualize a G-18 clone with a threaded barrel with a can on it on a modern lower ‘rail’ Glock with a front vertical forward grip on the rail.

      A nice, compact, hearing-safe SMG…

  3. avatar tmm says:

    I guess 42 is the answer to everything.

  4. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    Upon closer inspection, I’m guessing air soft.
    The finish wear, the lack of markings. Things just don’t look right.

    1. You may be right. The lack of markings look suspicious.

      1. avatar Sich says:

        Back in 2013, the Philippine National Police wanted to by Glocks to replace what they had. But being a “Cash Strapped” Country at the time, were forced to Improvise. So a “Counterfeit Glock Industry” was formed. There’s a Thriving Cottage Industry in the Philippines counterfeiting virtually anything your heart desires…

    2. avatar Bloving says:

      Mag release appears to be molded into the frame and the “Cerakote” finish is wearing off at the corners of the slide – showing what looks like die-cast metal underneath.
      Gentlemen, we have been duped.
      Ian Leo Maglasang is a con-man.

      1. avatar Geoff "Mess with the Bull, get the 'Good and Hard' Horns" PR says:

        “Gentlemen, we have been duped.”

        Maybe not, let me explain :

        Back in the late 90’s, I subscribed to the usenet newsgroup rec.guns.

        It was tough reading that newsgroup back then, it averaged about 500 posts a day. 500 a day, and it was a *moderated* newsgroup.

        Anyways, a guy in the Philippines had a post in there one day where he mentioned he had a gunsmith make him a reverse-engineered G18, but in a Glock 27 (or 28, I forget), the tiny subcompact 10-rounder.

        I asked him how it shot, and he said it was uncontrollable, even 2-handed.

        This was 1998, and he claimed full-auto was available to civilians in the Philippines at that time.

        Oh, and the internet name he went by then was “Sick Boy”.

        ‘Official’ G18, probably not. Reverse-engineered, why not?

      2. avatar Broke_It says:

        Well balls, if you can’t trust Ian Leo Maglasang then who can you trust?

    3. avatar Paul McMichael says:

      It also looks like a 19 frame. The 18 I shot was full size.

    4. avatar DonFromCT says:

      the wear on the muzzle end of the slide looks like aluminum , not steel. Airsoft.

  5. avatar Nickel Plated says:

    Uhhh, hope he never has to use it, ’cause that there’s an airsoft gun.

    1) Notice the finish wear, looks an awful lot like cheap paint flaking off of pot-metal. Real glock the finish wears in a more smooth gradual fashion.
    2) Mag has no base plate, real mags don’t work with no baseplates. Also the little nub sticking out the ottom, towards the very front of the mag is exactly in the same spot as my airsoft glock. Real glock mags don’t have that.
    3) Can’t see the guide rod, but the profile of the front of the frame looks like the Gen 3 profile, the Gen 4 tends to be a bit more rounded off. So a Gen 4 frame cut for a Gen 3 slide and guide rod. One very popular airsoft Glock manufacturer made that oversight.
    4) No trades on the slide.

    I’m willing to bet money it’s a WE brand G18c GBB.

  6. avatar Andy says:

    Thats the first two pin glock 18 Gen 4 I’ve ever seen…

  7. avatar Stephen M says:

    Bear in mind, last I heard from family over there, full auto is perfectly easy to acquire legally. But that’s a fake

  8. avatar Echo5Bravo says:

    But, but, he’s got 2 multi tools and a big knife!

  9. avatar young stinky butt says:

    that glock is not real. TTAG failed on this one.

  10. avatar Joatmon says:

    Where is the notch in the slide for the stop? I don’t know much about the G18 but shouldn’t there be one?
    Correct me if I’m wrong. I’m calling BS I think.

  11. avatar the ghost of ironicatbest says:

    Ironicatbest would say:” That camera looks like a bail bondsman’s camera. , bad Boyz, bad boyz,,,, stay away from me Mr. Bounty Hunter

  12. avatar Aaron M. Walker says:

    …Looks like the Crossman or Daisy BB gun replica……

  13. avatar Joe in San Antonio says:

    Glock is a fake.

  14. avatar Crowbar says:

    That is an ISSC 22 pistol. They were marketed as a training pistol for Glock owners. You can look them up on the net.

  15. avatar Mike says:

    I hate these BS articles. A G18 has a rate of fire of 1,200 round a minute…. That’s 20 rounds (or the entire 17 magazine) in one second. I’m SURE he carries this as a EDC. Just like the clown at Walmart that strolls around with the gold tiger striped Desert Eagle!

  16. avatar MIO says:

    Mags wrong, Sides wrong, Frames wrong.

  17. avatar yolo says:

    i think that is an airsoft gun.

  18. avatar Martin Picillo says:

    One thing to keep in mind is that the Philippines produces CRAP tons of gun knock offs. I’ve never seen a glock- off from there before but plenty of 1911s. The safety on the slide and lack of writing is curious but I’d bet that if it’s a real deal gun whoever made it probably didn’t have tooling to go more complicated. I’d be interested to see if the frame is lifted from a gpock or just injection molded. Personally I’d bet on the later.

    1. avatar Sich says:

      It so IF the Firearm Explodes in your Face, you can’t Trace Back where and by who manufactured the Firearm. And the Philippine National Police, will just claim it was a “Counterfeit Knockoff”, so No One can be held Accountable…

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