Portland State University Shooing Concealed Carry
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Portland State University police officers shot and killed a man early Friday morning during a dispute near the Oregon campus. In video of the shooting, Jason Erik Washington appears to have been attempting to moderate the situation, keeping the it from breaking out into a brawl.

Jason Washington has since been been identified as a concealed carry permit holder. The Navy veteran apparently dropped his carry gun during the melee and was shot by the PSU officers when trying to pick it up.

Campus police officers Shawn McKenzie and James Dewey were in the area early in the morning on June 29 when a fight erupted outside of the Cheerful Tortoise, a Portland, Oregon, sports bar. Washington attempted to break up the fight, according to KOIN-TV.

Video footage shows what appears to be a black object attached to Washington’s right side as he’s seen pulling one man off another. Two PSU police officers can also be seen.

“The handgun slipped out of the holster when he had fallen, and I think he may have tried to retrieve it,” Keyaira Smith said. “Then they said ‘gun.’”

That’s when campus public safety officers fired, she said.


The camera turns away when cries of “GUN” are heard and the shots ring out.

PSU officials are already preparing to defend the university against a lawsuit. Campus public safety office leaders convened a closed-to-the-public executive session Friday afternoon to discuss potential litigation. The session came even as leaders knew little about the victim, other than that he likely wasn’t a PSU student.

Multiple agencies, including the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office and the Portland Police Bureau Homicide Detail, are conducting an investigation into the incident. PSU and PPB law enforcement agencies have not officially identified Washington or provided many details about the incident.

Students are now demanding that Portland State disarm their campus police force officers.

The Portland State University Student Union is calling on the University to disarm campus officers with a rally scheduled for Sunday — the three-year anniversary of when the university first armed Campus Public Safety Officers.

The university’s board of trustees cast a controversial vote in 2014 to employ sworn armed police officers for campus safety.

“Everyone who has expressed dissent over the years to the arming of CPSO and creation of a police force knew that one day this decision would result in deadly violence, and we know that it will continue to happen so long as campus security remain a deputized and armed police force,” PSUSU wrote on its Facebook page. “There’s no way around it – this is how policing works.”


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    • They yelled “drop the gun” a few times.

      From the video, it looks like he was pocket carrying a medium to large handgun. He fell, and the gun likely came out of his pocket. As the cops yell “drop the gun”, he’s getting up, and facing away from them, hardly a threat.

      Of course, that’s assuming the police shot the guy in the gray shirt.

      1) Avoid street brawls. If the cops are there, let them break it up.
      2) Carry in a proper holster. If you can’t shake it upside down with the gun in it (unloaded or weighted blue mag in, of course) and have it retain the gun, it’s not a good holster. Pockets are terrible places to keep guns, unless you’re carrying a mouse gun in a grippy pocket holster.
      3) Don’t handle a gun in front of the cops. Stand on it, sit on it, or do something to keep others from getting it. But let the cops know it dropped, and let them pick it up.

      • Or, hold cops accountable for their actions.
        Cut back their power immensely, and again, hold them personally accountable for their fuckups.
        Grab the person screaming “GUN” “GUN!!!” and throw the book at them for manslaughter.

        I was forbidden from shooting at ANYONE unless they raised a weapon at me, and that was in a third world rat heap. Picking up a gun, not enough, holding a gun, still not good enough, only when they had a weapon presented at me could I fire. Cops in AMERICA should be held to at the the very least, the same standard as extended to non-citizens. A bunch of power tripping goons, inexcusable.

        No immunity. We would be so much better off without the biggest criminal gang in the history of mankind.

        • I didn’t mean to suggest that the victim is in any way at fault here. I thought I implied the opposite, by stating he wasn’t a threat when the cops shot. I was just making some suggestions about how to avoid this sort of thing, given the reality of how cops sometimes act. It’s like suggesting you look before crossing the street, even when you have the “cross now” light.

        • “2.5 Million thumbs up! No more Authoritarianism! The Worst things that were done to the Law Enforcement community was to allow THEM to Academy Train ALL Police Officer’s as “Israel Paramilitarized Police Commandos!” It has engrained a DMZ Mentality, *(very convenient behavior for a EU-Style NWO…For Urban Pacification…)*, where know one has any RIGHTS…That ONLY Police and Security personnel may be ARMED! This is a deliberate pre-programming of the American population and the L.E. community. The “rules of engagement ” need to change for ALL LEO’s….As well as a voter initiative to enact Full Independent Civilian Review Boards for ALL Rank and File Law Enforcement Officer’s Including Chief’s of Police, Lead Sheriffs—in those type of town’s…, Police Superintendents, etc…For Accountability to the general public…A complete”BAN” on ALL Police Unions! “NO Special Privileges” for LEO’s that are greater than the general public…What’s good for US is Good for THEM…”No Special Protections”….For Accountability to the Citizenry…What’s good for US is good for THEM!

        • As the number and frequency of average Americans arm themselves and acquire carry permits, these kinds of shootings are going to soon reach critical mass.

        • You did indeed state that the victim wasn’t a threat. However your list of lessons only includes defensive and passive items, which notions that only those who CC can do anything to change this outcome, implying he is at fault for his own death. Not a blip about driving back police power, aggression, and authoritarianism, to help foster a reality where people can actually exercise their rights without being murdered for it.

          We really need to start stigmatizing police the same way the left is trying to stigmatize guns, conservative opinions and values, secured borders, etc.

        • Using your military service and the rules of engagement as a reason to down an officer who may or may not have made a mistake is ignorant.

          Especially since those rules are hated by every Marine because it resulted in alot of brothers not coming home.

          How bout self accountability? If you’re out in a bar district with a gun you’re intelligent and stay away from fights? Oh that’s right self accountability in America is gone cause we’re all victims now.

          That being said if it comes out that this is a trigger happy cop, send him to jail. From what I see in that video I see a guy involved in a fight, dropping a gun, while cops are trying to break it up, being told to drop it, and getting shot. There’s likely more to it so I’ll withhold defense or persecution of either side, but let’s not use horrible argument methods to condemn something you know nothing about

        • The UCMJ is already in place, there is no reason why cops shouldn’t be held to that standard. Half of them want to pretend that they’re in the military anyhow.

      • New lessons for not being murdered by police in 2018:

        1. Learn how to crawl backwards with your legs crossed and hands behind your back
        2. Don’t answer your door when SWAT is outside
        3. Don’t try to help keep a bad situation from getting further out of hand if concealed carrying.

        And let’s not forget the last one that’s most important: Don’t be a young Black man.

        • Don’t be a young Black man. acting like a typical US black delinquent of 2018. Loose your useless wannabe hoodlum bros, put on some real pants and pull them up, perhaps a polo, cut off the dreadlocks/wtf that is on you head, loose the “hoodie” and bulls hat Get a legal job and act like you’re civilized rather than 5min out of some jungle. That is act like a “mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean” (Joe Fing Biden). Some might just say “act like a whiteman”.

        • “And let’s not forget the last one that’s most important: Don’t be a young Black man.”

          Since we’re Telling The Truth here, one can only assume you were pointing out that the >8% of the US population that is “young black males”, commits over 50% of all the murders, and that they statistically ‘overachieve’ in most other types of crime as well.

          Honestly, they aren’t all like that. My black friends can’t stand them either.

          They call them something different though…

        • Loose the black man bullshit and add no.4 : SHOOT BACK/FIRST, FUCK THE BADGE. I’d rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6. If someone attempts to draw a weapon on me they are a immediate threat and shall be treated as such.

    • Everyone, please repeat ..,

      “It’s a Mental Health concern!!”

      Along with: a less than stellar choice of holster and the questionable decision to inject one’s self into a/any ‘warm’ discussion.

      Train to avoid and not to shoot, just as much as you train to handle and use your hardware.

      • It’s not only a mental health issue, it could be that the victim was deaf and couldn’t hear the commands. These campus cops have been murdering for years and getting away with it by the aid of judges, big money universities and qualified immunity. As the parent of Gilbert Thomas Collar, who was murdered on the campus of the university of south alabama in 2012 by an over zealous under trained campus cop, my heart goes out to the family of Jason Eric Washington for what they are about to be put through. They will have to endure their loved one being ripped apart by the fake news and lies from the university and their team of lawyers. I am just throwing this out there….. the second amendment right to carry a firearm was not so we could protect ourselves from the boogie man…..rather to protect us from government and their militia attempting to take away our freedoms of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness . So who do you think the public university campus militia work for? That’s right, the government…..and they have immunity from being charged with murder!

    • And yet, Rambo had PLENTY of time while the police were on the scene just to walk away and let the cops handle it.

      Crappy holster (or no holster?) + overzealous officer wannabe = jackwagon dead.

      I’m siding with the police on this one. In the specific circumstanced of this case, this carrier got himself shot. Too bad. So sad.

  1. Secure your gat-and don’t get involved unless it’s YOUR business. Sorry he got shot…

    • Maybe he was young and spry. No way I would get up close and personal with some kid while armed, I would either run away or stand back unless someone needed shooting, I’m too old for that shit. Lotta years ago in a CC class, guy asked for guidance, what he should do as a bouncer at a titty bar, when he should stand away from physical combat and draw his weapon. I told him, IMHO, if you engage in hand-to-hand while packing, you are crazy. Stand away or get shot with your own gun. Someone needs killin’? OK, now wade in.

      • What if your family member is getting beaten, but it isn’t bad enough to warrant deadly force? Do you leave your family member to take a beating because you are carrying or do you risk going to prison for murder?

        • “What if your family member is getting beaten, but it isn’t bad enough to warrant deadly force?”

          A beat-down that requires physical force to stop is a beat-down that qualifies for the use of deadly force, since there is a reasonable expectation serous physical injury could result.

          It may be different in your area, but in Florida, that probably qualifies as a legitimate shoot. At least in Polk county, that may not fly in Miami-Dade or other Leftist areas…

        • Geoff answered really well, but you asked me. Like I said, I am too old for that shit. Someone is beating my wife or child (or grandchild), and refuses to stop when ordered? I’m going to shoot the mofo, and answer questions afterwards. NOT get into fisticuffs with a fucking CRIMINAL!!! I mind my business, stand away from sketchy bullshit, and allow zero tolerance for azzholes, since I am not involved with sketchy bullshit, you’d best leave me and mine out of your crap. If not, I’ll see someone in court, but it won’t be you. I don’t care what “qualifies as a legitimate shoot”, since a jury will decide that.

        • That’s when you need something less than deadly force. Martial arts are ok if you are good and what you learned is practical. Otherwise, pepper spray is the best choice. Note that you are only justified in defending the victim of an unprovoked attack. A willing participant doesn’t qualify even if he’s getting his ass kicked.

        • Kendahl, martial arts are lovely to watch, are great exercise, and might be helpful in a one-on-one that you see coming a mile away. Which is about none of them that I’ve ever see/heard of. (YMMV)

          Bruce Lee carried guns IRL. There’s a reason for that.

        • If a family member or friend is being “beaten” or physically attacked, it is time for deadly force.
          You don’t have to wait until they’re injured, there only needs to be the imminent threat of injury.

      • I may have used the wrong word when I used “beaten.” What I meant was on the losing end during a fight.

        Your family member gets into a fight and is getting touched up, but refuses to stop fighting because of ego. Do you stand there and let it get out of hand then draw and kill? Wouldn’t that get you in trouble?

        I think I seen a few stories of people doing that and getting charged because they could have intervened well before deadly force was on the table and it was 2 on 1 plus a weapon.

        Remember that kid that got charged with murder twice for shooting some college kids during a fight? That was in Arizona correct?

        • It matters who instigates it, the intent of both parties, the fact that your a third party, etc. Don’t get yourself in a heap of legal trouble.

          This particular description sounds like the family member instigated, the other is defending, not assaulting or using excessive response. Aka the family member is a dumb ass. Unless you get stuck in the middle, or targeted because you were “with him”. I’d stay out. Don’t risk your life for a dumb ass, family or not.

          There isn’t a blanket solution, but actions have consequences, and no one can tell you what morals to stand on. You have to be really confident in where you stand. Learn from (aka objectively evaluate everything you chose to do in) potential, but well ending situation you experience, I know I have. Learn by observing others, a vital skill to getting ahead. Play through possible scenarios in your head as a mental exercise considering all possible angles, and consequences. This just may give you sudo foresight, a basis to make decisions on when you don’t have the time to evaluate all the minute details.

          In the end, you will probably still find something you wished you handled just a little different, even if it ended well. If your not able to make a decision when you can think about it, how will you be able to make a good decision in the moment? I think this is an often ignored, but extremely important part of preparing for and maintaining the mental state required to carry a firearm.

  2. The student union is full of it. Sworn officers are the best to have on campus. When police are around and you drop a legal gun DON”T reach for it! What do you think the cops are going to think? Get their attention, show them your permit and have them retrieve the gun for you unless they decide to do a little investigation first. I’ve bee in situations with a couple of police departments involved after I was already on site. I asked who was in charge, approached and show him/her/them my permit. They notified their personnel because I had legitimate cause to be on site. A slightly different situation but informing cops when they are around is best. if they don’t want another weapon on site they will ask you to leave and you should leave. That’s the safe, sensible and practical thing to do. It’s not a time for constitutional arguments.

    • That’s doesn’t always work out. Some people have been shot or attacked for notifying police they have a CCW.

      • That’s true. Just another risk you need to decide whether you wish to take. On your way towards looking yourself in the eye when you are 90. Were you of benefit to your world?

      • Not to mention it might be difficult to tell who’s yelling at you or what they are yelling in a fight. It can be pretty chaotic to say the least. Oh and let us not forget that multiple officers involved in one incident often say different or contradictory things. I was assaulted by an leo one time because officer 1 yelled something and officer yelled something and I did exactly what I was able to understand. Meaning I sat there and did exactly nothing because I couldn’t understand either of them. Turns out 1 was saying something about my pockets and 2 was asking me a question. 1 was pissed I didn’t answer and he hit me and 2 was pissed his buddy got some action I guess.
        Yeah a bunch of cops are good. A lot are also really bad. I blame the training and the us vs them that seems to be perpetuated every time an officer stops acting like a human and the person involved and their 30 friends now have yet another us vs them story to spread around. See above.

    • Or we fix the root of the problem: the cops.
      Make it clear that they can’t just gun down citizens. The gun isn’t being pointed at anyone, then its not a threat. The actions of the cop are inexcusable and he should be held to account.

      • So your solution is to impose upon the police a duty to wait until the gun is pointed at them? Seriously? In a fast moving, fluid, mini-riot environment? Please.

        What’s next? You demand that the police aim for the gun to shoot it out of his hand?

        This from the same people who (rightly) bitch about duty to retreat laws. I guess people only recognize foolishness when they’re subjected to it, not when they’re the ones imposing it.

    • Well, we cannot even be sure that the police fired on the guy who had a handgun on his hip: remember that police have shot someone who merely had a cell phone in his hand — allegedly claiming that they thought the object was a handgun.

  3. That’s what happens when cops are trained to shoot on the command of “gun.” They don’t think they just shoot. It’s also a sign of low intelligence from those who shoot on command, similar to how attack dogs respond to their handler.

  4. Bringing a gun to a bar is always a bad idea (legal or not); reaching for a gun on the ground with cops there is an even worse idea.
    That said, this looks really bad for the cops because he was trying to break up a fight.

    • It’s rather clear he wasn’t trying to hurt people. He was trying to stop people form getting hurt, which is why he tried to quickly pick up his gun before someone else can use it. Cops knew he was not a threat, but to them a gun is enough to go full commando on people. Either they shot because they are scared of the sight of a gun or they are not the brightest people on the planet.

      • Getting into a brawl while packing is stupid. If you do, and manage to drop your gun in the process, stand on it, with your hands up, and take the hits you deserve until cops get everyone under control. Cops may shoot you! duh! That’s why it’s stupid.

        • You could always just fix the broken system and stop giving cops blanket immunity for their fuckups, maybe they won’t shoot everyone they feel like shooting.

        • That X 100 still won’t make it smart to get into fights while armed. And if you’re dead, hanging up the cop who killed you won’t resurrect you.

  5. Yah Campus Barney Fifes for sure.
    If they even did say anything Im sure one or more fired as soon as they saw a gun.
    Now as to my beliefs. If your gun gets loose let it fall.
    Don’t immediately reach for it unless your in a life and death struggle.
    This guy wasn’t. He paid for it unfortunately.
    Worst that will happen to any of these Fifes.
    Maybe loss of their job. Deservedly so in this case.

    • Oregon has become anti gun. The influx of Californians and the teaching of Communism has pushed them in that direction. The entire state isn’t as far gone as California, but it’s just the beginning.

      I don’t see the cops getting into too much trouble especially considering the reaction of not wanting to take responsibility is obvious. They likely will get sacrificed/fired if the outrage is there, but a CCWer being shot is the best case scenario for them because Portland is anti civilians keeping and bearing arms. They will blame the CCWer for the shooting and claim fear of potential harm as their justification. A dead man can’t defend himself (assuming the person they killed was the CCWer).

  6. The concept of campus police is Bullshit anyways. Campuses are always in a city already over filled with needless government employees, I don’t even understand how campuses would have legal authority to have a police department under most state laws.

    • If college don’t need armed, sworn police officers on the campus, because they are inside a city which already has a police department, then neither do K-12 schools which also are inside city limits. We already know that response times to the latter are too slow when seconds count.

      • One major difference: college and universities have adults as students. They can carry guns whereas a 10 year old can’t.

        • Except “colleges and universities” universally deny their students that right.

        • Most states will not issue to anyone under 21, and most students are under 21. Plus, students have to be gifted handguns because they can’t buy them.

    • Didn’t some of the earliest “police” start out as security guards for small areas like a port or large business? They had really small jurisdictions and only had powers in that area. I don’t remember… I have to look into it again.

    • The University of Chicago is surrounded by black ghetto. It has CPD on campus. Students are advised to not leave campus on foot, only by car. Students who ignore this advice have been mugged, beaten and raped. Yeah, campus police there definitely need guns.

      • Better if advised them not to GO TO CHICAGO for any reason. Find another college for your indoctrination.

  7. This a tragic shooting. The guy was trying to defend his drunken friend(blue shirt) who wouldn’t back down. Frankly the guy is dead because of that guy and his wanting to fight. The CC should not have reached down for his gun in the midst of it all. Should have put his foot on it until he was cleared to pick it up. His reaching for it was the catalyst for the officers action. If I was an officer I’m not sure I would want to see what he was going to do with it, but I couldn’t see if he was aiming it anyone’s direction.
    Many campus police forces have police powers in that crimes often cannot be stopped with a notebook. If they didn’t have the powers and training then you would have the PPB on campus all the time, or always late to the party.

    • I honestly think they would have still shot him if he made any movement towards the gun. I don’t think it would have mattered if he didn’t reach because the cops clearly didn’t know what they were doing.

      This is one of those incidents that make you not want to have cops running around. Doesn’t matter if you are on the Left or the Right. The Left already hates cops, so this gives them another reason to call for them to be removed. The Right loves cops, but they have a hard time defending them when a licensed good guy gets blasted for being an America exercising his constitutionally protected right.

      • Jay, I can’t believe that. Stand up with your hands in the air, then reach out with a foot to stand on your gun, somebody is going to shoot you? I just can’t get there, show me the video.

        • A young man was shot and killed when he walked out his house unarmed and following orders.

          People have been shot after a cop orders them to reach for their license and registration. Cops claim the suspect was “reaching” therefore was promptly shot…

          I have seen too many instances over many years to still believe if I just listen to orders I will always be safe. There is always a chance you will die by a police officer if you carry a gun legally or they think you have one, especially in cities with anti 2nd Amendment police.

        • Man crawling on all fours in a hallway.
          So slow and drunk he can hardly do that.
          Gets drilled with cops AR’s when he makes a slow “furtive momement” that is slow as molasses.
          Need more? Plenty are available.

        • Well, I asked for that. Mofo didn’t even *have* a gun, did he? Flat out murder, for no reason.

    • Put the blame where blame is due, this man is dead because a cop went trigger happy, and not for any other reason.

    • I can see why the cops shot because he was trying to pick it up, but I can hardly fault that CCer. We all know the smart move is to leave it or stand on it et cetra, but in the heat of the moment with two guys fighting with a crowd of likely drunk people around, and being in an anti-gun haven I completely understand his response. Shitty situation but best bets were if the carrier let the gun be until the cops handled the situation, or the cops waiting to see if he was actually a threat. The second is feasible if they already had weapons drawn and pointed at him.

  8. These so called cops are Dispicable. I have had the unpleasant occasion to have to deal with them. They are not fit to write a traffic ticket , let alone carry a firearm. I’m sure they sit around waiting to be able to draw their weapon and shoot someone. Maybe they would be more usefull attending university, than patrolling it. Rellevant part TROLLING it. Sorry the man was shot and killed by these cowards with guns. No good deed goes unpunished !! The shooter should be arrested & charged. Unjustly take a life , forfeit your life.

  9. So these are the highly trained people that the gun control crowd keep talking about? The only ones who should be allowed to carry?

    • If you give someone a badge they get immunity or at least act like they have it. You have to do something very bad and get caught on camera to get charged with a crime if you are a cop. As a cop you mostly have to worry about getting fired for doing something illegal whereas a non badged American has to worry about going to prison, losing his voting right, his 2nd Amendment rights and the ability to get a good job.

      It doesn’t seem fair at all. Seems rather un-American to support it.

    • Heh now, this is a perfect example of why NO ONE but cops should be allowed to carry guns! Why, if this young man didn’t have a gun, he wouldn’t have been shot!


    • Not a chance, at least in the legal sense. Civil penalties? Maybe… usually a settlement.

      Someone involved in a fight who tries to grab a gun (from his person or off the ground) provides ample legal justification for deadly force by responding police. That justification is based not in hindsight with video evidence at different angles or after finding out the guy has a permit but at that moment from the perspective of the officer.

      There are many times when someone can commit no intentional crime and yet still be subject to action by police (i.e. you happen to be wearing the same outfit as a suspect in a bank robbery a block away). Screwing around with a gun multiplies that significantly, especially when you have it situated so that it can fly out onto the ground (FBI style!) when you get involved in dumb shit.

  10. I think there’s room to consider a policing model that doesn’t involve arming every officer with a firearm.

    • There is a definite need for a restructuring of American police if not abolishment. The training isn’t good enough and the standards are too low. America doesn’t need more cops, it needs better ones.

      I rather have less (or no) police and the 2nd Amendment reinstated. America could still have deputies and the militia. The militia was supposed to deal with big events such as Antifa rioting. The sheriff should force everyone to follow the U.S. and state Constitution. The deputies can work the justice system.

      • Abolishing the police would be a good start. When was the last time We the People fixed a broken system? Fire them all, abolish it, and mark them all down as never being able to hold a government / public servant job again.

    • We have unarmed parking enforcers

      which is stupid because I’m not sure I’ve ever seen someone angrier than when they receive a parking ticket.

  11. Some of the Keyboard Commandos on here are freaking amazing. I’m talking about the ones who claim have all the answers about who did what and what shoulda been done, not to mention a critique regarding the training, ability, and character of those involved, while claiming workable knowledge about what happened from a few seconds of low quality amateur video taken in low light from a single point of view are probably the same ones who will continue to argue a refs call on a Saturday College football game for hours after watching multiple instant replays from 9 Hi Def cameras shooting from different angles. SMDHID

    • When cops going wild happens weekly, if not daily , then we the citizens do have the right to start making some decisions about out of control cops.

      It is well past time to disarm cops. Citizens should be armed, not government employees.

      All cops lie, all the time.

      • If they keep behaving as they usually do and these videos keep turning up eventually there will be a war on cops. The cops will deserve it, except for the near mythical “good ones”. Just keep it up guys and you will hang yourselves.

      • Ahh I see you are mathematically challenged and you buy the media drivel lock stock and barrel as well.
        Fact:There are nearly a million LEOs in the United States.
        Face: There are over 65 million Law Enforcement contacts per year.

        Pick a number you think is close to the percentage of contacts that result in any physical force. Round up if you want to. See if you can get anywhere close to 1% then explain what constitutes “Cops gone wild”

        If you don’t like cops, just say that. But don’t fabricate “cops gone wild crap when you can’t support it with facts.

        Better yet, if you think you could do a better job, why don’t you sack up, ruck up, pin on a shield, and show us all how it should be done.

        • Better yet, if you think you could do a better job, why don’t you sack up, ruck up, pin on a shield, and show us all how it should be done.

          They don’t accept those kind of people. They want people who will follow orders and protect the brotherhood.

        • Thought about it, especially when I saw the officer pay chart after academy, however I could never justify signing up with a blatantly corrupt institution right after leaving the USMC. I saw the trash that was going police right out of the infantry, it was all the bullies, the thugs, and the wana be rambo types who never got their chance to “Git Sum” in Afghanistan.

          I would love a job with parks and wildlife, or the forestry service though. Family obligations prevent a year long stay in a barracks though, so thats just a dream job until further notice.

    • Angry at citizens critiquing their police force?

      How dare those peasants call for a redress of grievances. What could a bunch of stupid peasants possibly know?

    • Cops murder people, plant drugs, and lie daily, if anyone is guilty until proven innocent in America, its cops. I would call them pigs but that is a disservice to pigs and bacon.

  12. So a cc guy was trying to break up a fight between his drunken friend and another guy, and got himself shot by cops after dropping and trying to retrieve his gun? If the drunken friend started the fight he may now be guilty of murder. Pro-tip. Avoid fights. Avoid bars and drunks when carrying. Both these men made some very bad decisions. I won’t comment on the campus police as it’s already been done.

    • What if you get a call from your drunk friend or family member to come and pick them up at a bar or club? Do you go unarmed? If they get into a fight do you run back to your car, put your gun away, then come back to stop it? Do you call the police and stand around waiting for them to come while the violence continues? What if the situation happens at a house party and your neighbor calls the police?

      It seems way too complicated to simply say not to be around a fight ever. It wouldn’t be such a difficult scenario if cops would just do the correct thing in the first place.

  13. “The Portland State University Student Union is calling on the University to disarm campus officers with a rally scheduled for Sunday — the three-year anniversary of when the university first armed Campus Public Safety Officers…”

    Er, so the Student Union is upset that the police shot a conceal carrier? Do they support conceal carry? Or, more likely, are they just anti guns but know they have no power over anyone but the campus police policies?

    Because if someone involved in a fight goes to grab a gun off the ground he’s likely to be shot by cops- campus, city, county, etc. That’s why conceal carrier should really be a lot smarter about the way they carry, who they hang out with, and what they do.

    Carry your gun securely, such that it doesn’t just fall out but must be actively unholstered. Don’t get involved in stupid shit with dumb or drunk people. Think about whether it’s smart to be in certain places at certain times. All of this is magnified by an urban setting.

    • The dead dude’s admittedly very bad mistakes don’t excuse the murder. If a non-cop would go to prison for it, the cop should too. If the cops don’t like that deal they could trying doing something productive for a living instead. Psychopathy is an advantage in many professions.

      • They could just join the military. However, I doubt many would qualify even with the lower standards they now have.

    • Apparently the general CCW holster doesn’t retain a gun as you would hope. I don’t think the holster makers do backflips to test their claims of retention. If you want true retention, you will need to have a locking mechanism, which isn’t something a typical CCW holster provides.

      • Pretty sure my Sneaky Pete would stand up to a backflip (or, in my case, a backflop), I like it real fine but am sure it would restrict fast draw too much for operational operators.

  14. It bares repeating. If you don’t want to get shot:
    Don’t drink
    Don’t hang out with people who drink
    Don’t go where people drink
    Don’t do drugs
    Don’t hang out with people that do drugs
    Don’t go where people do drugs
    Don’t be a criminal
    Don’t hang out with criminals
    Don’t go where criminals hang out
    It only takes 2 things to succeed in life:
    Good choices and good luck.
    The more good choices you make, the less you have to count on luck

  15. Well this is a bad situation all around. I personally pocket carry my full size pistol, because nothing fits it. Likewise, if I suddenly dropped it, my first instinct would be to retrieve it and, if it wasn’t needed, return it to my pocket. However, because this was a stressful situation, I’d say this wasn’t blatant murder. Murder, yes, but not blatant murder.

    Lesson learned, wear body armor or stay out of such situations. Cops don’t care who started it, they just end it. Often times with excessive force. Send these bastards to prison and train other officers better.

  16. Hmm, did PSU hand out badges and guns to a bunch of security guards and start calling them police officers two years ago?


    Portland State University has released the names of two campus police officers involved in a deadly shooting Friday morning.

    Shawn McKenzie is a campus police officer and has been with the department since 2016, PSU said. McKenzie has been a non-sworn officer of PSU’s Campus Public Safety Office since 2002, the university confirms.

    James Dewey, the second officer involved in the shooting, has also been with the department since 2016. Dewey has been a non-sworn officer of PSU’s Campus Public Safety Office since 2014.

  17. Portland State University. Let me guess, Officer Viking is well trained in proper pronouns, microagressions, systematic racism, and doesn’t have a clue how to do his job. I hope the family of that man sues Portland State for every damn left-wing penny that it’s worth.

  18. As a black gun owner I open carry all the time. And I use a serpa 2 holster. If you open carry you are responsible for keeping control of your weapon. I recommend new gun owners take an Open Carry class, so you learn just what you are getting into.

  19. Police officers are notoriously poor shots, exercise poor impulse control, and can get away with murder due to statutory “protections” that (only) they possess. You see, police officers operate under NO “rules of engagement”, unlike the military and ordinary citizens. A shooting that would get a military person or ordinary citizen charged, tried, found guilty, and incarcerated quite often is treated as “operator error” or use of the famous “I feared for my life” excuse, when committed by a police officer.
    After a questionable police officer shoot, the individual officers are not handcuffed and arrested and are given 72 hours in which to “get their story straight”, unlike the treatment that an ordinary citizen receives for an identical shoot.
    Police-friendly prosecutors and “rubber-stamp” grand juries routinely “gloss over” and excuse behavior by police officers, that would land an ordinary citizen in serious trouble.
    This “double standard” needs to be scrapped. “Equal justice under law” is supposed to apply to everyone–even police officers.

  20. Policing in America. Cop goes in to court for manslaughter or murder, says: “I was afraid”, walks out of court free.

  21. I didn’t see anyone else say it, so I will. I thought the police only shot unarmed black men. You mean to tell my white privelege won’t keep me from getting shot ? What is it good for then ?

    Will I see this story covered on CNN or MSNBC in the next few days ?

  22. Some of you asscracks need to come out of the closet and admit you live/love Bezerkley CA. Or Hollyweird. Your hate for LE is nothing short of amazing, and I feel sorry for your pathetic lives. Are all cops good? If you have to ask that question you’re just too stupid to understand the answer. Yeah, I know – we live in America, where everyone is free to prove their stupidity. And some of you do such an admirable job. Cops have a stressful job, made more so by dickhead Monday-morning ass-suckers that are more then willing to give up any claims to justice by demanding instant “lustice”. Ain’t gonna happen, numbnutz. Maybe you live in a shitty state with shitty cops, then fucking MOVE. Or do like one writer and pin on the badge. Don’t puss out by hiding behind “I didn’t like who they hired” BS. And there’s no shame in being scared to do a job, it’s not for everybody. But don’t you dare paint “all cops” with the same brush that the asswipe “whitepride” shitheads use to knock people of color. Some of you can argue rationally (CZJay) and even if I disagree with you, I respect your opinions. But some of you (too many to list) are just humorous in your comments. And that’s too bad, cuz some of you have very valid concerns that SHOULD be addressed. But by gownups, not you little retarded kids with keyboards. It’s fair to hold the cops accountable, but you need to be accountable too, if you want to taken seriously. If you really want no cops, why not move to Mexico, now? And you deserve what you get…

  23. You, me and us may think we are good guys but all cops see us as bad guys. They see everyone good or bad as bad guys and shoot us first chance they get.


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