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Press release from The Sportsmen’s Alliance [via]:

There was no denying that PETA opposes hunting. Now the animal rights group also is on record urging people to violate laws —make that hunter harassment laws. In an October 9, 2012 blog posting, PETA urges its minions to: “Help counter the cruelty of hunting in your area: Post “No Hunting” signs on your land and that of sympathetic neighbors and friends, join or form a local anti-hunting group, protest organized hunts, and spread deer repellent or human hair (from barber shops) near hunting areas. Also, before supporting any wildlife or conservation group, make sure that it opposes hunting.” . . .

Fortunately for hunters, these tactics constitute hunter harassment, a practice that is illegal in all fifty states and also on federal land. The U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance (USSA) championed the enactment of these laws during the 1980’s and 1990’s in response to a campaign entitled “Hints for Hunt Saboteurs” by the anti-hunting organization, Friends of Animals.

The Sportsmen’s Alliance also helped defend state hunter harassment laws in both Iowa and New Jersey courts when challenged by the anti-hunting lobby. The result has been protection for American sportsmen and women from the exact sort of thing being promoted by PETA.

“It may be hunter harassment in itself for PETA to be encouraging others to break the law,” observed USSA president and CEO, Bud Pidgeon. “If indeed there are foolish people out there who follow the PETA directive to harass hunters, I would not be surprised to see the authors of this article charged as well as the perpetrators.”

Hunters encountering protesters, deer repellent or other items placed in their hunting areas should immediately contact their local Conservation Officer (game warden) or local sheriff’s department and report the violation.


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  1. There’s still room in gitmo for domestic terrorists. Or should they be classed as a crime organization. After all they’re advising people to break the law.

    • Unfortunately ther are a lot more than 5 members and lots of them have tons of money. Even worse is how little many supporters know about PETA. I have several friends and coworkers who were/are PETA supporters that were shocked when I showed them some of the things these people have said and done.

    • Harassing people with loaded rifles is not just a stupid hobby, it is a great way to end up in jail. Harassing people who have loaded rifles is a great way to get shot. I have seen enough deer who have starved to death to know that Hobbes’ nature is not just nasty and brutish for people, but it can be cruel as hell to animals. Thankfully, hunters use humanitarian methods to assure that starvation does not cull more than it does now. PETA is such an idiotic organization, for if their desires came to pass, the animals that they claim to revere would suffer far more than they do now.

  2. Because allowing overpopulation and mass starvation due to depleted food sources is more humane.
    Wait, did I just dignify this nonsense by pointing out its most glaring problem?
    What can I say, I can’t abide idiots. I only wish it were legal to kick people like this in the teeth.

    • Don’t forget about other adverse effects … like a bazillion more car deer accidents. And then you have situations where an imbalance of prey species decimates certain flora and causes other problems to ecosystems.

    • Was just coming here to say this. Hunters seek prey in the places they congregate, and the animals congregate there for necessary reasons. Repel the animals from those places and you’ve barred them from some necessity.

    • While I dislike PETA bigtime, I am not a fan of trophy hunting because it takes the Alpha males from the population that are the ones who…’repopulate’ the population…so to speak, transfering their superior genes on to the next generation. Yet, many trophy hunters do not want natural predators like Wolves to be reintroduced into the system to take out the weak and infirm from the overpopulated herds which would allow proper and natural population control.

  3. I’ve been a member of PETA my entire life. I’ll never understand why someone would oppose PEOPLE EATING TASTY ANIMALS (I prefer mine with gravy and biscuits).

  4. It would be amusing if the PETA members, out to harass hunters, get eaten while walking around unarmed in grizzly and mountain lion territory.

    • Nah. Everyone knows that a bear won’t hurt you if you just go limp, and I heard in a movie once that you can keep mountain lions away by knocking two sticks together. (Does that reference date me?)

    • oh, they’d be all “hello there little furry friend” bear chews his leg “oh your hungry? here, have some barbecue sauce, your life means more then a human… being’s… AAAAAHHHH!!! get this motherf*cker off of me! shoot him! shoot him!” and id be hunting and say to myself “well, that bear’s life means more than mine? must be worth more than you… i’ll just let the critter get nice and fat, come back for him tomorrow “

  5. Now if only PETA’s (not the good one, I mean the one headed by the crazy lady who had herself sterilized and who openly supports a terrorist group) members had any idea how many animals PETA kills based on no set criteria…

  6. PETA has it’s own animal shelter where PETA kills every animal it gets its grubby hands on. A local PETA b!tch tried to blow up a research facility in CT because, well, PETA can kill anything and anyone it wants to kill. I could go on, but why bother.

    PETA isn’t an “animal rights” group, it’s a cult.

    • PETA gives vegetarians a bad name. I’m a vegetarian and do not want PETA speaking for me. I was a hunter at one time and I still support others right to hunt. Eat what you kill. I killed veggie corn dogs and tater tots for lunch today.

      • jwm, I am insanely curious how you came to be a vegetarian. Not in a “what the fvck” way. More in a “how the fvck” kind of way. Hope you see the difference. Could you share?

        • Glad too. Over 20 years of working 60-80 hour weeks and eating junk food left me a wreck. I was on meds for high blood pressure and the dr. told me I was becoming a diabetic.

          I’ve watched people die from diabetes. Legs amputated, years of diaylisis and blindness. No thank you.

          My keeper wife was a vegetarian when I married her and when the dr. lowered the boom on me I told her I’d try her lifestyle.

          I’ve lost 60 lbs. and am off all meds. I go to the gym regular and I feel great. I avoid soda’s, regular as well as diet, they’re pure poisen.

          I try not to be preachy, but if you have long term health problems try vegetarian for a while and see if you don’t feel better.

        • @jwm

          “I try not to be preachy, but if you have long term health problems try vegetarian for a while and see if you don’t feel better.”

          It’s not necessarily being a vegetarian that made the change. It’s by not eating chemicals. Most store bought foods are refined substances that are only food because our bodies can process them. Read any label and identify the “food” in the box/bag/jar. Vegtables and free range meat is what we evolved to eat, not the crap that passes as “food” in our society.

        • Rambeast, my wife is much more versed in this than I, but yes the chemicals in processed foods are toxic to people. Organic and free range are the way to go.

          I pushed the limits for too many years. Living on a diet of coke and taco bell and mickey d’s. In my specific case the only meat I eat is fish and eggs and very little of these.

          I went for a 5 year period during my 20 year time of working far too many hours where all I did was work, eat and sleep at most 4 hours a night. Unfortunately most of my meals were fast food and it took it’s toll on me.

          As I’ve said, I try not to be preachy. What works for me might not work for others.

          I also gave up smoking. I think it would have been easier to kick herion.

        • Jwm, good for you!

          if it was known what fast food and sleep deprivation combinations do to you, the two would be made illegal 😀

      • I was raised Seventh-day Adventist, so I know exactly what a veggie corn dog tastes like–if you don’t expect too much, it ain’t bad. What I’ve found over the years is that meat is better for me. I have Type I diabetes, and meat is gentler on my blood sugar. I’ve also been blessed with low cholesterol.

        O.K., enough about me. The point I’m getting at is what you already know: Eat a good diet, and mock the wackos.

      • you know what, i like this guy’s attitude, he IS a vegetarian, but doesn’t say NOT to eat meat, he stays by his beliefs, but doesn’t press them onto others, if all these “wildlife lovers” and “vegetarian/vegans” could do what they do, but realize that others don’t want to live like that and accept it, the world would be a lot more peaceful… have a GOOD day, and congratulations on beating diabetes, my father was faced by a similar plight, and also beat the odds, though he still hunts 🙂

    • I dont actually see why PETA is protesting lawful hunting. There is nothing really all that un-ethical about it. Most deer killed by a hunter are dispatched quickly and humanely. Go protest at a puppy mill or something. Hunters do more good for the environment than PETA ever will.

  7. I’m generally a person who tries to let everyone have their own opinion and leave then alone. However, when you start messing with me or my family, I get pissed. Are these people that immature that they feel this entitlement? Maybe as a response all of us hunters should email then photos of are hunts to show then what we think? Obviously, you would want to create an account that you would never use again but standing up to them might let them know to cut it out.

  8. If animals should be off limits to hunting / eating, why does venison taste so damn good? And ram and hog and rabbit and squirrel and elk and moose and——–. I don’t care if YOU want to eat carrots, I HATE carrots, so you can have mine.

  9. I think I’ll drop off the entrails from my next deer kill at their local office. Normally I leave it in the woods where it’s eaten in a day but maybe the beasts at the peta office need a snack.

  10. They do realize that thinning out the herd is actually GOOD for the environment? I live in Maine, where we have TOO MANY deer. At least 10 of my friends have hit deer in the past year, and I’ve come so close way too many times to count. One stumbling in front of my car while I’m going 45-ish is a 3-4 times a week occurence. I’d like more people to hunt in my area to reduce the number of accidents and fatalities on the road… My little brother is in the middle of replacing $2,000 worth of parts on his car from a deer hit. If that buck’s going to die, I’d rather have it on my table instead of on the side of the road dead.

  11. The next thing PETA needs to do is to stop cougars and wolves from eating deer. And bears from eating salmon. And housecats from eating birds. And birds from eating bugs. Those bugs are people too.

    Now that I think about it, this could actually create some of those “green jobs” I was hearing about in the news. Deer flavored soy patties for wolves.

  12. How to respond to a PETA advocate:

    “OMG! Do you know what kind of cruel things they DO to those animals?”

    “No, but whatever it is, it makes the meat DELICIOUS!”

  13. Sign up for PETA’s email newsletters & mark each & every one as spam.
    If enough people do so then your ISP’s anti spam programming will begin automatically labelling all PETA emails as such & placing them in the bulk mail/trash folder.
    It’s worked over here enough for PETA members to whine about it to the regulators.

    • I signed up for PETA over a year ago, even said I wanted the kid “indoctronation” package. They mail me stuff all the time in addition ot the e-mails. Every thing they send to my mail box costs them money, and that is a dollar less they have for their other crap. I have not sent them a single penny, and over the past 12 months, I must have cost them $5 or$6 in postage. If we can get a million hunters to do what I did, we could at least hurt them financially. Probably too much to hope we can bankrupt them because some rich Hollywood actor can always cut them a zillion dollar check to carry on. The other minor plus is all the paper they mail me becomes heat in my wood stove.

      • At the best case scenario, but since PETA members are stark raving idiots, it maybe that they have a brain parasite so feeding them to the wolves may indeed be animal cruelty.

  14. Reality is that PETA is the crazy redheaded step child to the HSUS Humane Society of America, who renamed themselves to confuse people to believe they are supporting their local Humane Society shelter, they dont, but it is a very effective misdirection lie.

    They work together such that PETA is the crazy foil, making the suggestions and actions of HSUS seem less radical and more reasonable, hence more likely to be accepted by the general public.

    Simple negotiation tactics, ask for everything, then what you really want being depicted as the half way point doesnt seem unreasonable and looks like a compromise.

    Crazy like a fox they are, and HSUS is made up of a bunch of lawyers. Doesnt change the fact that less than 3% of their entire operating budget is actually used to do ANYTHING other than legislatively assault hunters. Show these facts to PETA & HSUS members and then show them all the things Ducks UNlimited, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, have done to promote environment and habitat restoration & preservation, etc, etc, etc, and they start foaming at the mouth like the good little psycho’s they are, but crazy doesnt mean stupid.

    Their offshore investments and assetts are astonishing, you should check out their 990 tax forms.

  15. Humans as a race are hunters, we have eyes in the front of our head as opposed to deer whose eyes are more rear facing, to monitor against possible attack from predators. We have incissors, K-9’s, and bi-cusspids (sp) for chewing and processing meat. We omnivores (sp) just like bears. I didnt climb this high up on the food chain to be a vegaterian. The truth may hurt but it is the truth. If you ever do actually meet a PETA member or supporter, a bit of funny info. I work for the words biggest meat producer, I cant give names. When you drive past processing plants, you smell that horrible smell. That smell is burning hair. They are turning that hair into something the beauty world calls eye shadow. Excuse me ma’am, I love that burn pig hair on your eye’s. As the old saying goes, they use everything but the squeel. P.S. Never eat balony again, never! Hot dogs are ok though, I think.

  16. I forgot to mention, those horrible videos of animal cruelty at “animal plants” were either filmed in the late 70’s or early 80’s or filmed over seas. Their very very strict laws governing the treatment of animals. Look at the quality of those videos, they are old. When I worked in processing we had USDA all over us. If you screwed up with a mercy killing, basically the pig couldnt make it to the actual kill line, you were fired the first time. No questions asked. When the truckers would bring over new pigs, every once in a while they would get rough with a pig and we would shut down. Thats 100k per hour of being shut down. The trucker was automatically fired from the company and never allowed back on company property.

  17. You know, people loved movies like “Braveheart” where injustice or killings of innocent people were “Intentionally” sport basically, so a government or kingdom could rule and be respected ..this was meant by an extreme counter action of William Wallace and a nation who stood up for the their rights. They fought back. Just an observation. If we had human hunting season, wed all have a fit and fight back, but only a short time ago, a certain state FINALLY declared it was illegal to kill a Morman. Humans think we are so intelligent, we just gotta kill, even when society has advanced to find new ways to live and eat and strive to allow all life to live, as it is. We just gotta do it..I’ll pass folks. But don’t expect me to be proud of the ones who do it, ever.


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