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As in so many states since Parkland, the forces of civilian disarmament are doing their best to move the anti-gun ball forward in Pennsylvania. The house Judiciary Committee there has been taking testimony on a few bills under consideration, including extreme risk protection orders, an “assault weapons” ban, universal background checks and outlawing bump fire stocks.

State representative Jeff Pyle is head of the Pennsylvania House Second Amendment Caucus and he took the time to let the members of the Judiciary Committee know why he’s opposed to “common sense” gun control laws under consideration.

State Rep. Jeff Pyle, a Republican from Armstrong County, told the judiciary committee that as the head of the House Second Amendment Caucus, he would strongly oppose any effort to rewrite the laws in a way that interferes with the rights of gun owners.

Pyle added that the state Constitution’s language on gun ownership is even stronger than that found in the U.S. Constitution. While the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment says “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed,” the state Constitution says: “The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned.”

The video below is worth your time, if only to watch the subtle reactions of the Moms Demand Action members behind Rep. Pyle as he makes his reasoned, lucid arguments.

Need we say more? Rep. Pyle is our Gun Hero of the Day.

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  1. I watched these hearings and the overwhelming majority of the 30 plus speakers were not just anti gun , but Anti Freedom / Anti individual Rights in general. — Many Republicans are sponsoring these draconian gun laws , Rep. Jeff Pyles push back was spot on !
    Retiring Judiciary Chair, Ron Marsico was called out for closed nature of the hearings and did say more hearings would be scheduled in May. — PRO gun experts must be allowed to speak to refute the Anti’s talking points and often just plain WRONG information about how firearms function. ( They kept saying a bump stock ” makes a machine gun ” …nope )
    Most disturbing was comment by Lehigh Co. Rep. Mike Schlosshberg on Day 2 when he said …” There are NO absolute Rights ” ….. this went unchallenged during Q & A also.

    Just today , as I expected, FIVE bills have been advanced to the Pa. House on the fast track , ( so much for additional debate , right ? ) The Rino’s who ran on Pro 2-A platforms appear ready to roll over like Florida and Vermont.
    The Pending Bills REMOVE DUE PROCESS …. a dangerous precedent.
    HB 2060, 2227, 175, 273 and SB 501 —-
    Read Text of bills Here : Then CALL Your Reps ! …. They want to make us New Jersey !

  2. He was great until the end. He is misinformed as to the real differences between PICS and NICS.

    • hi Mike, can you elaborate a bit on the differences? being from australia i am not sure and would love to know

      • No it’s not. He said that NICS contained stuff like national security and terrorist ties. That is wouldn’t have domestic violence or mental health records. That’s untrue. If NICS doesn’t have that information, it’s only because some state didn’t send it. In which case PICS wouldn’t have it either. When PICS checks you, they use NICS + a state DB. Everything in that state DB should also be in NICS unless PA didn’t send it.

        Look just because the guy is 90% right doesn’t mean we shouldn’t point out when he is wrong, and the statements about NICS vs. PICS shows that he is misinformed about that issue.

  3. if they are not willing to uphold the constitution and follow the constitutional processes to remove the 2A and try to legislate against law abiding people owning firearms then they are TRAITORS and TYRANTS and need to be treated as such.
    there is a very good reason why Treason was not simply a hanging offense centuries ago but rather a slow and brutal process of Hang, Draw and Quarter with the remains scattered to the 4 winds out to sea past the borders of the land and no memorial to their memory allowed. it was regarded as the highest offense even above murder as Treason affects everyone in the whole country, not just a select few that they individually can kill with a weapon or even their bare hands. the reason it was such a harsh penalty is that simply hanging them did not send sufficient message to those who would attempt to continue that persons Treasonous work.

  4. I don’t know if people forgot this fact but the American Revolution started at Lexington & Concord when the current government at that time moved to confiscate the firearms of private citizens.

  5. Hoh hum, one voice in a thousand. He should have gone full joeR and ripped their throats out for opposing him. P.I.D.< FEAR….. B.S yang chu" keep your friends close, but your enemy's closer" .. KEEP YOUR ENEMIES DEAD .

  6. God bless this man. Give him strength and resolve to defeat the filthy Liberal Terrorists™️. Amen.
    Our Founders warned us of the existential threat that domestic enemies would pose. They ensured our rights to keep and bear arms for that very reason. Every now and then we must use them to restore our Constitutional Republic to what our Founders intended. The Tree of Liberty is beyond parched. That time is NOW

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