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We’ve noted Steven Crowder’s ‘I’m Pro-Gun: Change My Mind’ efforts in the past. The Canadian expat and conservative commentator sets up a table and a few cameras on a college campus, advertises his pro-gun stance and then opens himself up to all comers. The ensuing exchanges go pretty much as you’d expect. He talks calmly and rationally to ill-informed students whose only knowledge about guns and the laws surrounding them is based on what they feel and the last thing they heard Trevor Noah or Samantha Bee spout on TV.

Now, in his latest video, Crowder takes two of the students he’d talk to on campus out to a local range to learn and actually experience those things about which they’ve formed so many fact-free opinions.

As so many gun owners already know, the fastest way to convince a hoplophobe or a firearms fence-sitter is to put a firearm in his or her hand. As you’ll see from Crowder’s video, being presented with facts and the reality of gun ownership dispels much of the blather that the media and the civilian disarmament industrial complex would have non-gun owners believe.

So for his tireless efforts to dispel the media-driven myths and political film-flammery surrounding firearms, Steven Crowder is our Gun Hero of the Day.




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  1. Per the various progtard memes WHO needs a firearm? A young woman? but “no you can’t purchase a handgun until you are 21”.

    • I hope you actually send him an award. A TTAG award on the fireplace would make anyone proud.

      • No kidding. I’d put that right up there with my Marine Corps thank you letter.
        And that holds second highest honor on my wall.

  2. Gun laws! freely raped until 21, Gun Nut! Veteran with PTSD. ever since Vietnam the feel gooders {lefty Fascists) have been trying too get rid of Guns, and Veterans. being a Vet I’m sick of it, They { Lefty’s want too feel safe but won’t lift a finger to provide for their own defense) then they chastise those that are wiling especially those with PTSD and out of the service. grab as many firearms as you can afford along with Ammo, hide as many as possible then when crunch comes give them same!

  3. Having once lived and worked behind the ivory tower lines and taken many hyper-statist hoplophobes to the range for lessons in reality this is what happens 99% of the time: fear builds to crescendo, crashes on the shore of underwhelming then an hour or so of fun time shooting takes place.

    What happens 99% of the time when they get home from the range is they carry on willfully ignorant as though the past experience never happened. Best case scenario is they lose the rabid edge they once had but still continue to fully support the party of disarmament for any number of “other” reasons because they never really cared one way or the other about guns beyond party line messaging. If they do move an inch on disarmament it’s only for them and their friends because they, of course, are “special” and “better than.”

    They’re a lost cause. Glass them all.

    • Not sure where that 99% figure is coming from…. in my own experience the number of Gun Bigots who were truly enlightened by our trip to a range has been better than 70%, with half of the remaining 30% settling for “agree to disagree” – but then I’ve only done that with real hoplophobes sixteen or so times… most of my instructional sessions with noobs has been with enthusiastic students who wanted to learn but I always love an opportunity to teach the reluctant ones.

      • I’ve only taken 2 fence sitters and a rabid anti-gunner to the range. One of the fence sitters stayed a fence sitter. The other fence sitter realized they weren’t so scary and that there wasn’t especially scarier about an AR-15 than a handgun, or a hunting rifle. The rabid anti changed their opinion to “I can see why someone would want/should have a gun”. I think they’d still support an AWB in a heart beat, but they went from wanting to burn the 2A or anything with the 2A written in it to realizing that a right to ownership might actually not be ridiculously crazy ludicrous.

        I mean, I wouldn’t call that full wins, but I think I made some changes in people minds for the better

  4. We need more of this. Even if these two don’t become avid 2a supporters, they see that what they have been told is false. Also guns are demystified for them so they’re not magic death talismans. And hey, maybe reasonable people own them responsibly.

  5. Crowder is legit when it comes to having new ideas for video content. I would like to see this type of change my mind series continue. Would even donate.

  6. More gun owners need to do what Crowder does….go to college campuses and with permission have “gun control” debate or teach in….make it informal…..go to a public place across the street from a college….engage uninformed people whenever they give you the chance…..

  7. NRA should pay Colin to go around the country crashing gun grabber events and inviting those idiots to the range. He has done a couple of segments just like this. He can do 20 shows worth in short order. Do followups with people who decide to buy.

    Our side does not think outside the box .

  8. “As you’ll see from Crowder’s video, being presented with facts and the reality of gun ownership dispels much of the blather that the media and the civilian disarmament industrial complex would have non-gun owners believe.”

    As an Australian Vietnam veteran trained on and familiar with firearms, and having used them in combat, I am sick and tired of the blather about my country’s gun laws that is repeated ad nauseum on this site.


    This provides a clear explanation of our sane laws and is the lived reality, not the lying crap posted on TTAG –

    • Ok, you can own a gun in Australia.

      But are you legally allowed to own the ammunition for it, put ammunition into said firearm and then legally allowed to discharge the fiream?

    • Sorry too restricted for me thanks. I shouldn’t have to give a reason to practice a natural right. BTW your veteran status doesn’t make you an expert on firearms or public policy.


      Yeah, well sorta…not really. Lots of people and their continued permissions involved. We wouldn’t call that ownership here at TTAG, more like indentured servitude. I recommend everyone here continue to say the same shite about Australian gun ownership.

      Somebody tries to implement what was described in that Time article for firearms ownership in the US and I guarantee you the “balloon goes up” over it. I’ll launch it myself.

    • How are those working out for your semi-auto’s and soon-to-be-restricted pump-action shotguns? Or how about the evil baby-murdering lever-action shotguns like the Adder? Before you tell the world you have “sane” gun laws, try to use your brain for once. You have no rights at all and have to beg for permission for a gun that you can’t even use to defend yourself with.

      The article reveals itself in the second sentence of the opening. It is nothing more than anti-gun agitprop. Fuck you and the horse you rode in on, you pro-slavery wimp.

      • “Fuck you and the horse you rode in on, you pro-slavery wimp”.
        Coming from a resident of a country that traded in slaves in thirteen Colonies at the time of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Now that was only 15 years before the second amendment was written.
        The same antediluvian thinking drove both – one persists, one doesn’t….

        • How cute, you learned how to take history out of context. Perhaps you are unaware that the British Empire only outlawed the slave trade in 1807? Or slavery in 1833? Oh my! I guess your history is stained as well on that one.

          And before some overseas fop like you calls the concept of freedom antediluvian, how about you rub your only two brain cells together and try to figure out if you’re still free when you are not even allowed to protect yourself.

          My bad, I should have specified that you are a willing and grateful slave instead.

        • Can you own semi automatic rifles? Can you carry your guns for self defense? And you call that sane?

          Yes, slavery in US lasted longer than in Europe. So what?
          You are still a slave even TODAY! The worst kind of slavery is one where slaves don’t realize how much are they are enslaved and proudly wear their chains.
          Now you call at us to get rid of our freedom and become as pitiable as you. That’s rich.

    • I wouldn’t call them ‘sane’ gun laws. You are asking a government ‘permission’ to do something that is a right: not a privilege, or off the wall. They took a horrific crime, and forced ALL not guilty people to surrender their property or become a criminal. Now, you have to have ‘good cause’, and a ‘need’ to own a gun. Next they’ll be telling you that you must show a ‘need’ to travel somewhere; or a ‘good cause’ to buy that car; or they will decide whee you live, work, eat, because WE ARE YOUR OVERLORDS AND WE KNOW WHATS BEST FOR YOU PEASANTS.

      No thank you

        • A grotesque and grossly glossed over summary of events so morons like you will lap it up. Sound about right?

        • I would call it crimes. You know, where someone broke the law. No matter what they told you, murder IS illegal in USA. But I’m sure that all those crazy mofos who decided to go and murder bunch of innocents would reconsider if there was just one more law.
          “Oh, no! Gun ownership is illegal now, I guess that instead of committing mass murder, I will just take nice, long stroll through the park.”
          And please, don’t even start with that ‘making it harder’ bullcrap.

        • For competition or hunting…not your natural right to self-preservation or fight a tyrannical government? How does your immigration laws work? Can anyone just come over to your country and get a driver’s license and vote? Why aren’t people moving to your country in droves, especially our anti-gun citizens? ‘Cause you ain’t the best in the “biz” as they would say. You are the very definition of a sheep…so there is that and that’s okay, just don’t bring your bull shit over here.

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