Monthly Truth About Guns Night at Casa de Montecristo, Austin

The Truth About Guns is now officially based in Austin, Texas. Dan, Jeremy S, Nick, Liberte, Jon and I all live, love and learn in the Live Music Capital of America. Given our geographic proximity, we reckon it’s time to have a TTAG get-together. You’re cordially invited to meet the gang and ogle some [unloaded, safety-checked] firearms at the Casa de Montecristo in Austin on Friday, June 9th at 7:00 pm (’til 10:00 pm).

It’s strictly casual. No RSVP necessary. Just make sure you’re over 18 and show up using the code word OFWG. Freebies? “All that crap you’ve just given me,” Dan reveals (i.e. AR magazines, a Blackhawk sling, hats, ammo, a mag loader etc.). We’re inviting local gun industry types, too, of which there are plenty. If you love you some guns and firearms-related schmoozing — plus cigars, of course — come on down!


  1. avatar jimmy james says:

    Damn!!! That’s a nice looking cigar store. I love a good cigar and smoke one most every other day when I go to the range. Wish I was going to be there. Been a long time since I was in Austin and yes I drank too much beer (every where) and ate too much BEEF (at the Iron Works). Smoke one for me.

  2. avatar BradP says:

    Too many hippie snowflakes in Austin, I’m staying here in El Paso.

    1. avatar jwtaylor says:

      New bumper sticker I’ve seen “if you love Austin tell a friend about Boulder.”
      I live about an hour west of this humidor.

      1. avatar Jeremy S. says:


        …and Nick and I are actually in Williamson County, but “Austin-area” is a fair accusation 😉

        I hope some of y’all will be there! I’m going to raid my schwag and gear stash for stuff to give away. May bring a couple/few guns to show off, too 🙂

        1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

          You aught to show off that P-7. That thing was beautiful.
          Actually, you should send it to me so I can make some coco bolo grips for it. We’re cutting up some stunning pieces today.
          I snagged 4 pieces for my 1911’s.

      2. avatar Mr. AR says:

        Should bring some BANG to the next SXSW. Some band named “Glock’dBeard” opening for “Berdan Primer and the Broomhandles”

      3. avatar strych9 says:

        I see that sticker and I’m knifing tires.

        Damn Boulderites are spreading because Boulder itself is too expensive nowadays. Just yesterday I saw a Prius with a Bernie sticker in my town driving 15 under the speed limit because OMG a raindrop.

        1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

          I lol’d

        2. avatar jwm says:

          Prius don’t generate smog. It generates smug.

        3. avatar anonymoose says:

          Slash, slash away!

        4. avatar KBonLI says:

          I actually saw a Prius with a Trump sticker.

  3. avatar Sweepy says:

    Speaking of Texas, is HL Harris still affiliated with TTAG? I liked her writing.

  4. avatar Stoney Man says:

    Live Music Capital of America?

    I suppose a self appointed title is in keeping with its liberal denizens. I mean lets not let facts get in the way of feelings.

    1. avatar LarryinTX says:

      You have a competitor? Live music even in the durn airport? Neighbor’s party had live music under the trees in the driveway. Hint; your car radio is not live music.

  5. avatar chs says:

    Short trip from the office so it should be fun. Bummer about it being a cigar shop though for us non-smokers, but I’ll try and make it regardless.

  6. avatar Robb says:

    Should have it at Habana House North instead.

    I’ll try to make it.

    1. avatar Matthew Tilleman says:

      Better words have never been said. Love that shop! Jim, David and Tara do things right there.

  7. avatar strych9 says:

    Much as I hate cigars I love the smell of cigar stores. If I’m going to inhale tobacco smoke I’ll take a Camel, thanks.

    Also, how do you feel about hecklers? *evil grin*

    1. avatar strych9 says:

      Oh, and yes, I’m aware that technically you don’t “inhale” cigar smoke.

      1. avatar Stinkeye says:

        …But everybody in a three-block radius of you does.

        Once, years ago, I was driving through the panhandle of Florida in my old Triumph Spitfire, and started to smell this horrific reek. Like a mixture of hair and sugar set on fire. I was sure the old girl had ruptured something with “Lucas” written on it, and another expensive trip through the Victoria British catalog was in my future. But the car was running great, and it didn’t quite have that signature electrical stink that always presaged an incipient underhood fire. There was another car about a mile ahead of me, and as I closed the gap, the smell got worse. Finally I got close enough to see a puff of smoke come out of the driver’s window, and realized it was the guy’s cigar I was smelling way back down the road behind him…

        1. avatar jwtaylor says:

          I bet you didn’t even thank him.

        2. avatar strych9 says:

          Did that Spitfire require Wittworth wrenches and sockets?

  8. avatar adverse4 says:

    Have fun, but I would not go to Austin to see a nude women’s beach volleyball match, much less anything else.

    1. avatar Dan Zimmerman says:

      Bummer. Guess that means we have an extra ticket to Saturday’s match.

      1. avatar jwm says:

        Um, about that extra ticket…….

      2. avatar John E> says:


    2. avatar Jeremy S. says:

      Outside of your safe space, eh?

      I understand, of course. It’s such a crazy liberal city that we’re having a bunch of guns on display on tables and on hips in a public cigar bar where we’re smoking stogies indoors. I doubt you’ll be infected by hippie liberalism socialist philosophy here haha

      Let’s not be exactly like the leftist snowflakes and segregate ourselves in echo chambers free of differing opinions, right? JMHO. I can’t imagine avoiding all of the great food here, in particular, due to the politics of some of the people who live in the area. Who gives a crap.

      We can fight more about politics and religion and stinky hippies at Casa de Montecristo! 😛

      BTW I’d like to go on record as stating that the Monte Cristo (no relation to the cigar brand haha) done right is one of the best breakfast items ever invented, though I’d still have a hard time ordering one if there’s a chicken fried steak on the menu.

      1. avatar barnbwt says:

        I, too, thought this was about a Bennigans (assuming they still have those)

    3. avatar Stinkeye says:

      That’s the smart decision. In Austin, there’s probably a 70% chance of there being some Y chromosomes among the “women” in said nude volleyball match. Duct tape is an amazing product, but I don’t know if it’s capable of standing up to the rigors of volleyball.

  9. avatar Steve Kreitler says:

    I surely understand moving to Texas- but for God’s sake, why Austin? It’s the cloaca of the state!

    1. avatar ... says:

      This is one of THE all-time best uses of the term “cloaca” on the internet.

      1. avatar barnbwt says:

        “Remember, ladies; it’s an anus *and* a vagina”

      2. avatar KBonLI says:

        I did have to look that up.

  10. avatar former water walker says:

    Wish I didn’t live a thousand miles away!

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      “Wish I didn’t live a thousand miles away!”

      American and United have flights from $137.;f=ORD,MDW;t=AUS;d=2017-06-06;r=2017-06-13;q=chicago+to+austin+airfare

      I’m *sure* RF or Dan will let you crash in their living room, if you ask them nice…


  11. avatar Rooster says:

    Pretty funny how many here are so in need of safe spaces that they avoid entire cities because some people who live there have different opinions than them.

    1. avatar LarryinTX says:

      Yeah, why not have a goal of making liberals uncomfortable in downtown Austin?

  12. avatar cmac890 says:

    Unable to make it, but best wishes from MA! Hope everyone has a great time!

  13. avatar Timmy! says:

    Hmm, that’s the day after my Round Rock living, pinko-lefty brother’s birthday… I might make the road trip down for this event and NOT swing by his house to say “Hi!” on my way through.

    1. avatar Jeremy S. says:

      Make sure you hit Round Rock Donuts, though. A couple of their standard glazed, a maple glazed maybe, and a jalapeno & cheese kolache should do you good 🙂

      1. avatar John78723 says:

        I was sure you were going to ask him to bring donuts, not just sample them.

        1. avatar Jeremy S. says:

          I live close to there. Maybe I’ll bring a couple dozen down with me 🙂

  14. avatar Doug says:

    Sounds like a very good time to be had, wish I was closer.

  15. avatar Jason says:

    Doesn’t Tyler Kee live in Austin too?? Will he be there?

    1. avatar jwtaylor says:

      Ease up bro, he’s married. I know, broke my heart as well.

  16. avatar Stinkeye says:

    “Dan, Jeremy S, Nick, Liberte, Jon and I all live, love and learn in the Live Music Capital of America.”

    I read that, and all I can think is “Great, six more cars on the streets of this craphole.” Austin was pretty tolerable when I moved here in the 90’s, but it’s rapidly turning into another big city ruined by too much “growth uber alles” thinking.

    That’s why I’m escaping to Caldwell county. Better barbecue and fewer neighbors. Plus, I can shoot guns at my place out there, when the donkeys and cows aren’t blocking the berm.

    Also, I’m pretty sure Austin calls itself the “Live Music Capital of the World”, not just America. This is Texas; if you’re going to boast, you do it big.

    Anyway, I’d come visit, but the stink of cigar smoke is something I actively avoid.

    1. avatar Jeremy S. says:

      Liberte Austin and Jon are natives…

      1. avatar Geoff PR says:

        Miss Austin will show up???

        *starting to sweat*…

      2. avatar Stinkeye says:

        All right, then, four more cars… 🙂

  17. avatar Chris says:

    Seeya there.

  18. avatar PW in KY says:

    I love guns and cigars. Y’all need to come up and hit the bourbon trail in Kentucky. Some sort of TTAG group outing. TTAG convention? The NRA convention did well here last year…

  19. avatar Matthew Tilleman says:

    Welcome to Austin. It’s a great city. My family and I live in Austin but we’re currently doing an expat in The Netherlands or I’d be there to shake your hand.

    1. avatar LarryinTX says:

      Ah. The Netherlands! Where Dutch people live in Holland. I’ll never figure it all out.

  20. avatar PDW says:

    Last time I lived in Austin I was in first grade at Wooten Elementary, Lost In Space was on TV, and Charles Whitman went nuts at UT Austin.

    Never been back.

  21. avatar coagula says:

    I cant make this one, but I am making a trip to Austin next month on the weekend of the 15th… is it wrong I hope the next one falls around than??

  22. avatar PeterZ in West Tennessee says:

    Slim possibility. Let me think about that.

  23. avatar Danny Griffin says:

    You should do a facebook live or youtube live broadcast!

  24. avatar Jay in Florida says:

    Since I too had contemplated moving to Texas at the request of few friends who do live in the Great State of Tehas.
    Since I for one don’t like the constant heat of So. Florida.
    Why did and how can you live amongst the Libitards of Texas in Austin?
    I couldn’t regardless of what other amenities the city might have to offer.

    1. avatar LarryinTX says:

      You’re kidding, right? You just ignore them, they’re harmless. And if you avoid the university, they’re not that easy to find.

  25. avatar tjlarson2k says:

    I’d be interested in going if you promise all the hardcore anti-2A and leftarded TTAG comment trolls will show up.

    I don’t think they even exist at this point. I want to see the tards in real life. But I’m not holding my breath they will appear, let alone admit who they are in person…

  26. avatar Esoteric Inanity says:

    Some people do not “play well” with others. While others do not necessarily tolerate the vexatious denizens of Austin, or rather Texas does not suffer them. Rural folk tend to stay out of trouble when they avoid the “Big City”.

    (Apologies for the tendentious comment, the plethora of roustabouts from Texas and Oklahoma that this one has encountered over the past 10 years, have left a disdainful impression. Although, no such dreg can compare to the sheer insolence exibited by those encountered while enroute to the Sundance Film Festival.)

    (Also, the Austin transplant that works at the local Maverick, tends to bitch and complain an awful lot about the snow, rain and wind. All while constantly talking up the unassailable virtues of his hometown and deriding the “simple and uncultured” rubes that he must now live amongst.)

    (Once received a postcard from Muleshoe Texas by mistake. Said card featured four jackasses(donkeys) sitting around a picnic table with the caption: Board Of Directors. Esoteric Inanity found this to be quite amusing, and seeing as how the intended recipient’s address was illegible(the post master said to keep it or send it back), a local post card with a humorous depiction was reciprocated to the initial sender. Naturally an offer was made to forward the primary correspondence to the correct recipient. However, a reply was never received, guess he/she didn’t appreciate the depiction of a cowboy riding a giant jackalope.)

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