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“Over the past several weeks, we have received many inquiries regarding our District’s efforts to fortify the Marjory Stoneman Douglas campus and expand safety protocols at the school. We want to assure you that the safety and security of our students and employees remain our highest priorities.’’ – Superintendent Robert Runcie in Stoneman Douglas students will be required to carry clear backpacks provided to them at no cost [via ABC Action News]

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  1. First ones free, rest are out of pocket cost, they last about a month each, and still do nothing to stop someone who is not a student walking indiscriminately onto campus with a firearm and killing freely while the police assume “tactical positions” and wait for the shooting to stop. Oh wait, thats a feature these days, not a bug.

    • Who is inspecting these backpacks, and is that person armed? Or does the simple fact that they are see-through prevent them from carrying multiple guns and boxes of ammo? “Joey! You can’t bring those guns in here!” “BANG!”

      • Seeing that these back packs are plastic…I would hope (for the children’s sake) that there is a warning label to not put this over your head, suffocation will occur. You know we need to protect these Tide Pod eaters.

        • I think we should not stop them eating Tide Pods. It is Darwinism-In-Progress.

          Stupid is as stupid does.

    • The superintendent’s brother was in the obama admin. He’s a leftist nut, so dumb ideas like this are not a surprise.

    • And in addition to stupid…
      “There are safety and security measures in the works, including:

      The District has expedited the completion of Single Point of Entry measures for campus visitors, which use fencing and door systems to limit access to one entrance. ”

      Wasn’t the point of the no-enforcement rules (other than getting Gov’t bling) to PREVENT the “prison pipeline?”

      Now, well after the horse has left the barn, they are eliminating privacy, upping surveillance, and effectively turning he school into a prison with fences.

      OH! And you need to turn in your guns.

      • “fortify” the school. Nice. Can’t “fortify the damn Southern Border though.

        Porkulous swampcritter budget 2018 has $ to build walls for Jordan etc but not the US border “because walls don’t work”.

  2. “Now, what do we learn from this children? When people do bad things, we punish everyone who _didn’t_ do anything wrong, and remove yet another layer of your personal privacy. This way, we don’t have to do anything to actually solve the problem. That’s the American way!”

      • Speaking of food, why not just slip your mouse gun between 2 slices of bread, put in in a baggie and tell “inspectors” that it’s your lunch?

        I suppose they could ban sandwiches…

        • A Pico-butter and Seecamp sandwich? Sounds tasty! One time I thought about keeping an Airweight in a fast food bag in my car as a deterrence against carjackers, but then I decided there was such a low chance of being approached by a carjacker and having trash in your car just looks trashy.

  3. Awesome, this way they can safely let dangerous psychopaths roam just as freely as the rest of the students!

    Have they banned rubber-soled shoes and shoelaces that can be used as weapons, yet? That’s what they do to keep inmates from harm in looney bins, after all, and that’s what this school has turned into.

    • Make sure to keep all the safety scissors and exacto knives locked up at all times, and get rid of pencils and other sharp, rigid writing instruments! No belts allowed either! What do you mean “sagging” went out of style over 15 years ago?

  4. Yay, let’s make everything in schools come in a clear plastic container, you know like they do in prisons…

    What’s next, students assigned to individual cells and locked up for the entire day? (like they do AdSeg offenders).

    I guess it’s as the old church ladies and soccer/helicopter moms will say, “if it saves one life”… (sarcasm)

    • Normal people like us would call it insanity, but to these morons it’s “OMG WEVE GOTTA DO SOMETHING THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!”

  5. The stupidity is strong with this one.

    I mean, really, really, bad.

    This does nothing to keep kids safe. The world has gone insane.

  6. Hey wait, what about purses? Don’t forget about jackets, those need to be clear. Gym bags? Probably should remove doors from bathroom stalls as well.

    • Don’t forget a background check and minimum age of 21 to purchase holsters, otherwise think of all the death contraptions they could store on their person. And ban all shoulder holsters, FOR THE CHILDREN!!! (and to piss of Joe R.)

  7. Ah yes.. Clear backpacks the ultimate illusion of actually having a secure campus. Whoever came up with this idea years ago has really done well for themselves at the expense of actual safety.

  8. 17 dead due to polices enacted by this school superintendent in collusion with Broward Sheriff Office.

    From Ann Coulter…

    “There’s never been such an incredible paper trail as there is with Cruz, leading straight from idiotic liberal ideas directly to mass murder. We know that Broward County Public Schools knew about Cruz’s felonies. We know that his behavior wasn’t reported because it would negatively impact the record of a student of color. The school district bragged about the policy.”

    It’s not about the gun, only 100’s of thousands dollars to be maintained. What’s a few dead kids and teachers when cash flow buys see through book pack.

    Why this man is not dragged to the street a knee capped with a spike and sledge hammer is beyond my capacity to endure.

  9. They could still be sneaking something in in “natures pocket”. They need to eliminate that risk. Latex gloves are cheap.

  10. Awww! Getting the kiddies ready for “The New World 🌎 Order! That’s nice…Who needs 🗽 Liberty and Freedom when you have public safety concerns to think about…Let’s do something fun! Let’s make school look and feel like an internment camp, or a North Korean Labor prison of higher learning!

  11. I forget about pockets. I’m sure the state has lots of orange jumpsuits sans pockets they could ship to Broward. New school uniform and unisex to boot. No gender confusion. Or are small handguns not a possibility? Only evil black rifles.

  12. In case y’all haven’t noticed, the goal is make everyone a prisoner and every place a prison.
    No individual thought, expression or ideas. Certainly not any individual liberty. I predict that in the next 2 years you’ll see this at schools all over the country. The indoctrination of your children continues apace. The next generation will only know life as a series of checkpoints. My children will be the outlaws as I home schooled them and taught them critical thinking. Oh, and I taught them history…

  13. They are provided for free by the money of the tax payers of Broward County, who just happen to be the same people sending kids to that school. How are they free exactly?

  14. Hey now the high school students can feel exactly what they want done to us.

    Stupid, feel-good policies that just burden and violate the rights of everyone who isn’t a crazed killer and don’t actually do anything to fix the problem.


  15. Then everyone can see your armor plate contained inside…. That would harden the student.

    I guess they do need see through trapper keepers and binders, or they might sneak a weapon in that.

  16. “…to carry clear backpacks…”

    That should hold 1 or 2 books. When my guys were in school, their backpacks could have been used to weight dirigibles.

  17. So he brought his rifle in in a backpack?
    If only Cho, Lanza, Dylan and the others were made to wear clear backpacks.

  18. Since the shooter just walked on to the campus from the street to do his deed, how will this new policy help, exactly?

  19. Similar backpack/handbag requirements exist for employees at some large airports. Unlike schools, airports use multi-layered access controls and screening in addition to the clear backpacks/handbags. The airports also have armed security and surveillance.

    Schools cannot even control their doorways much less offer an armed response to an intruder. The clear backpack requirement is inadequate as a stand-alone measure.

    The school leadership and parents have minimal interest in protecting their progeny.

    • Similar backpack/handbag requirements exist for employees at some large airports. Unlike schools, airports use multi-layered access controls and screening in addition to the clear backpacks/handbags. The airports also have armed security and surveillance

      You of course refer to the well known TSA security theater.

  20. What, they didn’t spend a little extra for another sign at the door reading “This Is A Mass Murder Free Zone” and in smaller print “Please Go Down The Street To The Retirement Community”?

    I demand another sign at the school!

    While we’re wasting tax payer money “cough” omnibus bill “cough” why not remove all physical books and paper while buying an iPad for all the precious kiddies? They won’t need a bag if all they have to carry is a tablet.

    Plus, each morning the students can watch a video about how much the Party cares for them. And if everything is digital it’ll be easier to edit out inconvenient facts for the prisoner- I mean student to learn.

  21. Are the books in the backpacks see through? What is to stop a student from having a handgun in a hollowed out book?

  22. Oh that will fix everything! I’m sure they took spent the time and money to determine how likely it was that a school shooter would stuff their AR-15 into a sponge-bob backpack before they went on a rampage.

  23. One more step to eliminating privacy. Conditioning the future. The “system” is gaining a lot of control by fighting terrorist and gun violence. O’s 1984 revised

  24. Runcie? Isn’t he the brainiac who implemented the “don’t tell the police” (aka Promise) program in Broward? This program keeps offenders from getting records and therefore allows them to pass NICS checks, like the shooter did. Kudos to the donks of Broward for keeping this bad apple in charge and setting policy. Maybe next they’ll bring Clinton down to run some internship programs.

    • Yep Runcie was instrumental in letting these young criminals off the hook. The fact that he and the sheriff are still cashing paychecks is an indication of an idiotic community. They apparently deserve the kind of governmental fvckery they are getting.

      Any self respecting community would have demanded their resignations within days if not hours.

  25. Perfect! The little punks wanted the G to “do something,” and so it has. No guns for them — sorry hunters, Junior ROTC and target shooters — see-through backpacks and who knows what else is coming down the pike.

    Keep on protesting, you hogs. You wanted it and now you’re going to get it, good and hard.

  26. Gee more than 5 years ago my kid’s HS allowed NO backpacks. It lead to way less homwork too. I guess they’re a little stupid in Floriduh…SEE:Southern Maryland dead shooter😏

  27. “provided to them at no cost”

    Wow, backpacks for free?! That’s awesome! Who’s the backpack manufacturer who is providing these free backpacks? They should get recognition for their generosity.

    Call me suspicious, or jaded, but if I were a local taxpayer, I’d be interested in seeing how the bid process went (assuming there was one ha ha ha), who won the contract, and how much exactly each of these backpacks cost.

    Nah just kidding, I’m sure it is all on the up and up.

    • How are they working in that nifty armored school bag feature into a transparent bag? Star Trek Transparent aluminum? And Free!

  28. I think they need to assign more deputies to the school so they can snooze, set up perimeters and advance to the rear under fire,
    The FBI could monitor Fascistbook and ignore any and all threats while they lust after teen girls.
    Oh, and make sure they adopt a see something, say nothing policy.
    To make the kids feel better, they could have them skateboard around the school.

  29. You asked the Left to do “something” and thats what they did. Be careful what you wish for. Your school is moving closer and closer to a prison. To the Left, the solution is to ban everything. But in a prison, almost everything is already banned, and still there is violence, weapons, drugs, etc.

  30. From an article on a popular news “feed” site. “Students not happy about clear backpacks.”

    A tweet from as student quoted in the article:
    “So, we’re giving up all illusions of normalcy. okay. why should 3300 students be penalized for the failure of security to do their job?”

    This is a “teaching moment.”

    “This is called an Unintended Consequence. Let’s follow this through… why should lawful gun owners be penalized for the failure of security to do their job, as you put it. How about the list of other people who didn’t do THIER jobs? Not so easy is it?”

    “Adulting” occurs…

  31. I have been a supporter of armed LEOs in schools for quite a while.
    I am always met with, “I don’t want my kids to feel like they’re in prison”.
    So now you have a main point of entrance and exit, see through backpacks and who knows what else down the road.
    A school near me has a metal detector. Let’s set that up in schools too. We have to keep the children safe.
    What about school uniforms that are like inmate jump suits? That’s a helluva idea. Cameras too, pointed everywhere.
    Fencing, dammit. Barbed wire. Electrified is even better.
    This is where this is going. After nothing works and there’s another school shooting, and there will be, then they’ll come for our guns.
    What’s the answer? I don’t have one, sorry.

  32. I was born during WWII. Was spanked 3 times in my life, the last by my high school principal. The govt. didn’t bother the family back then. My grandfather taught me to shoot, when to shoot and when not to shoot. I was in the army during Nam. Wish it was still like that now. We need to get govt. out of our homes so we can teach kids to behave with out being charged with child abuse. If that was still possible most of these things wouldn’t happen. Till then good luck.


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