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With Youtube censoring gun related content and shutting down popular gun-related channels content creators are turning to other platforms. Some people have already moved to the controversial platform VERO which we posted about here. A lot of content creators are already on Ian and Karl from Inrange TV are posting some videos to a platform that is as anti-censorship as you can get . . .

Pornhub. For both of you that do not know, Pornhub is a website that shows consenting adults making sweet love and not-so-sweet love. Here’s their rationale, generally speaking, not mentioning Pornhub . . .

Unless you work in a normal office, go to, click on the search bar at the top right hand corner and type in “Inrange.”

You will find a few videos from InRange TV, the videos have between 1k and almost 10k views so far. Long term I do not think we will see many people posting gun videos to Pornhub. The banner ads are distracting and the related videos are even more distracting.

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  1. Well at least Ian and Karl have a sense of humor. Who knows we may take over the platform. (That last part was sarcasm for those who can’t tell.

    • Sorry elbow my way into the comments, but I wanted this up top…

      “Unless you work in a normal office, go to…”

      Be advise that ALL URLs from any location are stored for at least 3 years in case an investigation is needed. So, HR, an ethics board, the local MSM…your wife…anyone could eventually see where you have visited.

      Not to mention the watch lists. I now return you to gun stuff…

      • Since when have people been creating “watchlists” based on pornography viewing habits? Google Chrome’s “incognito mode” should keep you safe from the wife haha.

        • If I understand the feature correctly, an incognito window just keeps records off your local machine to an extent (browser history, etc.), that that could serve your purposes if that’s what you want. It won’t stop normal data collection that Google et al. do, and it wouldn’t stop anyone from collecting info on the cites you visit.

          Regardless, I can’t imagine that many people these days would give a rip about the porn cites one visits (unless a person is into something illegal). Now, as far as browsing on a work computer, that’s different. My company, for instance, would frown on that.

  2. I am happy for in range tv and I regularly visit their channel and a bunch of other channels within pormhub for years. I think if gun owners and gun channels are passionate they should be at a place free without someone trampling on your beliefs. Sure pork is viewed as wrong well why not enjoy both content at the same place when YouTube takes a crap on the first and second amendment. It’s better to masturbate to women being smashed and gun content being watched then be a dumbass on the street being a social justice warrior crying about pointless leftist issues. I appreciate porn and firearms I collect both and j shoot firearms responsibly, I don’t need someone dictating to me what I can do, not do or watch.

  3. There is a lot of content on full30 already. Problem is they don’t have a Roku app. I like to watch the content on my TV rather than my computer. I think full30 is missing a really good opportunity here to become something big. Many people are pissed at YouTube right now – somebody is going to fill the void and that somebody is going to stand to make some $ when they do, but that somebody is going to have to support the same viewing capabilities of YouTube.

    • I have been faithfully sticking with but I am not a tech guy so I am trying to get more young people on their site. Lets encourage to amp up and get on roku and whatever else they need to do to get their name out there.

    • how Fox news or the NRA have not already stared a conservative friendly video service is beyond me, seems like such an obvious opportunity.

    • Full30 is not posing the video that was responsible for the YouTube ban. One of the channels on there did post it to YouTube, they almost certainly posted it to Full30, but it has been pulled.

  4. This was depressing to hear. I was quite naive regarding ScrewTube until now.

    So, why don’t gun channels just move to Full30?

    • More content requires more bandwidth and greater capabilities that cost more money than what the site currently generates. Youtube grew into their position but even with serious google coin behind them they are not exactly raking in money hand-over-fist. It’s a Catch-22 situation, I guess.

  5. Ironically, Pornhub exists because Youtube censors porn. It is not hard to imagine all political incorrect content ending up on Pornhub and it turning into the uncensored Youtube. 🤔 We live in Clownworld. 🤡

  6. If you work in a normal office, you should be doing your work, not watching videos online, much less gun videos online. One time I was in the computer lab at my university, didn’t realize the volume was turned on, and opened a page with an autoplay video from sootch. Fortunately the “dings” of the steel targets drowned out the gunshots and I closed out the browser when I realized what was going on.

    • Some of us have jobs that allow us to do both. You’d be surprised how much waiting there is in most engineering jobs. Not that I care, I have my own office miles away from the nearest HR rep. (and a private internet connection I can use to do what I want while I wait)

  7. Pornhub is great but don’t get sucked into those Brazilian channels, they’ll mess you up! Unless of course that’s what you’re looking for!

  8. I watch InRange on BitChute. I really appreciate that it is peer to peer and thus decentralized.

  9. Well that’s innovative. Maybe we should try to start getting our own sites though…. Then again if we add some woodworking (haha innuendo), metalworking, and vehicle repair stuff on pornhub we can change its name to manhub or something since it’ll have just about everything a guy could want to watch or learn in one place.

      • Same thing with God as my witness, I thought it was a municipal public works-related site.

        • Soooo Ok I see what yall are getting at now… Damn it’s hard to find a general guy stuff website name that can’t be coopted for gay porn.

  10. Cool. For all the “conservatives” who are wear the bible on a necklace and think pornogrpahers should be burned at the stake, this is why we support the first amendment. Personally I think porn addiction is a real thing and there are some issues, but you see how quickly when it comes to their culture war, people on the left are all to eager to limit and denigrate freedom of expression. What matters and what makes you a “conservative” is wanting to preserve and defend our rights and constitution.

    • Libertarians Liberals and the Left don’t support the 1st amendment.
      They never have. They have never supported the free speech of abortion clinic protesters. But they do support the free speech of military recruitment center protesters.
      According to the three L’s, religious speech is only legal inside a church, not outside a church.

      The boy scouts in California lost a ball field to the ACLU. It seems the boy scouts discriminated against gays. No freedom to NOT associate here.
      The ACLU also supports cross burning on private black property by the Klu Klux klan.

      Also a Tracy California gun store has to defend itself against the state of California because of picture window size gun posters visible from the side talk. But you can go to San Francisco and look at gay sex displays using mannequins. It’s a great way to sell clothing.
      I don’t believe the three L’s have ever supported the 1st amendment.

  11. An enormously bad idea is to move gun-content video to a porn site. The gun-control movement has been working very hard to turn gun-ownership in deviant behavior and, of course, putting gun videos on a porn site just hands the guns-are-deviant issue to the gun-grabbers. Making gun-rights deviant carries with it an assumption of s moral imperative that removes gun-ownership from its traditional position in society as normal, routine behavior and turns it into something immoral that must be shunned by “right-thinking” Americans.

    We should note that any behavior can become deviant and, once so labeled, it will be very hard, if not virtually impossible, to convince people that gun-ownership is normal. I have to wonder at the rank stupidity of the gun-site bozos who think it’s cool to put their videos on a porn site. What they are doing is so harmful to gun-rights that I have to think they have been paid by gun-controllers to do this. The Mom’s and Everytown are not above pulling this kind of agitprop.

    • This is precisely my concern. I would find this much more amusing if it weren’t playing into exactly what the anti-gun groups want.

      They want gun ownership to carry the same social stigma as BDSM and midget fetishes. We should not be giving them exactly what they want

    • I’ve talked to Ian and Karl in person… they don’t strike me as some sort of covert SJW trolls.

      The reality is that they made a great point. YouTube sponsors far worse degeneracy than PornHub. Kinky sex never killed hundreds of millions of people.

      • Stupid is as stupid does. We saw the same “badboyz” attitude here in Texas during the open carry issue. The Chipotle Ninjas actually thought they were cool. Scheech.

        • This move brought more positive attention to the issue of YouTube firearms censorship than anything else.

        • Yeah, and now we have legal open carry of pistols, and didn’t lose it for rifles. Who’da thunk it?

    • …. no…. I’ll have to disagree.
      Several points:
      “Progressives” celebrate sexual deviance, they’ll have a hard time lambasting us for invading a site dedicated to all types and flavors of degeneracy, other than to say “hey, this is our turf – get out”.
      Also, I forget her name but an adult erotica actress recently did an interview wherein she pointed out that one reason so many Hollywood types look down on the porn workers is not because of the sex… it’s because so many in that genre tend to be confident conservatives in their personal lives… No, really.
      So I think we’ll be welcomed warmly there while the Hollywood left will be forced to fume quietly as we invade and conquer the site they won’t (publicly) claim to support.

      • There are a plethora of SJWs who will confidently argue, state, conclude and pontificate that porn is degrading to women, that it makes women objects, not women. And there is substantial evidence that the seamier side of the industry is engaged in sex trafficking. Linda Lovelace stated that she was physically abused and threatened in the making of Deep Throat, and that her first deep throat scene was done with a .45 pointed at the back of her head. So there is that.

    • If only firearms ownership was as prevalent and popular as porn.
      Almost everybody would have a gun and shoot regularly, even though some would be ashamed to admit it.

  12. Maybe we will have to soon change our search engines and even operating systems if we want gun news and blogs. Dark web, here we come.

  13. some anti-gunz people will use it for an excuse to run an EPRO on the “porn addict”, because evidently he has problem, and has gunz. I’d bet there’s more FBI Secret Agent Man’s monitoring porn hub then YouTube, and it’s getting to the point to where watching gun stuff is dangerous

  14. I suppose this is naïve and I imagine the answer will be “$$$” but why is it so hard to set up an independent video hosting site dedicated to gun content?

    • The infrastructure costs money. You can put it in AWS which saves you the cost of buying the hardware, but the costs for using the hosts, storage and network are real.

  15. “The banner ads are distracting”

    The irony, it’s like TTAG has never loaded TTAG on a mobile device

  16. I guess YouTube and Reddit aren’t the only ones making dumbass moves. Seriously stupid, morons.

  17. Well that’s quite the conundrum…my Roku tv is tied in with my kids account. I won’t put Pornhub on my tv or click on the ‘puter. And old age has pretty much dissolved any interest in porn(chef don’t judge)…I did see Jeff Quinn(Gunblast) mention he’ll just post videos on his website and to hell with YouTube. Like he did before 2009…

    • InRange TV still posts to YouTube (as long as they are allowed), Full30, Facebook and Bitchute. This is just another distribution channel.

  18. Meh. Pornography jokes and the occasional pearl-clutching moral-panicker aside, this is simply a case of media moving to a less-restrictive venue. I hope they find a more long-term-sustainable solution.

  19. Perhaps it’s time for the NRA to use its considerable resources to start its own Youtube alternative site which could then host the orphaned gun videos? People Of The Gun don’t particularly “need” YouTube if there’s a similarly attractive and accessible alternative.

  20. I’m 66 years old. On a fixed income. My works are behind me as I’m also handicapped. It’s important to be entertained and interested in life and society. What is happening in America is more than disturbing. You fellas have hit the nail on the head. Keep the funding at a level that an old fart counting meals and meds can afford; and I’m all in. The bible talks of having to have a mark, to buy and sell in the end days. Lets buy and sell what we want and tell corporate to kiss our asses. I still shoot. I still carry. I still have an oath to the Constitution and believe in it. Carry on boys, I’m on your six.

  21. Seems the youtube video ban party has started. Already has removed chris bartocci’s new video on the caracal piston AR. Wonder where is will end up when its all over

  22. It’s worth noting that there are other alternatives that InRange is posting to as well.

    BitChute is a decentralized peer-to-peer video streaming platform. I’ve been working with BitChute for a bit and it works pretty seamlessly. Videos can even be embedded.

    There are a lot of nuts posting on it but there are also legit people including InRange and Steven Crowder for two.

  23. Guns on Pornhub?
    That is a great idea!
    I admit to surfing Pornhub occasionally
    As others have said, why is no one else making a conservative version of you tube?
    Full 30 is a good idea, but I watch other things on YouTube besides guns
    I watch cute cat videos with my 10 year old, outer space stuff, sailing, way more than just guns
    Why is no one taking the opportunity to beat them at the uploaded video business?

  24. The left’s hatred of guns will override their love of pornography. Any guns and porn website will be destroyed and that is how pornography will be taken down. If it’s combined with firearms the left will support taking down a porn site.

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