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Americans want armed school guards and tighter gun laws: Reuters/Ipsos poll – It seems that America has come to believe that the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun . . .

A majority of Americans, including Republicans, Democrats and gun owners want stricter laws on gun ownership and armed guards in schools, according to a Reuters/Ipsos national poll taken in early March. …

About 75 percent of adults say they want armed security guards in school, with some 53 percent in favor of publicly funding gun classes for teachers and school personnel and 45 percent saying school staff should be encouraged to carry a weapon.

MRCTV’s Latest ‘Reality Check’ Slams Parkland Activist David Hogg For His Anti-NRA Ad – Punching back at the ill-informed, narcissistic gun control sock puppet . . .

What if you opened all of your gun debate events to the thousands of students like Kyle Kashuv who think that guns and law abiding gun owners are not the problem?

What if you opened the floor to every Parkland survivor instead of just the dozen or so who have agreed to spout this narrative?

What if you gave just as much air time to Andrew Pollack, whose 18-year-old daughter was killed in the Parkland shooting, and who thinks that arming teachers and making it easier for law abiding Americans to defend themselves with firearms is actually a good thing?

Dad buys daughter, 6, gun so she can shoot back if her school is ever attacked – Does her school allow backpack carry? . . .

‘She’s the worrisome one who knows proper firearm practices for our daughter may save her life one day.

‘With school shootings becoming so common these last few years we both want her prepared and ready to defend herself if at all possible with a firearm.

‘New Hampshire just passed a new concealed carry law that requires nothing more then a simple pistol permit to keep a gun anywhere including your purse and my daughter already wants a pistol holding purse.’


Republican Omnibus Bill Will Authorize CDC to Perform ‘Gun Violence Research’ – Republicans met Dems halfway . . .

Republicans will be using the omnibus bill to clarify that the Centers for Control and Prevention (CDC) can perform “gun violence research.”

The Democrats wanted a full repeal of the Dickey Amendment, and Republicans demurred but met them halfway by agreeing to make it clear that the CDC is not barred from doing the research.

The Dickey Amendment, named after the late Rep. Jay Dickey (R-AR), was put into a funding bill in 1996 and has been renewed every year since. It says, “None of the funds made available in this title may be used, in whole or in part, to advocate or promote gun control.”

Camp Perry Sees Major Improvements to Historical Buildings in 2018

The Camp Perry National Guard Training Base, home of the National Trophy Pistol and Rifle Matches since 1907, is currently undergoing significant upgrades to some of the most celebrated areas of the grounds.

“There will be a different feel when people come onto post,” said MAJ Michael Yates, base operations manager of the Camp Perry facility since 2014.

Since his time at Camp Perry, MAJ Yates has overseen a considerable amount of projects totaling multi-millions of dollars, which have included structural, functional, aesthetic and historical developments. He admitted the renovations being conducted in 2018 have been years in the making – featuring major additions to base facilities and a substantial restoration in the historical theatre.

“We’re doing so much to continually improve the post and make it better,” he said. “Our predecessors have made it better, and we want to take it from there and continue to make it that much better for everyone to use.”

Students’ visit to gun range ‘none of your damn business,’ parents say – Parents to school board: FOAD . . .

“It’s none of your damn business what our children do outside of school,” Horvath told the seven board members toward the end of a four-hour meeting, most of it occupied by speaker after speaker venting anger and frustration at school officials largely unable to respond due to confidentiality rules.

The unusually large turnout for Monday night’s board meeting in the high school auditorium was prompted by a five-day in-school suspension of two senior boys after one of them posted a photo of themselves with guns at a local shooting range, away from school property and not during school hours.

Oregon initiative would outlaw assault weapons, unless guns are registered with police – What could possibly go wrong?

A recently filed Oregon initiative would make manufacturing, importing, possessing, purchasing or selling an assault weapon or large capacity magazine a crime — with only a few exceptions.

If passed, Oregon Initiative 42 would only allow owners to keep their assault weapons and large capacity magazines if they register them with Oregon State Police.


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  1. What if that little piggy cared as much for the one MILLION plus pre-born babies ABORTED every year?!?!?!?!

    • You mean clumps of cells that have no experiences, no memory, no identity? Organisms that, for most periods of growth, have less thought than your average (or maybe slightly-dim) raccoon?

      If you care so much you should be marching- armed- to take over abortion clinics, right? After all, you can’t stand by while you think a holocaust is going on!

      Or can you?

      • Hannibal, He’s fine with the rise in crime rate, not to mention welfare costs that are 100% guaranteed to skyrocket, if only we would force an unwilling/unable parent to do something she knows she can’t or won’t. I’m sure he’ll be volunteering to shoulder the welfare costs, not to mention the hundreds of entitlement programs, and rounding up the growing number of criminals.

        But, he gets his virtue signalling badge from the folks at church, so it’s all worth it….

        • Did you just say” force an unwilling or unable parent” ,. , ,,,,,,,Force,,,, Wong dong ding dung dong , you must live in China

        • Ironic, perhaps you misunderstood that post. He was addressing the concept of legally prohibiting abortion, resulting in the mother being, yes, FORCED to bear and support a child for the next 19 years, against her will and likely beyond her means and/or physical ability.

      • Of all the animals to choose from you pick raccoon. They are actually quite smart. Also if the abortion card works against the anti-gunz guys it’s one I will play.

      • They are not necessarilly just clumps of cells. That is what the Left want people to think. The reality is that after the first three weeks, there is a beating heart and separate blood supply and it only continues to further develop after that. A newborn baby probably doesn’t have much more intelligence than certain small amimals, but they are still considered human

        • Actually, no, they are NOT “considered human”, or abortion would be illegal as being murder. A bit of research or logic not predigested by a member of some clergy might be helpful. Human life begins at live birth, according to SCOTUS interpretation of the Constitution. That would be subject to Amendment, which no one, read NO ONE, has so much as attempted during the past 40+ years, just bitching and moaning.

        • Larry:
          Actually, there have been many people convicted of double homicides because the woman they killed was pregnant.
          When it suits the needs of the government (looking tough on crime), the fetus is human.
          When it doesn’t suit the needs of government (risking raking in millions in campaign donations), the fetus isn’t human.
          Reality often bites.

        • Big Bill, immediately after Roe v Wade (or before it, for that matter), killing a pregnant woman could NOT be prosecuted as a double homicide, that was a later modification, intended by its backers to form a basis, over time, to claim that our legal system recognized a fetus as a “life” capable of being “murdered”. It would take a dedicated worshipper of slippery slopes to accept such obvious manipulation as evidence of anything.

        • Unfortunately I can’t reply directly to larryin texas, so I don’t know if he will see this.

          Ever hear of birth control pills? Ever hear of ADOPTION?

          Humans (and another animals) can ONLY REPRODUCE in kind!

          If you can’t understand that, I’ll explain it to you.

          Humans can ONLY reproduce HUMANS!! Horses can ONLY reproduce HORSES. Cows can ONLY reproduce COWS. Ducks can ONLY reproduce DUCKS. Pigs can ONLY reproduce PIGS. Chickens can ONLY reproduce CHICKENS. Giraffes can ONLY reproduce GIRAFFES.

          Are you picking up a pattern here. Species can ONLY reproduce the same species it is!!

          Life begins when the male SPERM FERTILIZES the female EGG, then when a HUMAN male impregnates a female HUMAN, guess what, THAT PRODUCT OF FERTILIZATION IS HUMAN!!!

    • I thought Oregon would be an okay place to live. Apparently, too many Communist Californians moved there and ruined it.

      • nope. Read the proposed law. It’s pretty comprehensive.
        For instance, a Glock 19. The slide is now a barrel shroud.
        Somebody at ceasefire Oregon has done their homework.
        This is getting screwed on a major level.
        And, it makes it a B felony for non compliance. Now one is totally screwed.

        I’m looking for property in Idaho.

        • …just picked up a nice place in Orofino, ID.

          Come October, all Kalifornia will see of me will be my tail lights.

        • I just skimmed the language of Initiative 42. From my reading, pistol slides are specifically excluded as being barrel shrouds. Other than that, most of it seems to be copied over from DiFi’s 2013/2017 AWB bills. Fvck that sh!t. What’s the likelihood of it getting the signatures it needs?

  2. Hey David H, “What if…. you and your fame seeking friends weren’t the bi*ches of Bloomberg and the Everytown for Gun Safety anti-America, anti-freedom Communist terrorists?”

  3. Historically is was a natural every day action for a elementary school age child to carry a revolver. Unfortunately that history is not taught in schools.

    • I just had a bit of fun fisking that article for our emasculated friends across the pond…
      That big, bad, nasty revolver the lil’tyke is handling? It’s a Crosman SNR357, a BB gun. “Her” real gun is a Ruger .22, exact model unmentioned nor pictured… likely because it would not be as visually impressive.

      • I liked the visual. I hope the folks in Londonistan are quaking in their fish and chips.

  4. Whore-gon got the gun herpes (AWB & HCM’s) from Commifornia, and my state, washington is touching it too eeeeeeewwwww gross soon WA will get the gun herpes.

    • Washington is well and truly Effed. A handful of the richest man in the world, coupled with and ever increasingly far left population From California, Boston, Austin, and thousands of international transfers for the tech industry where the idea of firearms ownership is akin to talking to a Martian.

      Our only hope is for at least one additional Scotus justice, two more would be better, to provide some judicial protection from what will absolutely be onerous local laws either through the legislature or the bat$hit stupid citizen initiative process.

    • Washington is well and truly Effed. A handful of the richest men in the world who never met a “we know best” policy they didn’t like ( living in fortresses protected by dozens of heavily armed individuals, by the way ), coupled with an ever increasingly far left population from California, Boston, Austin, and thousands of international transfers for the tech industry where the idea of firearms ownership is akin to talking to a Martian.
      Our only hope is for at least one additional Scotus justice, two more would be better, to provide some judicial protection from what will absolutely be onerous local laws either through the legislature or the bat$hit stupid citizen initiative process.

      • Yeah, voting in citizen initiatives should be limited to those over 50 who currently hold a job.

    • Likely. The “assault weapons” ban was killed in the state legislature – but the even bigger threat, I think, is the initiative that’s almost sure to sprout up any day now.

      Hopefully, the FUDDs will come out to vote AGAINST the initiative. Our home-grown universal background checks passed with a tiny majority of voters, in a notoriously weak voter turnout. I would hope that our lazy pseudo-POTG voters will get off their butts this time and vote a ban down in flames, like they did for the mandated training initiative a few years ago.

      As you said, the mega-billionaires here will finance the hell out of advertising for this. Last time, NRA and even SAF barely responded in kind. There’s a storm coming….

  5. Did the Dickey amendment prohibit researching gun related violence, or just advocating for gun control? Because if it prevents researching gun related violence then it looks like we have something to hide as if data doesn’t support our side.

    • The Dickey amendment only prohibited research with the intent to advocate for gun control. So the CDC in a childish huff said “ok then, we won’t do any gun violence research, so there”. Now their real agenda is known.

    • No, it clearly does not ban research. It specifies instead that research may not be used to promote a gun control agenda. What I have read is that people at the CDC did not do research out of an unfounded fear of violating the Dickey Amendment–so they subbed the work out. Anyway, all the CDC should be doing is the basic research, and letting Congress determine the policy.

      • The Center for DISEASE Control should stick to things within their purview. Last I checked violence of any kind is not a disease.

  6. IF my little girl had her own AR ther would be n o need to carry it to middle school here in flyover country/real world. It wouldn’t fit in her book bag anyhow (no SBR allowed in Iowa).

  7. If they suspended my son every time he goes to a firearms range, he might get 1 week a month of schooling.

    What someone does outside the school outside of school time, provided it is not illegal, is no-one’s business. So the board should pull their heads in before they have to be pulled out.

  8. I really hope that Oregon bill doesn’t pass, I was hoping to return in a few years. We need to build the wall… around California. Frickin’ Californians flee their awful state only to make the rest of the West more like California and drive up housing prices to boot. We need to get tough on immigration!

    • It’s an initiative, so it will almost certainly pass, because the Portland area has the votes to overwhelm the rest of the state. It’s the same in Washington. The Seattle area gets what it wants through the initiative process and the rest of the state can go screw itself.

      • As a former western NYer, I know how it feels to have a single urban center, full of useful idiots who consider themselves “enlightened”, dominate law-making for an entire state. Having a refendum/initiative process can only make that worse. You have my sympathies.

      • Not necessarily. When put to a vote the state sometimes does put the kibosh on the liberal nonsense (such as driver’s licenses for criminal aliens).

        This is a genuinely terrible bill and will be easy to attack, so I’m hopeful that it’ll go down in flames.

  9. I’ve heard that complaint often about the Californians Northward migration, perhaps it’s global warming. Welcome to Oregon:: No Vehicles Beyond This Point Without a Sig Sticker And Baby Groot::

  10. Well ladies and gentlemen we are about to receive the big .gov weenie and be so thoroughly f*cked by it that we may never truly recover. The omnibus budget has passed Senate and unless Trump vetos it (highly unlikely) we are going to get fix NICS and CDC activism. Where was the NRA in all this? Why they’re over on youtube telling us they fight for our rights.

  11. We need to primary all of the RINOs with American Patriots (and Trump too).

    The motto should be “Liberty and Limited Government”.

  12. “A majority of Americans, including Republicans, Democrats and gun owners want stricter laws on gun ownership…”

    Really? Perhaps someone can illuminate we peons as to what would help reduce deaths.

    The Reality Check video was great. I shared it on FB.

    That dad and daughter are in NH!!! Yay! But, seriously, can she really handle that size frame?

  13. Some folks need to take the way-back time machine to be reminded of the reason the CDC was prohibited from meddling in the politics of gun control. Both they and the early version of the Consumer Protection Agency were heavily involved in a scheme to declare ammunition a hazardous product, as well as firearms being a public health hazard. Yeah, even then federal agencies were already being weaponized..

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