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Magpul Rally, c Denver Post

Tonight, the lights go out in Colorado. The state’s shiny new 15-round limit on magazine capacity goes into effect at midnight. That means that Colorado citizens will no longer be able to buy standard capacity magazines for their rifles and handguns. As a final act of defiance before they leave the state, Magpul sponsored a rally in Denver that drew massive crowds in support of the Second Amendment and in opposition to the recently passed laws, with the line to get into the place stretching for a half a mile. Oh, and they gave away free magazines, too . . .

From the Denver Post:

Gun-owners and gun-lovers converged on Infinity Park on Saturday afternoon in a last-minute protest against a new Colorado law banning the sale of magazines of more than 15 rounds.

“You are in the Vatican of liberty, the Luxembourg of freedom,” Glendale Mayor Mike Dunfon told the crowd at the beginning of the rally.

Organizers say some 5,000 people attended the “Farewell to Arms Freedom” festival, which was hosted by Free Colorado, a nonprofit group that advocates for firearms rights.

The first 1,500 people were given a free magazine, and the remainder were sold at a deep discount. The mags arrived part-way through the event via helicopter, which I’m told was quite the spectacle.

The effort to repeal these new laws is already underway in Colorado, with two successful recall efforts already under gun owners’ belts for the most visible gun control advocates in the legislature. But it’s too late to save Magpul from leaving the state, they’ve already set up their new manufacturing facilities and are churning out parts elsewhere.

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    • Not that I saw. And if there were any they’d be booed out of there very quickly haha.

    • No there was! Both of them came. You can see them protesting on the upper left corner…

  1. Good for MagPul, sad for the residents of Colorado. If the state experiences more than 5,000 cases of civil disobedience to the magazine law, I don’t see how such a ban would be enforceable. It will be interesting to see what transpires.

    As a side note, I’ve got a bunch of MagPul gear and I plan to get a whole lot more.

    • The ban “grandfathers” any previously owned magazines. Nobody there is technically in civil disobedience.

      • There is a rally being held today at the capital in which people, will buy and sell now illegal magazines near the capitol building.

  2. Pure awesomeness. Way to go magpul. I own a ton of their product and will buy more. Btw, where did they finally move to?

  3. I’m observing a disturbing trend,one which may be why Colorado is in the legal position its in.

    It starts with a family of liberals who inhabit a Democratic stronghold.Whether the specific city is New York,Chicago, Los Angeles,or Baltimore is irrelevant.What is relevant is that our liberal ,gun hating household has a problem.The breadwinner has lost their job on account of the business hostile environment, and its time to move someplace with job openings and lower taxes.So our family pulls up stakes and moves to a conservative state with both those traits.

    All is not well in paradise,however.Turns out there aren’t as many government services as they’re used to,and the gun laws are just SCARY.Anyone can carry a gun with a state issued permit! Clearly something must be done about this unenlightened and backwards situation-and next election they vote for the proper, enlightened Liberal Democrat candidate.

    Years later that Red state isn’t so red anymore.Taxes are a lot higher,crime is rampant,and our breadwinner lost their job again.Guess its time for them to move again….

    • Like a virus. I was at the rally yesterday. It was great. Hopefully these people, and many others like them around the country, can be the anti-virus.

      • That’s been the story in Nevada, specificly southern Nevada for the past 15 years unfortunately.

    • They are just locusts. They destroy everything then move to the next food source. It’s horrible because they vote for the policies that caused them to flee their home states.

      • People on this site keep telling me, a Ca. gun owner, to move to a more gun friendly state. Screw that. I’m going to encourage the leftists to move to greener pastures in Texas, Arizona and other places. We see what happened in Colorado. Once the leftist locusts are gone from here we can have a gun friendly state and take in all the refugees from all those newly ruined states.

        • Its far easier to prevent an unjust law from being enacted than to repeal laws already in existence…

        • While I appreciate your creativity, I will drive every one of those Cali-tards back to your doorstep. We (I) need Texas to stay red and my property values to remain normal.

        • yeah and convert a half dozen states instead of keeping one blue, that makes a lot of f^cking sense…

          Id hate to use the term locusts but Ill use it. Its quite a amazing thing.

        • As much as I hate to interrupt any man in the throes of shadow boxing…

          …I am one of those RKBA/2A liberals who lived in California, albeit for a very short time. The place gave me hives on my soul. So I moved to a Shall Issue state…where I spend a large amount of my time improving my marksmanship and gunsmithing skills with like-minded people of very diverse political backgrounds and views. The liberals among us have a ball teaching other liberals to shoot, taking them to the range the first time, answering their questions about gun control, self protection, 2A, etc., and unpacking their assumptions, and teaching them to do that themselves (which is what “liberal” is supposed to mean, open minded, and did mean till it got hijacked by PC orthodoxy and its Star Chamber inquisitions).

          We don’t give a shamrock shite about a person’s beliefs. 2A isn’t about that. It’s about the most basic civil right. Though we do get a lot of Californians coming here with their bling, woo, and faith-based preachings about social praxis, and they chap my glutes.


      • Exactly what is happening in Utah. Californians move here, hate our guns, roads, religion and animal smells.

        • I just barely moved from the SF bay area (back) to the SLC area. I grew up in Davis County. I’m *so* glad to come back, and I’m going to get my Utah CFP just as soon as I get my drivers license switched to Utah.

          CA is so ridiculous with its gun laws, and all the legal uncertainty regarding how to even defend your own house if someone breaks and enters. Utah isn’t lost, not yet, and not if I can help it. Everyone I know here is a supporter of 2A as well, and wants to keep it that way.

    • I wouldn’t be so quick to make the issue bipartisan. Washington and Oregon are pretty good exceptions. We’re full of leftists but they’re the “live and let live,” chill leftists, not the get-up-in-your-business, control freak leftists.

        • Kind of. There are plenty of leftists, but they haven’t reached critical mass yet.

          Most of the ones we get are from California, and they have a hard time acclimating to the 8-month rainy season in WA.

        • 8 months? That’s only in Sequim. The rest of the state gets rain all day every day of the year except for about 4 hours in August. Honest! Californians, you’d hate it here! If you gotta go somewhere, try Phoenix! Or NOLA! Just stay out of Washington!!!

        • Yep, C, as I wrote above before reading your comment.

          Most of the POTG I know in the nearby city/college campus are leftier than I. I’m just a practical liberal, because the best guide to how to act is what works, according to skill and experience. And sometimes it requires a lot of tolerance, which is why friends say I’m more a Stoic than a liberal.

          Also our local crop of Republicans–recently gerrymandered out of our district to make it less purple and more blue–include many people who have hated the direction their party started taking in the 1980s (snooping in people’s closets, bedrooms, and doctor’s offices). I’m down with sensible conservatism, providing that what’s being conserved makes sense. Like the Bill of Rights.

          Sequim is actually pretty dry, being in the rain shadow of the Olympic Peninsula. But it’s full of retirees who want to live in an (often urban blue state) fantasy world rather than the diverse real world. As for eight months of rain a year, and the fact that where I live gets about 80 days of clear sky each year, I am happy to share the details of that with old CA contacts. Also the Pacific cyclones, the coyote that eat pet dogs and cats, the cougar, the unusually high occurrence of MS and backwoods maniacs, the high unemployment and higher underemployment, and the even worse invasion of self-obsessed speshul snowflakes with noodle arms and weird facial hair, who think they invented everything, and whom we ALL call hipsters…though apparently we’re not allowed to use that term anymore.

      • Huh? You live on the east side of the Cascades, maybe?

        Yes, Washington has relatively good gun laws. Other than that, politicians in western Washington are most definitely control freaks and “in your business”.

        Leftist = “Obey and we let you live”

      • You have two faced problems.

        Liberals: Control freaks that f^ck with your taxes/paycheck, guns, concepts of self defense, and the individual personal responsibility paradigm of citizens in a community. Of course, you cant forget the hypocrisy.

        Conservatives: Control freaks that f^ck with my bedroom business, my family when they enthusiastically send my children off to war, f^ck with my taxes/paycheck when they bail out banks and corporations, and concepts of a society are discarded for Rand-esque “I got mine” individualism.

    • Excellent description, ST. This is exactly what happened to once- reliably- Red Oregon, in my lifetime. What I think of as the Invasive Species moved in, and began strangling our native conservative/libertarian culture. At least they haven’t (yet) succeeded in ruining our excellent gun laws.

    • I’m seeing the same thing in New Hampshire. The southern border, particularly in the east, is just northern Massachusetts because of people trying to escape the hell they’ve created in what was once the birthplace of our nation.

    • I wondered this as well. Nick said, “they’ve already set up their new manufacturing facilities and are churning out parts,” so where did they go? Anyone know?

      Either way, the rally sounds pretty awesome.

      • It was my understanding that Magpul was going to set up manufacturing in several unspecified states. I never saw an announcement regarding a destination for the HQ, which is a more involved and deliberative process than moving production.

  4. These 5,000 people need to turn out when MAIG comes into town and at EVERY SINGLE fundraiser by the officials who were key to the legislation.

  5. I was there. Good gathering, and a dramatic entrance by Dana Loesch. She was a bit shrill for the crowd, and someone had neglected to tell her how to pronounce “once you use them you throw them out” Rep. DeGette’s name. Still it was a good time.

    A short video on the jumbotron produced boos when Hillary’s picture came up, and did Obama’s. Holder, not so much, but probably because he was a little harder to recognize.

    I’m within walking distance, so when I got there about five to four (it started at four) the line was close to four blocks long. I finally got in the gate about 4:20, and I was one of the first 1500 so got a coupon.

    MagPul has canceled the option on a 100k SF plus facility they were leasing near their current operations, but so far has been mum on where they’re putting things. Local scuttlebutt is some of the operations will be just over the state line in Wyoming so that they can keep some of the staff and the suppliers won’t have to move, or move as far. Time will tell.

    All the proceeds went to fund the recall effort going after John Morse, the Senate President who drove through the silly laws that take effect tomorrow. Only downer was they ran out of hats, so I was only able to get a Tshirt to go with my PMags.

  6. Well apparently you can survey less than 5,000 people and determine the “national” pulse of any political topic… *ahem* according to several outlets.

  7. Strange a CA gun control rally makes three fascist to attend one progun rally 5000 see the difference.

  8. Where were these 5,000 citizens before the liberal extremists started cranking out these laws?! Too little too late. We need to be more proactive! I’m at ground zero California, and there are pockets of resistance. We’re just scattered, but once we organize coordinated protests we’ll be a force to reckon with. To hell with leaving California. I say make a Stand and Fight!

    • It’s possible to be vote against the statists in a predominately statist county (or even state) and still have the bastards come out on top. Who knows what the demographics are for where all 5,000 of them came from.

    • To those who say “stay and fight:” Fighting is good if it’s a battle you can win, but it’s hard to win battles against naive city folks who are conditioned by their environment to be helpless cogs… By land area, 90% of the US is “red,” but by population, a majority seems to be “blue.” The press is a big problem as well, because they are completely controlled by leftists, who are intent upon foisting their utopian, myopic view of things onto the entire country, and are very effective at it, considering they control virtually all the propaganda outlets by which Americans are informed about current events and trends. (Fox is, one might say, “controlled opposition” -just conservative enough to prevent people from crying foul too loudly about media bias, but not traditional enough to seriously advocate counter-attack instead of merely holding the line and endless compromise.) Unless one has a realistic hope or plan for victory, fighting what is bound to be a losing struggle is not wise: better to withdraw, regroup, and be able to make a more effective stand somewhere else. Unfortunately, due to the nature of democracy, legal channels are only as effective as the fickle mob allows them to be. We might win a lawsuit, but then some higher judge will overturn it, and we might prevent a new law from being passed, but that is no guarantee that the same law will not be tried again tomorrow, each time winning a greater measure of support as the demographics in a place shift in favor of the liberals.

      • E. Jones

        I understand what you mean. But this is the only home I got. I’m not gonna up and move if someone tries to break into my house because it’s just not financially feasible and realistically impossible. And I certainly won’t move away simply because a bunch of thug politicians think they can shit on our constitution and then get away with it. It’s plain and simple. I, like many others, have no where else to regroup. If we don’t make a stand for something, then we’ll live for nothing.

        • Traveler, I can understand where you’re coming from. For myself, expanding my 2E rights is pretty much out of the question since I live in California. I love this little patch of desert in the southeast of the state. There’s no place on Earth I’d ideally live. I say that those that love their home as much as you should fight like hell, vote the bastards out. Colorado still has a chance.

          However, I do not blame anyone who, as I plan to, decides to move to more favorable pro-2E grounds.

      • If You think FauxNews is ‘just conservative enough’ to not make people cry foul you are truly out of touch, and far too deep in the Teanderthal bubble.

        Im a Liberal, and still own guns. I argue and support my gun rights. But I also care about other things. Like the environment, economy, and civil rights. Which the Right works very hard to destroy. There are Lefties which want to roll back Gun rights and access. But the Eighties want to roll back the last 100 years of civil and economic progress.
        I’ll continue to try and thread my needle in a hurricane, thank you very much.

  9. Magpul was founded by a former Marine . A grunt deployed in Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Richard Fitzpatrick, President/CEO – Founder, wrong guy to pick a fight with.

    I really hate to see good people and a good business leave my state. But you have my admiration.

  10. Bravo Magpul, bravo. I will find an excuse to send you some more money soon (as if I needed an excuse to buy more mags…).

  11. When I got this post, it was throu facebook, and it said, CALIFORNIANS, YOU ARE FACING MUCH WORSE LEGISLATION. WHY ARE YOU NOT PARTICIPATING IN GUN RIGHTS ACTIVISM? I resent this comment! As a Ca. resident all my life, I have fought tooth and nail for my rights! Evidently the one thing you don,t understand is that the politicians DON,T LISTEN!! They do what they want and to HELL with you if you disagree. It is a lost state. This is the only time I will say this!

    • Take your tampon out dude and lighten up, it’s obvious the message isn’t talking about you, but the millions of others.

      It was just a rallying cry, not a personal attack on your manhood.

    • 1) They were better organized
      2) They were better funded
      3) Opposition was busier sniping at each other than at the Democrats
      4) Two conservatives running for governor split the vote and allowed Hick to walk to victory
      5) Massive influx of progressives from out of state over the last 20 years.
      6) They got them out to vote with a stronger candidate at the top of the ticket in 2012.

      We can still kick them out, but the circular firing squad among the Republicans has to stop. I have to give the progs credit-they managed in the main to put aside their differences and focus on winning.

  12. “… two successful recall efforts already under gun owners’ belts for the most visible gun control advocates in the legislature.”

    That wording seems to imply that the recall efforts have already ousted the betrayers. Not so. There were more than enough signatures validated by the Secretary of State’s office, so the recalls go for a vote in a couple of months. In the meantime, the Demoncrats are trying to work the courts to get the recalls invalidated. We still have a way to go, and if the Quislings are recalled, the Demoncrats get to appoint their successors, who will occupy the offices until the next election. That’s when the real fireworks will start.

  13. Born and raised in Colorado, moved to Washington state in 1997. The place was red when I left, but since then our worse fears were realized, they finally Californicated my beloved Colorado. I’m sure my parents are spinning in their graves.
    Good for Colorado to fight the Facist who took over the state. It shouldn’t have happened in the first place. Magpul rocks.

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