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Mr. Casino Deathfish, a software engineer who has learned to code, sends his “Keepin it real EDC” to us via Everyday Carry.

Yes, our Kentuckian carries a Gen 4 GLOCK 19 with a skeletonized slide.  Frankly, if I had a gun with that fancy slide, I’d want to baby it.  Anyone know the manufacturer of that modern art masterpiece?

He feeds it hollow-points, of course.

The oddity I saw is that he wears both a nice Rolex GMT Master II (Available now for $17,995) and a Fit Bit.   Oh well, who am I to wonder about these things as I carry two keyrings to help ensure I don’t lock myself out of my house or car.  Speaking of lost keys, I do like the Tile Sport Keyfinder.

Also on his keyring is the Kanguru USB flash drive.  Why does this thing cost $312?  Because it automatically encrypts the data contained.  I encrypt my personal inventory and files with TrueCrypt, but everyone’s mileage varies.

I’ve never heard of Guardian Tactical, but he has one of their auto knives.  I like auto knives.  They just don’t always like me.  Unintended deployments suck.  I’ve still got scars from my last one.  The good news is that they are less painful than OC unintentional deployments in the (front) pocket.

Yes, that one happened many years ago and required a trip home to shower and change clothes.   And get some frozen peas.





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    • My first thought was “not necessarily so”; but given that particular one, +1000 on the fuck this guy.

  1. How does the Kanguru compare to drives like the ‘Iron Key’ encrypted from years back?

  2. Really? Baby it? Masterpiece?

    “Frankly, if I had a gun with that fancy slide, I’d want to baby it. Anyone know the manufacturer of that modern art masterpiece?”

    The idea of lipstick on a pig sounds about right here. Put a fancy slide on a Glock and it is still a boring plastic gun with a fancy slide.

  3. Trying to wrap my head around 17k for a watch……to each their own.

    Needs a kubotan instead of a pen.

    Is that light tactical enough?

    • Well, he also drives a land rover, and has the totenkopf as his avatar, so it’s safe to assume he’s a total d-bag. Along with the whole Glock mod stuff – which cost equal to or more than the Glock costs stock. Pointless.

    • Specialist, watches are just like anything else. You can spend as little, or as much as you want to. Google Pattick Phellipe. Spelling might be off. I think $17,000 for a stainless GMT Master is a bit much though. If it’s two tone though… I didn’t look at it that close. Never lost money on a Rolex though. Like money in the bank. Omega is a good bet too.

  4. A software engineer who hasn’t learned to code would be pretty useless, yeah?

    That gun doesn’t appeal to me at all (nor do the sunglasses) but I guess it’s all functional… just a little flashy. Except for the lack of holster. Maybe he’s ashamed because it’s not orange.

  5. I like glocks… so I like his glock. But I don’t get the grip/skater tape. I’ve run around in rain and mud and never had a gen 4 slip in my grip (rhymes!)

    Those things just rub my hand raw.

    My guess it’s a zev tech slide?

    • I had them on my first Glock. They slip off. Totally pointless. You’re better off buying or soldering iron and stippling yourself. Same price too.

  6. Is she just a self-identified racist driving a land owner curing a fancy slide gun gun, or does he just not know any better about the avatar?

  7. Tell me more about unintended deployment of automatic knives.
    People say those cheap Lightning OTFs don’t need a safety because it’s impossible to accidentally deploy one, does that sound reasonable?

    • It depends on a couple things. Mainly design and quality.

      OTF flippers (folding knives) tend to have a button on the side. If that’s depressed then the knife will open. How far is a function of blade length and your pocket. These days many auto-flippers have a safety that is supposed to prevent this, but if you fail to engage that safety it can still be an issue. Also, not all have that safety.

      Ultimately this is like an assisted knife with thumbstuds that can get caught on a thread from the pocket hem and open as you pull them out of your pocket, like an undesigned Emerson Wave feature that you don’t expect. That can cut you.

      OTF knives often have their button, usually as a switch, on top of the knife where your thumb would naturally end up (See the MicroTech UltraTech for an example). They have no manual safety. The safety resides in the heavy nature of actuation of the switch and the location as well as the switch being slightly stepped.

      Other OTF’s put the switch on the side of the knife (Benchmade Infidel for example). That relies entirely on the stiffness of the switch and the slightly stepped nature of the switch to avoid accidental blade releases. Like a DA revolver.

      Some OTF knives (Shrade Viper for example) use a side switch and a manual safety.

      There are single and double action OTF knives too, the former requiring you to retract the blade manually while the latter will retract it with a use of the same switch that initially deployed the blade. This has no real bearing on accidental deployment of the blade.

      That’s sort of a basic intro. Hope it helps.

  8. The drive is expensive not because of what it does per se, 256bit encryption being cheap, but because it meets the Level 3 requirements for FIPS 140-2 (fedgov standard) encrypted modules which is abso-fucking-lutey pointless for him to carry around with him because a huge part of the point of Level 3 is physical tamper evidence which can’t really be had if the device leaves the secured premises.

  9. I was distracted by the awfulness of that Glock too. Seriously dopey, and I say that as someone who owns a couple Glocks, likes them, and carries one (Glock 43) routinely.

    Also awful: I had to read the article twice to catch the “value” of the watch (cost, I would suggest, not value, but what do I know)?

    What’s with the watches in these EDC posts, anyway? I have more than half an impression that the owners of all this silly crap mostly just want us peons to understand how expensive their watches are. Well, okay. Noted. More money than sense and all that.

    Seriously, your watch-that-costs-as-much-as-a-car is just… trying too hard, buddy.

    Oh and your fancy thumb drive. Right. Super secret stuff on that, I bet.

  10. The only items showing wear are the knife, keys, and Rover Fob (2010 model or older?).
    The light is cool, has one of those magnetic charging cables so you can make sure your light battery is always fully charged. Gun is new, the holster must be on order and maybe an optic for that Zev slide. Sandpaper grip, so no IWB carry for this person. Other than a holster and spare mag this edc looks GTG. Now gets some trigger time on that Gucci Glock!

  11. Seeing he has the Glock exploded diagram repair mat, he is either a certified Glock armorer or just a fanatic. I am going with fanatic, since in the armorer class they specifically tell you not to modify your Glock slide, like this dope has. This is one of the ugliest firearms I have ever seen.

    • I have always wondered about that. Proper function of a semi-auto is a balance between the force of the expanding gasses, the strength of the recoil spring, the weight of the slide and the friction of the locking block.

      How much can you mess with the weight of the slide before you have unwanted side effects?

      • They’lll never find out. Most people who do that shit only put a couple hundred rounds through em.

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