Orlando TV Reporter, Bystander Shot and Killed While Reporting at the Scene of a Shooting That Took Place Earlier That Day

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By David Fischer, AP

A central Florida television journalist and a little girl were fatally shot Wednesday afternoon near the scene of a fatal shooting from earlier in the day, authorities said.

Orange County Sheriff John Mina said during a news conference that they’ve detained Keith Melvin Moses, 19, who they believe is responsible for both shootings in the Orlando-area neighborhood.

Besides the Spectrum News 13 journalist, Dylan Lyons, and the 9-year-old girl, a TV crewmember and the girl’s mother were wounded during the second shooting. They were in critical condition at a local hospital.

Orange County Sheriff John Mina addresses the media during a press conference about multiple shootings, Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2023, in Orlando, Fla. A central Florida television journalist and a little girl were fatally shot Wednesday afternoon near the scene of a fatal shooting from earlier in the day, authorities said. Mina said that they’ve detained Keith Melvin Moses, 19, who they believe is responsible for both shootings in the Orlando-area neighborhood. (Ricardo Ramirez Buxeda/Orlando Sentinel via AP)

“I want to acknowledge what a horrible day this has been for our community and our media partners,” Mina told a room full of reporters. “I work closely with all of you and know many of you and know the very difficult job that you do and also the very important job that you do for our community and for law enforcement. No one in our community — not a mother, not a 9-year-old and certainly not news professionals — should become the victim of gun violence in our community.”

Mina said they don’t immediately have a motive for any of the shootings.

“So, the suspect is not saying much right now,” Mina said. “It is unclear if he knew they were news media or not. We’re still trying to work all that out.”

This image released by the Orange County, Fla., Sheriff’s Office shows Keith Melvin Moses. Authorities say a central Florida television journalist and a little girl were fatally shot Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2023, near the scene of a fatal shooting from earlier in the day near Orlando, Fla. Authorities have detained Moses, 19, who they believe is responsible for both shootings in the Orlando-area neighborhood. (Orange County Sheriff’s Office via AP)

Mina said the News 13 vehicle did not look like a typical news van with TV station markings.

Deputies had initially responded to the Pine Hills area, just northwest of Orlando, on Wednesday morning following reports of a woman in her 20s being shot.

Moses “was an acquaintance of the woman this morning, but as far as we know, had no connection to the reporters and no connection to the mother and the 9-year-old,” Mina said.

According to witnesses, a man approached the news vehicle later Wednesday and opened fire, hitting the two reporters. The man then walked to a nearby home and shot the mother and daughter.

WFTV crews, who were also reporting on the morning shooting, tried to give medical aid to the Spectrum 13 journalists.

Mina said Moses is already facing a murder charge for the initial victim, and charges are expected soon for the other four victims. Moses’ criminal history includes gun charges, as well as aggravated battery, assault with a deadly weapon, burglary and grand theft offenses, the sheriff said.

“Our hearts go out to the family of the journalist killed today and the crew member injured in Orange County, Florida, as well as the whole Spectrum News team,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said on Twitter.


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  1. “Moses’ criminal history includes gun charges, as well as aggravated battery, assault with a deadly weapon, burglary and grand theft offenses, the sheriff said.”

    why was this already proven violent preditor allowed to roam freely among the prey?

    • Only way to truly get ahead of violent people is to incarcerate them as soon as they have shown they cannot restrain their violent tendencies, for as long as necessary to get it out of their system. As shown here and in countless other terrible instances, violent individuals are allowed to roam free until they get caught killing someone. We are waiting far too long to incarcerate people who should not be in society.

      And of course, the policies being pushed that encourage non-prosecution of criminals.

      • When I looked at his photo, my first thoughts were exactly like you’ve written, although I would replace the word “incarcerate” with “incinerate.”

        • when i first looked at his photo i thought, the top of his head, inverted, would make a nice mold for mexican table candles.

        • Absolutely. The crimes by Non Whites against Whites is a disease. The disease must be killed, before the disease kills us.

        • Eh, even those we feel are never going to turn their life around, can. Execution is irreversible, and doesn’t really do anything except satisfy our want of vengeance. Which is why at the first signs of violence, lengthy incarceration should be a given.

          Now, killing a thug like that in the act, that’s another story. Which is why we all appreciate reading successful self defense stories. After the fact is too late.

        • @D Y

          I wouldnt say execution does nothing… it certainly brings the re-offence rate of the executee down to zero!

    • Why? Because it’s Orange County, home of the Demings crime fambly, er, political dynasty. You can thank all us GOP voters in FL now for keeping “Police Chief Val” out of the US Senate.

      • Even though the perp had a rap sheet showing he should have been off the streets which is a jury or judge’s decision let’s charge the Derings and voters with accessory to murder. Guilt by stretch of the imagination, falls along the lines of yesterday’s meme.

      • I’m still waiting for her apology for losing her duty pistol when she was the Chief of Police of OPD.

        They are just political opportunities.

    • Another example of the sheer availability of firearms being the real problem. Any body with the money can obtain a firearm of choice within an hour and I’d imagine that anybody with this guys record would know exactly where. And it does not a matter a Cat’s Cojones how many police are on the strrets or how many irrelevant gun cotrols are passed. The gun owners of the USA have to step up to the mark and support logical GUN CONTROLS or the time will come when they will all be taken away.I’m fromtheothher side of the Pond and have no idea as w to what bis or would be acceptable to the really bresponsible gun owners of the USA But I’d suggest that LIMITED OWNERSHIP and the absolute banning of firearms like SEMI-AUTO Rifles and Heavy Calibre handguns that have absolutely no logical use and limited amounts of ammunition that canbe legally held would do for a start,NOBODY needs anything more that a decent 9mm or .38 calbre handgun for any leguitimate purpose incluing any perception of ‘self -defence and nobody needs more than a X5 shot Rifle of a suitable calibre for anylegitimate purpose either – and any snsible gun owner knows it.
      AND the application of such rulings would nOT go against the relevant parts of the AMERICAN CONSTITUTION.
      Personal freedoms always have to be weighed against what is rerasonable for the Common Good and CIVIC and PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY and the 22,000 victims of guncrime inthe USA per annum is NOT for the Common Good. The Victims of Gun Crime fatalities in the uSA are the eqivalent of a bloody war – more in fact PER ANNUM that the uS Forces suffered in Afghanistan and Iraq in more than a decaded.

      • Dumb limey. Stay out of subjects you know nothing about. NOT a gun problem. Deal with gangs and most of the homicide number will go away. The “State” going after guns would mean a graveyard of dead police/military and assassinated govt officials. So, now I gotta turn in my .40 cal cuz you deem it too dangerous? Is is any wonder why the Sun set on the Brit empire? Hahaha The horse left the barn LONG ago regarding controling numbers of weapons in the population, so the bad guy will ALWAYS have access…so why go after the law abiding citizen? Banning semi-auto rifles would indeed give license to kill all treasonous vermin who push such anti-Constitutional evil. A semi-auto rifle is nothing more than a semi-auto rifle, and that’s the minimum to keep a potential future tyrannical govt entity in check…the reason for the 2nd Amendment. Wise up, dummy.

      • Are you implying that those with the money and means cannot get a gun in the countries where it’s “harder” or illegal? Because your entire statement contradicts itself after that first sentence. You said it yourself: “I imagine anyone with this guys record would know where to go”.

      • Halfwit – the problem is that LAW-ABIDING people are denied guns, but CRIMINALS will always have them – even if they have to smuggle them in from Russia, or Mexico, or Zimbabwe. You’re dumber that a box of rocks.

      • “any body with the money can obtain a firearm…” I so want to see that happen!

        possum please watch out those bodies might be packin…

    • Libertarians Liberals and the Left constantly say the United States has too many people locked up. Which they compare to other countries, with smaller prison populations. That is why this guy is running around free with his criminal history. Because these people don’t believe that “low-level criminals” should be locked up.

      These dead people including this little child are simply “collateral damage”, in the efforts to lower the American prison population.

      • Non Aggression Principle actually promotes incarcerating violent people.

        Libertarians generally save the too-many-are-locked-up argument for behavior that can be addressed another way or victimless “crimes” such as possession of prohibited chemicals.

        • You say this and I believe you believe it. But that is not what has been happening in the last 10 or 20 years or longer. Drug addicts steal in order to pay for their drug habit. And I have yet to hear of a libertarian, calling for the arrest and incarceration of drug addicts who steal.

        • There are many good ideas (with the best of intentions) that are better not implemented than half-assed. In the utopia of a libertarian’s imagination the addict would not need to steal because the high blackmarket prices don’t exist, but I’ve never met a libertarian that thought theft should have no consequences.

          I have had things stolen from me, and I would much rather have those things returned to me, and perhaps a little extra for my trouble, than for the thief to spend 1 day or 1 decade in jail. Of course both might be appropriate.

    • “why was this already proven violent preditor allowed to roam freely among the prey?”

      You know the answer to that. It has a lot to do with the perp’s skin tone. But, more than that, George Soros and a lot of Democrats hate America. They love it when people of color run amuk. They want to tear America down, and what better way to do that, than to allow criminals to run free?

  2. When will this freekin country realize that we have a black crime problem !!! Arizona now has DAILY shootings involving black suspects that the news organizations just will not identify. A few years back you would hear of a shooting just every once in awhile, mostly a jealous Jose’. Arizona has been overrun with thugs and crime now is thru the roof. I calls em as I see em. This country needs to admit where the real problem lies. Until then it will be shootings and more shootings… I am sick of it.

    • OOOOOHHHHH, Chris.

      How dare you identify online the root cause of a significant percentage of violent crime in America as being committed by one or a few indigenous racial populations…even if it’s true.

    • Black crime problem or a poor community crime problem, and the residents of those communities are predominantly Black?

      • There are many poor White communities of with all the same pathologies, like fatherless single parent homes, drug use, and substandard housing where you don’t see near the level of criminal violence. Appalachia comes to mind.

        How to explain??

        • Gets worse when you compare higher (and highest) income Black to lower to average income white. Dunno if it is cultural genetic or something dietary but there is a stark difference in every measured demographic. Doesn’t really matter as individual choices ultimately determine destiny but absent consequences it gets nasty.

        • They don’t have Tupac and Fity cent and all the others droning on about the virtues of “bustin’ a cap”.

        • I can explain part, or maybe a lot of, that by pointing out that black families seldom have a father figure in the house. That old classroom-to-prison pipeline has really screwed black culture over. Generational welfare families are another large part of that.

          Black folk need to thank their favorite politicians, like, like Bill Clinton for policies like “Get tough on crime”, and the “War on (certain) drugs”, and the whole prison-for-profit scheme.

          All of that crap has an effect on black culture.

      • That sounds like something an out of touch Democrat would say.

        The Puppet: “Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.”

        Bernie Sanders: “White people don’t know what it’s like to struggle.”

        In sheer numbers, there are twice as many whites living in poverty than blacks.

        Do you think the young man in this story was taking a vacation day to go on his murder spree? Maybe he called in sick. Or maybe he wasn’t doing what he could have been doing to get out of poverty. Would running around killing people help that situation? This is the land of opportunity. Immigrants aren’t risking their life to get here so they can be oppressed. Unfortunately, too many American black kids (educated Africans come here and thrive) believe the Democrat propaganda which tells them they’ll amount to nothing without the assistance of the government intervening on their behalf.

        Disclaimer: I’m not familiar with his financial situation. I was addressing the subject you brought up. I’ve mentioned this before when it comes to mass shooters. How much responsibility do they have in their life? Why aren’t they busy at work and school or taking their girlfriend out? Where’s their family? Do they think taking a life is wrong? Why or why not?

        • “believe the Democrat propaganda which tells them they’ll amount to nothing without the assistance of the government intervening on their behalf.”
          Exactly what they’re trying to do with CRT now that many are turning away from the dem party. The welfare state works pretty well but gotta stop the rest from escaping the plantation any way possible.

      • Now that the above bigots had their say…By all means you bigots form a circle jerk and keep an eye out for Black. That said the day may come when your bigotry makes you a batch for some trusted lily white perp who makes the 19 year old Black perp look like Mary Poppins… dumbfuks.

        • Rose colored glasses do not make hard facts go away they just make you look silly. Racism is not a good thing to practice but very little of the above is actual racism.

        • Since you know what’s in the hearts of all the above commentators maybe you can explain the disparities in the statistics. Explain the Chicago numbers for example.
          Not one person above said whites never commit crime. It’s obvious someone needed to keep an eye out for this black.

    • to chris

      Yes we do have a black crime problem. That is a fact that everybody needs to face. Yes it’s true. But what is also true, is that white people specifically white Atheists, white h0m0sexu@ls, white Libertarians liberals and leftists, white feminists, white s o c i a l i s t pr0gressives. All of them disagreed with the Christians when the Christians said a father is necessary in the home.

      The people who hate the traditional family structure are the primary cause of the increase in crime in the black community. And it is these white people who support a very destructive social policy. Of course these same white people don’t live anywhere near where the blacks live.

      Many of them such as Joe Rogan who supported these policies, end up moving out of California to Texas. To a more white conservative area, where criminals are more likely to be held accountable.

      To fix this problem will take many decades. It will require a complete reversal in the way our society thinks how the traditional family and raising a child is done currently.

      The best immediate solution is to make it so that every Law Abiding Citizen can have a gun and they should be encouraged to get one, and learn how to use it. The laws should be changed so that property owners and the law-abiding can kill these criminals Dead on Site. And not face any criminal charges. Nor face any civil lawsuits brought by some criminal family member who, who is most likely a criminal themselves. This would help to eliminate the Benjamin Crump Ambulance Chasers of the world.

      More guns equals less crime. And more traditional families of one man and one woman also reduces crime.

      Founder of Gun Site Colonel Jeff Cooper said “give the residents of the Cities guns and they will solve their own problems.”

  3. You want to know how this happens in Orlando?
    Start with 9th Circuit Attorney Monique Worrell (D), this is from her 2020 election campaign.

    “Three top policies:
    •Changing the culture of prosecution
    •Ending wrongful convictions and increasing police accountability
    •Ending mass incarceration and the use of cash bail”

    Her passion:
    “Monique Worrell is committed to ending the criminalization of poverty and implementing a rehabilitative approach to the legal system. She believes that the way to achieve a safer and healthier community is to use the State Attorney’s office to address, head-on, the drives of crime, such as poverty, mental illness, and drug addiction. Monique believes that the way to successfully implement these policies is to partner with community organizations that are already working to address these issues in order to develop successful alternative sentencing plans.”

    Nothing about crime victims or reducing crime, just concern for criminals.

    • Another Pr0gressive DA who truly believes the criminal is the real victim of a systemically racist society and we as members of that society need to face the righteous wrath of the oppressed victims.

      Some people really overthink things.

  4. This is gonna get memory holed. Not a white dude. Notice how we haven’t heard anything lately about the last shooter.

    • “This is gonna get memory holed. Not a white dude. Notice how we haven’t heard anything lately about the last shooter.”

      Of which ‘Not a white dude’ ‘last shooter’ do you speak? There are so many lately, thousands, across the country, as there are ‘stabbers’ and ‘rapists’ and, well, the list goes on and on.

  5. If this guy doesn’t qualify for the death penalty then who does?
    19 years old and truly a menace to society, execute him quickly.
    Before anyone starts with any racism BS, I don’t care what color he is.

        • I am pretty sure, not being a criminal attorney or anything, that this guy’s crimes amount to first degree murder, not justifiable or even negligent homicide.

        • Never said it wasn’t. I just have to hear a lot of insane claims that self defense is murder and the victim should be charged day in and day out because of various made up bullshit (equity lately)

  6. on a better note the Missouri ag told the woke st.louis da resign by noon or we’ll throw you out!
    it’s a start

        • he’s not all wrong, diversion programs for non- violents may be appropriate. the rest of his opinion marks him as a brainwashed headcase.

        • “he’s not all wrong, diversion programs for non- violents may be appropriate.”

          Agreed, the question becomes, how many breaks should criminals get before finally getting consequences?

          Because I could see some kids saying to themselves “I don’t have any strikes, I’m gonna go and steal that car.”

      • Good. It’s long past time that the state AG go after this and other prosecutors who refuse to enforce the law. A prosecutor who refuses to enforce the law regarding a violent Criminal, is just as corrupt and evil as a dirty police officer.

  7. Not only should the young man who is accused of the shootings been off the streets for his previous violent crimes, any bets he didn’t bother to finish high school, and came from a single parent home?
    Any bets the shooter used an illegally obtained hand gun? But according to the disarmament crowd, to prevent such crimes we need to disarm the people who have not committed a crime nor shown any violent tendencies.
    Novel concept here. How about first holding parents of these punks responsible for the actions of their offspring? At least up to age 21. As well as requiring and if needs be forcing the fathers of these punks to actually pay support and spend at least a few days a month with their kids? Even if that is supervised.
    Next would be kick the school curriculum back to basics as were taught in the 1960’s. Sure update information, but enforce discipline in the classroom from an early age and do not allow the crap we see today into the schools. That includes teaching that being a thug or dope head is not acceptable behavior.

  8. Well the little girl and mom are pretty sad but I think the news reporter getting shutesed is funny.
    “We’re on scene here today where there was a deadly shute out,”.- – – *Bang* PoP Zing- – -, Owwww, ugh, it happened again , I was live on air for awhile, ahhhgggg.”

    • Ooooo ahhh, pull my hair,,,,,, Oh, Oh, Oh Ohhhhh,,, throw the money on me Noooooowwwwww ahhhhhh yeah baby you know what I like.

  9. In related news this morning, a California Leftist Scum ™ has introduced a bill to outlaw police dogs, because they are racist. You can’t make this shit up :

    “In a move that has outraged police officers, the proposal claims ‘K-9’ dogs are ‘racist’ because the majority of suspects who are bitten are black. And supporters of the bill say the dogs ‘trigger’ black Americans because the animals were used in the days of slavery to hunt down runaway slaves.”


    • So………….now if I wanted to be a criminal in CA not only is it not even a crime to steal stuff under $1,000 (I think) but if I run into the woods after any given crime they will have to send up drones/helicopters with thermal to have any chance of reasonably tracking me. Yeah good luck over there.

        • It was kinda funny, in retrospect.

          A ‘youth’ committed a crime, when the police responded he tried to run. The problem was, he had on some cool shoes that blinked an LED in the heel every time the wearer took a step.

          It wasn’t difficult to chase him down… 🙂

        • My first thought is this cant be real……….but I know if I google it I will get more than 3 incidents.

        • I got some of those for my kids when they were little. The shoes would light up red and blue as they walked. At night in the vehicle, I would see red and blue lights in the rear view. I’d think it was a cop, but it was my kids kicking their feet in their booster seats.

    • And supporters of the bill say the dogs ‘trigger’ black Americans because the animals were used in the days of slavery to hunt down runaway slaves.”

      Genetically inherited PTSD? That’s wild. I’m guessing a dog about to sniff their car while pulled over also produces a fair amount of anxiety.

      • “Genetically inherited PTSD? That’s wild.”

        In all seriousness, they actually believe that… 🙁

        • You would be amazed what they believe. Perhaps they’ve taken too many recreational pharmaceuticals.

        • Gee Geoff I’m super scared of a meteor screaming towards Colorado except if it hits Denver or Boulder. Is that “Genetically inherited PTSD?” 🤣

    • are the dogs racist by biting black suspects more because its more likely ’cause the majority of suspects are black or ’cause the dogs time traveled back in time to the days of slavery to hunt down runaway slaves?

    • I’ve always thought “releasing the dogs” just looked what to Nazi. Then you’ve got the dog chewing your leg off while the cop stands there screaming “DON’T MOVE ,DONT MOVE, I’LL SHOOT. *KAPOW*
      No Sir dogs can sniff drugs, bombs and dead people, but turning them loose on the public is sick and any cop who praises his dog for chewing somebody up is a sick son of a bitch too.
      Remember the 60’s , cops, dogs and blacks. Not a pretty picture for the “Land of The Free” was it?
      And another thing that irks me is authority can blast your dog for protecting you but you get charged with murder of a police officer if you shoot their dog. Wheres this Freedom in America I keep hearing about? Seem some are more better then others and a uniform makes all the difference, doesn’t matter how big a chicken shit they are as long as they’ve got the badge, uniform, and hit squad behind them, right, yup yup.
      Fucking Nazis

  10. if President Obama had a bastard son, he would look like Keith Melvin Moses.

    as for the TV reporter, he was probably a propagandist for the gun control lobby. think of it as evolution in action.

  11. THERE is a war being perpetrated against Whites by non whites in America. Crime states show this, although the Woke media and Biden Regime work to suppress this. The government we formed whose only mission is to protect Americans is now conspiring to kill us. Open borders, crippled police funding, Woke ideology, Communist media, and a Communist Biden Regime all combine to kill White Americans.

    The Communist Biden Regimes efforts to disarm the law abiding is another factor that empowers non Whites to kill and rob Whites.

    There is nothing racist for facts and truth to told. There is everything racist for Non Whites to be shielded from the law, for them to be treated as oppressed persons, and for government to hand them special favors.

    It is society that disintegrated. It has disintegrated because of liberalism. Liberism is a beginning stage of Communism. To impose Communism the social engineers must first induce disorder. The US is in a lawless, disordered state, with Communists having been permitted to take over government and our most basic institutions. Once our arms are confiscated, we become slaves.

    • Its called Anarcho-tyranny (a form of tyranny) – the reality implementation and effects of which are ….

      Anarcho-tyranny is a concept, where the state is more interested in controlling citizens so they do not or can not oppose the ruling elite (tyranny) rather than controlling real criminals (causing anarchy). Laws are enforced selectively (for example, a felony theft is no longer prosecuted or police forces are prevented by the ruling elite in some way from being able to enforce the law against certain classes of people), depending on what is to be beneficial for the ruling elite (the democrat party in this case). The resulting chaos in not controlling the real criminals is intended to entice the people to fear enough to beg the government to do something. The government then starts appealing to the public as the ‘savior of the people’ to the majority who become more willing accept the ‘control’ for the sake of getting safety and security from the chaos. In reality, this increases the hold the managerial state has over the people. The ruling elite then begin to enact ‘rule by edict’ (like Bidens Executive orders to the ATF and DOJ) instead of passing laws, bypassing the law making authority, to more firmly control the rights that still exist and relegate them to de-facto privileges controlled by government.

      In an anarcho-tyranny the ruling elite takes advantage of the citizens ’emotional reactions’ and liberalism and ignorance to drive a wave of popularity for ‘policies’ put forth by the ruling elite with such ‘policy’ usually relying on a facade of ‘facts’ which when exposed and examined are not really facts, or political rhetoric that is slanted to give an impression that isn’t true. For example, the key democrat false logic point that correlation=causation, e.g. “More law abiding people with gun carry permits means more murders.” (or similar).

      The anarcho-tyranny ruling elite also relies on creating ‘divisions’ in society by radicalizing or polarizing issues so that another ‘society or political group’ is portrayed as the ‘enemy’ while the ruling elite work to undermine all rights and freedoms of the populace to seize control of them by laws they create and relegate them (eventually) to a ‘privilege status’ controlled by their government (the ruling elite) that is touted as rights and freedoms. They downplay faith & spirituality & moral constraints in favor of their ‘laws’ to control the populace touted by the ruling class as for (basically) ‘security or safety’. The goal of these is to ‘train’ the populace that, overall, freedom and what the government says and provides are the same thing. The goal is that eventually the populace accepts it as inevitable and becomes comfortable with it and then its touted to be a ‘civilized democracy’ when in reality its a tyranny in which the populace has been deceived and controlled and conquered.

      This is the end stage goal of anacro-tyranny. The U.K. and all European (and most all Asian) countries and governments are at this stage today. Their ruling elite were successful in conquering their populace. It varies from place to place, but for a small example, this the reason the U.K. loves having a monarch – because it was ‘trained’ into the populace to accept this is how it is, and in reality the people are still ‘subjects’ of the crown where the word ‘subject’ in their laws was changed to ‘citizen’ (to appease the populace – another form of deceptive control).

      If an anacro-tyranny is not stopped and defeated (if allowed to continue long enough), eventually any remaining collective democracy/republic freedoms and rights are removed and the country devolves into totalitarianism.

    • Same reason we still had murders going on in NYC during stop and frisk, you can’t get them all. But last I saw most of Florida was still trending down after hitting a 50 year low in 2021 for crime while even in rural NY we are trending up.

    • “why was this scumbag roaming free?”

      We’re talking Orange county, in the Orlando area, it’s a solid blue county.

      The local DA got elected on the promise of ending ‘racist’ justice. Hence, the result.

      The times I’m in the Orlando area visiting my sister, I’m never disarmed, if I can help it…

    • You get the government you vote for and all the consequences that come with it. As well as the society you deserve because of the choices you make.

  12. Sometimes motivation is as simple as double-digit IQ.

    Maybe we can do a sort of immigration exchange program where we trade our reptile-brain degenerates to socialist nations in exchange for anyone of theirs who’d rather not live there.

  13. So previous history of violent offenses, but he was out, criminal justice reform is going to have to start adding numbers to sentences and deleting bail, for these violent offenders.


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