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When JLM wants to do some big thinking, he heads into the woods and packs a Kahr PM45 when he goes. That gives him 5+1 big boy rounds in a compact package that won’t weight him down.

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  1. For the woods I prefer a head light to a hand held unit. I’m a big fan of the SAK. Around my neck on a bootlace when I’m in the boonies I have an SAK, a firesteel and a storm whistle.

    a j frame and a walking stick are constant companions in the woods. Unless I’m hunting. Then the stick is replaced with a rifle or shotgun.

    I have a wide variety of knives. But mostly for a belt knife I carry a Mora companion.

    • Not sure if you’re serious, or joking. If the former, you’ve clearly never seen a J-frame Smith. They’re really small. Besides, Freud was pretty much discretted decades ago. I know I could never make much sense of what a coke head had to say. I generally just threw them in jail and let the judge figure it out the next day when they had recovered some of their wits.

  2. I generally carry a 4″ S&W Mountain Gun in 44 mag in El Paso Saddelery leather with a belt slide with six extra rounds and a “5 Randall #5 with a few bells and whistles in the woods. That’s if I’m working. Like last Saturday. Planting millet and millo for the quail and turkey. Both hands free? A rifle. We have a few big pigs down here. Some with evil dispositions. And a few bears, but they generally run away.

  3. When someone finally lets loose Komodo dragons in Florida as the final, end all be all of invasive species here, the .44 mag I bought for fun will have a more practical use.

    • “When someone finally lets loose Komodo dragons in Florida…”

      I don’t believe they can handle cold very well, so any you bag will be right after someone lets one loose.

      I have heard of some monitor lizards down in the Everglades…

  4. Remember, south Florida is sub-tropical. We routinely see lows in the 20s and sometimes the teens in winter up here. Those species can’t survive up here. Also, we routinely catch with dogs, trap and shoot pigs that are 300 lbs +. How much gun is too much?

    • A firearm should not appear anywhere near the word “Yeti” in a photograph. If you own a firearm, you should not own a Yeti.

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